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2004-2009 Toyota Prius Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I would not buy 2010 model. New models are often buggy.
  • Ya - we ended up purchasing it. I guess we'll get used to the buzzing eventually. It really varies car to car though. We took 2 other prius' for test drives and they did not have noticeable buzzing. I imagine if you try a hand-full of cars at your dealership before picking one out, you will be able to find one that doesn't buzz much.
  • Final Breakdown....from closing paperwork...

    Civic Pkg#6, window tint, "luster" pkg, floor mats
    Base: $25,893.50
    Sales Tax: $1,605.84
    Title/Fees: $250.66

    Total O.T.D. Price: $27,750
  • Congrats on your new car.
    I'm looking at the same basic car, I think. Washington State. Was quoted 27444 MSRP, less 1000, less 500 rebate for 25944.
    Also trading in a junker with a "fair" rating for another 1825 off, still 25263 net, seems quite a bit higher than your package 6 car.
    Going to another dealer tonight.
  • Did you get a chance to check out from any other dealers? I'm in WA too and would like to buy a prius + pkg 6 this month end. Let me know if you want to negotiate for the cars (yours and mine) together .. I live in Seattle downtown btw.
  • Hi Just wondering if anyone purchased 2009 Prius recently in No Ca? Just looking for recent purchase price before I take a plunge.... Thanks in advance.
  • evadooevadoo Posts: 40
    I sent an email to 5 dealerships in Maine and NH requesting the price of $21,500 (plus NH registrations fees) for a 2009 Pine Mica Prius with package #2. The dealership that offered the best deal (Prime Motor Group in Saco, ME) was very responsive, polite, and conscientious at every stop so I have enjoyed doing the deal with them. We settled on an even lower price of $21,150 with 4.29% Toyota financing since other dealers were bidding for our business. :)
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,518
    Hi coolacoo. I'm glad that you find these forums so helpful. Here's the information that you're looking for. Toyota Financial Services' current Southern California buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2009 Prius with 12,000 miles per year are .00102 and 61%, respectively.

    Keep in mind though that TFS publishes residual value percentages for vehicles base MSRPs. It places restrictions upon what options can be residualized, making its effective residuals lower than its published percentages.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • Any idea on how the introduction of the honda insight + the intro of the 2010 prius might affect the 09 prius pricing? Trying to decide whether or not I should hold off buying a new prius for a little bit..
  • Hi Sacramento2 - I replied to your post on 03-16, however see it is not listed probably because I listed the name and cell number of the salesperson.

    Contact Concord Toyota Fleet department in Concord, CA. They are awesome. I decided against a Prius #6 purchase for the time -- he offered $780 below DEALER INVOICE in writing. However in Jan 09 purchased 2 new Toyota trucks for an awesome deal. They even came to my home in Sacramento to pick us up to make the purchase.

    I completely trust the salesperson in the fleet dept. who has been there forever - straight talker and great guy. There is absolutely no pressure. I will try and buy all my cars from this person in the future and that is saying alot as you know how the car buying experience can go! Good luck, I know you will not be disappointed.
  • Started pricing a touring edition with pkg#6 and floor mats today at a local dealership in western burbs of Chicago. Dealer has about 36 Prius in stock (about 6 touring). The one we liked was at:

    MSRP: $27,964

    Dealer's best offer OTD: $27,842

    $25,750 base
    $225 plates etc
    $1867 7.25% tax

    Would like to know if it is a good deal. Thanks.
  • The OTD price I was quoted included $500 discount. Forgot to mention that in my previous post.
  • evadooevadoo Posts: 40
    If you shop around to several dealerships that have 20+ Prius in stock, you will get a great deal. I am still amazed at the price I got ($21,150 for package 2) but it costs the dealerships money to keep these cars in their inventory and they need to clear them out before the 2010s come in. Essentially, the market changed so much (gas prices, economy, credit crunch) that there is a surplus. Check which dealerships have the exact car you want and then send an email to those dealerships naming your price and package. I did this and ended up having two dealerships in a bidding war and picked the nice guys who I loved doing business with... and now I have a gorgeous Prius is sitting in my driveway for about 4K less than I would have paid last year. OH – and the 7 yr/100K warranty they offer you... I got that for $850.
  • Hey thanks for your help victorias1 but I'm not in a hurry to get a "car".

