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2004-2009 Toyota Prius Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ck90211ck90211 Posts: 129
    Wood2318. I too will check with Power between now and Sept 30 to get updates on 2007 deliveries. Lets keep each other informed. Also, aren't you glad we will still get HOV stickers thanks to the Govornator's pen?
  • "While it's probably too late to get a HOV sticker, what is the procedure of getting one?"

    Get some people to carpool with you like HOV lanes intended usage O=occupancy not miles/gal.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 3,719
    "So if you get your Prius before Sept. 30, you get the $ 3150 tax credit. Between Oct and Dec, $ 1575, and the quarter after that, half of $ 1575, then nil."

    Close, but the 1/4 value runs for 6 months.
  • You're certainly entitled to your opinion...for what it's worth.
  • Hi, CK

    Thank you for your advice. We'll follow it in hopes for a better deal. We're probably have a refund on our taxes for '06. Some other people on the forum say that in that case you lose the tax deduction forever. Interestingly enough, on the IRS 8910 form there's nothing mentioned about that. Anyway, if that's the case, then we're not going to rush into it.

    We can also choose to buy the car from either the Bay Area or Chicago. When you pre-ordered yours, did you get a good deal (over, @ or under MSRP)? How was the process? Was the dealer pushy? If you can share some real-life information with us, it would certainly help us do our homework better before going in.
    So far, we only know that when we rented a '05 for a week in California we enjoyed every minute of driving it.

    Best regards,
  • Thank you for your advice. We'll follow it in hopes for a better deal. We're probably have a refund on our taxes for '06. Some other people on the forum say that in that case you lose the tax deduction forever. Interestingly enough, on the IRS 8910 form there's nothing mentioned about that. Anyway, if that's the case, then we're not going to rush into it.

    We can also choose to buy the car from either the Bay Area or Chicago.

    For openers, there is no tax deduction involved. The tax deduction ended in CY2005. For CY2006, it is a tax credit rather than a deduction which is much more powerful because it is a dollar for dollar credit against your tax liability. Whether or not you get a tax refund is completely irrelevant. As long as you have a tax liability for CY2006 in excess of $3150, any Prius delivered prior to September 30 will fully qualify you for the credit as long as you don't run afoul of the Alternative Minimum Tax. One caveat: the vehicle must be purchased in the name of the taxpayer(s). While your 10 year old child is just as legally qualified as an adult for the tax credit, it is unlikely that the child has any tax liability to offset.

    The significant difference between purchasing the vehicle in Chicago and California is the substantial difference in the vehicle warranty which favors California and the other CARB states. Illinois is not one of those states. Additionally, a California original registration will qualify you for the HOV stickers which are still being issued because of an extension of the program by the Governor.
  • ck90211, thanks for the tip! I called Frontier Toyota the Monday after your post (which was on a Friday), purchased a black 2006 Package #3 on Tuesday, and went back to get it on Saturday (it arrived on the dealer lot on Wednesday, but I didn't have time for another trip out to Valencia from LA until the weekend).

    Frontier Toyota doesn't do waitlists or accept deposits over the phone, which means you have to come in twice-- once to do the paperwork to purchase the vehicle (no money changes hands, but you get a VIN number), and a second time when the vehicle actually arrives on the dealer lot 7-10 days later. This would be a major hassle for anyone coming from afar, except they do get 20+ Priuses every two weeks or so which is more than just about any other dealership, so the odds of getting one right after you call are good even though nothing is guaranteed till the moment you walk in the door.

    I had a very positive experience dealing with them, and would recommend them to anyone on this forum.
  • riposteriposte Posts: 160
    Sooo...surfing around over at (South East Toyota's web site), I found a 2007 Prius with a MSRP + delivery approaching $35,000!

    Base $32,175
    Options $1,749
    Manuf. Delv, Proc & Hndlg $675
    Subtotal $34,599

    I'm amazed anyone would pay this much for one!
  • Hi there again, Kennyg4 here.

    I cannot and will not comment on what dealers anywhere are charging, but my advice is not, NOT to order one over MSRP.

    Now, I understand that the car is a 'hot ticket' item and dealers will not move from the MSRP, but I wouldn't pay anything above that.

    I posted the blurb about Toyota of Escondido for the SOCAL folks and I forgot to mention that they do sell at MSRP and applicable delivery charge. Mine was a level 3 at...$23K and thats what I was charged. Look, if you want to pay $27K or so for a level 7 or $30K for a level 8, then you have more money than I do. Do you really need the Bluetooth option (I have it on my cell phone and it cost me $65 vice the $$$ they want). Is the navigation system worth the $$$ they want (I put one in mine for about $250)? Is the upgraded sound system a must item? Do you really want leather seats and steering wheel? I guess you will have to ask yourselves the questions and make the decisions, but do so wisely.

