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Scion xB Accessories & Modifications



  • My driver's side front door has lost it's ability to stay open. It no longer " catches " when I open it. Do I have to remove the interior door panel to see what's wrong?
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Silverstars have been tested and shown to produce LESS light that OEM bulbs in some cars and trucks and the SAME in others. Ditto all the other "blue" or "white" bulbs. OEM bulbs work about as well as anything else and are far cheaper.

    I have found the xB's low beams to be really nice for non-HID lights.

    You could:

    Get over wattage bulbs - those will produce more light but may melt the light wiring (unless you install new wires and a relay). They could also melt or darken the headlight lens to due the higher temps.

    Get aftermarket HID replacement bulbs. You will get LOTS of light but at a fairly high price. You will also dazzle oncoming drivers since the light is too bright and scattered. You can put an "eyebrow" on the lights to cut down on the scatter and might be OK. If you don't pay extra for bi-xenon lights you will lose the high beams.

    Get driving lights, maybe even HID driving lights. This would seem to be the best solution - bright, extra light down the road when you need it with no blinding other cars when you don't.

  • I just purchased a 2006 Scion XB. The interior lighting - just the overhead - is insufficient. Where do I go to find out what other light options there are, and someone to install them. I want lights that come on when I open the door. The overhead light presently is not useful as my body blocks that overhead light. I am located in Sanford Florida.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Some folks purchased one of those auto-dimming mirrors that have map lights in them. Then wire the map lights into the dome light circuit and you have more light up front.

    The lack of light up front seems to be the number one complaint on the xB. The one light does no good up front - and when looking for something under the lift-gate does not do much back there either.

  • aathertonaatherton Posts: 617
    For a light under $10 that you press to turn on and off, look at the Sylvania Dot-It. I stuck a silver one on the flat plastic area over my mirror, and black ones on each side of the trunk.
    From or from your local Meijer, Target, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, etc: r=8-2/qid=1169757497/ref=pd_bbs_sr_2/105-8291921-0032404?ie=UTF8&s=automotive
  • joesbarjoesbar Posts: 20
    My friend has an xB that came with a boom tube in the back. It makes a HUGE difference in the sound. I have also noticed his Scion "Pioneer" cd player has a button or two in different places.

    My questions are: Are there different models of the cd players for the xB's?

    Or does his sound THAT much better and seem to have that much more power solely based on the TUBE?

    The xB's that come with the tubes do they also come with amps or something? Because his xB Pioneer sounds A HELL of a lot louder than mine, hard to believe it's based on the tube alone. And does the dealer install now after I bought it? (Just bought it a week ago:)
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    There are two Scion/Pioneer CD players. The "free" one that has track and folder up/down BUTTONS on the face of the player and a single knob in the center for volume. The upgrade one ($260 extra) has two silver KNOBS for the volume and tuning, adds an ipod connector (with control for your ipod from the player), and the ability to change colors of the display. So to tell which one is in a Scion - just look for the knob VS buttons and the existence on an ipod connector on the console.

    There are usually several of these on sale on ebay (along with a bunch of the older pre-06 radios) - just go there and search on scion pioneer and you should find some pictures.

    I don't have the specs in front of me, but I think Scion claims "160 watts" for either of the models - the differences being the design, ipod, and colors.

    What you can try - in your friend's xB hit the center DSP button and see if it is in "hear" or "feel" mode and set yours to the same.

    Another thing to try - make sure your dealer (and his dealer) set the unit to the proper car. I think you push and HOLD the DSP/SSP button and it will come up and say either "xA", "xB" or "tC". The same radio/cd is used in all three and needs to be programmed to match the car they stuck it in. One of those settings sounds really bad in an xB and the other two are similar. Check your friend's and yours to see if they are set the same - and see which you like better in your box. Mine came set wrong (on the car that sounds bad in an xB) so once I changed it was happier with the sound. If I recall, you use the volume control to change the car type. This works in any generation Scion/Pioneer unit: the old ones, the new non-ipod, and the ipod one. A ton of Scions are driving around with this set wrong.

    The Scion 8" bazooka tube is $429 + install (full price) from a Scion dealer and most folks seem to think it is not worth the money. You can get an aftermarket sub and amp installed for the same or less money that will sound a lot better.

  • joesbarjoesbar Posts: 20
    Thanks Dennis. I already called and prepaid for the sub/tube at my Toy dealer since they only had one... NOW I see I can get the same thing at CC for $150 less. I can get a REFUND for the Dealer Bazooka right? I haven't even picked it up yet. I would like the dealer to install though b/c I just have never had much luck with "other shops". They always seem to scratch something or not do something right.
  • Thanks for the feedback on the headlights. While I'm not actively pursuing new lights at this time, it is an upgrade that I may do in the next few mos. I drive many miles of twisty two lane roads, over mountains into DC gridlock. A neighbor informed me that he installed the new Sylvania Silverstars CB's (cool blue) in his '06 XA and said they are a huge improvement over the stock Scion lights. I'll take a night ride in his XA to view the lights firsthand.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    If you just paid all that money for new lights, wouldn't you THINK they made a big difference as well? They may look better (cool blue color) but I would bet they do not put out more light (and probably less) than new OEM bulbs would.

