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Honda Fit Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • hqly2001hqly2001 Posts: 92
    The 550 is destination fee, I think it's standard for all cars unless you can negotiate on lowering the price of the car.
  • The destination fee increased to $595 for the FIT effective 8-1-2006.
  • hqly2001hqly2001 Posts: 92
    *sign*... i never paid msrp.. but with on 40k produced.. i doubt that i wanted to wait 1 year to get one at a discount.. even then.. it might be only a few hundred dollar off.. i figured that i will save 100 in gass a month.. so i will come out ahead in the long run lol..

    kinda funny hwo they increased the destination.. set whatever they want..
  • hqly2001hqly2001 Posts: 92
    Can you take ur care to any honda dealership for warranty service?
    place i got the car said yes.. anywhere...
  • hqly2001hqly2001 Posts: 92
    I just bought a pressure gauge and will check my tires tonight.. is the wait 2 hrs after last drive for cold pressure?

    I also have an 98 Dodge Caravan and a 2005 Civic, any idea what psi they should be at?

    Also, i've heard that in the winter you are suppose to inflate them more and deflate during the summer?

    Hope all of this will help increase my milage!
  • A couple of us already replied to your message in the other thread...
  • Just got word that my Fit Sport AT I ordered early July was built 7/31 and should be here (Houston) mid month. Seems like a short time to go from japan to Houston, but I'll keep my fingers crossed...
  • $16,520 is the destination fee + MSRP. No price gouging involved at all. Every car has a destination fee, even the Scions and Saturns, though there's probably more room for negotiation with price with those kinds of cars since they aren't as new or in as much demand.

    I considered the xA too, but fell way too much in love with the Fit after I found out I could actually purchase one for myself. I'm sure your daughter will love the xA, though a few of the safety features might be a bit extra. But, the price for a fully loaded xA was still cheaper than the Fit by about a thousand. So, I guess it all depends on how much you're willing to spend and which one your daughter will enjoy the most, after the shopping. Good luck!

    If she really wants a Honda, consider a used Civic. Those are pretty reliable, and you'll pay a bit less for a good quality car.
  • pueopueo Posts: 6
    Good for you! I've been waiting since mid-April for my Fit base MT and just learned that it was built 7/18. I have the VIN but no ship date yet. I'll wager it takes at least a month for a vehicle to get to Houston from Japan, once it is actually placed on the ship/barge/whatever. I'll be interested to hear if yours gets here first! (I'm up near Austin). My patience is really being tested by this ordeal.
  • tguntgun Posts: 20
    I had ordered my Sport M/T in May... it was built end of June, just picked up on 7/31. Mine came by boat to Portland Oregon, then train to Chicago then either train or truck to Minneapolis.

    Salesperson told me that the 5 M/T models are in short supply (wonder if Honda's transmission supplier can't keep up with demand??). New M/T orders could take 3-4 months (yikes!).

    Hang in there, yours is probably on its way from the land of the rising sun...

    Be sure to report on the other thread after you receive it with your first impressions. I really like mine!
  • "Salesperson told me that the 5 M/T models are in short supply (wonder if Honda's transmission supplier can't keep up with demand??). New M/T orders could take 3-4 months (yikes!)."

    I have a feeling that Honda may have simply underestimated the US demand for the 5MT model for this car. Rather than a shortage of manual transmissions, there might just be a shortage of MT-equipped cars.
    If there are any dealers (or anyone) out there who frequent these discussions and might know, what is the ratio of AT to MT-equipped Fits? ...and what about Civics?
  • crimsonacrimsona Posts: 153
    Fits are 85/15
    Even here in Vancouver, where we get approx 100 Fits a month over 9 local dealerships, there aren't a lot of stick Fits around.

