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Honda Fit Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    yeah 6.9% is higher for a credit score like that! Hell i got 4.9% on a kawasaki motorcycle and banks are not interest friendly for motorcycles.. they are considered "toys"..

  • manlokmanlok Posts: 11
    I just got my Storm Silver Fit Sport last night and I damn like it!! Here is my buying process (pretty long story, I try to make it short):
    - sent out tons of quote requests through internet to all Honda dealerships in Los Angeles area
    - got a lot of replies, some of them were crap, most of them selling at $1000 higher then sticker price.... about 4 or 5 selling at sticker price
    - so i know the bottomline was buying at sticker price. I sent email to these 4 or 5 dealerships if they had any car on hand
    - got one reply that they would have one middle of this week, so I planned to get there last Sat to put the deposit for the car... but then I got his call that the car was already pre-sold.. I was so disappointed at that moment...
    - I turned to another dealership for which I needed to put $500 in order to be on their waiting list. I went there last Sat to pay for that $500, and the guy told me I may need to wait for more than a month (!!)
    - Got another call from the original dealer at Sat night, saying that the "pre-buyer" provided fraud information so they couldn't process the paperwork... he asked me if I still want the car, of course I said YES!!
    - Finished most of the paperwork in that dealership last Sun, and he told me I will get the car either Wed or Thur this week. I called the other guy I would get the car from another dealer so he could remove my name from the waiting list.
    - Waited for 3 days, no any news. Yesterday got a call from the dealership with my name removed from their waiting list that he had the car now and asked me if I want to get it right the way (!!), he even offered me free wheel locks. So I called the other dealer asking was my car arrived or not, and told them I got a call from another dealership with free wheel lock offering... got his reply in 10 mins that my car was there already and I'd also got free wheel lock from them ^-^
    - so I went there last nite, had test drive, signed the rest paperwork, and drove back my new FIT!!! I love it!!

    But one thing I wanna ask is, my interest rate from that Honda Financing is 6.29% with credit score 780. Is the interest rate too high? Can I refinance my car loan?
  • fitman548fitman548 Posts: 172
    I also got 6.29% froM Honda of America, but my score is below the 'excellent' line...low 700's I think.
  • jmurman42jmurman42 Posts: 675
    Good job on getting your Fit quickly!

    Hondas rates like all rates are climbing. That being said, yes you can re-fi...there is no penalty for an early payoff.
  • They bug me. I first called them in December, week after Xmas!! I work in the Boulders right down the street and had bought my previous car there. They kept saying they'd call me when the darn thing got in and in the meantime delivered brochure after brochure to me at my office. First it was March, then March turned to April (they saw it at the Autoshow), then April turned into May. I visited the dealership nearly 10 times, but wasn't willing to pre-buy it without having at least sat in it. Their first one was pre-sold to you, I presume. Next they pre-sold a silver base...called me in time to come down and take a look at it before the 70 yr. old woman who bought it (salesman told me she paid cash) took delivery. I was NOT allowed to drive it as it was pre-sold. Then came the white sport that they use as a demo. I was allowed to drive it, but NOT allowed to buy it. By late May I was told a Lunar Mist base was on it's way to arrive June 25, but I couldn't pre-buy they would be putting on all the extras. By this time I was pretty sure the Fit was what I wanted so I called all dealerships in VA to see who would pre-sell me one. I called Pearson back and told them Mechanicsville (and Pohanka in Fredericksburg) were both taking deposits and selling at sticker. Plus Mechanicsville had pre-sold the next 8 cars they had coming in up until October. Pearson salesman told me to go and get myself one...b/c they weren't going to do that. I was miffed, to say the least. I seriously have to wonder who's making more money here. The guys willing to pre-sell 8 or 9 cars, or the guys adding on and marking up one FIT at a time. :confuse:
  • dap2006dap2006 Posts: 68
    OK, so my Fit arrived in town! My salesman called and I was set to pick it up today at 5 pm - they were just doing the prep work. :D

    Then, back to reality. My salesman called back to tell me the spoiler had been damaged in transit and would require replacement - now I'm waiting 'til Tuesday! :mad: At best!! :mad: :mad: :mad:

    I'd say I'm having a "Fit" but I'm really not!! Did I mention that patience has never been my strong suit?!!

    The saga continues...
  • dewaltdakotadewaltdakota Posts: 364
    I have to agree with you, there. If I'd had to go through what you did, there would have been some choice words spoken, and a walk out the door. I saw the storm silver when they had it up on the rack, installing the mud guards. They were loading it up with extras, setting the bait for the first (sucker?) that was willing to cough up the cash for it. My buyers order locked them in at MSRP, with no add-ons, so there was nothing they could do about mine, when it came in.

    Mechanicsville has been very gracious with the info, and simply says you'd have to wait for it to come in (only because the supply chain is out of their control).

    We have the deposit for our second Vivid Blue Sport over at Pearson, due to arrive around mid to end of this month. We may, however, go lock in an order with Mechanicsville, just in case Pearson decides to start jerking us around, once the car actually comes in.
  • they took your deposit? so they ARE pre-selling you the car? That's not right. They told me they "would not do that." Seems a little unethical to lie to me like that...but we are talking about car salesmen. lol!

