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Honda Fit Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • I contacted about 10 other dealers in the Janesville, Milwaukee, Rockford, Chicago and Minneapolis areas. The soonest they could offer is the end of November. Yikes! At least when mine comes in it will still be relatively rare. I guess I have no choice but to go through the local dealer.
  • jacksan1jacksan1 Posts: 504
    I have called every single Honda dealer within a 100 mile radius of Minneapolis-St. Paul. None have any Fit in stock. Amazing. The delivery date for orders/reserves right now ranges from November 2006 to January 2007.

    And it's the same system everywhere. You leave a refundable deposit, which gives you the right of first refusal when a vehicle comes in. The deposit ranges from $200 to $500 among the Minnesota Honda dealers.
  • tpftpf Posts: 7
    As others note, the Fit inventory is not necessarily available for sale. I contacted dealers on-line within a 75 mile radius of Philadelphia on a Friday morning. Most responded that no Fits were available. Finally received an email and phone call that a buyer wanted a manual rather than an automatic and a Sport with AT was available. The dealer assured MSRP and requested a credit card deposit. We drove to the dealer and bought the car without a hassle. After the sale, found that a closer dealer had two Fits for sale. Sometimes you get the bear and sometimes the bear gets you.
  • fit4mefit4me Posts: 2
    I am supposed to have a Fit on the way. A blue sport with M/T. I was told it was thought to have been made on August 4th. Does anybody know how long it takes to ship it to the states after its been made? Just curious and excited about saving a little gas money after the full size truck is parked for a while. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will see it in a couple of weeks!
  • fit_nessfit_ness Posts: 58
    Storm Silver MT Sport had a build date of March 15 and out the dealer door in VA on May 2nd, off truck, May 1.

    They said six weeks.... it was six weeks.
  • I live in Houston. Was told mine was built on July 31, picked it up on 8/15.
  • jacksan1jacksan1 Posts: 504
    Well, my wife and I have just left a deposit for a Fit Sport (5AT, silver). The quoted price including destination is $16,520. That's actually $45 less than what should have been, for whatever the reason (MSRP= 15970 + destination= $595 = 16565). Okay, we will take anything off that is given to us.

    The quoted OTD cost, including all taxes and fees, is $17,893.50 We are in Minneapolis-St. Paul, by the way. We were told that the delivery would be sometime in December.
  • tguntgun Posts: 20

    I picked up my blaze orange sport 5 speed manual transmission Fit August 1st from Richfield Bloomington Honda. Very pleasant experience. I made a deposit in May and paid MSRP. They tried the push the inflated rustproofing and undercoating along with a non-Honda extended service plan. I declined on all of that nonsense.

    Thus far, I have been very pleased with the Fit. I love the seat flexibility, the economy (have been averaging between 36 and 39 MPG, although I don't know what the automatics typically achieve). It is very comfortable and quiet. Performance is ok, it isn't going to win any races, but that is not why I bought it anyway. I am 42 and have owned an 84 Honda Accord, 83 Civic Wagon, and my wife has an 04 Odyssey (which we love by the way, except for the mileage which is 18-19 in town and 23 on the highway).

    I commute from Champlin to Bloomington via 169 and see two other Fits, another blaze orange and a silver as I am driving north on 169 after work.

    I bought my Fit floormats on ebay for $80 including delivery which was almost 50% less than what RB Honda wanted. Took me less than 15 minutes to install. Just a suggestion to save you a few $$.

    It is really a different car... in that it feels like a bigger car than it really is. It also feels much more secure (probably the additional weight) than the old 80's Civics and Accords. I personally find it a little sluggish off the line compared to my old 84 Accord 5speed manual.

    Regardless, I think you and your wife will be very happy with your Christmas present this year.

  • jacksan1jacksan1 Posts: 504
    Hi tgun. Good to hear from a fellow Twin Citian!

    We went to Luther Hopkins Honda. Contacted them through the internet first. So far, a very pleasant interaction (and quite a physical setup - like a hotel lobby). I bought my Honda Civic that I drove until 2001 from Richfield-Bloomington Honda. The only reason we went to Hopkins was that they wanted only a $200 deposit versus $500 that was the case with everyone else I had called.

    We would not buy floor mats etc. from the dealership, either. There is a Honda parts joint in northern California that I have bought from, and they are offering the Fit mats for $79.44, shipping included, which is the same as your eBay deal.

