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2004-2009 Toyota Prius Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • prusaprusa Posts: 43
    Last week-end I went shopping for a Prius PKG 6. The car is not even here and the dealer already debited my credit card for $600.00. They requested a deposit in order to order the car. Last night, the dealer called and told me that it is going to take about two weeks for me to get the car. They said that they can't find the color I want. Another dealer called me and told me that they have located the car for me and they are even giving me a $400.00 additional discount. What I want to know is... why some dealers can debit your credit card when the car is not even in your hands. The second dealer didn't even ask me for a deposit and they already have located the car for me. Can someone tell me how to get my deposit from the first dealer? Can the first dealer keep my deposit if I don't buy from them? I don't want to loose muy deposit. I am not happy with the the run-around the first dealer is giving me. Perhaps, someone has had this experience and can advise me on what to do. Thanks
  • mchulamchula Posts: 2
    Today i bought a silver pine Prius with pkg#6 at the selling price of $25,350. The mileage is 124 miles. It is a great deal.
  • senketsenket Posts: 1
    I just bought an '08 Prius, silver pine, pkg #2, for 23K. I have to say the purchase was an incredibly smooth experience. All the terms were settled via email and phone, no surprises at the showroom, the staff was friendly and fun, and I feel like I got a fair deal.

    This was the third time I have bought a car. The previous experience, buying my '03 Chevy S10, was also good, although that was all in person. My first, buying my '92 Honda Accord was a nightmare of pushy salespeople who tried to sell me what I didn't want ("What part of manual transmission do you not understand?") Aside from that, my mother was married to a used car salesman, so I spent some of my childhood in that very shady milieu.

    It seems to me that there has been a real change in dealer mentality over the last 20 years.
  • f1xerof1xero Posts: 1
    the current MF for a Prius is very high. I was quoted .00305 and I have tier 1 credit.

    has anyone heard anything else?
  • skb78skb78 Posts: 4
    Within the next few weeks, I plan to buy an '08 Prius, either package 4 or 5. Over the past several weeks, I've found the Edmunds discussions quite helpful. Right now I'm at the point where I've gotten some internet quotes and I'm fairly sure which dealership I plan to use (I haven't set foot in any of the local dealerships yet, but I'm mainly going by the vibes I'm getting from the internet managers that have contacted me--low pressure vs. high pressure, as well as by internet reviews of local dealerships).
    I requested quotes for Prius package 5. One quote is for MSRP $26,531, internet selling price of $24,604, plus a $340 processing fee, and $660 destination charge/delivery fee, for a total of $25,604 before taxes, tags, etc. The other quote is for MSRP $26,694, with a special internet selling price of $24,925.73 for a 72-hr window (which has already passed); this would total $25,585.73 before taxes, tags, etc. My question is, for those who have bought in the Northern VA area, are these quotes reasonable for a package 5 or should I look for something lower?
    Also, I've heard mixed reviews about the Prius navigation system. I haven't used any type of navi system in the past, so I'm not sure if the one in the Prius is worth the cost or if it would be better downgrade to a package 4 and just buy a portable GPS. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
    Also, this will be my first new car purchase and first time dealing with a dealership, and I guess it doesn't help that I'm a single female (in my late 20's, but I've often been told I look younger). Are there any "red flags" I should look out for when negotiating a price, signing the contract, etc? Also, are there any fees which are basically bogus and can be talked down or eliminated altogether? Thanks in advance for any feedback!
  • tiff_ctiff_c Posts: 531
    Also, I've heard mixed reviews about the Prius navigation system. I haven't used any type of navi system in the past, so I'm not sure if the one in the Prius is worth the cost or if it would be better downgrade to a package 4 and just buy a portable GPS. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

    I also look3ed at the Prius, but decided to wait til the next model comes out. The Nav system is a problem for this reason.
    Think back to 8 track tape players. Great addition to a car waaaaaaay back but just try and get an 8 track tape now. The current Nav systems are extremely expensive to upgrade. Just call up the toyota dealer and ask for a price to upgrade an older Nav system. Figure $600 easy. After 5 years it will be a worthless unit in your car. You can buy a nice portable GPS system for $300 or a great one for $600. I'd rather get a unit for less and if it's outdated ok well it's $300 or so and it's not mounted in the dash and easy to replace and take with you on trips if you use a rental car. In dash looks nice but you can have a pro shop mount it in your car and it will not have any visible wires either. My advice go to Best Buy or a place like that and check out the Nav systems they have on display. My wife wants one so it will either be a Garmin or a TomTom. I'm still checking them out but found the Garmin easier to use button wise. My wife likes the TomTom but she can't use the buttons easily either.
  • red4ured4u Posts: 1
    was wondering whether anyone has any "late" news on the Toyota Prius for 2009. My wife and I are considering buying a 2008, but am wondering if I should wait for 2009, as it sounds like there could be major changes. Any thoughts or "steering" towards any internet articles would be appreciated. Also, we are debating on the package 2 vs the package 4. getting quotes for 22,800 for pack#2 and 24,700 for package 4....for those of you that have pack 4, do you feel it was worth the near extra $ 2K ? thinking should also get most of it back ( diff between 2 & 4 ) when reselling in 4-5 years.
  • tiff_ctiff_c Posts: 531
    was wondering whether anyone has any "late" news on the Toyota Prius for 2009. My wife and I are considering buying a 2008, but am wondering if I should wait for 2009, as it sounds like there could be major changes.

