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2004-2009 Toyota Prius Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • No, the dealer is shining you on. The extended warranty piggybacks on the 36K warranty except for one minor additional benefit involving paying overnight sleeping costs for having warranty work done. Is the Mass warranty good in California? The answer is unequivocally yes if you are talking about the Toyota Platinum warranty. It is sold as an independent commodity from the vehicle and dealers are free to get whatever they can convince the customer it is worth. Some dealers nail customers as much as $2000 for exactly the same policy Greenfield sells for about half that much.
  • For openers, why would anyone want to do business on any basis with a dealer that is this sleazy?

    Getting your deposit back should be no problem. Make up a placard that says:


    and have your kid, (or some other little kid) walk back and forth on the street outside the dealership. You'll get your deposit back so fast it will make your head swim.

    BTW, the fact that the forfeiture may be legally defensible doesn't validate it as an acceptable business practice and I would file a complaint with the local better business bureau, and Toyota HQ. I'd also see if you can get a local newspaper or TV station involved.
  • Yes, they are sleazy nasty rats but I would still like someone to get the $1000 savings.

    I did lodge a complaint with Toyota HQ. I haven't posted one to the BBB yet. I also filed a dealer review here.

    I haven't contacted the media or made any bigger noise because I feel very stupid about signing that clause. Needless to say, I will not make the same mistake ever again.
  • jamesdujamesdu Posts: 6
    I was going to wait for 08, but need a car to work, so pick up a prius package #2 with 7 mile, the deal was super quick, I just picked up the phone and was lucky to talk to a very very helpful sales rep, in 5 mins , made the deal, 21400, which was 500-600 below invoice. drove there and got the car home in less than 2 hours..
    maybe it's not best deal compared to the price 2-3 month ago when toyota had rebate on prius. but I think it's a very good deal and I'm very very happy.

    anybody want my sales rep info, let me know

  • jamesdu,
    That would be great if you could let me know the dealer. I'm in the Atl area and prices are nowhere near that good. Considering having my inlaws purchase one in So Cal and drive it out.

  • jamesdujamesdu Posts: 6
    the mod here does not allow posting names etc. you have to let me know your email so that I can email you.
  • jamesdujamesdu Posts: 6

    email sent, good luck
  • Thanks! Enjoy your new Prius!
  • What makes you think they'll pass the $1000 deposit credit on to the next prospective buyer? For all we know, they'll put the same clause in his/her preliminary sales agreement and nail them for the same amount if the transaction isn't completed. This outfit may make more profit off cancellations than sales!
  • With the hope that knowledge is power. Plus they would be very careful about signing any little boxes.

    I did open a report with the local BBB but at this point, I'm not expecting much.

    My next post will be about my actual purchase.

    ** Update - Possible happy ending?
    I finally swallowed my pride and I contacted my credit card company. I was told that since I did not receive any goods and I informed them of my decision within 3 days, I should not have to lose my deposit. So they are crediting me the money and now the dealership will have 45 days to dispute this.
  • This is the other side of the story from my tale of woe: Dealer Kept My Deposit.

    I'm glad that I went with the dealer I bought from (location outside the Phila, PA area). Although this comes nowhere close to some of the prices posted here.

    What I bought: 2007 Silver Base Prius with Package 5 and Preferred Accessory Package

    With the $660 dest charge: $25,796.27

    7 yr Platinum extended warranty with $0 deductible: $1090 ( I know, I know. But I get greater peace of mind. I work with a lot of technology and I know how they can fail.)

    Trade in(00 Ford Focus SE): $3200

    6% sales tax: 1421.18

    Dealer's fee: $132.95

    OTD $25240.40 Cash sale (I got the financing in advance.)

    1 1/2 weeks after the purchase, I received a check in the mail for $35.45. The reason given was that they didn't need to do everything the dealer's fee covered! I never heard of that before. So the dealer's fee ended up to be under $100. New OTD $25204.95.
  • gastergaster Posts: 2
    Hi Guys,

    I am in Souterhn Cal and would also like the salesman's name - how would I e-mail my e-mail address to you. Sorry, I'm a bit o a newby here.

  • jamesdujamesdu Posts: 6
    I guess, you can open up your profile here, so that I can see your email. after you got my email, you change your profile to private, if you prefer. hope this helps
  • Hello everyone! I'm new to the forum and am thinking about purchasing an 07 prius. I was qouted $22,062 (not incl taxes & fees) for an 07 prius with pkg#2 incl floor mats from the internet dept. Is this a good deal? I was told the invoice price is $22,100.

    Also what is a fair price for an extended warranty? Should I even purchase this from the dealer or can I get it elsewhere?
  • I would like the information as I am in same area and am ready to purchase. Thanks for your help in advance.
  • bjcarterbjcarter Posts: 28
    That seems like a pretty fair price. You could probably haggle down a few hundred dollars but otherwise you're in the right neighborhood. I paid 24.5 OTD in the NoCal in March (during the low interest rate deal). That roughly translates into your offer of 22.1K.
  • I hate to be 'one of these guys' but i'm curious to see what kind of "cash back" or "Bonuses" some of you may have recieved?

    I'm interested in an '07 prius, with the #4 package...the website quoted a 25,502...i've seen 'bonuses' range from 600-2000, depending on what package you've picked....any experience with this?

    also, i'm wondering how to negotiate the deal....i have a trade in, that i owe 6k on, but the Blue Book says that i could privatly sell it for $8500...obviously the dealership isn't going to give me what i want for the car, but i was hoping they would give me some for the trade in, and then knock off the remainder from the sticker? think that would work?

    I want to pay 350-375 a month on a 5 year loan....with nothing but my car as a Down Payment....

    thanks for the help.
  • I purchased my 2007 Black, Standard Prius yesterday from Toyota of Riverside for $21,695. With mats and cargo net. I took "jamesdu's" price paid of $21,400 for package #2 and made this offer to 6 Toyota Dealers via Internet Inquiry on Sunday morning. I got back a quote of $21,495 from Riverside. I got a call from Corona but they would not get near this this price. San Bernardino sent "Your special Internet/Fleet Price: $22,734.00." Moreno Valley and Redlands sent back a form email saying they'd get back to me and never did. Toyota of Temecula replied with "Thanks for the inquiry but we wouldn't be interested in selling a Prius for less than invoice." When I called Riverside, they said they had made a mistake and then sent "YOUR SPECIAL PRICE: 21,895 (400 OVER INVOICE.)" We then argued a bit and he came down to $21,695-no package. I cannot say whether the salesman actually made a mistake or not but no one else was going to entertain anything near this price so I drove down and was in and out in less than 2 hours. And, the guy was really nice and did not try to talk me into anything else, which was perfect since I just wanted to just get in and out of there. I had been at the Temecula Toyota dealer twice in the past year and had my fill of salesmen. I didn't get quite the deal as a couple of people here but I'm very happy...I love this car.
  • In my area (eastern PA), I felt lucky getting under MSRP, never mind above invoice. (Although I freely admit that I am not a good haggler.) I envy you folks in CA. However, at the end of the day, loving the car is what is important. And I never had so much fun trying to tone down my aggressive driving!
  • jamesdujamesdu Posts: 6
    mine was 21400 including package #2 and floor mats, I also got $400 graduate rebate from toyota, so my final it's 21000. he also gave me 3-4 tanks of gas (I can come in to fill up gas up to 4 times).

    anybody want his info, must somehow leave your email ...
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