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Honda Fit Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • We went into a dealer, and put down a $500 deposit on a Sport A/T. Gave them 3 color choices, and they said they'd start looking for one. 2 days later, another local dealer shows one coming in on their website. I call dealer A, and they ignore my info, and never contact dealer B. Dealer A wants to add $500 paint/fabric protector, and isn't real firm on my trade-in value. Is it EVER possible to get your deposit back? They won't budge.


  • Kirstie@EdmundsKirstie@Edmunds Posts: 10,677
    Not only is it possible, in most cases they have to give you your deposit back. You don't even have a signed sales agreement, obviously, since a firm prices hasn't even been agreed on. If you want your deposit back, get tough with Dealer A - they don't have the right to keep it.

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  • dylaninaldylaninal Posts: 7
    Wondering is anyone has any thought on the going price for a used S-10 Chevy pick-up, 2001 with 20,000 miles---they are asking $8 for it---really want it but seems like this is too high---any suggestions?
  • Kirstie@EdmundsKirstie@Edmunds Posts: 10,677
    Hi dylaninal,
    Since this topic is about Honda Fit pricing, you're better off visiting our Real-World Trade-In Values discussion. If you click that link, you'll be taken to the right topic.

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  • ardenneardenne Posts: 4
    I went into Fit shopping a couple of weeks ago expecting to pay sticker + destination + tax, but so far I've found only a few dealers willing to even say they'll sell it at sticker price -- and then it turns out that they've added all kinds of extra fees on top of that, like an $800 'dealer prep fee' or a $400 'processing fee,' jacking the price up to anywhere from $1000-$2500 over sticker.

    What kinds of fees, if any, should I accept as reasonable, or should I keep trying to hold out for sticker + destination + tax and nothing more, period?

    We're in KY, in case it varies by state. Thanks in advance.
  • fitman548fitman548 Posts: 172
    any 'fees' you pay other than dock, which is $550 IIRC, are bogus. Now, most dealers are adding features like window tint, pin striping, protectant, etc etc. That's to be expected on this car, but at least you GET something for the money.

    Dealer prep fees are a crock.
  • ardenneardenne Posts: 4
    That's what I thought, but I wanted to be sure, since I'm not an expert at the new-car buying game. Thanks.

    I guess we'll just keep on hunting for an honest dealer.
  • gearhead1gearhead1 Posts: 408
    You should pay:

    -MSRP or neg price off of MSRP.
    -doc fee
    -sales tax

    note: doc fees can vary wildly from dealer to dealer. A doc fee can range from $50.00 to $700.00 in my experience so check around. Once a dealer sets their doc fee they have to legally charge everybody the same fee. It is not negotiable. Even the dealer pays the doc fee from a legal stand point, though he may cut himself a pretty good deal way below invoice :). He better show a doc fee in his paper work. So don't try to negotiate the doc fee. Negotiate the price of the car and keep the doc fee in mind when deciding what you want to pay for the car. The doc fee is after all just built in profit especially when it's pushing $700.00.

    A typical ploy are dealerships that advertise all their vehicles are $500 over invoice, but they have a $700.00 doc fee when you hit the finance office.

    I paid a $249.00 doc fee at my dealer and MSRP, dest, tax.
  • fitman548fitman548 Posts: 172
    The Honda website has the $550 as the Destination charge.
  • ardenneardenne Posts: 4
    Thanks, all of you. I had the MSRP, invoice, and destination charges off of Edmunds and the Honda web site, but I just wasn't sure what other fees, if any, were appropriate.

    Should I expect to have to pay an extra fee for temporary tags? One dealer said they'd have to charge me $400 for temp tags, but no one else mentioned anything similar -- is it perhaps built into the 'doc' fee, most of the time?
  • gearhead1gearhead1 Posts: 408
    Should I expect to have to pay an extra fee for temporary tags? One dealer said they'd have to charge me $400 for temp tags, but no one else mentioned anything similar -- is it perhaps built into the 'doc' fee, most of the time?

    $400 sounds like their doc fee. There might be some other small fees but they should be very reasonable. If he is saying temp tags are $400 and their doc fee is $500 or something like that, run away.
  • gearhead1gearhead1 Posts: 408
    OK, I just looked at my reciept and there were these fees:

    -Fit including destination $16,520
    -Dealer documentary service fee $249.95
    -sales tax $1048.12
    -license and registration 43.50
    -fees: age based/property assessment $150.00
    -state waste tire recycling fee $5.00

    out the door for 18,016.57 for Fit Sport AT/paddles
  • fitsutrafitsutra Posts: 1

    I had the same problem with a dealer. The salesperson said the deposit was refundable. Since I purchased my FIT from another dealer, I called back the salesperson and asked for a refund for my deposit. He said he will credit my card to refund ym deposit. A few days later, still no credit. I talked to his sales manager and he said the deposit was non-refundable. I told the SM that was BS because I was told by his salesperson that the deposit was refundable.