    That's why my wife and I held off buying until next year and changes announced now would affect sales now so I don't expect to hear much accurate info for at least another 6 months. Unless you want to wait another year no reason not to buy now. My biggest gripe and my wifes was a non-adjustable drivers seat. For what they charge it ought to have a few more adjustments in the drivers seat. Height adjustment is what my wife really wanted as she is short and I wanted a bit more seat padding for long trips. Lumbar support would be great as well. These cars cost as much as a Camry so why can't they have an adjustable seat like a Camry? It doesn't have to be a power seat. No word on that and new battery technology is a tough call because lithium ion is probably not going to happen with the Prius. They will want a non Hazmat battery.
    Check the local airlines to see the new laws on Li-Ion batteries as they are prone to catching on fire. They can keep them cold with refrigerant but no idea if that will happen by 2009.
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    Toyota has just announced a plug-in will be available next year, with NiMH batteries (two of the current battery packs), but only to fleets. Looks like next years car will be the same as the current one for the rest of us. The word is 2010 for the next model.
    But only Toyota knows for sure.

    The Lithium batteries "aren't ready yet", according to Toyota spokes people. I think the Panasonic division of Matsushita is working on the batteries for Toyota.
  • skb78skb78 Posts: 4
    I've seen that many who have posted here have recommended purchasing via an internet manager rather than by the salespeople on the floor. Just a few questions about going this route:
    1. Is the internet manager only able to deal with cars currently on the lot, or is he/she able to trade with other dealerships just like a floor salesperson can?
    2. I have not yet taken a test drive. When I go to the dealership to take a test drive, is it possible to deal with the internet manager only or will I have to deal with a floor salesperson?
    3. Is the internet price a "take it or leave it" price or can it be negotiable?
    4. Do the internet managers tend to be more, less, or equally knowledgable, as compared to the floor salespeople, about the specifics of the Prius?
  • ariane1ariane1 Posts: 15
    I have been a reader of this forum since October. I have finally bought a package 2 toyota prius.

    Out the door price - 22500, excluding tags, taxes and license fees. Used Capital One financing for entire amount. No trade ins. Maryland state. Fitzmall Toyota.

    Used approximately donkey punch method, sending out internet requests for prices. Got prices that were cheaper at Beltway Toyota and 355 Toyota, but did not like the way they dealt with me, so finally went with Fitzmall Toyota. Price at Fitzmall was still about 700 dollars cheaper than North Carolina prices and Virginia prices.

    Reasons for package 2 - contains basically all that I need. I have a portable navigation system, which is more than sufficient for all kinds of trips. Plus, you can take with you when you fly, and use it in your rental car. Leather looks nice, but can be really cold in the winter. Heated seats - I do not know about them. Premium speaker system, etc can be installed later if needed at much lower prices than charged by Toyota.

    Experience with dealerships:
    -Horrible experience with Sheehy Honda. This was when I was trying to buy an Odyssey. Numerous tricks. At Henderson Honda - decent dealership, no backhand dealings as far as I could make out. At Beltway toyota - we had corresponded through about 20 emails about forms, and they came up with yet another form when I went there. Their privacy policy is actually disclosure policy. Price was very aggressive though. Goldsboro Toyota and Hubert Vester Toyota had numerous forms to be filled and signed, including an arbitration policy, which is an absolute no-no. They also have clauses on their purchase order which state that they WILL run a credit check on you.
    Fitzmall Toyota - dealt with a nice gentleman there. They were pretty decent. For the most part, were straightforward. Price was a little higher. They did try 'good cop-bad cop' trick, and I had to play the 'walkout' trick, but their forms are the best, and they are very open about the paperwork required. They will not run credit check unless you sign their form, which is OPTIONAL. Their privacy policy was also the best, and you can even opt out of that, although they did not tell me about it. There is a provision for that while they are entering your info on the computer. Ask about it specifically. They endorsed check immediately, and it was cashed within 72 hours.

