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2004-2009 Toyota Prius Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,681
    Welcome to the Forum,

    Take a vacation to So Ca and pick one up there. You may get a good deal in Phoenix also. I don't think the dealers in your area do the volume that other parts of the USA do. Dealers up around Washington DC, & Virginia are big on hybrids.

    The TMV on a package #5 in San Diego is $24,908, about $800 over invoice.

    I went to a North Electric school in Johnson City. That was in 1971. Spent 13 weeks there, nice area.
  • Try this dealer in Asheville,NC. They discount the Prius. I bought my TCH at invoice through Harrelson toyota in Rockhill SC after much haggling. Maybe try them too. Good luck!
  • North Electric School--what type of school is it? Johnson City is a well-hidden secret to most of the country,

    I wish I could travel to southern calif. Maybe around Christmas time.

    The TMV --is that for a 2007? As they phase out 2007 models, is it possible to get one for less than the TMV?

    Thanks a bunch.

    echoparkgirl :shades:
  • I will give the two dealers you mention a try. Asheville is only about 50 miles away--I did not see any inventory there--but I will try.


    echoparkgirl :shades:
  • I am having the same experience here in northeast Tennessee--the dealers actually want about $2500 over MSRP for 2007 models at a time when is advertising a clearance sale of the 2007s. I also am looking for package 5. Maybe you and I can negotiate for 2 of them at a rock-bottom price--there are many in California.

    It is surprising that the dealers won't budge when you consider that the gas prices have been lower for a couple of months, and people may be less anxious to get a hubrid.

    Are you getting the quotes on the internet or on the lot? The internet people I have dealt with are not budging. I wonder if I went to a lot or two with the money in hand ready to buy--would they be more ready to budge?

    Also, one dealer told me other dealers usually include the destination charge in with the taxes. Anyone had this experience?

    echoparkgirl :shades:
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,681
    North Electric built telephone equipment in a big factory out by Gray Station. They went out of business several years ago. I rented a condo on Boone Lake while I was there. Traveled that whole area on weekends. Put 13,000 miles on a Vega wagon that I rented from Budget at the airport.

    Keep trying different Internet sales. Don't accept much over Invoice especially on a 2007 Prius. Using the Internet is far superior to doing it in person. You need to let them know up front you are NOT coming into the store without an offer by email. They will jack you around for a while until they see you are serious. It is much better to be frustrated sitting at home than in a little cubicle at the car dealer.
  • Jim Barkley is showing 9 Prius in stock as of today. They also show their prices and do not charge dealer fees.

    View Page 1
    Model Year Model Exterior Color Interior Available MSRP Selling Price
    2007 Gas/Electric Sedan (CVT) - 1224 Silver Pine Mica Bisque Leather Immediately $27,672 $26,718
    2007 Gas/Electric Sedan (CVT) - 1224 Driftwood Pearl Bisque Immediately $26,677 $25,671
    2007 Gas/Electric Sedan (CVT) - 1224 Barcelona Red Metallic Dark Gray Immediately $23,697 $23,141
    2007 Gas/Electric Sedan (CVT) - 1224 Seaside Pearl Bisque Immediately $26,481 $25,645
    2007 Gas/Electric Sedan (CVT) - 1224 Silver Pine Mica Dark Gray 08/13/07 $23,697 $23,135
    2007 Gas/Electric Sedan (CVT) - 1224 Super White Dark Gray Leather 08/13/07 $27,939 $26,896
    2007 Gas/Electric Sedan (CVT) - 1224 Super White Dark Gray 08/15/07 $23,697 $23,141
    2007 Gas/Electric Sedan (CVT) - 1224 Classic Silver Metallic Dark Gray 08/24/07 $26,677 $25,671
    2007 Gas/Electric Sedan (CVT) - 1224 Barcelona Red Metallic Dark Gray Leather 08/24/07 $27,672 $26,718
  • I had no idea of North Electric. I live near Boone Lake in Gray. It is a beautiful area. 13,000 miles on a rental is quite a bit of miles on a rental. Better a rental than your own car.

    I agree with you about what to take and not take on a Prius 2007. I will keep trying different dealers. I sent an email to the Asheville dealer, per the suggestion of someone else (I think), and no response. As far as dealer cubicles go, I get going when they get obnoxious.

    I saw an advertised used 2004 Prius with 42,000 miles selling here for $18,000. That seems expensive for a 4 year old car. :shades:
  • Aren't these cars about $2500 over invoice? Do you think these cars are a good deal? My conscience will not let me pay $2500 for a 2007 when the 2008 are due out in a couple of weeks. What is your reasoning?

