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2004-2009 Toyota Prius Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    Also, unless the trade-in needed alot of work, a 1994 Accord is probably worth more than $1500.
  • kyuzokyuzo Posts: 2
    Yeah, we were willing to take it because we had just been quoted about $1500 in work on a bunch of leaking oil seals. The Accord had paint fade and some minor trim damage, so we were okay with them giving us $1500 in trade.
  • I've contacted a handful of dealers in Michigan, and none will budge below MSRP. It seems that in other states, based on posts on Edmunds, people are buying at Invoice+ rather than full MSRP. I refuse to pay full MSRP for a 2007 that will be worth 3 grand less when I drive it off the lot.

    I'm being quoted 28200 OTD for a package #5 by literally every dealer.

    Can anyone give me any options? Any nearby states that can get this deal done?

    I want to pay around 27k OTD if possible.
  • Are you talking to floor salesmen or the internet department? The internet dept is invariably equipped with sharper pencils.
  • I'm talking to floor salesmen. I also contacted Costco, who routed me back to one of the same floor salesman from a dealership I previously contacted. He said the Costco discount would be $100 off.

    I'll look into the internet sales more today.
  • I finally got a decent deal on a 2007 Prius Package #5 (base model).

    25200 price
    27032 OTD (tax, title, plate transfer, doc fee)

    It took contacting 5-6 dealers to find anyone willing to negotiate. I recommend contacting the internet manager, and bouncing prices off the different dealers, looking for a match. The majority of these dealers were unwilling to even listen to a below-MRSP offer.
  • tnel332tnel332 Posts: 23
    I saw a couple of 07's with the #2 Package. Is the discount done for the #2? On Edmunds they have #2 listed for about $575 but on the window sticker, it said the #2 was $1175 give or take a few bucks..
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    Package #2 or "B" in the US is $575 from the web site (I entered a Chicago zip). Go there, enter your zip, and price your Toyota. Note the packages are letters, not numbers, but when you mouse over them to see the details they list them using the numbers as well.

    The 2008s will start arriving at the end of this month (some dealers on west coast). Prices aren't changing much, perhaps $40 according to one dealer rep. The car is pretty much the same as the 2007, same colours, options, etc.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    Prices are changing for 2008. The dealer rep was lying.
    There will be a new 2008 Standard model with some decontenting for a significantly lower price than the cheapest 2007.
  • faisfais Posts: 1
    My husband and I have been waiting a couple of months for "our" prius to come in. It finally arrived, and after it sat at a local mechanic to get heated seats added, the car wouldn't start. The dealership tells us the car ran out of gas, so the battery completely went dead. They had to get someone from Raleigh (the car is in asheville) to come "recharge" the battery. They tell us this is no problem and we shouldn't worry but I'm thinking we need to let the dealership sell the car to someone else and let us wait for the next one. Does anyone know how a dead prius battery can affect the life of the battery? and is this typical to need someone 250+ miles away to come recharge the battery? My husband wants to buy this car (he's driving a 1995 honda accord w/o AC in 100+ degree weather now) but i'm wary of it. we're planning to pay cash for the car. Any suggestions would he greatly appreciated.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,850
    If you have not bought it I would look around longer. Make sure any modifications are documented by the Toyota dealer not to void your warranty. Anything tapped into the hybrid electrical is suspect. It can void your warranty. You should get a great deal on a 2007 right now. Pay No more than invoice. Or wait for the 2008.
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi lifeisgood8. The Prius that you are interested in probably has a spread of around $2,200 between its full MSRP and its dealer invoice price. Are you being given any sort of dealer discount on it? If not, you should try to negotiate a little bit. I am not personally all that familiar with what the market is like for the Prius right now, but I would think that you would be able to negotiate at least a $1,000 discount if you are in an area that has a decent level of competition. You may be able to get an idea of how much you will have to pay for this car by visiting the following discussion: "Toyota Prius: Prices Paid & Buying Experience".

    I don't believe that Toyota is providing any sort of lease support on the Prius in your area right now. As a result, if you were to lease this car through Toyota Financial Services right now, you would have to use its standard lease money factor. The last time that I checked, TFS' buy rate standard money factor for consumers who qualify for its Tier 1+ credit tier was .00285 in your area. What you were told is correct, Toyota's lease program for the Prius is not very attractive right now. Still, I personally would be very hesitant to purchase this car with the intention of holding on to it for a really long time.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    First, there are two batteries. The 12V one is a standard lead-acid battery, and will be damaged by being discharged fully (loss of capacity). It sounds like they succeeded in discharging the "traction battery". It's a 208V NiMH battery, and it would be unlikely that this would damage that battery. There are only a few chargers for this battery in the US (one in each "region" I'm told), so they have to bring in that charger and the "expert" who knows how to use it. Remembering that you have a 3 year warranty on the entire car (except for wear items), and a 7 minimum year warranty on the 208V battery, I wouldn't worry that the car was damaged. The local mechanic obviously didn't understand Prius and managed to discharge the battery. He must have "tried real hard" to do so, as the car's system will usually prevent this from happening. Fully discharging the 12V battery is not uncommon however.