    Paperwork required for purchase of car
    I am posting this also because I visited several dealers, and it was sometimes frustrating because various dealers had various forms. From what I could understand, came to the following conclusions:

    1- If you are using an institution's financing, like Capital One or your local credit union for the entire purchase amount, you do NOT have to fill out ANY credit application forms at the dealership. They do NOT have to run a background check or terrorist check on you, as these have already been done by your finacing institution before giving you the check. You do NOT have to fill out a FIVE LINER, which is a partial credit application, as they CAN use this to run a credit check on you.

    2- They do NOT need your social security number for a car purchase. I did not give mine during the purchase. They absolutely do NOT need it. They do NOT need to know any personal info about you, or who they are dealing with. I was told "Mr A.., our finance manager, would like to know who he is dealing with". Absolute nonsense. As long as you have a check from a financial institution, that is all that is needed. Just give them your name, address, license info, and car insurance info. That is all that they need.

    3- Do NOT sign an arbitration policy under any circumstances. It means you cannot sue them later for any of their faults. Do NOT accept statements on purchase order such as " the purchaser has agreed to buy the vehicle in an AS IS condition ".

    4- The only forms/paperwork required are - Purchase order, Odometer statement, Proof of insurance, Limited power of attorney so that they can do your tags/registration, and forms from DMV/MVA for registration. NO NEED for credit application form, arbitration policy form, background check form, etc, etc.

    These are that I can think of right now. Any further thoughts shall be posted later.
  • ariane1ariane1 Posts: 15
    Internet sales managers have absolutely the same knowledge, abilites to show you the car, test drive it, etc as any of the floor salespersons. There is no difference AT ALL. Absolutely none. When you go into the dealership, insist on dealing with the Internet sales person you corresponded with. Make sure he will be there on the day you are going in. Tell him that you want to deal with him only, and do not allow them to TURN YOU OVER to sales manager, etc. These are all tricks they play, like good cop - bad cop. The internet sales person should be able to do everything for you, except the final paperwork, which is usually done by a finance manager, and is the same for floor salespersons also.

    The internet sales price is negotiable. See donkey punch method in Honda Odyssey forum.
  • ariane1ariane1 Posts: 15
    Regarding navigation system, I think a garmin c 350 for about 140 dollars from walmart or staples is more than sufficient to travel anywhere in the US. If you want a sleeker model, the garmin nuvi 200 is good, and costs about 170 dollars. Plus, you can take with you and use in a rental car, etc.

    Regarding paperwork and dealer tricks, read my post number 1230.

    Regarding getting the best internet prices, use donkey punch method posted in honda odyssey buying forum. It is very useful. Dealer processing fee is absolute nonsense. They are charging that for about 30 minutes of work. Even doctors and lawyers are not paid that kind of fees, let alone a school drop out clerk. I think that Maryland state has a rule that doc fees/processing fees cannot be more than 100 dollars. I found prices in Maryland to be cheaper than VA or NC prices.

    Ask for ALL paperwork, front and back, to be faxed to you, including forms from finance manager's office. They often hide the latter forms. Go through the fine print on the FRONT and BACK of these forms. Then make a decision.
  • skb78skb78 Posts: 4
    The internet sales price is negotiable. See donkey punch method. See donkey punch method in Honda Odyssey forum.

    Thanks for the info. Within the Honda Odyssey Buying Experience & Prices Paid thread, post #17261 gives a good step-by-step guide, and post #17334 gives a more concise summary.

    On a slightly unrelated note: would the tags fees still apply (or be the full amount) if you plan to transfer your existing license plates to your new vehicle?
  • latalata Posts: 2
    Please let me know the dealer and the state.
    Am planing to buy one with PKG 6 ,but i got the range from $26.500 to $27000 + tax.
  • latalata Posts: 2
    Can any body tell me the best proce in New York for Prius PKG #2 and PKG#6 .

    I got the dealer price listing from $26000 to $27200 for PKG #6 and $23200 for PKG#2.

    I would like to know the best deal on these two cars....
  • mchulamchula Posts: 2
    It is Capitol Toyota in San Jose, CA. Asking for a Taiwanese guy.
  • Got a quote for $25,981 + title, taxes & tags for 2008 Prius with option package NW #6 (MSRP $27,685). I'm thinking this is a pretty darn good price but would like to know what others are getting or think about the price.


  • lm2lm2 Posts: 2
    Regarding the 2009 Prius, check the March 2008 issue of Motortrend; there is a drawing based on information (rumors?) of employees within Toyota. The drawing is very sleek looking, although drawings are often exaggerated. It also states that the engine will be 1.8 litres, and will initially have the current battery. Hope this helps. I'm waiting for the 2009.
  • I noticed that the old incentive deals for Toyota expired yesterday. Any idea if they have new incentives to buy a Prius? This time last years they had low interest loans (0 for 36mo, 1.9 for 48 and 2.9 for 60). I'm hoping they'll do the same this year... thanks
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