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Honda Fit Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,733
    First off, remove VAT and Shipping and tarrifs. Now convert the base price over to Dollars. That's within a few hundred dollars of what it would be in the U.S. for most industrialized countries. The easy way to do it, though, is to price a Civic DX and add about $500-$600, since that's effectively what it was for decades. Honda just decided to drop it recently so as to not canabalize Fit sales.

    In Canada, they sell it as the DX-G. Note, though, that the prices inbclude a wad of government taxes and import fees that have to be removed from the "base" price. About $1500 USD by the looks of it, comparing a Civic LX in Canada to U.S., even after conversion.

    I checked, it's 9.2% flat tarriff on cars from Japanese companies. Wherever they are made is irrelevant, apparently - Honda is currently taking them to court over this.

    So we get:
    19,080 Base price. = 17,475 before the tarriff, which the U.S. doesn't charge. *0.894616(currency)=$15,633. But Honda always sells the VP models for a few hundred over cost here in the U.S.($16K for an Accord VP, for instnace), so you can subtract a couple of hundred more.

    Honda Civic DX U.S. Prices, including delivery:
    CarsDirect Price: $14,659(searched online, Pasadena, CA.)
    Civic LX:
    CarsDirect Price: $16,737(same search)
    So figure a VP would run about $15,600 MSRP(the estimate I made above is very close) and sell for ~15K even from CarsDirect.

    Side note: The Civic DX isn't a bad car, either. That's an amazing price. No A/C, but it certainly whomps on many of the budget cars out there in terms of handling and style.

    P.S.: Honda Fit DX(Canada) pricing:
    $14,980 = $13,718 before tarriffs.
    That's MSRP, but Honda hates oddball figures like that, and likely has the MSRP set to Canada at a few dollars less, but they bump the price up just under $15K. So figure $12,250, with a "buy it now" sale price of $11,995 all over town.

    If they sold it in the U.S., that is. So, yes, the Fit is overpriced, currently. They really need a DX or VP version of it and the Civic to fill in the lower-end and whomp on the Yaris and Aveo.
  • crimsonacrimsona Posts: 153
    DX Fit in Canada does not come with Air conditioning. From what I see, there seems to be little to no demand for a car in the US with no AC, so it seems to be quite ineffective for US comparison purposes. I guess it's possible here since we could probably go year-round without turning on the AC at all.

    Theoretical pricing aside, the actual sales price coupled with sales taxes push the LX Auto and Sport Auto to 20k/22k respectively USD out the door. Honestly, I would love to have imported the Fit from the US. Even after extra import duty of 9%, Washington state sales tax and Canadian sales tax after recrossing the border, it still would have been marginally cheaper that way. Only problem was the travel time and expenses I would need to import the car in the first place - time I don't have, since I would need to Greyhound each way.

    Aside: If the car was made in North America, regardless of manufacturer, it would not be subject to import duty. Different from private ownership? Perhaps. But since the 07 Fit is made in Japan, this point is moot.
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,733
    Re-read my post above. DX-G. DX-G. It's a value-package DX with the A/C and a stereo and so on added, so it's comparable to the older VP they stopped selling in the U.S.

    Yeah, the prices up there do stink - 9.2% incoming into Canada and 9% importation tax into the U.S. - it's clearly not a viable option.

    Canada sees *all* Japanese cars as "Japanese" and exempt from NAFTA. Honda took Canada to the WTO over this and the case is still pending. Then again, it's not a lot different than U.S. customers thinking a Honda made in Georgia is "Japanese" I guess.
  • crimsonacrimsona Posts: 153
    I'm quite sure you're mistaken on the import duty. I was researching heavily into importing a US made car due to lower prices and strong Canadian dollar. I could have saved a couple thousand off a Honda Fit. In any case, it's 6.1% and not 9.2, now that I've looked it back up again.

    Canadian government

    Canadian general forums, with an ex-customs agent answering the duty question:

    Importing a US made Subaru (no duty charged)
  • I went to the following website and put together a Fit Sport,

    Base MSRP*: $15,170
    Destination and Handling: $550
    MSRP as Configured: $15,720

    Selected Accessories (installation costs not included):
    16" Alloy Wheel $836
    Chrome Exhaust Finisher $30
    Rear Bumper Appliqué $58
    Sport Grille $220
    Full Nose Mask $145
    Carpet Floor Mats $99
    Cargo Cover $165
    Cargo Tray $99
    Aluminum Shift Knob $49

    Base MSRP*: $15,170
    Destination & Handling: $550
    MSRP including selected accessories: $17,421

    Here is what a dealer quoted me on a Honda Fit Sport with the above accessories:

    "The 16, is that wheels? We will do $20578.30 without wheels. $21454.30 with wheels. You will also need tires. What tires do you want? I did not charge sales tax, where are you going to register the car?"
  • paranodeparanode Posts: 2
    Don't pay too much for the options. Most of them you can buy at a place like H and A Accessories and then install them yourself. I'm getting the Sport MT for MSRP and will add the accessories I want at a lower price (unless I can get the dealer to throw them in at cost).
  • Thanks Paranode for the tip... unfortunately, I cannot install the options myself due to an injury. I told the dealership to keep the Fit; I can purchase an SI for $21454.30, w/17" inch wheels including the tires. I realize it's a new vehicle and in high demand, but I'm not getting taken to the cleaners due to the Fit being the new kid on the block. I'll probably purchase the 2006 Chevrolet Aveo Hatchback instead and save the $.
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,733
    Trust us all - the Aveo is a dreadful tin can. Very reminiscent of the old Toyota Tercel from about ten years ago - a flimsy piece of junk.