    I would -require- the dealer to warrant the 12V battery for 3 years as part of the sales agreement due to the potential for damage. Unless they replace it with a new one. That should cover you. Do check to make sure the seat heaters don't work when the car is off and are powered only when the car is in "ready". Otherwise the "mechanic" got it wrong, and needs to fix it.
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    Please, the dealer rep was not "lying". I said the prices weren't changing -much-. And they aren't. Please read more carefully!
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    As I couldn't edit my previous post, here is the completed changed post.

    Please, the dealer rep was not "lying". I said the prices weren't changing -much-. And they aren't. Please read more carefully! And please don't call people lyrs. You could say he was "misinformed", for example, if you disagree.

    These are California prices:
    "Standard" model -
    New "lower cost" base model:
    $20,950, $1,225 lower than current base price. They deleted cruise control, tonneau cover, heated rearview mirrors, wheel trim ring, and seatback pockets. "This removed equipment from the new standard grade is available in factory option packages." At extra cost, of course. Removing equipment and dropping the price does not, in my book, constitute a drop in price.
    Package B or HG $23,370 No changes from 2007 Model
    Package C or HK $25,375 Modest drop in price - $40.00
    Package D or NL $26,075 Same $40.00 drop in price.
    Package E or NW $27,345 Same $40.00 drop in price.

    Touring -
    Package #6 = Leather and Navigation (I hear it may be the only Touring Package - we shall see) - $27,865 Same $40.00 drop in price.

    Some reports say the prices have gone up $150 for each model. YMMV. Either way, no substantial changes in pricing.
  • I don't understand the necessity of externally charging the 208V battery. The 12 volts battery starts the engine and once the engine is running won't the integrated HV generator charge the 208V batteries?
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    No, you misunderstand. The 12V battery "boots" the computers, pressurizes the brake system, and closes the relays in the 208V battery box, thus enabling the system to use the 208V, boosted by the inverter, to start the engine, via MG1. It draws a 35 Amp roughly 1/2 sec pulse of current from the 12V battery to get to "ready". Two of them, actually, the first pressurizes the brakes when you put your foot on the brake pedal, and the second occurs when you press "On".

    Personally, I find it hard to believe the 208V battery was discharged. I -hope- the dealership was just confused and called for help unnecessarily. The system shouldn't let the 208V battery discharge below about 30% state of charge. It should shut down and not restart after a few tries. Perhaps they had to call for help because they didn't know how to reset it (they have to use the THHT (Toyota hand held tool). I don't know and can't think of how the "mechanic" got to this state. Toyota should hire him to help make the cars "foolproof". ;)
  • baccus49baccus49 Posts: 60
    Got a black Prius today (8/10/07) with PKG#2. Price 21488 + tax & tags. It is from Bay Area (Gilroy Toyota).
    The price is advertised on Mercury news ads. No negotiation at all.
  • Hi,

    I am new to this.

    I could not help but notice your comments about the internet divisions. I have not found them to be all that much sharper. They have been quoting me prices that exceed $2500 for a 2007 Prius. If you would like, I can tell you what dealer quoted me what ridiculous price. These were all dealers I asked for a quote on

    Ironically Toyota is advertising a clearance sale on 2007 Prius cars. I have located over 600 Toyota Prius vehicles all over the country. A local dealer in Kingsport, Tennessee, and others, stated that they are not discounting the car at this time--those are their terms.

    I would like to know if there is any point to buying a 2007 at more than MSRP when the 2008 will be out soon. Also, I have bought many cars in the past from salesmen, but have never met car sales people like the so-called internet divisions who demand a hefty profit over MSRP across the board. Do you think that maybe the idea that the internet people are easier to deal with is a fallacy?

    Any suggestions on rounding up a deal on either a 2007 or a 2008 Prius?

    Thank you.

    Echoparkgirl :shades:
  • Did you pick up the car in the BAy Area? There are quite a few of them in California. Is the Mercury New in San Jose?

    Here are some of the quotes I received yesterday from various dealers within 2-3 hours of Johnson City, Tennessee. :shades:

    A dealer from Chattenooga, Tennessee:

    In about 5 days, I will have an unsold white 2007 Package #2 with carpet and cargo mats for $24,608. Everything else is pre-sold.

    Easely, SC dealer:

    Thank you for considering us for your purchase of a Toyota Prius. We pride ourselves in being the only Toyota dealer in the upstate of South Carolina to earn the Prestigious President’s Award last year. We have made that achievement 16 of the last 17 years. You’ll always get a fair price, a friendly staff, and great service after the sale at Toyota / Scion of Easley.

    Here is your price quote on the vehicle you have requested:

    Year: 2007
    Model: Prius
    Body Style: 4 Door Hybrid Sedan, CVT
    Included Options / Accessories: Package #1 Includes: Backup Monitor, Smart Key System, MP3/WMA Playback Capability, And Auxiliary Audio Input Miniplug

    Your e*Price: $23,272.50

    E*Price Includes a Processing Fee of $299.50

    The price increased when I asked for package 5 to the following:


    Thanks in advance

    This is from a dealer in Cincinnatti:

    Thanks for the email!
    I would have to order The Prius you'd want(package #5).Retail is $26,379 and we are not discounting the Prius at this time.I'm not sure if
    you're familiar with Kings Toyota but we are the largest dealer in the Cincinnati region(Ohio,Kentucky,Michigan and Tennessse) so we can
    get this Prius sooner than a smaller dealership.We sell a high volume of Prius'.
    Thanks,I'll attach an invoice of a Prius with the package you'd like.

