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Honda Civic Si Sedan



  • kork13kork13 Posts: 90
    I completely agree... it sounds impossible, but I've filled up 9 times so far, and 3 times I've gotten 37.16, 38.7, and 37.84. Also on the highway, I've gotten 28 (when it was brand spankin' new from the dealer, and b/w that and me playing with it alot, I expected it to be lower), 28.97 (with about 20-25% of it around town), and 32.99. When I fill up, it seems impossible, since the ratings are for 23 city/32 hwy, but I've gotten it multiple times. I always fill up to just over the click-off, but the thing that probably helps me most is that on the highway, I try to be as fuel-efficient as possible. Cruise control as often as possible, relatively slow accel/decel's, a/c fairly infrequently, and when I seem to be sticking with a certain car and the roads are clear (ex: I'm driving with a friend in a '00 vette right now), I pull in closer to draft off them a bit... kinda shady, and most people don't like it and will pull to the other lane, but when I find someone who doesn't mind (like my friend, with me for 1100mi of this 1500mi trip, so he helps alot), it's been really good for my mileage. Also, that time that I got the 38.7mpg, I was on state hwy's going only 63-ish, so that may have also had an impact.

    I originally wanted the fiji blue REALLY BAD, and would have gotten it if my timetable had been more flexible, but I ended up with a silver one because I had to buy within a 3-week period, and there wasn't a blue available from the factory quite early enough for me. Oh well, she still looks GREAT.

    Oh, also, I've only seen sedans, and I agree with eldaino... The sedan is SO worth it. $200 more, but the car is only like 2 inches longer (negative? maybe just barely), and you get a better wheel base too. The utility/ease of having those two doors for the back is huge. Having done this long drive, being able to easily store some things in the back seats has been very nice.
  • those are some impressive mpg numbers, i calculated just over 28mpg in all city driving on my first all conservative driving with over 1000 miles on the car. i was very pleased with those numbers and expect to see some impressive numbers for my highway miles as well. there is something that seems just right to me listening to XM channel 113 while the engine humms in the backround. i highly recommend it. got mine in nighthawk black pearl, had it narrowed down the that and the fiji blue, had both on the lot for me to choose from. i flip flop back and forth on which color looks better, they are both great.
  • tslbmwtslbmw Posts: 166
    I am 33 and purchased my Si sedan three weeks ago. I have two young children (ages 4 & 2) and they fit in the back perfectly. I love the car!
  • redlantrnredlantrn Posts: 2
    I finally took an opportunity to drive the SI sedan today. The car looks great from the outside, the seats are extremely comfortable, and the car accellerates and handles great.
    Unfortunately, I don't think this is the car for me for reasons that have been mentioned by others. IMO there is too much silver plastic, the flimsy sun visors and the entire dash did not work for me (I.e styling,material quality).
    At the same time it is a great car, and I can understand why alot of people have chosen this fine vehicle. With the rising cost of fuel, it's difficult to find a car that can give you a 50/50 compromise of performance and economy.
    Keep this thread alive, as it was a great source of real world information for myself, and will continue to be for others.
    Oh, by the way NOWAK, I'm 37 going on 27.

    Thanks for all your help guys, I'm goingto push my walker over to the TSX forums......
  • nowakj66nowakj66 Posts: 709
    Great! I have 2 children as well - 1.5 years and 3 years. I need the youngest to get to 20 pounds so I can go forward facing on her car seat!

    Okay - anyone 40 or older that owns a Civic Si sedan or is considering one? Its one heck of a value!
  • mick16mick16 Posts: 5
    I'm 36 and just picked up a black Si Sedan on Tuesday. I've already driven it 700 miles and I couldn't be happier with the purchase thus far. The car is fun to drive and gets decent mileage. The manual transmission on this car is excellent. The ease of shifting is vastly superior to the G35 Coupe or the Maxima SE that I previously drove. The seats are great too.

    I test drove a Mazda 3 Grand Touring and while it was OK, it wasn't nearly as fun to drive and I doubt it will hang with the Civic when it comes to resale as well. For $22K out the door, its a great value.