    Mechanicsville told me they had the next 6 to 8 sold, when I bought mine week of June 16. West Broad, Colonial and Pohanka all came calling that same week trying to sell the 2 or 3 cars they had come in that week as well, the ones they wouldn't pre-sell. Nonsense.
  • fit_nessfit_ness Posts: 58
    Although a hundred miles away from you guys, I have nothing but high praise and accolades for the way I was treated by Checkered Flag in Virginia Beach. A quick, no BS, MSRP transaction on a well prepped Storm Silver MT Sport.
  • dewaltdakotadewaltdakota Posts: 364
    "they took your deposit?" Yes, and no. They took a credit card number, and lined up three salesmen to tackle the car, when it came in, to slap a "sold" card on it. That doesn't guarantee the car to us, but put us in the position of having three of their guys trying to be first in line to snag it for us.

    Buuuuuut ... now, the other half has decided she would REALLY prefer to get the Base instead of the Sport, and would REALLY prefer to get the Lunar Mist, instead of Vivid Blue. So, thanks to your info about Mechanicsville Honda, we've been conversing via email with them about placing an order. They're getting ready to drop July's order in the system, for an August build and September delivery. Since the Civic is running fine and dandy (she just wants a new car), we're going to cancel with Pearson, and get her exactly what she wants, through Mechanicsville.

    The way Pearson jerked you around, I'd rather not toss them another bucket of money.
  • dewaltdakotadewaltdakota Posts: 364
    Thanks for the info about Checkered Flag. They had a Lunar Mist Base Auto listed in inventory (which is now what my other half wants), so I sent them an email early this morning. We'll be in Virginia Beach next weekend, so it would have been great to go down there today to lock in the deal, and pick it up next week (to give them a chance to add keyless entry). They were VERY helpful, courteous, etc., but alas, the Lunar Mist had been sold. The only Fit they have in inventory right now is a Sport Auto in Taffeta White.

    They're getting ready to place July's order, and are willing to include our choice of car in their list. The thing is, there's a dealership in town here that is willing to do the same thing (see previous post), so we're going to go with them. :)
  • foster39foster39 Posts: 4
    I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and have been on numerous waiting lists in and around San Francisco for a Fit Sport Manual for almost 2 months now. Since my old 94 chevy car died on me a couple of days ago I was desperate to find one. After calling over 35 Honda dealers in Redding, Sacramento, and near Fresno areas...Honda North in Clovis, CA had a Honda Fit Sport Manual in Black for MSRP. Didn't charge a dollar over like many Honda Dealers in the Bay Area are doing - I don't think they have caught on yet.

    My recomendation is to search the dealers that are not located in the cities if you need one...since it is more likely that they will not charge over MSRP. I'm loving it so far! Had to drive almost 200 miles back home last night . Good luck everyone!

    And another thing on the interest rate. I was already approved with Capital One Blank Check but Honda actually came back with a better interest rate...comparison shopping is great! I told them if they could beat my rate I would go with them...and they did.

    Interest rates are much higher now than 6 months or even a year ago...thanks to the Federal Reserve raising rates...but what are you going to do. I was able to get 7.19...not great but better than Capital One.
  • atl400atl400 Posts: 3
    Just test-drove a white Fit Sport w/auto with a Honda dealer located in Marietta, GA (North Atlanta suburb). It is a bit slow, but I’ll be happy if it produces the claimed mileage. When it came time to discuss the numbers the dealer wanted a $500 non-refundable deposit for the August delivery 5 spd I wanted. Then he mentions the price is MSRP + $1000! Similar story with other local dealers. Looks like from the postings here I should be happy if I can find a dealer willing to charge MSRP. But more likely I’ll just move on to something else.
  • dewaltdakotadewaltdakota Posts: 364
    (I know, I'm replying to my own post, but...)

    A million thanks to getnfittywidit, as Mechanicsville Honda took our deposit and wrote up the sales contract... but that was the last pre-order they're going to take on the Fit. It was only because I casually said I was referred to them by Ms. Fitty, that they agreed to take one last order. They stuck by their word, too - MSRP, and no freaky add-ons. We ordered the Base Lunar Mist A/T, and will probably get it in late November. :shades:

    You wouldn't know that the same person who owns Mechanicsville Honda owns West Broad Honda, based upon the demeanor of the salesmen. We stopped by West Broad, so I could show my other half what a Base with a beige interior looked like in person (they have a red one on the lot), and was browbeaten by a salesman who kept pushing us to sign on the line right now for their red one. :mad:
  • Wow, I cannot believe how many people are willing to pay so much over MSRP and still get stiffed elsewhere. Is the market for these things that tight in the US? In Calgary, Alberta Canada I got mine for about $600 UNDER MSRP with floor-mats, chrome exhaust and block-heater thrown in! They had about 10 on the way (unreserved) and I had my choice of any color I wanted. Had the car in under a week.