    DCV920 TIME: 07:3 :confuse: 2
    Model Number: 1224C SERIAL # :73290214 Check Code: 5

    Model Description: 4-DR GAS/ELEC Category ..........: F
    Year ............: 2007 Current Dealer ....: 220-34085
    Interior Color ..: FE11 FE11 Wholesale Dealer ..: 34085
    Exterior Color ..: 0040 WHITE Previous Dealer ...: 00220
    Body ............: HYBRID GAS/ELEC SEDN Invoice Date ......:
    Number of Cyl ...: 4 Ship Date .........: 08/03/07
    Allocation Number: 073 Retail Date .......:
    Engine Number ...: 4681070 Date of First Use .:
    Vessel Number ...: 056 TRAC ..............: NO
    Vessel Name .....: HEIJIN V059 Damage ...........: NO DAMAGE
    PDI ...............: NO
    Fleet .............: NON-FLEET
    Port PDS Complete .: NO

    VIN .............: JTDKB20U573290214
    Ignition Key.....: 68200

    Factory Installed Accessories: FE NL
    Port Installed Accessories ..: CF EF

    Vehicle Base Model ...................: $ 22175.00
    Total Accessories .....................: $ 3544.00

    Hybrid Synergy Drive System
    1.5L 4Cyl DOHC 16 Valve w/VVT-i Engine
    Elctrnic Cntinusly Variable Trans (ECVT)
    Electronic Power Steering System
    MacPherson Strut Front Suspension
    Torsion Beam Rear Suspension
    15" Alloy Wheels w/P185/65R15 Tires
    Front Disc and Rear Drum Brakes
    Dr & Fr Pass Advanced Front Airbag (SRS)
    Dr & Fr Pass Side & Curtain Airbags
    Traction Control (TRAC)
    ABS w/Elec Brake Force Dist & Brk Assist
    3 Point Seatbelts w/ALR/ELR Pass Belts
    Side-Impact Door Beams
    Rr-Seat Child Restraint Sys (CRS) Lower
    Anchors and Top Tether Brackets (LATCH)
    Direct Tire Pressure Monitoring System
    Multi-Reflectr Halogn Auto-Off Headlamps
    Dual Clr-Keyd Pwr Heated Outside Mirrors
    Chrome-Type Finish on Front Grille
    Rear Spoiler
    Auto Climate Control w/Air Filtration
    AM/FM CD with 6 Speakers
    Push Button Start
    Remote Keyless Entry, Engine Immobilizer
    Cruise Control
    Liquid-Crystal Multi-Info Display Panel
    w/Energy Monitor, Fuel Consumption,
    Climate Control, O/S Temp & Audio Status
    Tilt Steer Wheel w/Climate & Audio Cntrl
    60/40 Split Fold-Flat Rear Seat
    Variable Frnt & Intermittent Rr Wipers
    Heavy-Duty Rr Window Defogger w/Timer
    Pwr Door Locks & Wndws w/Dr Auto Up/Down
    Cntr Console & Dual-Compartmnt Glove Box
    2 Auxiliary 12V Power Outlets
    Cargo Tonneau Cover & Undr-Floor Storage
    Overhead Console with Map Lights
    Fabric Cloth Seats
    Retail Total
    Vehicle Base Model .........................:$ 22175.00 $ 22175.00
    50 State Emissions ........................
    Package #5 Includes: Voice-Activated DVD ... 3280.00
    GPS Navigation System; JBL AM/FM 6-Disc CD .
    Changer with 9 Speakers, Aux Audio Input ...
    Miniplug, MP3/WMA Playback Capability, ....
    Satellite Radio Capability, and Hands-Free .
    Phone Capability via Bluetooth; Vehicle ....
    Stability Control; Backup Camera; Smart ....
    Key System; Anti-Theft System; ............
    Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirror with .........
    HomeLink; High Intensity Discharge (HID) ..
    Headlamps; Integrated Fog Lamps ............
    Carpet Floor Mats & Cargo Mat .............. 199.00
    Rear Bumper Applique ...................... 65.00
    --------- ---------
    Total Accessories ..........................: $ 3544.00 $ 3544.00
    Destination Charge ..........................: $ 660.00
    TDA ........................................:
    Gasoline ...................................:
    Dealer Holdback ............................:
    Whsl. Financial Reserve ....................:
    Total ......................................: $ 26379.00

    Residual Value ...: 24 36 48 60
    ------- ------- ------- -------
    STD 14,527 12,753 10,335 7,453
    LOW 13,196 10,779 7,896

    I have talked to people on the phone as well. The prices have been uniformly high,

    Does anyone have any suggestions? I am usually very good at buying cars on the lot--the internet divisions are not dealing!

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