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Dodge Magnum Maintenance & Repair



  • Thanks once again Jay. I'll be keeping this info for future reference. For some reason the problem seems to have disappered.
    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.


  • I forgot to mention, I love mine too and will definately keep it. I keep staring at it like it's a good looking woman (LOL)
  • jaymagjaymag Posts: 3
    The saga continues. The day after getting the car back I filled with fuel. At the first stop the car stalled and did so at three consecutive stops. I immediately got my mechanic on the phone - explained the problem and had the car stall while he was on the phone. He said there was a valve attached to the gas tank (fill valve) that he did not look at or replace because it means replacing the gas tank. This is what we did. Evidently the fill valve was malfunctioning and allowing the tank to be overfilled thus sending raw fuel to the charcoal canister which was replaced last week. The car had some significant hesitations on the way back to the mechanic as though the transmission was not sure which gear to be in. The confounding variable is the raw fuel/stalling problem which we're hoping was the case. Another expensive trip to the mechanic. I now have the car back after he tested it with filling the tank - no problem so far. I'll let you know.
  • Sorry to hear that Jay. I hope this solves the problem once and for all.
    I was driving in a heavy rain yesterday and my Magnum stalled twice in the city traffic. Once I moved to the highway it was fine. Not sure what happened there. This car is causing me to worry more and more. It seems to be touchy.
    Guess I'll just look for the next issue with it that comes around. (LOL)
  • mgillimgilli Posts: 3
    I was wondering if anyone has ever experienced a default drivers side seat putting low level electric impulses through them while they drive. People think I'm crazy when I talk to them about it. I am thinking of getting rid of My 06 Dodge Magnum because no one can find the problem. Please I
  • I have an 07 SXT. There is a lever assembly at the end of the cable that will rust and let the small brake shoes hang up ever so slightly. Some times you will notice a rumbling while driving over 20mhp and it will go away in a few miles. Mine was to the point were I had to engage the parking brake while driving (I would not recommend this to anyone!) slowly and let the brake pedal "snap" up by sliding my foot off of it. I took it to my dealer and they could not find the problem. While driving home from the dealer I heard the noise again. It was hung up.. I was "concerned" took the car apart once home and found the problem myself. I had to remove the lever assembly soak it in penetrate and work it back and fourth until it moved freely. Now it seems to be alright. I called the dealer. The service rep told me it was a common problem. I was instructed to bring the car in anyway because the little shoes were also damaged and he wanted the tec to fix it right. I know they really tried to make it right. They changed both sides and so far so good.. I also found the rotors were badly rusted. I also don't drive the car every day. I purchased my car as a left over. It was 8 months old when I picked it up "New" Not sure I would do that again....
  • i read about diferent persons having the same problems on the front end ,in my magnun 06 the problem was the swar bar links they went bad a 30000 miles aprox ,,i put new ones problem went away ,,now im starting to have the same noise every time i hit a a bump or hole in the road ,,,im sick of this [non-permissible content removed] car ,,im goin to get a performance swar bar kit, dealer suck they told me that the swar bar bushing were wrong and its nothing wong with them ,worst its not cover bar the extended warranty ,you know why because they know that that part will bring problems every 20000 to 30000 miles ,,,,,
  • you are rigth in thinking the same
    i have several problems on the front end of my magnum i have 2 more years to pay i don`t wont to have another american car ,specialy dodge ,,they all look nice from the outside but the mechanical part really sucks ,,, :mad:
  • your problem its the swar bar links ,,,they join the sway bar and the shock ,,,
    i had and have the same problem ,,they are chip they are like 11 to 20 $ each in the dealer but here is the thing you are goin to have the same problem after another 15000 miles aprox ,,they suck ,,,,
    im thinking to install a performance swar bar with all the parts associate to it to see if i stop having this problem because im tired of it ...i read about people having the same problem in the magnun looks like its a common problem,,hope it help....
    by the way if you are goin to replace them do it your self its easy and you will save a lot of money,,,
  • i had the same problem rear seals of the pumpkin leaked they replaced and the front end noises ,,,,the sway bar links ,,,they went bad on my twice every 15000 to 20000 miles im thinking in installing a performance sway bar in the car ,,,of couse i also have problems with tie rod ends ,shocks ,control arm bushings etc etc ...
    great looking cars but a piece of garbage in the mechanical part
  • i have the same problem with my 2005 magnum lighting problems flickering dim and bright after starting the car that i just bought. i was wondering if you ever found the problem?
  • Not yet replaced my alternator battery and headlights and I still have not found the issue. The dealer in my area tested it and told me the the old battery I had was bad solved problem for a bit but 6 months later it came back an the alternator is still testing good so has to be something else. Let me know if you figure it out please.
  • i will let you know if i figure it out. i wonder how many other 2005's have this problem? it reminds me of my mothers old 1976 duster that the lights died coming home one night after shoping. me and my sister were very young and we held two pen lights out to let traffic know we were there. i guess i better keep two flash lights in the car!!!
  • i said i would get back with ya after i had it figured out! go to your dealer and its going to cost you for 1 hr service. there is a service bullitin out for the flickering issue. i told the service manager that i thought it was in the ecm and i was right. the flash file# that you need to give your dealer is 18-003-05. my car is fixed from the flash file update. have a merry christmas :)
  • sabobasaboba Posts: 5
    Well that fixed the issue with my car as well now the lights work like a normal car. Thanks for the info. Happy new year
  • My wife's 2005 Magnum has same problem with lights dimming. So the fix is to take car to dealer for a software update and pony up 70-90 bucks to fix their defect?
  • I have a 2006 Magnum and recently with the cold weather has started to act strange....I warm up on the am for about 10 minutes, get in a turn heat on drive about 1 mile, at 3rd stop light it completely cuts takes 3 to 4 times to get it to run this doesn't happen everyday or every time it is first we thought it was gas, but then after making sure we had fuel injector cleaner and new tank it has done it several times since...yesterday it actually cut out while turning a corner...I am so worried...the problem is I live in a big town with lots of mechanics that will rape you financially...I am done with the dealer since they changed the oil and it came home with no oil. I have been told it could need a fuel injector system flush..I could understand this if it did it everytime...also had someone say it may need new fuel filter but then a friend said it shouldn't need a new one until it has alot more miles...please help if you have any idea... :cry:
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Since it has started doing this under cold weather conditions, you should have the battery and alternator tested. If either is weak, they will cause the symptoms you are describing. If you need to replace either/both (and if the alternator is weak, you should get a new battery anyway), also include a fresh set of battery cables as well.

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  • Hello all. This is interesting behavior I must say. I have a 2006 RT/AWD with about 48k miles now after three 1/2 years... I've been using 93 oct and royal purple syn since 1100 miles.... Some of the earlier production 05 and possible 06's had some misque's regarding the electrical system around the transmission and engine air mass sync. - I was told by a very good friend who was part of the design group.. Not many ... I really haven't had much to complain about.. I did the plugs at 33k myself. Dealer wanted $400!~ Ha,,, Go pound. I've also read and heard really not to stray to far away from the recommended spark plugs for this HEMI. Hence , every 30k for the normal Champions that came with the car. I was/ Am a big fan of Lucus Gas Cleaner , comes in a little yellow bottle. Half tank gas / Add bottle/ Full Tank - Drive on a nice long trip on the h/w.
  • Good Advice - Battery is most likely on the back end of its' life anyway for us with an 06. - Angelo , Berlin NJ - 06 AWD RT
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