  • ck90211ck90211 Posts: 129
    Virgil: I second what Cruising said; he has provided lots of helpful info for my Prius search. If you don't mind the drive to (and back from) Bay area, the extra CARB warranty is worth it. In case you are wondering what that warranty covers, scroll up a page or two in this chat room, and you will see my question and Cruising's answers. I am in SoCal, so prices here are not great (MSRP), and availability is not that great, not until this past week, becasue gas prices here are dropping to $2.80. I have been contacted by numerous dealers about avaialable Prii on lot. So I guess gas price is still a big factor. Hope you find a great buy soon. CK
  • ck90211ck90211 Posts: 129
    ALC90066, glad to hear your new Prius. Frontier is a good place to buy, because it gets so many Prii (15-20 every 2 weeks), and it's out of the way, so most of Angelinos don't make the drive. The two trips kind of sucks because of the distance, and traffic if you go during the wrong time of day.

    But don't get service there. Heard some bad comments.

    I ordered my in the same batch as yours, but I ended up canceling because I think I may be able to get a 2007 pkg #2 before Sept. 30, at Power Toyota. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    Frontier are getting 2007's starting from next shipment, but not sure if it will be before Sept. 30.

    Enjoy your car, and I will be on the lookout for a black Prius with Frontier plate frame.
  • ck90211ck90211 Posts: 129
    Wood2318, Good news about the 2007 we ordered from Power. The cars are at Long Beach, and suppose to be delivered to Power sometimes between Sept 23-27. So should give us a few days before Sept. 30 tax credit deadline.

    For those who are also looking for 2007 Prii before Sept 30, I think Wood2318 and I got 2 of the 3 going to Power. Someone already got the 3rd one. But I talked to KB at Frontier Toyota and they may have a batch of 2007 (Black, Red, Silver and Blue #2's) just around the 30th. No guarantees. But might give them a shout if you want to try for a 2007 before Sept. 30. Costs nothing to get on Frontier's wait list (and you do get the VIN upfront). You got nothing to lose. Good luck.

    Will let the forum know if Power made good on their delivery dates. CK
  • Any one in South Jersey or south eastern penna.looking for an 06 Prius toyota of Turnersville has has 2 on their inventory for about 3 weeks, and conicelli toyota in Conshohocken, Ps has 13 listed on inventory. I bought from Turnersville N>J> about 3 weeks ago and they discounted a couple of hundred from sticker.
  • ck90211, thank you so much for the tip. But I did not want to take a chance and wait until the last minute. Besides with my schedule, it is very difficult for me to drop everything and rush to any dealer at the last minute. Two days back I had a comparatively light day so I bought a 2006 pk1 that Power toyota had in stock. It was blue partner totally loved that color and in leather...another thing he absolutely insisted I have (I eat while driving all the time). It wasn't pk3 but I don't think I care much about the back up camera or that smart key thing anyways. And hey, I saved some money. So I'm out of this race now. Hope you do get the 2007 car or your choice in time. Good luck. And thank you for your support.
  • ck90211ck90211 Posts: 129
    Wood2318, Congrats on your new Prius. Blue with leather is a nice combo, and can't go wrong with any pkg's. I hope Power comes through with the 2007 this coming week; if not, I better I have backup plans to find a 2006 in a jiffy. Now you are out of race, hope to see you in one of Edmunds or other Prius forums. CK
  • ck90211ck90211 Posts: 129
    Just read on other Prius forums, that folks in OR and Northern CA are picking up their 2007, base or touring models during the past weekend. I did not know this, but in NoCal one can buy a Touring Prius with 3 pkgs (#3, 5, 6) where as in SoCal we must buy with #6 pkg (+$6K). Don't understand why Toyota forces leather seats/NAV/Bluetooth on us SoCal folks. Why don't they just "Hummerize" a Prius for SoCal?
  • Hi all. I'm in California and working with an auto broker to get a 2007 Prius. He's telling me that all Priuses (Prii?? ;)) come with floor mats -- to the tune of $199. He says it's part of MSRP, but I'm not convinced.

    A Toyota dealership quoted me the same $22,175 MSRP (plus additional car destination charge) and said nothing of then paying $200 more for floor mats.

    For my own peace of mind, can anyone tell me if "Floor mats requred" is True or False? And for $199??


    P.S. Forgive me if I've double posted somehow. I thought I posted, but then couldn't find it. So am trying again! :)
  • ck90211ck90211 Posts: 129
    Jenster, I am in SoCal, have been shopping for Prius last two months, and everything I came across has floor mats or more. I am sure if you insist you can probably get that off, and get some discounts, just make sure the car/color you want is available from multiple dealerships (so Broker can get another one in a jiffy). FI reckon you are looking for a Prius #1. Most SoCal dealers usually take #1's and load them with useless things (leather, wheels, wood dash, LoJack, etc.). So #1 without added junk is kind of rare. Good luck. CK
  • Hi, Jenster.

    Priuses sounds cute. Prii should be correct, given the Latin nature of the name. I use Priuses :-)

    Print out a page off's website which shows the car you want, with the options (if any) you want. Print out the options too. If they're part of the MSRP, then they're included in the MSRP and you don't have to pay extra for them, right? If not, they should be listed under Options or Accessories at their website. The only mats on their website are the all-weather type (made from rubber) @ $87, and not the carpeted ones that come with the car. Most likely one of the dealers is trying to double-cross you and the other does not.

    Hope this help,
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