    Is everyone not negotiating with these dealers?
  • Yeah, its definitely a different situation here in Southern California... coming away with no markup and no add-ons is a feat worthy of international recognition (okay, maybe its not that big of a deal...). My guess is that cars with good MPG are something of a fashion statement/philosophical statement these days, and this is even more true in trendy SoCal. Canada has always had a high percentage of non-SUV's on the road but in the US smaller vehicles are just starting to make a comeback while supply isn't quite there yet (the dealers have plenty of guzzling trucks though). Increased demand coupled with tight supply yields higher prices/dealer markups/prospective buyers lusting after MSRP. Or at least thats my $0.02
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    You do know that the first sign of insanity is relying to yourself? :P ;)
  • gdub4gdub4 Posts: 2
    7 1/2 weeks ago my wife and I put down a deposit for a Fit Sport AT. We were told by the salesman that we should have our car within 6 weeks. I have my current car sold now and was just told not to expect to get my Fit until mid September! I am highly agitated and would start my vehicle search again but I don't want to give up my deposit. Besides it just burns me that the dealership could care less because they know that someone else will jump through hoops to get my Fit if I walk. Any suggestions?
  • bluebell2bluebell2 Posts: 21
    Was in a similar situation, but we actually had a VIN, delivery date and time when we received a call and were told the car wasn't on the lot to be prepped for delivery. Check in hand and pretty t'd off we spoke to the sales manager. The dealership provided a loaner car until we took delivery of the promised car about 10 days later. It was a very stressful time. We called the dealership everyday to check the progress of our vehicle from the port of entry, across the country to the depot, and to our dealer. Did you ask for a loaner car?
  • It seems there is a four to five month wait for 5-speed Fits. If anyone knows where in the Philadelphia/Baltimore/Washington, DC I can find one to test drive, I'd love to know. No one seems to have any! Many thanks
  • Wow, with that demand I bet I could get a great price on my little used Black Sport 5 spd MT with less than 2,000 miles.
  • are you already looking to sell? if so, why?
  • I know there's a 5 speed Sport here in Richmond. They say it's a demo and not for sale...only to test drive.

    Pearson Honda.
  • No, just making a comment!
  • gdub4gdub4 Posts: 2
    No, I did not ask for a loaner. Even if I did, I would not expect them to comply since we are still two and one half months away from the expected delivery date. My wife laid down the law and sent me to get our deposit back. We'll see what happens. I read that someone else had to file a grievence with Honda corporate before getting it back. If the salesman had just been honest and upfront about the wait, I would not have arranged the sale of my existing car so quickly.
  • dewaltdakotadewaltdakota Posts: 364
    The white Sport that Pearson had kept as a demo was actually a 5spd automatic. They finally sold it off last week, because it was getting too many miles put on it, and they didn't want to have any questions about its use/abuse. They offered it to us at a discount, but with the ugly pinstriping and all of the other add-ons, it was still over MSRP. Add on top of that that I know how hard it had been driven - I wasn't interested one bit.
  • ptchangptchang Posts: 7
    I was in a similar situation where the salesman kept pushing back the expected date once he had my deposit. Would never return my calls nor emails.

    I called the president of the dealership to complain. He called me back within 30 minutes of getting off the phone with the president. Cancelled the transaction; I refuse to deal with crooked salesperson.

    I will now probably get Mazda3 hatchback when the 2007 model comes out, likely in September. MPG sucks compared to the Fit, but I only drive 6000 miles/year. I drove Mazda Protege in the early 90's and loved it. I am still searching for the driving experience I had with it.

    I really wanted a Fit Sport after an extensive research, but the bad experience with the dealers have nudged me away from Honda. At least for a while. :(

    Itching to ditch my 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee - POS. 12.8 MPG!!! :sick:
  • wrjoycewrjoyce Posts: 51
    Hey, was wondering why you were going to wait for 07 mazda hatchback as a substitute for Honda Fit. Is there some change in the 07 that makes it more comparable to Fit?

    Secondly, why hold Fit responsible for dealer games. Just go to another dealer.
  • fit_nessfit_ness Posts: 58
    If I had been treated like that, I probably would have named the dealer, too.... ;)
  • ptchangptchang Posts: 7
    See message 383 in this thread.

    Both Mazda3 Hatchback and Honda Fit offer roomy interior/storage with sporty drive. Mazda3 costs a little more, but then again, my motivation for wanting Fit was never because I couldn't afford something else. I thought it was a great car regardless of the cost because of the innovative use of space and the MAGIC SEAT and the great MPG (more for less frequent stops than the actual cost - I only drive 6000 miles/yr because of short commute).

    I still think Honda is more reliable than Mazda.

    2007 Mazda3 also has AUX input to connect MP3 player among other nice ammenities.

    If they release the specs for the next Fit that addresses some of its shortcomings (which I doubt since it's already a 2007 model) before I purchase the Mazda, I might be tempted to wait some more, but as I said, it's unlikely we'll have any info about the next gen Fit before the end of even this calendar year, much less September when the 2007 Mazda3 are supposed to come out.

    So long, Fit. Wish I knew you... :(
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