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Honda Fit Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • fitftwfitftw Posts: 3
    Hi everyone, I got a quote for $18430 OTD for a 2010 Fit Sport. Is that a good price?

    I reside in Chicago. The quote I received was from O'Hare Honda in Des Plaines. Our family is looking to trade a 2000 Honda Civic LX with only 60k miles.

    Thanks for any input.
  • jonnysubarujonnysubaru Posts: 10
    edited March 2010
    Just bought my new silver mist fit sport this week for 15988 from Anderson Honda in Palo Alto. You'd think these guys would be more expensive being in palo alto but the y actually have the best prices I've found. This deal seems to be available regularly if you deal with their internet department, but you won't likely get this deal if you walk into the sales floor.
    Sale Price 15988, 55doc, 67reg, 181lic,8.76catire,20smog, ~$17700otd (I live in 9.75%tax area)
    I've read other folks notes about this car at 15888 but now their deal is 15988. Pretty sure their internet department prices is 16198 if you miss the special and don't want to wait until the next one. This is for a new 2010 Fit Sport Auto.

    By the way, the owner of this dealer actually cares about his business, and replied to an email I sent him with input. He contacted me back directly and met me when I made the transaction- it was awesome.

    They may or may not let you use a yelp discount too.
    Contact Jack Puls ( and if you deal with him, let him know "jondotcom" sent you. He is low pressure and a cool guy.
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    Sounds like a very good price, in my area the inventory levels are low so naturally the prices here are much higher.
  • bryan_05bryan_05 Posts: 16
    No it's not. I paid $17,7xx OTD no trade-in. I got mine down state but had a similar quote from Planet Honda.
  • Thanks. Yes the only cheaper deal I've seen in this forum on a new fit sport auto was 15,888 at the same dealer some months back. They seem to keep doing the 15,988 special now, and I'm pretty sure it's 16,188 if you walk in and don't know the special. In the regular (non internet department) I'm pretty sure they some out with ~16,500 ish from what one of the general sales managers said.

    The real downside for me was my local sales tax at 9.75%... it's unbelievable.

    Anderson Honda in Palo Alto CA rocks.
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    Well your out the door price isn't much higher than the price of the car here, even the high volume dealers only have a few on hand so in spite of the price they are moving them. Much easier to get a deal on the Accord or Civic.
  • The best quote I got in the Bay Area using Edmunds was $18,207 otd for a Fit Sport automatic. Base price for car is $16,288. Sounds like there are better deals out there than what I'm getting. I'm going to try Anderson in Pali. Did you have a trade-in? I have a 1999 Corolla with 125k in fair condition to trade.
  • I didn't have a trade in. What you do is go to and request a quote from their internet department. They should have a $15988 one on sale or I believe their price was $16,188 if all of the sale ones are gone. Ask for Jack Puls or Gus Stevenson if you call them directly.

    I'd recommend just selling your car private party because they are not going to want to take anything with that amount of miles on it.