    About the only negative for me would be getting caught in the wrong gear in which case, the engine is anemic but some quick downshifting solves that problem. Upgrades I'd like to see offered are leather seats, Sirius, and nicer stock rims.

    Also Honda - please ditch those VTEC stickers on the side of the car, I like the subtle Si badges on the front and back and don't need extra advertising on the car.
  • aaronr121aaronr121 Posts: 91
    I think it could be possible to get mpg that high if it were nothing but highway miles and if they were spent at 60 with cruise and, I was gonna say, possibly staying in the draft of big rigs (ever see the episode of Mythbusters were they actually do an experiment on drafting?).

    I've hit 32 mpg on trips that were mainly highway, and most of that with AC on traveling 70 mph with cruise. I bet it wouldn't take much to get a 35 mpg avg.

    I'm just wondering, if filling it up just past click-off, could skew the results slightly higher?

    Dude, the fiji blue is an awesome color. That was my 2nd choice over hab. red.

    I also agree with you guys. The 4 door is really worth it. Barely a price difference over the coupe, hardly a weight penalty, more convienient and, in my opinion, these cars look so much better in 4 doors (and I usually hate 4 doors).

    The door looks longer and lower in my opinion.
  • aaronr121aaronr121 Posts: 91
    Glad to hear there are some older people, with kids buying this car, also. We have a 3 year old and another on the way. So the backseats are claimed by car seats for the next 5-7 years.
  • I bought this Civic SI/ 6 speed manual trans. in April 07. (LOVE THIS CAR) and have always noticed a kind of hesitation when accelerating in 1st and second gear. This happens more so when it is cold. I took it to the dealer and of course the dealer was unable to match the hesitation at that time. I'm using the proper fuel, 93 octane Shell gas and have tried Mobile with techron as well. This car runs strong but the hesitation is present sometimes more than others. I'm getting great gas milage and love everything about the car. I just want to see if by chance anyone else has experienced anything like what I'm experiencing.
  • gersigersi Posts: 2
    I'm 65 going on 18 wife is in her mid 50's. Got it to complement our 2006 auto corvette. Just had to get back to std shift. Sure hope the wife can learn to drive std or it will be trade in time.
  • cz75cz75 Posts: 210
    Something in Honda's DBW/ECU programming that does that. I haven't really noticed it warm.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    the hesitation you notice is the drive by wire programming standard on all civics nowadays.

    most people find it annoying (especially tuners) and its only super evident on the manual transmission civics.

    i find it very interesting that there are so many older (well older than me i mean, i'm 22) folks driving the si. Quick question to all; is this your first honda, or more importantly your first si? everyone can be familiar with a brand, but to be familiar with the performance model and its heritage is a very different thing and i'm curious to know who is familiar and who isn't. (case in point: the distaste in the i-vtec decal, leave it on there, wear it proud, there is lots of heritage behind that sticker! ;) )

    the first si sedan i ever saw on the road and not on the dealers lot was a very lovely ralley red; and it was being driven by a gentleman who could not have been younger than 45.
  • tslbmwtslbmw Posts: 166
    I'm 11 years your elder and no, this is not my first Honda. When I graduated from college in 96, I purchased a brand new 1996 Prelude Si VTEC (the first Prelude with the VTEC technology, in 97 and thereon VTEC was in all of the Preludes til they stopped making them). I have never owned a Civic Si and was very happy when Honda decided to make a 4dr model. It allowed those my age and a lot older to enjoy the high revving 2.0 engine and still be able to transport the family. It truly is a great car and for the money, IMO, it can't be beat.

    btw, I'm with you, I really dig the iVTEC decals!
  • tfm1973tfm1973 Posts: 14
    I've had my Rallye Red Civic Si Sedan for a week now. Just a great car. I'm 34 with a baby on the way so it's the best compromise for me. Fun to drive, safe, rear doors and seats for the baby. No complaints whatsoever.

    I may be in the small minority but I peeled off the silly i-VTEC stickers off the sides. Took nearly an hour since some adhesive didn't wanna come off. But much cleaner look.