    Kinda interesting, since I couldn't even test drive one in April since all the ones left unsold were sticks.
  • During the first week of May, at a dealership near Seattle, I signed an order request and made a deposit on a base Fit, automatic transmission, lunar mist metallic, beige interior. Today, I received word that the build date is August 31st. The Honda salesman, whom I am dealing with, will contact me in mid-September with any shipping information that he has. :D
  • tabo01tabo01 Posts: 6
    Honda Fit is a nice car, but what a rip the dealers are doing.
    If you want one, wait. Holman Honda, in fort Lauderdale, 4 blocks from where I live, wanted total 18000 for a sport fit manual, plus deposit, which didn't count against price.I don't get why Honda advertises a product that they meet demand on.
    It sours people on Honda. Beach Honda had an "online inventory" with no actual cars, virtual cars only.
  • tjw1308tjw1308 Posts: 296
    Just a quick FYI about "gouging"... for every car that you have to pay over MSRP for there are far more that you want and can buy at invoice or below...

    My guess is, that if Scion or Saturn DID negotiate, you wouldn't be satisfied with MSRP either.

    Before you get "turned off" about supply and demand, go pay sticker for an Accord (But why would you do THAT?!?! The demand is low enough to dictate a discount... but you'll gladly snatch that up right?). I'm sure if you did that, they'd sell you a Fit for MSRP as part of the deal.

    Sorry for the mini rant, but I find it greatly amusing that the door only swings one way on this subject and that when dealers take advantage of demand it's "gouging" but when push comes to shove on a lower demand vehice, customers will be darned to pay MSRP.

    It's a free country, and CUSTOMERS are the ones that drive prices up and down, not dealers. If no one was buying it at over MSRP, they'd have 50 on the ground and the price would go DOWN. If someone is buying at that though (and clearly they are), the perception must be that it's worth it to have it now.

    Evidnetly not for you, but that's no reason to get "turned off" just because you can't get what you want, when you want it, for less than it's worth...

  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,738
    The Accord VP and the Sport Fit are virtually identical in trim and features, though the VP has a few items like seat height adjuster and so on.(though no alloy wheels - big deal)

    It's a lot more powerful, and the manual transmission is superb.

    The base MSRP on the stickshift model is $16,412, but discounts are available($750 where I live) - so the price creeps down to about $16000 after delivery - and it's super-easy to haggle for less as there's zero demand at all for the 2006 models(they never sold anyways) once the 2007s are out in a few weeks. Figure $15,000.

    And it whomps on the Fit in normal driving.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,878
    Don't know where you are getting your data, but according to the MSRP of an Accord VP MT is $18,820 and invoice is $17,008. So a price of $15,000, or $2k under invoice, would be pretty incredible.
  • "And it whomps on the Fit in normal driving."

    Then again, that would depend on what you consider "normal driving". The kind of driving style I prefer for my normal everyday commute or just driving around is probably quite a bit different than yours. Really, the only benefit I could see from the Accord over the Fit *IMO* is the more relaxed engine speed at highway cruising for the 5MT.

    The Accord is still a boat compared to the Fit, and despite the more power and higher power-to-weight ratio, you can still feel that extra weight and size. In my "normal driving" I prefer a small, maneuverable car with a firm suspension. Fit delivers...Accord doesn't. So an Accord only "whomps on the Fit" if you like a bigger, cushier ride with limited interior flexibility.
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,738
    Don't know where you are getting your data, but according to the MSRP of an Accord VP MT is $18,820 and invoice is $17,008. So a price of $15,000, or $2k under invoice, would be pretty incredible.

    I was quoting without delivery, so with delivery it's $17,000. That's before the $750 rebate and the cars normally went for literally $100 over invoice just to make room on the lot for a LX or EX. So figure $16,500 in a typical scenario.

    Cars direct doesn't have a VP link anymore(but certainly will in a few weeks for the 2007s), but last month thay were selling a VP out the door for $15,990 including delivery charges. So knocking $900 off of that for last year's NOT moving, taking up space model is not going to be a problem.

    Even at $15,990 it is a better car. The thing bumps and rattles and bounces around on the road much more than an Accord, and it's just the way all small cars are. Not enough weight and too short of a wheelbase. Though I have to give the Fit credit for being a very good small car, quite possibly the best one in its segment. Sure, the Fit turns tighter, but the suspension is very small-car ish and it just isn't an Accord by a long shot. The VP is missing the rear swaybar, but that's a few hundred to install before you take delivery. Add in two aftermarket speaker in the rear(plus in in 2 minutes or less) and you've got a bigger base Civic, or pretty close to it.

