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Honda Fit Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • iwls01iwls01 Posts: 2
    Congratulations on your new Fit, 204meca! I've been calling around and south tacoma, bellingham and everett dealers are all telling me that they have the "only" base Fit in WA. Did you happen to grab the car from one of those dealers?

    I'll take my chances and wait for the new base to come in, hopefully in a couple months or so. Thanks for sharing the info, enjoy your new car!
  • sisoldiersisoldier Posts: 1
    Just purchased a 2010 FIT Sport AT with 8,000 miles for 18,2xx OTD memorial day weekend. Like you said a new one would have been nice but they add on between $600-$1500 in stupid add ons. A new one would have cost me almost $2,300 more. They're are no base FITs in Houston(only 1 at David McCall Honda and its manual) but there is plenty of sport models. Sterling McCall has the least amount of add ons on their vehicles and they're great to deal with. This is my second Honda purchased through them.
  • oaktosfoaktosf Posts: 2
    Hi folks -- I'm in the SF Bay Area and I'm about to buy a new base Fit. I have quotes from several different places (though after giving me quotes, several places have told me they don't have anything in stock!). But evidently, there is one coming in two weeks from now at this price:

    New 2011 Fit Hatchback Automatic--------$16,488.00 (destination charge included)
    Delivery Charge---------------------------------$95.00
    Sales Tax -----------------$1,622.21
    DMV Fees-------------------------------------$325.75
    Document Fee-----------------------------------$55.00

    Total OTD----------------------------------$18,585.96

    I have asked them to deliver the car, so I don't need to travel and go into the lion's den. Anything I can do better on? This is the lowest price I can find so far.

  • A bit of a background first. My very old Tercel broke down so basically been using bus for a couple of weeks while I researched the best one for my buck. So... I needed a car badly enough and I am happy w/my purchase so far. Didn't try to negotiate much since this car was one of the two left on the lot. The other dealers in the area gave higher quotes or were out of stock.

    Sale price - 17600
    Freight - 750
    Tax, fee & tags - 1417
    GAP coverage (I was not sure about this but figured might need it plus got .5% lower interest) - 699

    Total = $20,466

  • 204meca204meca Posts: 366
    Basically you are paying MSRP. Based practically no base fts in the market in W WA & uncetainty when they will be available, that sound like a deal in todays market. Wish I could have found one at that price.
  • 204meca204meca Posts: 366
    I basically did my research via internet & found none in W WA at the time. The one I found in Skagit County was on the lot that I discovered in a drive by, not on the internet. Perhaps I miss some others on lots by not callng.
  • brossardbrossard Posts: 2
    Gap coverage is usually not needed unless your down payment is low/none. If you put at least $4000 down, paying for gap coverage is a waste of money.

    I also find any additional warranty package a complete ripoff. They would say you get 7 years of coverage but it only means an additional 4 years as your warranty covers 3 years already.

    Also, most auto insurers, such as Geico, offers mechanical coverage for new vehicle for a fraction of the price, plus you can elect coverage up to 15 months after you have purchased your new vehicle.

    Don't be a sucker buying all these Gap or extra warranty coverage, you are throwing away thousands of dollars to the dealers.
  • Cincinnati Area

    Fit Sport 18200 + doc fee + tax + title = 19600. Good deal?
  • willypakwillypak Posts: 2
    My gf is from WA ( everett) area too. We have been spending a lot of time quoting around and get frustrated ( my gf wanna get a 2011 sport orange/blue AT) from 2000 over MSRP quote from dealers all around.

    At last, I just tell her to come down to Bay Area, CA this july 4th weekend. Get the car and we will bring this new car to a road trip back to WA.

    From the quote I get from South Bay dealers, at least they are MSRP/slightly lower than MSRP. GOnna do it this weekend, wish us luck
  • oaktosfoaktosf Posts: 2
    Just wanted to follow up and say that I bought a base auto Fit this past weekend for $18337 OTD with delivery included. Very happy!
  • exbauerexbauer Posts: 13
    edited July 2011
    I have been doing some looking and talked a dealer down to $17,000 for a used 2011 Honda Fit Sport Navi with 2,000 miles. It would be $18,400 with taxes (7%) and fees. It is in excellent condition and was traded in to get something else at his dealer. What do you think about this?
  • I think thats definitely worth it if the car runs well and all. I got mine a month ago and its fantastic so far. Just not too good on freeways on long trips. Other than that, great commuter car.
  • exbauerexbauer Posts: 13
    I found a private party selling a 2011 Fit Sport auto with 2,000 miles for $15,700. It is Milano Red. But, I would pay a lot less in taxes. Don't care for the color though. The nav I don't really care for since there is no bluetooth or back up camera.
  • willypakwillypak Posts: 2
    So we bought an orange fit auto sport. They wouldn't decrease the MSRP and all I did is just to decrease the " option" cost. Finally cost is 20850 with everything included.
  • Kirstie@EdmundsKirstie@Edmunds Posts: 10,674
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  • mmay1mmay1 Posts: 2
    I bought a Base automatic Fit in April for $14,500 including destination and all other dealer fees and I got them to throw in floor mats (which are not standard in the Base model.) I got a new one, in the color I wanted. The financing was at .9% so we took it too... I have Edmunds to thank for this great deal, btw... the dealers in my area (Boston) were bid against each other and I just took the best one...
  • mmay1mmay1 Posts: 2
    I paid $14,500 including all fees (not taxes) and got mats thrown in... so I think you could do better... I got my desired light blue too... and .9% financing.
  • dinhhdinhh Posts: 2

    I am looking to buy a Honda Fit AT with Nav option in Northern VA. I am so surprised that many dealers provided quotes either close or equal to MRSP ($19240 not included freight). There was no quote near the invoice price. When I bought my Honda Odyssey four years ago, i got a lot better deal $500 below invoice. No one would think with this economy, the car price keep increasing and dealers seem not want to back down on their profit.
    Any ideas for a reasonable offer that I should make? thanks.

  • I bought a 2011 New Honda Fit Base AT in Crystal Black Pearl color with dealer additions (Splash Guards, All Weather Floor Mats, Carbon Tint, Pin stripes, Carbon Fiber B-Pillar Trim) for $17,800 OTD price in Dallas. I tried to negotiate with other dealers in the area for a better price but no body else could even match the price he quoted. I just went in and bought it with no hassle as the deal was already made through emails. It just took 1 hour and 30 mins to complete the paperwork and come out of the dealership with car keys. I really dont need any of the dealer additions, but the car came with those, so dealer cant remove them. Just wanted to share with you all.
  • prsiiprsii Posts: 15
    $16,282 before Tax, Tag, and Doc fees
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