    I've been emailing with the dealers on Honda Civic LX, Honda Civic Hybrid and Toyota Prius. So far Toyota dealers are not flexible as the Honda dealers. For both Hondas, I have been able to drive down quite below the Edmunds TMV invoice prices. I'm still waiting for Prius' to go way below what was offered in February ($2,000 rebates). I'm sure they'll start lowering the prices "significantly" when the 2010 is out on the show room.
  • We're planning on buying one with a package 2 this weekend. I emailed the six or so dealers within about 20 miles of us. So far the lowest we've heard is about 22,000, but they also want to tack on prep fees, doc fees, etc.. When you say 21,150 out the door, what other fees did you have to pay? We're lucky here in CT - there's no sales tax on cars getting >40 mpg.
  • evadooevadoo Posts: 40
    We also have no sales tax in NH. This is the email that I sent that led to the bidding war:
    I have been researching Prius pricing and the following prices appear to be in effect for the Prius + Pkg 2:
    Base Invoice 21,758
    Dest 720
    Pkg-2 158
    Cash back -$1000
    Invoice Prius Base with Pkg 2 – cash back = $21,636
    Since the invoice does not reflect the actual dealer cost (due to holdbacks, wholesale financial reserve etc.) some online customers have reported paying $21,500 plus title/registration for the 2009 Prius with package #2. No additional fees such as TDA or Doc fees were charged, so $21,500 would be below invoice.
    We have financing and no trade-in. We would like to purchase a 2009 Silver Pine Mica with package 2 for $21,500 plus title/registration by the end of the month. Please contact me if you can honor this price. Thank you!

    This led to 2 dealers bidding for my business and going lower than the price I had requested. No additional fees were tacked on. You might check with Prime Toyota in Boston since I got my deal from Prime in Maine. Even though I live in NH, they are accustomed to out of state customers. Note that I also ended up financing through Toyota (at their request), so they made money on that too (but I got 4.29% which was the best I could find) AND they had the exact car on the lot. Although there were no additional fees, at the time of signing we opted for the Platinum warranty for $850/$0 deductible (~$1700 list price) and my husband REALLY wanted the ResistAll package ($495) which I should have dickered on but didn’t… I consider it insurance to keep the car pristine for resale some day. The deal would have gone through at $21,150 without these extras. Good luck!
  • dkblairdkblair Posts: 1
    Has anyone seen a really good price on a Package 2 Prius like this in Florida?

    If so, would you mind passing on some dealer contact info to me?

    Hoping to buy in the next week, but not finding pricing like this in Florida.

  • anybody get Prius deal done recently in twin cities area(MN)? I'm in a market right now. thinking whether I should wait until May when new Prius model comes out. will Toyota lower the price for old model?
  • I just bought a prius at Darcars toyota at silver spring, md yesterday (March 28, 2009): Silver Pine color, base model with package 2 plus something already installed by dealer - rear bumper applique and a free universal car mat set for a out of door price at $22526 (including 6% md sales taxes plus tag/fees etc - the price was listed as $20870, with the window listed price to be $24339). There were many colors available for us to choose (we also tested a blue one; saw silver, gray, etc).

    I also saw a coupon you could print at the dealer web site for additional $600 off, but I forgot about it totally when I went there yesterday (I started looking on friday and bought it on saturday morning). When I checked my email this morning (Sunday 29th) I saw the email I received from their internet sales manager stated that I could use the $600 off coupon in addition to the price of $22,526.00 I had negotiated over the phone).

    Anyway, even for the out of door price of $22,526.00, it seems quite a bit lower than the price your guys had in this discussion and the experience was quite good, not hassle, straight ahead with the already negotiated best price offer price - I did not need to discuss any new price when I got there. Also from the email I received, it seems I could have obtained another $600 off using the dealer's web site coupon.

    One note: I did tell them that I need no finance etc and would pay in full when asked for oral price quote, and I did follow through.
  • rxanandrxanand Posts: 24
    I am in roughly the same state. In my case, after reading the description of the new model on the web, I have decide to wait for it. It appears that the new model will be in the showrooms by May.
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