    Honda just priced the Fit too close to the Accord VP and the Base Civic, IMO.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,878
    ... it just isn't an Accord by a long shot.

    Quite true. But that may be exactly the reason most people buy a Fit--it's not an Accord, it's a 5-door hatchback with tons of cargo capacity, easy to drive and park in the city, nimble handling, better fuel economy.

    BTW, the MSRP of an Accord VP w/o destination isn't $17,000, it's a bit over $18,000. But that is moot since the destination charge is almost never negotiable.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 48,795
    Back to Fit pricing, please...



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Just got the call. Ordered my Fit July 1, was told it would be 6 weeks. Almost 6 weeks on the nose, got the call it's here and it's ready! Just got the paperwork from my bank, and hopefully will get it all done today. Yee haw!
  • Congratulations! What model, transmission and color?
  • I got a black Sport Automatic. Just drove it home. Had 3 miles on it at the dealership! Have to go back next week for the mats and tinting, but the guy I worked with knew I needed it badly, with my old car on its last legs. Loved driving it home! I paid MSRP basically, like everyone else, but I left there paying exactly what I was quoted from day 1, 7 weeks ago. Thanks to edmunds here and it's instructions how to use internet depts to buy a car, easiest thing ever. Wondering if I should've done the hondacare thing, but turned it down.
  • fitman548fitman548 Posts: 172
    Geico has a similar policy, covers mechanical breakdowns as well as the standard accident related expenses. It's 7 year/100,000 mile (More than HondaCare) and was far less than the $1300 I would have paid over the same time for HondaCare. Only for new cars though. Mention it to your insurance provider, they may have something similar.
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,738
    Definately. With one engine mount and an O2 sensor running well over $200 each, it's silly not to get it boosted as far as you plan to keep the car.

    Gone are the old days of DIY repairs and inexpensive independant garages. Everything costs a fortune today.
  • I'm going to sign the paperwork this afternoon to order a Base 5MT in Lunar Mist Metallic. I went with the Base mainly because if I'm getting an economy car I don't want to pay $1300 for unnecessary options (I rarely use cruise and the base audio will be just fine for me) and most importantly because Lunar Mist only comes on the base.

    My dealer says a minimum of 4 months. Does this sound reasonable? I'm in Madison and close enough to Chicago, Minneapolis, Milwaukee and other metro areas that I wouldn't mind driving a bit. Should I contact dealers in other areas to see what they have or is it a foregone conclusion that every dealer in the country is out of stock on the Fit?

    I'm selling my 2005 Accord EX-L and so getting the Fit in sooner rather than later would be a bonus to me. But I can walk or bike to work, take the bus and use our community car sharing program until it comes in. I just want it now! The payment and poor MPG on the EX-L was just too much with a new house and high gas prices. Plus I was hit 3 times within 3 months of buying it and I just haven't really enjoyed it that much as a result.
  • I'll bet the wait is due to the color. are you sold on lunar mist? I originally ordered a red one, since we already ahad a black car, but was told that black could come in within 6 weeks (and it was right at 6 weeks when it came in) and other colors had longer waits.
  • I also told them that my secondary choices were Storm Silver and Milano Red, in that order. Per the dealer, apparently they only get allocated 8 Fits between now and November, all of which are spoken for.

    2 - Base automatics
    1 - Sport 5 speed manual
    5 - Sport automatics

    This seems to me to be a ridiculously low number. They are in the top 15% of volume nationwide Honda dealers so I have no idea why they get such few. He also said only 20% of Fits are Base and only 20% of Base are Manual so the odds appear to be less than stellar through this dealership but I feel like it will be that way at every other dealer I try.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,878
    It doesn't hurt to make a few calls/emails and check with dealers in nearby cities. Some of them might get a bigger allocation of Fits than your dealer in Madison. And you can tell them if someone decides not to take a car they are waiting for, you would like it.

    FWIW, a dealer in the Twin Cities, Burnsville Honda, told me a few days ago that there was a five-month wait list for Fits there. They had none in stock.
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