    I sent his dealership an email on the super white leather and have not received a response all day. :shades:
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,681
    I have found that the Internet sales people are pretty much Mon-Fri. I have seldom gotten a response in less than 48 hours. They get so many inquiries that it takes a lot of time to answer all the questions. Keep hitting them. Just because they do not have what you want on their inventory does not mean they cannot get it.
  • Most of these cars are 1k under list. There are no dealer fees. I think if you call them you can cut a little better deal. Keep in mind that dealers in NC pay the SE toyota surcharge of about $700. I thought you said everybody in your area is at list price and you are looking for a better deal. I agree maybe you should wait for the '08 or buy in Tennessee if you can find a better deal as they do not pay the surcharge. The prices Asheville is quoting include the surcharge. It seems as though the better deals are on the Camry Hybrid. They are offering the 50th anniversary at cost if you add the surcharge in. I own this model and love it. Good luck.
  • morey000morey000 Posts: 320
    I'm trying to buy a Prius in Arizona. The phoenix dealers are starting off a few hundred above MSRP and then coming down to MSRP when I challenge them. Tucson dealers are willing to be $500 under MSRP- but of course, don't have the color/option package I'm looking for.

    How do I search dealer inventories in SoCal? And- Where are these dealers that are more than $1K below?

    thx in advance
  • sveasvea Posts: 1
    Not sure how you'd search California inventory other than going to the Toyota website, discovering their dealer websites, and then visiting those. Probably they're not totally up to date though. You could send 3 or so emails at a time and ask them, I suppose, through or whatever.
    In Oregon, I've been scouting for an option 2 2007 Prius. The dealers started off a bit under MSRP, at about $23300-$23200. They are only going down $100 at a time (tedious, but maybe that's normal?). So now I am down to $22900. Maybe the cars are scarcer in the Oregon & Arizona markets?
  • Go to Toyota website or better yet
    Put in So. Cal zip code.
    Then email/call dealers with a FIRM offer. You will buy tomorrow if they will sell @ the price you desire. YEA or NAY
    For So. Cal a good zip is 90210 (Beverly Hills). The San Diego area would be good as well.
    Longo Toyota now has 52 (according to website).
  • morey000morey000 Posts: 320
    I've got a couple dealers at $1000 below MSRP at this point, and one (so far) at almost $1500 below MSRP.

    they talk a good story about how they are selling every prius they can get their hands on for MSRP. But- when it comes time to close a deal, they're ready to move a bit not to lose the sale.

    so- no issue on price any more. Just getting my wife to pick the color.
  • Bought my 2007 Prius yesterday in Northern Virginia where there are numerous dealers, all of which are competing to sell out as many Prius and Camry Hybrid models as possible before the 2007 supply line dries up. I took about 4 hours to shop around on line at three dealers and asked each, via e-mail to give me his best "out-the-door price" on a Package #2 (i.e., including 3.2% taxes, $65 tags, and $289 processing fee). Their OTD prices ranged from $22,154 to $23,018. I added the floor and cargo mats for an additional $181. They threw in an Auto4Life™ LIFETIME powertrain service contract for free. Love the car. I'm averaging 46.7 mpg on the first 83 miles I put on it since picking it up yesterday.
  • mehebubmehebub Posts: 5
    Does anybody have the contact for the person dealing with extended warranties for the Prius. Am looking for the 7 yr platinum package
  • Toyota of Greenfield, Greenfield, Massachusetts. You can Google it for contact information. In any event, I would suggest avoiding 3rd party warranties in favor of the Toyota product. You can buy it in a variety of packages with respect to years, mileage and deductibles. The 7 year product seems to be the most Two things to remember:

    1. The warranty piggybacks on the 3 year bumper to bumper warranty. So the 7 year extended warranty is for all practical purposes, really a 4 year warranty.

    2. You can purchase the extended warranty any time up to the expiration of the basic 3 year warranty.

    You can expect to pay around $1000 for a 7 year 100,000 mile 0 deductible warranty which amounts to a $250 premium for the coverage. On the one hand, it seems like a reasonable price for extended coverage. On the other hand, the Prius has an enviable record for reliability and I wonder what percentage of Prius owners ever have to use the extended coverage.
  • mehebubmehebub Posts: 5
    I was told by the dealer that the Platinum provides over and above the bumper-to-bumper 36K warranty. There were items in black that the 36K covered and there were items in red that the36K did not cover but the platinum would cover. Also is the warranty from Mass good in Ca?
  • If anyone is looking to purchase a car in the Philadelphia, PA area, you should be able to get at least $1800 off the MRSP on a silver base Prius package 4 from Conicelli in Conshohocken ( The VIN is: JTDKB20U673282008.
    Why? They offered me a deal of $800 off the MRSP. I asked if I could put a deposit down to reserve the deal so I could think about it. Well, long story short, they took the $1000 deposit and slipped a non-refundable clause into the paperwork. (Foolish me for not reading all the papers carefully. Buyer beware.) They flat out refused to return my deposit (I think they were particularly ticked that I bought a car from a competitor -for many reasons.) So they made a $1000 without even selling the car. I just wanted to make sure that someone hopefully will benefit from this.
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