    Step 1: I called Honda of America (800-999-1009) to open a case against this dealership. HMA said they will contact the General Manager and will inform them a case has filed against his dealership.
    Step 2: I called my credit card to dispute the charges.

    Two weeks later I received my refund. Your deposit is refundable. You definitely need to get your money back.
  • frogdaddyfrogdaddy Posts: 33
    I live in Atlanta and all I seem to see in transit or at dealers are automatics. Honda must think we spend lots of time in traffic so we wouldn't desire a manual. The manual is going to be faster off the line, no? I hear the paddles are useless because the thing will shift for you anyway (don't want someone forgetting they're in manual mode and break it). So, it's only good for passing?

    Also, every dealer seems to be adding 800+ with the sealer crap for fabric and body? How can I avoid that? "It's because dealers aren't making much money on them"

  • Hi Ardenne,

    I'm in So Cal where these cars are selling at quite the premium but using the internet I was able to get Base AT for MSRP + Tax + $45 doc fee. I'd recommend using the quote requests from Edmunds, KBB, and to get quotes from as many dealers in your area as possible. The internet managers nearly always push the price below the "walk-in" price and they know that internet shoppers are informed, savvy, and not easily scammed (unlike the rest of the impulsive car-buying population). Take these quotes and shop around... you'd be surprised by how many dealers are willing to meet or beat their competitor's prices.

    Another trick to getting the low price you want is to stress the fact that, with the right deal, you're ready to put money down today. Dealerships hate to pass up on an easy and sure sale, even if their profit margins aren't as large as they'd like (it's not like they're not making money).

    The last piece of advice is, if possible, make appointments with the internet sales folks mid-week and mid-day. They aren't going to be very busy and they know that if they make the sale their managers are going to be pleased because there's not much action anywhere else in the dealership. This is, of course, in your favor.

    Hope this helps and good luck!!
  • fittasticfittastic Posts: 18
    After reading some of these posts, I feel very fortunate to have found my new Fit. I bought it Thursday night for $200 under the MSRP! That alone made me smile from ear to ear because I knew it would be difficult to get under MSRP. (Note that I called every single Honda dealer within 100 miles to get the best "out the door" price... 95% said MSRP plus tax, title, etc and 95% said that there was a good several week to several MONTH wait on them).

    I got the base model in white (wanted black, but beggers can't be choosers eh) with MT and I absolutely love this car. It's so much roomier inside than it looks and it drives wonderfully. I bought it with 95 miles already on it (transfer) and now have 510 miles. I picked the car up with a full tank of gas and put 355 miles on it before having to put 9.2 gallons of gas in it.

    I can't say enough GOOD things about this car! I've gone from a 16-year-old Accord to a brand new, tiny Fit and all I can say is... the FIT IS GO!

    This car is the best
  • johnnyvjjohnnyvj Posts: 112
    Also, every dealer seems to be adding $800+ with the sealer crap for fabric and body? How can I avoid that? "It's because dealers aren't making much money on them".

    Thats an excuse dealers love to give, but frankly, its full of crap.

    Yes, the Fit's MSRP is priced only about $600 or so above invoice, but its not like the dealer gets ONLY that $600... there's also another kickback (forget what its called) that goes to the dealer that's worth at least 3% of the invoice price.

    So, even if the dealer sells you a Fit at MSRP, they're probably making over $1000 on it... not too shabby. Also, you now know why Honda dealerships have no problem selling oodles of Accords at invoice... they are NOT 'just breaking even' on the deal, they are still making money.

    As the $800 'fabric treatments', 'rustproofing' and 'clear coating' stuff is nearly pure profit padding (actual cost to the dealer is a fraction of that, and its utility to the buyer is dubious, at best), I'd say 'adios' to any dealer who insists that you swallow such an add-on as part of the deal. Or who tries to add it in at the last minute.

    Shop around 'til you find a dealer who's happy to make 'merely' $1000 off of a MSRP deal on the Fit, and/or wait a couple of months for the initial feeding frenzy to die down. You'll get your Fit for MSRP, without the stupid rip-off add-ons, if you're willing to do the legwork and/or wait a little while. :wink:
  • frogdaddyfrogdaddy Posts: 33
    Well then I guess I got screwed. I negotiated 16365 MSRP.
  • johnnyvjjohnnyvj Posts: 112
    Yeah, maybe you did a bit. But I would say that a lot of the early adopters of the Fit did. Supply vs demand and all that.

    On the plus side, you got the car before almost everybody else. You'll probably get a lot of questions/compliments about it. :shades:
  • ardenneardenne Posts: 4
    Thanks again, everyone.

    Gearhead, the dealer with the $400 fee for the temp tags claimed that it was necessary because he's in a neighboring state -- ie, we'd be registering it out of state. He also had a separate doc fee of several hundred dollars, so given what I know at this point, I'm going to just completely avoid that dealership in the future.

    I think we're probably going to put our purchase on hold for a few months to see if the market calms down a bit, then go the online quotes route to find the best price. I really appreciate all of the helpful info I've gathered here so far and will probably continue to lurk around while we're waiting!
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