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Honda Fit



  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,628
    I bet that design offers better structural reinforcement, which is critical on a small, light car.
  • gonzo99gonzo99 Posts: 9
    Thanks to all who wrote opinions/info on the 14" versus 15" wheels.

    I wonder if anyone can point me toward a link that show pictures of the AMERICAN colors for the Fit? There are so many diffeent color pages from different countries, that I can't keep them straight.

  • tomsr1tomsr1 Posts: 130
    Seriously I am Fat and little cars make me
    claustrophobic but I would love a fun hatchback
    so why do I obsess about the Fit car.I presently
    have an SUV that gets 15-20 mpg and it is not fun.
    It is about 8 inches wider than a Fit so it fits me.
    One of my hangups is warranty and 3/36 is not a good
    warranty.Whenever a sales person mentions extended
    warranty I say if you don't trust the car you are selling
    why should I.At least the Fit has a 5/60 warranty
    on the drivetrain which is equal to Toyota
  • ansandovansandov Posts: 7

    Regarding the gas cap lock... great news!...YOU DON'T NEED ONE!! I repeat.. YOU DON'T NEED ONE! :)

    Let me tell you that I was under the same dilemma when I bought my Fit thinking "how can they missed the inside shift PULL to unlock the Gas door like every Honda I've known". Thinking to must buy a locked cap... then when I went to fill up the gas the first time myself (11/05) I noticed that I couldn't open the Gas door and I was "WHAT?... A defect! oh No! :cry: .... (by that time My car was locked due to some snack Shopping during the trip). any how,so I unlocked the car with the Remote.. got in side.....went back to open try to open the gas door and ......Voilá...for some strange reason the door was free again.

    In One sentence: there I was again, amazed once more by the Fit.

    Cut to the Chase:


    What did I told you...YOU DON'T NEED A GAS CAP WITH LOCK!

  • reddroverrreddroverr Posts: 509
    I hope the dealers tell people about that, because it will confuse the hell out of a lot of people.
  • cdoccdoc Posts: 41
    Now THAT'S intelligent design.
  • Ansandov, not to doubt you, but I thought your car was from Mexico? I know the Canadians have been going nuts over the locking fuel filler door issue over on and they HAVE the NA car.

    So, I'm still not 100% sure, until a canook comes on this board and confirms it.
  • tifightertifighter WAPosts: 1,350
    I read that comparison in CAR as well. They sure praised the Grande Punto, which is good for Fiat considering how much they have riding on that one model...
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    But wouldn't that be wasting 25+ gallons of perfectly good, gasoline? :) They'd never be so wasteful. Maybe recycling someone's bumper stickers could work. :shades:
  • I dunno... they've been known to burn down buildings (made of perfectly good wood), torch SUV's in parking lots, flatten tires... I wouldn't put it past 'em.
  • hungarian83hungarian83 Posts: 678
    What is unusual is that the fuel filler door is located a few inches higher on the US and Canadian models than anywhere else. Why they did this :confuse: , I have no possible idea, but if they moved the fuel door, who knows what they did to the locking mechanism on it.
  • Ya know Hungarian, I didn't notice they moved the fuel-filler door, until I read your post. Everywhere else, the door is located in such a place, that it is bisected by the body crease, whereas in the NA Fit, it sits entirely above it. Good catch!
  • My biggest complaint about the base Fit is that it doesn't play MP3 CDs. Does anyone have any thoughts about the viability of a replacement stereo? Maybe some overseas folk here could talk about whether recent Jazz/Fit models elsewhere have had aftermarket stereos available? I'm disappointed that Honda didn't include that feature, and further disappointed that they don't offer a stereo upgrade short of going all the way to the Sport, and further disappointed that they have an odd design that looks like it will be hard to go aftermarket...
  • makabemakabe Posts: 47
    For the cost of a replacement stereo, you could get the ipod link AND an ipod. Loss of MP3 CD compatibility doesn't seem like a big deal to me.
  • The ipod link doesn't interest me much because of what I read here:

    I think it would be simpler, faster, safer, and less frustrating to use MP3 CDs.

    On my current car, I use an iPod (3G) through a cassette adapter, and even that is so clumsy that I hardly use it. (Of course, on the Fit, with no cassette player, that isn't an option either, and the FM things are awful in NY.)

    I think navigating the scroll wheel is just too dangerous to do while driving. It requires too-sensitive motions, which means more of your attention (i.e. to move it "just a little bit"), and it requires that you take your eyes far off the road, for multiple seconds. With an MP3 cd, the more hierarchical structure, large anchored car-radio controls, and big text display closer to your normal eye-line mean you can do some basic navigation pretty easily, and swapping CDs is also easy, so you can pretty easily change what you're listening to.

    With the iPod, apart from "skip song," whatever I pick at the start of the trip is what I end up with for the whole trip, because it's awkward/unsafe to operate while driving. So I think Honda was right in realizing that a whole different interface is needed for a car, but from what I read, their implementation isn't quite there. At least for now, MP3 CDs would seem a much better choice, at least for me.

    Though since I haven't actually seen/heard the Honda adapter in action, I will add, "I could be wrong..."
  • Does anyone else thing the slogan, "The Fit is Go" is awful? I guess I'm just of the wrong generation...
  • Don't feel bad. The whole marketing campaign has been a thorn in the side of a lot of people on this board, and many others, regardless of age.
  • vchiuvchiu Posts: 565
    Don't understand the fuss around this. Of course the tank door locks with other doors through the centralized locking system. I never had any issue with mine

    I thought the fear was that the trap lock would not be strong enough and that it could still be pry open.

    I can't believe some people though the door would not be locked in any way.
  • sd_driversd_driver Posts: 49
    I think I see the reason Honda has had such a whack promotional campaign for the Fit.

    I think they are going to bring the new, FMC Fit here next year. So they don't want too much hype, too big an opening for the Fit this year. They have to get it in the game here to compete with Yaris, Versa, etc., but they don't want to make too big of a splash. I think next year, with the FMC, they will have a huge, coordinated, sophisticated marketing campaign--and kind of act like the first year Fit here in the US was just some kind of anamoly.

    They're saving their ammo for next year.

    Just a guess.
  • mebmanmebman Posts: 100
    Your fit however is also not a North American Fit. I'm not so sure that they didn't leave out this cool feature on our model. The specs and features at Honda's website dont mention a locking gas cap. When I saw the N.A. Fit at the Houston auto show and I remember thinking that wasn't good that the gas cap didn't lock. Having said that, I didn't lock the doors and then try the gas cap. I hope you are right and this little feature is incorporated into the N.A. Fit.

    By the way I still haven't gotten my car yet. My dealer says that the Fit is still stuck in the port of Houston (20 miles away) awaiting transport. :(
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