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2004-2009 Toyota Prius Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I was told by a dealer in PA today that certain prius packages are not being offered in certain regions. They said a Package #3 07 prius isn't offered in PA, but they are being sold up in the NY area.

    Anyone know anything about these regional distributions?

    The dealer told me this when I was trying to negotiate down a package #4 price from a quote I got from another PA dealer on a package #3 prius. She told me that there shouldn't be any package #3's in the PA area!!

    Gots me very puzzled. :surprise:
  • That sounds like a great price! Congrats. You mention invoice+100. Invoice on edmunds for this car is 21999. Did you get some other options too?
  • Curious about this too. The dealer I was wrangling with (and did not buy from) had a different set of numbers. According to edmunds $21,999 is invoice so this is closer to $600 over invoice?
  • The Edmunds numbers are somewhat off the money because they do not include the advertising component that you will inevitably see included on the dealer invoice sheet.

    The dealer invoice information you can find at Fitzmal
    are more realistic.
  • riposteriposte Posts: 160
    On another Prius-related message board, I found a reference to someone advertising Prius' on here in Florida. Sure enough, I found it. No stupid dealer "doc" fees, excellent discount from MSRP, no games.

    Check out Earl Stewart Toyota

    I'm very excited to be receiving (they're delivering it to me today!) my white Package 1 Touring Edition this afternoon.

    Respecting Edmund's Rules of the Road, I can't provide the name of my salesman, but he was a total straight-shooter. I can't believe I'm actually writing this, because in general, I've found Toyota dealers to be extraordinarily sleazy to deal with.

    Good luck to all.
  • oops, my original post had the salesmen's name - removed and reposted...

    I live in Dallas, TX and had a good buying experience after working phones and email for a few days. I started by submitting internet requests for quotes through Edmunds,, and each dealer's Toyota website. I looked at each dealer's website Prius inventory and took note of two or three VINs I was interested in and asked for quotes on those. Luckily, the Dallas area has at least 10 dealers I could get quotes from and many were offering me $500 to $1000 off MSRP on their first offer. Request they email you the quote - because you'll need it in case another internet sales manager will match another's quote.

    This process lasted about three days and I never went more than two rounds of quotes over email. Of course this is the end of the month and most dealers wanted to price aggressively. My first email would say "I am looking to buy before the end of the month if I can find the right car at the right price." Once I had their first quote and it was a configuration I really liked I would write, "If you can meet $xyz price on such and such car, I can be there today to close the deal." and I chose a reasonable low ball price for $xyz like $2000 off MSRP (just make sure you're giving them some profit above invoice or they won't take you seriously on a Prius).

    Since I was flexible with options and color, I went with the sales mgr that was the most upfront and not slimy. He matched other quotes off MSRP and promised no hidden or junk fees. Also this dealership doesn't like to lump on dealer add-ons like tinting, etching, accessories (all crap). I got an '07 Touring pkg #5, with only floor mats added - all for well below MSRP. When I got to the dealer, there were no surprises, only the required fees were present, and the transaction went smooth.

    If you are in Dallas, the dealership is Toyota of Plano and ask for the internet sales mgr. Good luck out there!
  • Let me tell you about a price I was given yesterday (December 1) in Pinellas Park, FL.

    2007 Prius MSRP 22,175, Package #3 2550, Toyoguard 699, plus something else to equal 26,125. PLUS market value adjustment 2500. Total asking price for this car is 28,625.28!!! I asked if the price could be reduced, and the salesman said "a little."

    By the way, the dealership advertises this same car (same VIN) on the internet for 26,725.

    I really liked this car. What would be an acceptable offer?
  • riposteriposte Posts: 160
    They're trying to rip you off!!!

    I just paid $500 over invoice. No "Dealer Doc" fees, and certainly no "Market Value Adjustment". They charged me $100 to deliver it to my door in Saint Cloud, FL.

    Check out:
    Earl Stewart Toyota
  • These people are trying to rip you off. I would get out of that place as fast as I could and on the way out I would politely suggest to them that they take their market value adjustment and carefully stick it where the sun don't shine.
  • Hi Everyone! My wife and I have been looking at the Prius for some time now, and finally decided to go for it. We live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and visited several dealers in and around the Metroplex. On place was adding $2,500 to MSRP, which almost stopped us from looking. Another dealer we checked was selling them for MSRP, which was much more reasonable.

    Well, I certainly recommend thorough research and patience when buying a new car. I kept my eyes out for a car that we liked, and it showed up at Toyota of Irving. On their website, it said that they were doing Employee Pricing on the Prius! I contacted an internet sales manager, and he was about the nicest car salesman I've ever encountered.