    Me? I love buying used. Let some other fool eat the depreciation. For the price of a base Fit, you could easily get a 3-4 year old GM vehicle. Yes, I'd never buy one new, but used, they are good choices due to their quick depreciation and still decent enough mechanical reliability. A three year old Vibe, for instance, can be had for under $10K.
  • ramoramo Posts: 66
    Funny, that Tercel of 10 yrs. ago is the one I traded for a Fit. I got good money for that 'junk', and it only cost me: 1200.00 Can. or about 1000.00 US per year in repairs and maintenance, over 6 yrs. It is also considered a great choice in the used car world (Phil Edmonston). If my dog didn't need a space for his hair, and my kid space for his telescoping legs, I might have kept the Tercel. I wouldn't say flimsy, so much as stodgy, in that you had to give it a little kick to go to point B. The Fit has just enough of an edge to make someone like me happy, meaning that I won't be racing anytime soon, but derive some quiet pleasure from meeting the curves in my road. Now, it will be interesting to see how hubby likes the Fit, given his last new car was an 85 Firebird. At least we have the hatch and magic seats.
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,733
    The old Tercel was fine, but the standard has now been raised with the Fit and YAris, which are worlds better than the old Tercel ever was and especially the rebadged Daewoo Kalos GM is charging a steep bit of markup for.

    In Korea, if you figure out the exchange rates, the Kalos sells for about $7500 USD in the base form. A bit of EPA-compliant smog equipment and front lenses, plus a new nameplate and presto - $2500 markup for the trouble.

    Unfortunately, it drives like a $7500 car. It honestly reminds me of a KIA/Ford Aspire. I really REALLY don't recommend it to the person who posted that they were looking at one. A used Buick can be had for less money and will at least drive 100K miles+ with few problems(though the interior isn't much better than the Aveo - lol)
  • hungarian83hungarian83 Posts: 678
    Not to go too far off topic from the discussion title, but the new Aveo sedan completely bombed the 64 km/h (40 mph) frontal offset in the EuroNCAP crash tests. It received 1.5 stars (worst since 1999) for things like rearward movement of the A-pillar, steering wheel movement, etc. The test dummy's chest even distorted the steering wheel during impact. :surprise:
    Oh, and major deformation of the roof is usually not a positive mark either. case another reason is needed not to buy the car ;)

    Meanwhile, "The Jazz's cabin proved to be strong and stable, suffering only minimal deformation in the frontal impact" :D
  • dotseuratdotseurat Posts: 14
    Do I really need to get a Fit Sport? Do you think it really upgrades the quality of the vehicle? I'm not a high maintenance person at all. All I really care about are power windows/locks, A/C, all of the airbags. And I love the ipod hookup as well!

    I'm scared to buy a brand new model like this, so I hope I won't be making a rash decision!
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,842
    I'm scared to buy a brand new model like this, so I hope I won't be making a rash decision!

    The Fit is a 5 year old model :surprise: , not brand new, you can eliminate "new model" concern entirely.
  • hungarian83hungarian83 Posts: 678
    There is no difference in terms of quality, mechanics, suspension, etc. between the Fit and Fit Sport.

    Between the two cars, the engines are identical, the transmissions are identical (with the exception of paddle shifters on Sport 5AT), suspensions are identical.

    If all you really care about are the power windows, locks, and A/C and you don't mind forsakeing cruise control and keyless entry, then just go for the Fit (base model). The things added to the sport model like the wing spoiler, body kit, and alloy wheels are all for looks. Handling will be slightly better with the 55 profile tires (compared to 65 on the base), but everything else will be the same...including quality.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,681
    And there are many ways to hook up an iPod. My son uses a device that transmits the iPod's playback through the FM radio. Works fine. Cost about $30 I think.
  • ramoramo Posts: 66
    Thanks. Your posts are very informative. R.
  • edt1edt1 Posts: 3
    Managed to get my new Blaze Orange Sport AT Fit at only 250 over dealer invoice (got that from Edmunds :blush: ) and had my new car in only five days. After reading the prices paid by others I think I fell into a very good deal.
  • dotseuratdotseurat Posts: 14
    Thanks, you are so helpful! As far as the ipod hookup, I hate the radio thing. Everytime I've used it it's been a disaster. The difference in price between the two aren't all that staggering, so maybe I should just go up to the sport. I definitely like the idea of keyless entry! I've had that for years now, it would stink to go back to the old way haha. I did want to save some $$ though. I went to the dealer here in Jersey and I couldn't even test drive one. They had only one there, and it was sold and it had a manual transmission. All the dealers in the area are swapping cars, so it's pretty hard to find at the moment. I suppose I won't be getting a hot deal anytime soon on this car!

    Any tips on how I should negotiate? I've never bought a new car before!
  • dotseuratdotseurat Posts: 14
    I thought Lunar mist only came in the base model...I hope it comes in sport cuz that's my fave color!
  • nordonordo Posts: 12
    According to the fit brochure you are correct.
    Lunar Mist is only for the base with Beige or Black interior.
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