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Volvo XC90 Real World MPG



  • I get around 15-16 in city with the new 07 3.2l 6 cyl... =/ That's what it says on the computer display under "avg" mileage. I believe I have only driven about 200 miles max of 1100 now on the highway.
  • shellzshellz Posts: 33
    I have about 1000 miles on a 2006 XC90 V8. In all city driving, I get about 13 miles per gallon.
  • fluid15fluid15 Posts: 60
    Just bought an '07 3.2L 6 cyl with 28 miles on it. Driving has been approx. 60/40 (highway/city). After using the first full tank of gas the results are:

    Calculated mpg: 16.0 (321.8 miles / 20.1 gallons)
    Computer mpg: 17.1

    I hope it gets better.
  • albellalbell Posts: 185
    I've had my 04 T6 for a few weeks now, and over the first 1000 miles (80/20 hwy/city) have averaged 21.5 mpg. On the last highway trip (about 110 miles)the trip computer showed 24 mpg. With 12k miles on the odometer, the engine is nicely broken in.
  • jrynnjrynn Posts: 162
    Wife's T5AWD/5seat has recorded this MPG through 7800 miles:

    Avg: 16.47 (mostly urban/suburban)
    Best: 24.39(twice) (pure highway)

    (All manual calculations)
  • I own a Freestyle, a foot longer vehicle than the XC-90, and sharing the same basic chassis design that Ford borrowed from Volvo. Its interesting that my 203 hp version of the XC-90 gets 20 city / 27 highway, and my real-world results mirror that, while the XC-90 2.5T, with similar power, doesn't quite equal it. Mine is a FWD (not AWD) model, so that's good for 1 MPG more, but that still doesn't explain it. Whats happening inside the XC-90 to soak up that MPG?
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    First of all, the Freestyle is much closer in character to the XC70 than XC90.
    The XC90 is bigger, taller, has a larger frontal area, and sits higher off the ground
    It also weighs 4500+ lbs compared to 3900+ lbs for the Freestyle.
    The XC90 is rated @ 17/23 for a fwd.
  • Actually, the Freestyle is slightly larger than the XC-90.
    The XC-90 is taller, though. Here are the numbers:

    Exterior XC90 vs. Freestyle
    Length 189.3 in., 199.8 in.
    Width 74.7 in., 74.4 in.
    Height 70.2 in., 65.9 in.
    Weight 4400 lbs. 3900 lbs
    Wheel Base 112.6 in., 112.9 in.
    Ground Clearance 8.9 in., 8 in.
    EPA City/Hiway MPG: 17/23, 20/27

    So for a slightly larger (longer) vehicle, the Freestyle is a little lighter and gets better MPG. The extra weight and ineffecient tranny in the XC-90 probably soaks up the MPG. The Freestyle has an efficient CVT tranny. The extra height certainly hurts the MPG as well.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Freestyle is LONGER, not LARGER.
    Look at the volume stats
    the longer nose on the Freestyle translates to better airflow.
    That, and the lower weight and lower clearance of the Freestyle.
    Bottom line is that they are different vehicles.
  • The XC-90 is taller than the Freestyle, consuming MPG. The Freestyle has the same wheelbase as the XC-90.
  • We also have a 2006 XC 90 2.5. 17 mpg in basically city driving in summer. 19 mpg in basically city driving if AC is not on.
  • jim314jim314 Posts: 491
    Driving with with a very light foot and staying mostly in the right lane at between 60 and 70 mph I got 25.7 mpg for the 370 mi leg from east of Vicksburg MS to my house in Dallas TX. The OE Michelin 4X4 Syncrone 235-65/17 104H tires were inflated to 40 psi.

    Overall on the roundtrip from Dallas to Gulfport MS (and numerous sidetrips) we logged 1550 miles and used 66.8 gal of gasoline for an average of 23.2 mpg.

    The EPA hwy estimate for this vehicle (FWD 3.2L 6-cyl 6A 4300lb curb weight) is 22 mpg, the city mpg is 17 mpg. Mountains or serious hills would of course significantly lower the mpg.