    This Fit, assuming that we do accept the delivery in the end, will be my wife's. She drives up to 150 miles a day to visit her clients and has to carry people and all sorts of crap at times as well, and the Fit is a good "fit" for that. She has a 2000 RAV4 right now, but we were looking for something that gets a better mileage. Her RAV4 is rather underpowered, so I think she will be just fine with the Fit's performance.

    We live in West St. Paul, and have seen three Fits around here (red, silver, and orange).

    I drove a 1.5L 4WD Fit (don't you wish we could get this trim level in Minnesota?) in Japan for about 12 hours two years ago. So that was enough of a test drive for me to be impressed with this car. My wife hasn't had a chance to drive one (sat in one once), and since this will be her car, the matter is "pending final approval."

    I am leaving for Japan on another trip tomorrow, Friday, and my wife wants me to look for a white Fit to give her my impression. She is torn between the silver and white, and we have not seen a single white Fit around. Catalog pics are one thing, as you know. So I am on a mission to visit a Honda dealer over there and to ask to see a Taffeta White Fit. Come to think of it, I don't remember ever seeing a white Fit in Japan, either (and I go there a lot)!

    Hopskins Honda said they would order the next batch of Fits during the week of the Labor Day, so my wife will have to decide on the color by then.

    Talk to you later! :)
  • jpr1jpr1 Posts: 1
    That's rich! I placed my order w/a $500 deposit for a MT Sport Fit in late April. I was told I might get it by July or August. Of course, I made the mistake of requesting a specific color. Little did I know the that that would prove my undoing. I recently heard from my dealer, Buerkle Honda, Maplewood, MN that my order was NOT in the October allotment. Is it a dart board selection that's used by HONDA to fill these specific FIT orders? Lucky they make a great car, I guess...can't wait!
  • Hooray for twin cities people. I am in minneapolis myself. Have been looking at the fit for a while. Thanks for the heads up on the after market floor mats and such. That'll save me a little bit. I'm planning on making my deposit tomorrow. When I talked to Richfield Bloomington a couple weeks ago, the sales guy said that If I wanted a sport with a manual, I'd get it in March. Can't wait.
  • Hello,

    What is a good bottom line price to pay for a AT Sport?
    I realize taxes differ, but other than than that ever thing else should be standard, I think???? Is anyone getting good discounts?

  • Does anyone know what the hardest color is to find? What is the most plentiful?

  • What color are you waiting on? What is the most desired color folks are looking for? Mimi :)

    That's rich! I placed my order w/a $500 deposit for a MT Sport Fit in late April. I was told I might get it by July or August. Of course, I made the mistake of requesting a specific color. Little did I know the that that would prove my undoing. I recently heard from my dealer, Buerkle Honda, Maplewood, MN that my order was NOT in the October allotment. Is it a dart board selection that's used by HONDA to fill these specific FIT orders? Lucky they make a great car, I guess...can't wait!
  • crimsonacrimsona Posts: 153
    Silver is generally the easiest. Out of the 8 that my dealership got back in June, 3 were Silver.

    Discount? Good luck with that.
  • We had been calling dealerships within a 50 radius for several weeks. I finally got tired of calling and did not want to put a deposit down because they wouldn't guarantee I'd get it back. I finally decided to wait on the Lord.

    Yesterday morning I told my son I was too tied to stay home??? I didn't want to waste my time on the couch... Long story short I called the closest dealership, they had two, white and black. The black was sold. They would have the white one inspected and ready to drive by 11:30. I'm now driving a gas guzzling Pilot and love it except for the gas. They let us drive it for a couple hours. I came home and called my insurance people to see how it rated and it was GREAT! Our 20 yos was crazy about the Fit!!! So we bought it!!! He will be leaving for college in a few days, but not taking the car. I'm hoping to get some good mileage. Settled for a white AT Sport. Did not want to pay for the Sport or AT, but settled.

    Not real happy with the dealer ship, feel like I had a really GOOD salesman, if you know what I mean. He talked circles and I think I may of been able to get a little better deal. I paid 17,500 out the door including "FREE" car mats. I didn't really want to buy it but I felt the Lord was leading since they are so hard to find and He put it in front of us. Our son loves the car!!! It's his new dream car?

    All in all I like the car, it handles great and is a fun little car.

    We had another dealership call us yesterday and today, they have a red Fit they are trying to sell. If you live in the southeast and are looking for a red Fit, let me know and I'll email you the lead.