    That is another thing to note - with standard halogen bulbs the longer you use the them the less the light output. So if you replace old bulbs with new ones (any kind) they COULD produce more light that the ones you replaced. If you put in a new OEM type bulb and a new "blue" bulb the OEM type should produce more light.

  • joesbarjoesbar Posts: 20
    Another thing to try - make sure your dealer (and his dealer) set the unit to the proper car. I think you push and HOLD the DSP/SSP button and it will come up and say either "xA", "xB" or "tC".

    This was BIG. Mine was set to tC and it sounded like a tin trash can. In fact a friend at work that HAS a tC I told this to him in hopes maybe he could adjust his... well, his was also set to tC, though it still sounded weak. He instantly changed it to xA. Mine xB on xB makes a world of diff but I'm still getting the tube:) Thanks Dennis:))
  • Got the tube installed! Wow. Just wow. My son is a HUGE audiophile, knows all the specs, etc I told him I got the 100W Bazooka tube installed and he wasn't really impressed (to my surprise), but to his surprise he was AMAZED. He said he never knew a 100W Sub like this could sound that good (he deals in 200W on UP). I think it could be combo of the xB design and the fact this was designed for the xB but it sounds incredible to me. Also since there aren't a lot of extraneous parts in the xB the whole vehicle doesn't rattle like many cars would, it's a very clean sound. Amazing too, this thing is barely set one quarter of the way up and at times it's excessive! So you can't even take full-FULL advantage of it unless you want to get blasted out with bass.

    Praise be the xB:)
  • My 2006 Scion does not have a alarm as far as I can tell??? In addition, I want to open the doors with a remote. I see they offer this for a lot of money at toyota. Has anyone added this option, and is there a less expensive solution than OEM?
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    No alarm standard on the xB, but keyless entry is standard. You say you want to open the doors with a remote, I do this every time I get in mine. Did you not get 2 keyless entry key fobs with your xB?

    As to the alarm system, any good shop (and even CC and BB) can hook you up with an alarm system that ties into the keyless entry so you will have an alarm and door lock and unlock. If you xB is an auto, for a little more you can get a remote start added to it. The xB does not use in anti-theft code keys so remote start does not cost much extra. Most folks I talk to are partial to the products from Directed Electronics (Python, Viper, etc).

    You can buy the OEM system from a discount Scion parts dealer for around $240 or so and have it put in, but I think you will find you could get a two-way Viper or Python system installed for about the same price.

  • I checked the radio setting on my xB, and found it was set to a tC. Thanks so much for the advice!
  • I recently got a small settlement check, or free money, and thought I'd like to upgrade my "hubcap" look to something a bit racier. Anyway, does anyone know what the "stock" rim size is on the xB's (width and depth)? And what rim size can be purchased and still use the "stock tires"? My stock tires are new:) And if I went with a larger size does that effect gas mileage? And is there any benefit to having nicer rims? Better ride, etc? Sorry, I am a total novice. Any companies to stay away from? Lotta questions:)~
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    I checked the radio setting on my xB, and found it was set to a tC. Thanks so much for the advice!

    Did it sound a lot better when you changed it to xB ? After I posted that tip I checked mine and the tC was the setting that sounds the worst in an xB, the xA and xB settings are similar.

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    You have the stock steel wheels with plastic hubcaps?

    They are:

    4x100 Bolt Pattern, 15"x6" with a +38 offset

    The OEM xB tire size is 185/60R15

    You can check The TireRack and Discount Tire Direct and many other places for replacement wheels - all a lot cheaper than the 15" OEM Scion alloy wheels. You can get 15" 6 or 6.5" alloys for as low as $67 to $79 per wheel plus shipping. Your OEM size tires should fit on these fine, but you will have to pay a local installer to mount and balance them. This may be $15-25 per wheel. If you go with a 15" that is 7" or wider the OEM tires may not fit - call them to check on that. Both sites have "show this wheel on my ride" functions so you can get an idea how they will look on your xB.

    To save on the install costs, you can get a wheel and tire combo and they will come pre-mounted and balanced for no extra charge - but shipping will be more than just wheels would be. If you do this you could get wider tires or go with a +1 or +2 or +3 upgrade (16" - 18" wheels and tires). The larger the wheel the lower profile the tire and the better the handling (generally) and the worse the ride and the chance a pot hole with bend a rim. The larger wheels and tires generally cost a good bit more too.

    You have to be careful of wheel offset too - since the wrong offset will cause uneven wear and/or alignment problems. Generally if TireRack or Discount says it is "OK" then it should be. They will also supply (for free) the proper lug nuts and a hub ring, if needed. Some other wheel sites may not - so you will pay extra and have to wait before you can complete the install.

  • I am getting the front two windows tinted in my new xB tomorrow and would like them to match the back as closely as possible. I believe the guy at the tint place thought it was 15%--anyone have any idea? Thanks!
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    I am getting it done Friday on my 06 xB, but they said they would be unable to match it exactly since (by law) the rear tint level is too dark for the front windows. So they will get it "As dark as is legal" which will be pretty close to a match.

    They quoted me $55 for the work and materials, which I don't think is too bad. They have been around for years and just did 2 cars from a buddy of mine - and it was nice work.

    I also have a custom cut Covercraft UVS100 sunshade I pop in the front window. I have used these in other cars and have purchased them for my kid's cars - and they work really well. Click here for Covercraft's page They do not have one for the 08 xB yet, but check back with them later and I am sure they will.

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