    Using the instantaneous mpg readout I found in one trial that on level ground this XC-90 version uses 20% more fuel to travel a given distance at 70 mph than it does at 60 mph. The high ground clearance, fairly large tires, and overall height take their toll.

    70 mph.....25.1 mpg => 0.0398 gal/mi
    65 mph.....27.0 mpg => 0.0370 gal/mi
    60 mph.....30.0 mph => 0.0333 gal/mi
  • jim314jim314 Posts: 491
    This XC-90 is still "breaking in",if there is any significant break-in with this engine. At the beginning of the trip the odometer had only 773 miles and at the end 2322 miles. The odometer had only 6 mi at purchase. The above mpg values are calculated using the gas pump values for fuel delivered and the trip odo values for distance. The computer seems to be giving a higher value for average mpg. I'm not sure I properly understand how to initialize it, but right now I don't trust the computer mpg values.

    I am hoping that after break-in on level interstate hwy at a speed of no more than 65 mph this SUV might get close to 27 mpg. It does take some discipline to keep the speed this low however.

    I plan to get a trailer hitch on the XC-90 and tow a light, aerodynamic cargo trailer, which will increase the fuel use some, but I hope not too much. The one I have in mind is this one, but I cannot decide which one.
  • jim314jim314 Posts: 491
    In the three tanks of mostly city driving we have gotten 17 mpg twice and 13 mpg once with this 3.2L 2WD XC-90. The 13 mpg was with all very short trips.
  • fluid15fluid15 Posts: 60
    I'm replying to my own message (#26) ...

    Update: I haven't hand calculated it, but the few times i drive the XC90 the computer now indicates ~ 19.3 mpg. Seems to have gotten better but I'll need to verify it at the pump.
  • Anyone know the mpg difference between FWD and AWD in the xc90?
  • jim314jim314 Posts: 491
    The other day in the 07 XC90 3.2 FWD (7500 mi on ODO) I got a computer mpg of 27.3 mpg for 50 miles of highway travel at about 60 mph. This is the highest I have ever seen in computer average over any significant distance. Just prior to this trip I had changed the oil to Mobile1 0W-40 "European Car Formua", but I am not claiming this is the source of significantly improved highway mpg.

    Highway cruising at 60 mph is kinda tame in a vehicle where the max on the speedometer is 160 mph!

    I am not claiming that "I got 27 mpg", but still this is a pleasant event. It makes me think that now that the vehicle is broken-in I may get better highway mileage than at first. The computer now reads 20.7 mpg on this same tank after a few days of short to medium trips in Dallas, not in rush-hour traffic.

    I had driven about 80 miles, then filled-up with Shell Premium 93 octane AKI right next to US 75 (not Interstate, but IH quality ). In Dallas we do not get AKI 91 octane. Shell is a "top-tier" fuel, which means it has a very high detergent content, but, as far as I know, it does not have a higher energy content in BTU/gal. I use Shell because I think it will keep the injectors cleaner. Sometimes I put in equal parts of Shell 89 and 93 to get 91, which Volvo says is the recommended fuel, even though the owners manual prominately states the regular AKI 87 is acceptable.

    I laid into the accelerator pretty good to enter US75 and then settled into the center lane and pretty much stayed there. Traffic was moderately heavy, but moving well so I just stayed out of the left lane. I did not draft on any of the multitude of large semis on this route.

    The vehicle just had its 1st oil change and I gave the Volvo dealer 8 quarts of Mobile1 0W-40 "European Car Formula", one of the recommended oils for the XC90 in the Dallas TX climate. In winter 0W-30 (if it exists) would be expected to give even better mpg, but I expect this current oil fill to last well into the hot Dallas summer. Also, I am not sure that 0W-30 or even 5W-30 is a recommended oil. The owners manual is a little confusing on the recommended oils. In the next change I may switch to Mobile1 5W-30, because we don't hot-rod up steep grades, and right now we don't pull a heavy trailer at high speed in the mountains.