    Good luck!
  • Several area dealers are adding as much as $1935.00 in dealer installed option to the $!7,970 MSRP of the 2010 Fit Sport Auto. Any experience in dealing with this would be appreciated. I'm afraid my string of below MSRP purchases may come to an end if we move forward with the Fit.
  • On Saturday I signed an offer for a Fit Sport Navi. No haggling - I was willing to pay MSRP (I know - I'm an idiot). I was even flexible on the color - I would have been happy to just get one and be done car shopping. But 3 days later I was shopping the dealerships again because my Honda dealer said they just couldn't get their hands on a Fit Sport Navi. They had warned me on Saturday that there were only 3 to be found in all of New England (!?) but they thought they could grab one for me. Then on Tuesday they admitted that they didn't know when/if another Fit Sport Navi would come their way. So I cooled off a bit, started shopping around again, and I bought a sweet little VW Golf TDI yesterday. My OTD price for the Fit would have been 21,356 (Honda offered me 300 for my trade-in which I turned down) while my OTD for the VW was 22,358 (VW offered me 1500 for the same trade-in and I took it). Plus the new Golf TDI comes with a green car 1300 tax credit. The TDI has a more refined interior, a smooth quiet ride with a lot of torque, heated seats, touch-screen Sirius radio w/ bluetooth, and insane diesel fuel efficiency/longevity (my last VW TDI - the trade-in - got close to 50 mpg overall and piled on 225,000 miles over 9 years). With the tax credit, my new TDI actually ended up costing $298 *LESS* than the Fit. :surprise: Don't get me wrong - I still like the Fit - but the top of the line Fit MSRP does look way out of line when you see what that money can do elsewhere. So I ended up without a Fit, but I'm very happy with the way it went. ;)
  • Sorry to hear that. I had also considered VW tdi also due to their awesome drivetrain and general feel, but I had to go with Honda due to reliability, low maintenance cost, and resale value. Honda replaced the transmission in my Odyssey for free when it was ~8 years old and had 100k miles on it (out of warranty since 36k miles)... I don't know of any other car company that would do that! Enjoy your purchase!
  • bbb99bbb99 Posts: 55
    4 door or 2 door? Sounds like you are going to get better mpg in the golf, maybe it's worth looking into for some of us fit freaks. Is the cost per mile higher on your golf? It just seems like hondas dont need much upkeep, where vw's tend to have more problems. My wife had a jetta and that car was expensive to repair, my honda civic, not so much.
  • 2-door. Can't give you a real cost per mile estimate based on predicted upkeep costs but I was attracted to the Fit because of Honda's reputation for reliability and affordable maintenance. I think Honda wins on that score. A TDI is a complicated sophisticated machine and you have to find a good diesel mechanic or pay premium prices at the dealership to keep it going. So yeah - a VW TDI is probably more expensive to service unless you can do the routine stuff yourself (I don't). On the other hand, the regular gas version of the Golf has a very good reliability record - better than the TDI - so that may be the car that stands up to or surpasses the Fit, especially since the pricing on a gas Golf is more competitive. You don't get the massive cargo space and the seats don't fold down perfectly flat like the Fit (definitely a cool Fit feature) but there's no comparison w.r.t. the quality of the ride and the interior. The Golf is quieter, smoother, rock-solid stable, and the interior is sweet. Plus you have more feature options with the Golf and I'm guessing the overall mpg may be about the same. The VW Golf is definitely a car to look at if you're doing a comparison shop.

    In the meantime, for me, I drive 400-500 miles a week and being able to stop for gas once a week instead of twice a week turns out to be big in my book. Only a TDI or a hybrid can sail past the gas stations and the hybrids are no fun to drive at all. Maybe some day when I stop driving so much I'll take another look at the Fit. It's definitely a great car.
  • Hey,

    When you purchased the car for $15,988, did you also qualify for the 1.9% financing?

    I'm in the Seattle area and none of the dealers want to go below $17,500. I can purchase and have shipped from Palo Alto and still save $1,000.

  • I had my own financing. You may or may not lose a rebate if you take an incentive finance rate, but that wasn't the case the last time I financed through ahfc.

    If I were you, I'd go to and get a quote on the FIT, and take a little vacation to come down and get it. Get all the details in writing down to the total out the door and finance rate if you're seriously going to do it.

    Good luck!
  • sc4sc4 Posts: 2
    My GF just bought a 2010 honda fit sport AT for 17,400 OTD in western NY. Is this a good deal?
  • sc4sc4 Posts: 2
    edited March 2010
    She is worried that we didnt get a good enough deal. This is in western NY and we paid 17,400 OTD. I think its a decent deal, not the best possible, but respectable.

    you thoughts?
  • richierich1212richierich1212 Posts: 1
    edited March 2010
    Your deal seems fine. I've e-mailed a few Honda dealers located here in the SF Bay Area, and I've gotten quotes as low as $16710 (includes destination fee of $710) - $16988 (includes destination fee) for auto and $15,911 - $16,200 for 5-spd. Does this seem a little high? Even Anderson Honda was pretty high.
  • Did you go directly to Anderson's web site ? When I went for a quote there they had the 2010 fit sport auto including destination for $15,988 on special. I was unable to find a better deal than that.
  • Whether or not you got a good deal is hard to determine from the OTD cost due to varying taxes and state fees, and misc fees like doc, destination, etc.

    What was the purchase price of the car? Itemize the fees and taxes so we can tell.

    I got a great deal on mine but all the state fees (9.75%TAX!!!) killed the OTD price (basically the same as yours). Sounds to me like your out the door was less than MSRP, so I guarantee you did better than a lot of folks!
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