    I don't need to advertise to every rice boy out there in their mom's Camry looking to race. Plus doesn't every car manufacturer use some form of VTEC now?
  • So you have also experienced this hesitation, particularly when the car is cold? The Drive by Wire/ECU programming is the issue. After reading that this car has DBW, I'm not to familiar with the Drive by wire function.
  • I'm 35 and have always been a Civic fan. I owned an EX in 2000 Auto trans. and didn't have the 160 hp SI that year because they didn't have the color I wanted when I bought it. I drove a friend of mines 1999 5 speed SI and it ran just like my 2000 EX with more punch of course. No hesitation. This DBW, what is the purpose of this? Do you own the New SI with DBW as well / 2 or 4 door? I'm assuming you experience this hesitation as well. Thanks for your reply.
  • kork13kork13 Posts: 90
    aaron, I don't think that the slight top off does anything to the mileage... i always fill it to about 1/4 gal over the click-off, so as long as it's consistent, it shouldn't affect it... i think...

    eldaino, like I said ealier, I'm 20 years old and a senior in college. This is my first honda (actually my first car at all), but my parents owned an early-90's model of the Accord a long time ago... I'm largely unfamiliar with any brand, let alone a certain model... I'm only now becoming more familiar with cars, and particularly the Si's, as I've been researching cars for the last 7-ish months.

    And yea, I agree with you and some of the others... I like the i-vtech sticker on the side... at first I didn't, but it's grown on me. If you've got it, flaunt it. :shades:
  • blairspeedblairspeed Posts: 11
    Im 28yrs old and my last car was an 02 Civic si hatchback which I also bought new. Ive had my silver Si Sedan (FA5)for about 10 days now and I couldnt be happier. Its a fantastic car for the money and Im loving the gas mileage. It actually gets better mileage then my 02 Si did, I was shocked. Having 4 doors is really nice too and most of the time you dont even realize its a 4 door until you look behind you.

    I do notice the hesitation on the gas pedal when going from a stop. The pedal just doesnt register quick enough and you end up engaging the clutch too quickly before it starts to rev. Also when you want to ride the revs down instead of using the brakes, the car doesnt decelerate right away. It holds the revs (aka Rev Hang) causing the car to continue to accelerate when your foot is off the pedal for a split second. It was very annoying at first but the more I drive it the more I learn to adjust to it.
  • kork13kork13 Posts: 90
    Just a random thought, while browsing a couple other forums, I noticed a few people mention fuel economy and tire pressure in the same breath. I was just curious if anyone knew about what sort of relationship there was between the two? I know that if your tires are 5-6 psi low, you'll take a hit in economy, but what about being 5-6 over? Or sticking right at the recommended?
  • aaronr121aaronr121 Posts: 91
    Running with low tire pressure will decrease gas milage, more rolling resistance. You can increase tire pressure to create less resistance, but if you over or under-inflate tires, it will cause premature wear and a possiblity of over heating the tires and cause a blow-out.

    Best bet, follow the recommended tire pressure. For long stretches of highway, and highspeed, driving there probably is a higher recommended pressure. You'd have to look that up in the owners manual and see what Honda recomends.

    Kork, I just asked about over filling, becuase it could cause an inconsistency. If one time you fill to the 1st click, then squeeze in an extra .5-1 gallon of gas. Then stop 150 miles later, refuel and stop at the first click, and don't add any more fuel, it would look like you barely used any fuel at all. It could skew the numbers higher or lower.

    Regarding the hesitation, I've noticed it on warm-up also. But I just chalked it up to owning a vehicle with an aluminum motor. Aluminum expands alot when it gets hot. So, until it reaches operating temps nothing is meshing as it should. My take anyway...

    On odd occasions, I hit a slight stumble pulling out in 1st gear. But I think that's more driver related than anything. I feel the same thing driving our 2.0, manual, New Beetle on odd occasions. And that still has a throttle cable. Just a 4 banger that's not particular torquey at low RPMs.
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