    The Volvo service advisor said they put in 5W-30 Valvoline Synthetic Blend and I could have had this for free as part of the free 7500 mile service. I am pretty careful with money, and it hurt me to pass up a gift of 8 quarts of good oil, but I intended to switch to Mobile1 after break-in, and I had the oil with me, so I requested that they use my Mobile1. Eight quarts of Mobile1 cost me about $50 to $60 at AutoZone. If I had to do it again, I'd probably accept their oil.

    In my 2004 V70 168 hp non-turbo I use Mobile1 10W-30 Extended Performance and change once a year or about 8 kmi whichever comes first. I am considering extending the oil change interval to 10 kmi -12 kmi or one year.
  • cactus13cactus13 Posts: 1
    Hello, 1st time poster. I have a 2005 XC90 V8 AWD, 39K miles. In LA traffic best average computer mpg is 15.6. My question, has anyone had any experience with dealer reprogramming either the engine/ fuel system or the transmission expressly for better mileage? Our car seems to spend a lot of rpm's looking for the right gear to be in and it seems the converter could lock up earlier. Any experience with changing to synthetic oil for more MPG? I keep the tires inflated and am considering next size larger, +3/4 - 1" diameter. Thanks for any help.
  • jim314jim314 Posts: 491
    The XC90, Accura MDX, BMW X5, VW Toureg all have about the same EPA mpg estimates--something like 15-17 city / 20-22 hwy. This leads me to believe that this is what a vehicle like this can attain. I do not believe that the mpg you are seeing is due to anything that you can change in the vehicle setup. The one variance I make is to inflate the tires to 40 psi.

    Changing to synthetic oil cannot do any harm and might reduce engine wear and reduce the formation of deposits. I supplied the dealer with Mobile1 0W-40 (one of the recommended grades for the 3.2L I6) for the first change at 8000 miles on my wife's 2007 FWD XC90 3.2 (takes 8 quarts). I did not see a significant mpg improvement, but I intend to continue to use Mobile1. In my 2004 V70 non-turbo 2.4L I5 5A I have used Mobile1 10W-30 from the first change. It gets 20 mpg city and over 30 mpg highway--lightly loaded 34 mpg at 75 mph on the IH. The best I have ever seen with the XC90 is 24 mpg over several hundred miles on flat IH at 65 mph with the tires at 40 psi.

    I have wondered if the Volvo dealer could make a software change to improve fuel economy, but I haven't asked them. I'm reluctant to mess with a vehicle that works even though I'd like better fuel economy. I think a lot of people spend money on various mods which have no benefit and which do potential or actual damage to their vehicles.

    You would be wasting money to change to tires 3.5% larger in diameter and this might adversely affect the stability control and braking sustems. Would 3.5% larger tires even fit without rubbing? Then you'd have to pay to have the odometer and speedometer recalibrated. The tires on my wife's 2007 XC90 3.2 FWD are 235/65-17, which have a diameter of 29.0 inches. This is plenty of tire for this vehicle. I would not substitute my judgement for that of the Volvo engineers unless I got an authoritative opinion that this would be appropriate.

    235/70-17 (if it exists) has a diameter of 30.0 inches which would raise the vehicle another 0.5 inch off the ground. Could this affect stability in emergency maneuvers? Size 255/65-17 (if it exists) has a diameter of 30.1 inches and would likewise raise the vehicle 0.5 inch.
  • jim314jim314 Posts: 491
    I just looked over records on the 2007 XC90 3.2 FWD and I see that on one 1550 mile trip the vehicle used 66.75 gal giving 23.2 mpg ave for the trip which included some non highway use.

    The vehicle was moderately loaded with 2 human occupants, 3 dogs, and camping gear. On one all interstate leg of 369.8 mi it used 14.362 gal giving 25.7 mpg. This was on the OE oil, not the Mobile1 10W-40 "European Car Formula". I personally wonder a little about the prescription in the owner's manual for using 0W-40 oil, but it was there so I did it. I may start using Mobile1 10W-30 Extended Performance like in my 2004 V70, or maybe M1 5W-30 Extended Performance.

    Why would Volvo recommend an oil with "40" as the viscosity index at operating temperature?
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