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2004-2009 Toyota Prius Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • bakaronibakaroni Posts: 10
    cruising, it is not an extended warranty. It's a service contract, which is different from the extended warranty.

    Luckyboy, what you say about the prius not really needing anything other than regular maintenance and that the service contract is a waste makes sense. That's what I was leaning towards as well. Unless other Prius owners come forward and say that defects and/or breakdowns of other parts not covered by the basic warranty is rather high, I'll probably do exactly that: cancel the service contract.

    And, yes, I'm happy with the price I paid for it.
  • kmsazkmsaz Posts: 2
    I'm impressed with the deals being offered in CA. So far, no one in the Phoenix area is offering under $23500 for a package #2 even though there are plenty on the lots! Any advice?
  • bravebrave Posts: 3
    Today I got a quote at $22899 + tax + title for a 2007 touring with package 2, $148 above invoice. Do you think this is a fair deal? Any input will be appreciated.
  • boraboraborabora Posts: 16
    got two good quotes today by calling around LA dealerships. 22180,which is 200under invoice. the other matches invoice. probably i will take the higher one for they have the right interior color i like.

    also called north cal dealers, seems they generally have better quotes thank southern cal.
  • boraboraborabora Posts: 16
    depend on where you are.
  • sc4lasc4la Posts: 2
    I live in Socal am I am looking to lease a Prius package 6.
    The breakdown is:

    MSRP: $27465(cost includes a premium package and the touring model)
    Term: 36 months
    Miles per Year: 15,000
    Tax in California: 8.25%
    Residual: 55%
    Money Factor: .00155 (I think)
    My drive-off was $2000.

    They offered me monthly payments of $382 per month (including tax). The deal did not sound right to me so I wanted to run it by you, Carman. What do you think??

    Please let me know,

  • bravebrave Posts: 3
    The dealer is in Philly suburb.
  • If you bought a service contract, that's an entirely different matter. I didn't even consider that you purchased a service contract because I've never run across anyone who ever did. If the contract commits you to using a Toyota dealership for service work, I myself would not opt for that because I want the flexibility to use any competent maintenace facility of my choice.
  • pushanpushan Posts: 15
    The tax credit for Toyota Prius is $3150 for those who purchased it on or before Oct 1, 2006, however you may not be entitled for full tax credit because of AMT.

    You may want to check form 8910 for more details.
  • shanam30shanam30 Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2007,package 2 Prius from Toyota 101 in golden ???. Wanted a silver but could not find one at the same price $23752 out of the door, ( there was a metallic grey at Daly City Toyota for less though ) no warranty, no service contracts etc. I thought that the mats were included but hey should have confirmed that. Anyways, I like the way they do business, very pleasant people. We worked with Bob.
  • kmsazkmsaz Posts: 2
    Got my Prius yesterday at Powell Toyota Tempe. Wes (fleet/internet sales) was great to work with. After checking with all the dealers in town - he gave a firm ""out the door" price over the phone, $24339 (includes tax, license, tire tax, documentation fee, title fee). Package 1.
  • addiaddi Posts: 33
    Last month (FEB) the M.F. for Southern Indiana was .00055 for a 24 month deal. When you get the opportunity, would you please give me the M.F. for March. Thanks.

  • I just got my Prius a few days ago at San Marcos Toyota (between Austin and San Antonio in Texas).

    2007 Prius with Package #3, Extra Mile Option Package "A" (which is a lot of foo-foo like floor mats, cargo net, roadside asst, etc), dealer undercoating, window etching.

    MSRP=$26978, final price that we settled at was $24379. I thought that I could beat them down more because they had 19 Prius on their lot and it was the last day of the month. The original salesman agreed to most of the price cut. When they got the "sales manager" involved, he only cut it another $225.