    The car we had our eye on was a 2007 Seaside Pearl Touring Edition, with Package #6. This fully-loaded car had an equally loaded MSRP of $29,470. Well, he gave us the car at $200 over invoice... $27,379! I think we made an excellent deal, and the car is now ours.

    Toyota of Irving ---> HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

    Jonathan & Hilliary :D
  • guestguest Posts: 774
    Congratulations! You did very well. And the icing on the cake is that you have a $1575 Federal tax credit also.
  • xcelxcel Posts: 1,025
    Hi Jlalor:

    Edmunds is showing the Invoice of an 07 Prius II w/ package 6 and dest. at $26,188. Did your price include tax or some dealer installed accessories? A friend of mine picked up an 06 Prius II (no packages) for a few hundred over invoice 4 months ago. Another is seriously looking for an 07 at this time.

    Thanks in advance.

    Wayne R. Gerdes
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,613
    Hi, Wayne....

    Long time, no see... :)

    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Hi Wayne!

    Ok, here are the details. It was a fully loaded touring model, and we got to it before they put any of the dealer installed junk on it... it didn't even have floor mats! MSRP was $29,470. I show "Invoice" here on Edmunds as $26,440. On the dealer's computer system, it showed their cost as $27,179, and he gave it to me at $27,379.

    Toss in TTL, and subtract a little $400 credit for being a recent college grad, and I walked away for just under $29,000. I've always felt that if I can drive off the lot for a total that is less than the sticker price, then I'm in good shape, especially for a Prius. I'm also quite happy seeing that Edmunds' TMV price is $31,730 in my area! On top of all that, I still get a $1,575 tax credit... I'm happy :)

    Most of the dealers I went to weren't going below MSRP, and a couple were still charging their "Market Value Adjustment" of up to $2,500. Now is probably the best time to buy a Prius, if you can make the right deal. Just check local Toyota websites for deals, like this employee pricing special I found. Also, there's a dealer in Florida that negotiates great prices, and they will deliver any of their in-stock Prius to you for free anywhere in the 48 contiguous states...

    One final note... I saw a fully loaded 2006 Prius at a Toyota lot... about 4 months old, only 2,900 miles, and the lowest I could talk them down was $25,990 (and there's no tax credit). If you include the credit, I ended up with a brand new one for less than that ;)

    Take care!

  • The Edmunds invoice is not accurate because they strip the advertising component from the invoice price they post. The advertising increment amounts to about $700. What is slightly hilarious is that, by and large, the Prius is not advertised so you are paying for the advertising costs of other Toyota vehicles you aren't buying.
  • As a Costco member, I got their referral to my local dealer who told me that the Costco deal was $100 off MSRP on any Prius. Does anyone here know if that's about as good a deal as I can get (on a Touring model) in So Cal? I'm in the So Bay area.

    And like some other recent posts, I'm also finding Edmunds MSRP & Invoice prices to be considerably less than what I'm seeing at the dealership!
  • Walk away from that deal as fast as your legs will take you. The Prius market has softened dramatically with the reduction in the tax credit and the modest drop in fuel costs. Looking in the paper here, Novato Toyota is advertising the touring model for $1000 off MSRP. I suspect that if you went in there with a take it or leave it offer, you might even do better.

    Ask the dealer to show you the dealer invoice for the Prius you are interested. It will include advertising costs which is legitimate. It will also include the dealer hold back figure to which you should take exception since it is returned to the dealer after the sale.

    If you can't get a SOCAL dealer to deal squarely with you, direct your focus into the sticks. Last year, after being shined on by NORCAL bay area dealers I dealt with Toyota in Placerville via the internet and was treated respectfully. They emailed me the dealer invoice for the Prius in which I was interested and we worked it out from there.
  • As a Costco member, I got their referral to my local dealer who told me that the Costco deal was $100 off MSRP on any Prius

    I'm a Costco member but I would not use their auto purchase program. Their program is for lazy people who want to stumble into a dealer and buy a car that day. That approach is for losers. The cost-effective way to buy a vehicle is to make the connection and get the commitment by internet before ever stepping into the dealers shop.
  • First of all, thanks for the replies and guidance. Costco is just my first indication of 'Prius deals' (and judging from your responses, it stinks)!

    Help me out a little more here... I visited 2 different Toyota dealers and noticed the selling price of every Prius included some unexpected items. ...I'd really appreciate your take on them:

    Pref'd Accessory Pkg....... 277.00
    Rear Bumper Applique....... 65.00
    TDA ............................... 247.00
    Dealer Holdback ............. 443.00
    Whsl. Financial Res......... 221.00
  • Purchasing a Magnetic Grey Prius with Package 2 this week in the San Francisco Bay Area. Fleet departments offered the following prices:23,235, 23,169, and 23,100. Is this good?
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