    One question. We were told they just took it off the truck and it had 13 miles on it. The salesman told us that Honda requires the service department to drive each new car 10 miles before they put it on the lot. I've never heard of this. Most of our other cars didn't have that much mileage on them. Any idea what's going on???

    :) car :mad: dealership
  • wusterwuster Posts: 153
    I'm going to have to BS on the "Had to drive it for 10 miles before they put it on the lot" comment.

    Never heard of that "rule" from Honda.

    BTW - did the dealership at least give you a full tank of gas upon delivery?
  • Yes, we got a full tank of gas... that dealership had a lot of BS. I should of walked when he gave me that line, but I'm a blond :)

    It only got worse yesterday. Go to the topic "Dog Eats Car"

    I'll have to report all the BS to Honda. I'm sure it probably won't get me anywhere... mimi
  • sakisaki Posts: 6
    Messages in this forum were very helpful in guding us.

    We checked three dealers, Honda of Hollywood, Culver City (Miller Honda) and Carson Honda. No one actually had one in stock. Hollywood claimed they had no idea when the next shipment would be; Miller said that their price would be higher than the Internet quote we got from Carson Honda and they'd have to order one anyway.

    So we went to Carson, about 25 miles south. Worth it, I think. We're getting the base model MT silver (they could not specify which silver) for $15,095 (includes destination charges, Lojac, free first oil change and filter, full tank of gas. $45 documentation fee, which seemed reasonable. Delivery will be mid-Sept.; we have the VIN number.

    All dealers said that MT versions are very rare and don't come along frequently.

    We've been driving a 1999 Honda Civic (which we'll trade in) but this will be a good change, I think.
  • crimsonacrimsona Posts: 153
    Americans don't get Alabaster Silver, which means it's the Storm Silver.
  • sakisaki Posts: 6
    Good to know. So it's definitely the darker Storm Silver and not Lunar Mist?

    I hadn't seen Alabaster Silver listed as a color option.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,879
    Lunar Mist is more a bluish tint than silver. It is available in the U.S.
  • crimsonacrimsona Posts: 153
    Sorry, completely forgot about Lunar Mist. It's not available in Canada, and is base model only. For some strange reason I thought you were looking at a Sport.

    It *might* be a Lunar Mist, which is a pearly light blue more than silver... but I'm betting on Storm Silver.
  • For the North American market, Lunar Mist is US-only and Alabaster Silver is Canada-only.

    Storm Silver is available in both countries. My Carspace page has pictures of my Storm Silver Metallic base model, if you are interested.
  • sakisaki Posts: 6
    Thanks for the clarification. Nice photos. I think I actually prefer the darker Storm Silver, so I'll be happy if that's what I get.
  • My Fit is a Storm Silver Sport and I like mine.
    boatfloyd :)
  • mjm5mjm5 Posts: 1
    This weekend I went to three dealers. I am tired.
    Dealer 1 said sure, we will sell for MSRP. But when we actually get down to brass tacks, he says "oh, but we are putting 3k worth of accessories on every one that comes in." So we walked.
    Dealer 2 says a six month wait. We are carless now so that ain't gonna work either.
    Dealer 3 says 16,290 for the base model. I said I'd look elsewhere, he smugly says "I know the other dealers. The other dealers won't sell it to you for MSRP either." Walked again.

    Is there a trick to this? Or is the guy's smug jerkface statement that "that's the price" true?

    Reading all the past messsages from everyone who's easily gotten MSRP is frustrating. What do you know that I don't?
  • suetersueter Posts: 15
    Well, I'm in Western Mass and I got mine for MSRP, but that was in April, and I put a deposit down in January. I'm not sure what's happening now, other than I've been getting reports that the wait is so long that some dealers around here have stopped taking deposits.
  • I know of a dealer in AL that called us 3 times after we bought a white sport at from another dealer. The other dealer had a red sport at that he was selling at msrp? Not sure why it wasn't selling. He called us two days in a row? Kind of strange. mimi
  • arlesarles Posts: 15
    Per an article in today's Detroit News ( 9/AUTO03): "Honda said last week the Fit is "completely sold out" less than six months after its U.S. introduction, and that typical waiting lists are 45-60 days at many dealers." I put down a deposit in April and received the car a couple weeks later at MSRP. It appears that demand and supply have changed in the meantime.
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