    So the out the door price was $26078 ($24379 for the car, 6.25% taxes=$1523.69, Documentation fee=$50, title/license=$125)

    The documentation fee is just another way to get money out of you. I asked for them to wave it and they refused (this is the financing guy that I am dealing with now). I don't argue because it is late and I am tired. Then he hits me for an "advalorum tax" of $53. I told him that I called the county tax collectors office earlier in the day and they do not collect an advalorum tax. He stumbles around and finally says it is to reimburse the dealership for the tax that they have to pay on their inventory. Let me get this straight: I take one of your cars off your lot so that you don't have to pay a tax on it anymore, and you want me to reimburse you for the tax that you might have paid? It really irks me that they use the term "advalorum" when it is nothing but another try to get into your pocket. I was hot and told him if he didn't drop it, I would walk (and I would have,too). He dropped it. Don't get fooled by this ploy.

    My wife and I really love the Prius so far. I think it was a good choice. Good luck on your car hunt.
  • boraboraborabora Posts: 16
    i got my Package 2# at toyota of alhambra, CA. :shades:
    22382 for car and mats,etc,
    55 document,
    1851 tax,
    209 DMV,
    8.75 tire,

    total 24505.

    the dealer throw in Extended warranty for Platinum Toyota Extra Care for 1150(7year/75k), and autocare premium prepaid maintenance program for 1355. I didn't think it through and accepted. :cry: Now i got 60 days to cancel them. Shall i cancel it?

    appreciate your help.
  • I would cancel both programs ASAP. The prepaid service simply lets them work on your money and it locks you into a dealership for the work. You can buy a 7 year 100,000 mile warranty with no deductible for under $1000 on the internet.
    What's more, since it overlaps the basic 3 year warranty, you have the entire three year period in which to make any decision regarding an extended warranty.

    Important: If you decide to cancel either or both of these agreements, do it with certified mail so that you have proof that they received your instructions within the full refund window.
  • wooha2000wooha2000 Posts: 54
    Was it a 2007 Touring?

  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    I felt the same way concerning Extended Service Agreements ( what some incorrectly call Extended Warranties ) on all my Toyota's since 1989. I've never even remotely needed one for the first 100K miles.

    But...that was on the antediluvean vehicles of the last century. Since about 2001 all vehicles are progressively becoming rolling computers with multiple 'smart systems'. None is smarter than the Prius. The benefit is that these smart systems are on the one hand lighter, simpler and easier to repair than the old mechanical systems they replaced - however none are built by Toyota!!!!

    They are subassemblies or controller for systems built by Toyota. This is why all these electronic controllers are covered only by the 3/36 Basic warranty. So even if Toyota's basic system is bulletproof, say a transmission with a 5/60 warranty,the controllers for it are only covered by the 3/36.

    Case in point we had an MR2 Spyder with the Sequential Manual Transmission. It started acting up and we took it in to find out what was the problem and it turned out to be a pump and a control units that make the SMT work. Not part of the 5/60 PT warranty. It was part of the 3/36 electronics warranty. Net cost to replace the two parts - $2400 for each part - $4800 !!! and $800 labor.

    Ahh the ripoff service department saw a another dumb uneducated slob coming and really took advantage of them. Well not exactly actually I've worked at that store for 7 yrs and am very close to the owners. I sold the MR2 to myself and I've done all my service there - free, like all the other customers getting new vehicle. It's just the times.

    Each of these new vehicles from Tundras to Camrys to Prius' to Avalons are rolling electronic systems with 10-20 'laptops' spread out through the vehicle. If you had to replace your laptop, or two, in the next 7 years how much would each cost - plus labor? Well I still have never purchased an ESC on any Toyota including my current Prius but given what I know now a good deal on one for future models is worth the peace of mind.

    You are right it is an insurance policy against catastrophic failures.
  • 350350 Posts: 7
    MSRP $23,874
    Package 1 with mats
    $20,874 + $50 doc fee + TTL
    North Park
    Boerne, TX
    Excellent buying experience
  • a931048a931048 Posts: 6
    Have you considered Classic Toyota at Round Rock? They were having 10% off MSRP. However they do not have a Prius with no options/packages that I am looking for.
  • a931048a931048 Posts: 6
    Wow. That is a very good price!!! $3000 off MSRP. How did you ask for a quote? Using internet? Did they offered this quote straight or you have to go thru several rounds. Finally when did you buy the car? I am in the market for a prius in Austin. But will be willing to go Boerne for this price. Thanks.
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