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Honda Fit Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • wgewge Posts: 16
    You may be correct. However, you must also factor in the "doc fees" that would push the profit to over $1000, which works out to be about 7-8% on the deal. Still, I don't begrudge that amount of dealer profit. The bummer is going from a better deal just a short time ago to a worse deal now. However, I may have a line on a Fit at a different dealer would now sell at MSRP, but with $100 more in "doc fees." Depending upon trade-in issues, that could make the deal for me on Fit #2.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,067
    I guess some stores charge crazy doc fees. We charge 50.00.

    I predict that even if gas prices stay where they are now that Fits will be impossible to find a month from now. The values of big SUV's and other gas guzzlers will continue to drop.

    It really isn't a pretty picture and I fear the upcoming months.

    I sure wouldn't wait for a "better" deal.
  • synergy3synergy3 Posts: 16
    I've been shopping locally (Inland Empire and Orange County) with mixed quotes, here are some target price is $16,000

    2008 - Fit Sport - Automatic
    Average quotes are around $16,400 - $16,500
    Best I've received so far is $16,122
    All prices include destination...(excluded are tax title license etc.)

    Good deal?
  • wgewge Posts: 16
    I have been shopping around for a second 2008 Fit base, 5sp. manual transmission. Two weeks ago one dealership told me they would ask $215 over MSRP (MSRP = $14,585). Another dealership said they would only go with MSRP. They looked for a dealer trade and found only three base 5-sp manuals in the entire state of Tennessee and that one or more may already have been sold and that it would cost an additional $150 over MSRP to get the car to the dealership. A third dealer called today to say they had two base 5-sp manuals in transit and that was the end of the 2008's. No more beyond those already built and in transit. I put down a deposit at a fourth dealership for a Milano Red base 5-sp manual that they will sell at MSRP. The third dealership intimated a hefty price increase for the 2009 Fit and Civic models, whatever that might be, for obvious market reasons. After lengthy consideration, I decided that I wanted a 2008 rather than a 2009 so agreed to the MSRP deal. Syngergy 3 if you have a firm $16,122 deal on a 2008 sport auto which has a MSRP of $16,700, you might wish to jump on that offer. I doubt you will be able to do any better.
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    If I were you I grab 08 Fit Sport Auto bought in April was $16,000 (incl destination)..that put it about $120 below NJ
  • I waited 6 weeks and paid MSRP on a Tidewater Blue Base AT, added keyless entry & tint. I got an OK deal on my trade, though, so I guess it works out in the end.
  • harvoh126harvoh126 Posts: 2
    IT has 18,000 miles and I bargain the private owner down to $14,500 for an 07 fit sport with extended warranty. Is this a good deal.
  • fitisgofitisgo Posts: 40
    If the car has a manual transmission, that is a fair price, as 07 Fit Sports with automatic are valued at about $15,500 per Kelley Blue Book for private party sale.
    If the price is $14,500 for a car with automatic transmission, that is a really low price for you, the buyer.
  • pennapenna Posts: 3
    I have not had any trouble getting a car ordered in by one dealer. He said that he would just sell it to someone else if I didn't want it- no pressure. Another dealer had a few cars on his lot, another had a few on his lot. Our dealers are getting their next - NOT LAST load of Fits in between now and the end of the month, it varies for each dealer. There really is not the pressure for these cars that I seem to be reading on this discussion group.

    Just how many dealers, car sales people are on this list encouraging us to buy at higher prices?

    Folks, follow the advice on the Edmunds sight when buying your car. Go in with your price and be prepared to walk out if you don't get the deal you want. Yes, you should be prepared to offer some profit to the dealer, but $750 is NOT lousy. $500 is quite reasonable in most cases.

    Don't forget that you can always go back to the dealer if you don't find another one who will give you your price. What you need to do is tell them matter of factly that you know the invoice price, you know they are available at other dealers and you know they can have them brought in for you if they want a sale today, it's up to them.

    Best of luck everyone!
  • Good advice!! Also don't forget- No DOC Fees!
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,067
    Doesn't mean much. It's strictly a supply and demand situation and this is true of ANY car.

    I just wish we had a bunch more to sell given these gas prices.
  • watsacwatsac Posts: 49
    Just bought a base w/AT and splash guards for $15,049 before taxes and tags. I'm thinking that is $432 below MSRP. And from what I see in this forum, these cars are going for MSRP++ in certains parts of the country. Dealer is Northwest Honda just north of Baltimore in Owings Mills, MD.

    BASE $14,750
    Mudguards $96
    Freight $635
    TOTAL MSRP $15,481
    Price paid $15,049
  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,060
    A reporter would like to talk to consumers who are in the market for (or have recently purchased) a Honda as a result of high gas prices. Please respond to with your daytime contact information, as well as your current vehicle and the Honda you have purchased or are considering no later than Tuesday, June 10th.

    Edmunds Community Manager Click on my screen name to send a personal message. Need help navigating? Check out Getting Started in Edmunds Forums.

  • sunrise52sunrise52 Posts: 3
    I'll bet the wider tires on the Sport models knock the fuel economy down slightly. They probably also make the Sport worse in snow (I wouldn't know, haven't taken delivery of my Fit yet, but it's on the way).
    I have an out-the-door price of about $16,250 on an 08 Fit Sport manual from Criswell in Germanton, MD. Very good people to deal with so far. The car hasn't been built yet; it's to be delivered in July.
    Flow Motors in Winston-Salem, NC tried to gouge me for $17,095 for an in-stock model, padding with an "administrative" fee and boosting the destination charge by hundreds until they had their original figure. This was after bargaining with me. Why they couldn't just be honest and say they were sticking with MSRP+ I don't know, but it was a very bad experience and I cancelled my order. Beware.
  • watsacwatsac Posts: 49
    sunrise52 - be careful so Criswell does not 'accidentally' lose your order. I say that because by July, the Honda Fit (and cars like it) will be in such high demand that dealers will do what they need to do to make a buck (after all those Ridgeline's aren't selling are they?). I suggest getting the VIN from the dealer as soon as possible.

    BTW - do you live in MD or NC? Just curious because those dealers are so far apart.
  • watsacwatsac Posts: 49
    In case anyone is interested, here's the article that came about from the "Press Request" post on June 10, 2008.
  • sunrise52sunrise52 Posts: 3
    Thanks for the tip and yes, I'm definitely keeping track of VIN and have order documentation on the way.

    Dealers are somewhat far apart but only about six hours, really. I'm in and out of both areas a lot, so either would have been convenient. It came down to service, ethical business dealings and price.
  • flyuscghiflyuscghi Posts: 2
    I had been toying with trading in my 2002 Land Cruiser (which I loved) for something smaller. I always thought the Fit would be fun, but in a moped kind of way. I had driven the auto, but wasn't convinced until I had the MT...what a difference. I brought my LC to Hendrick Honda in Woodbridge VA for a trade. I owned the vehicle, so I was able to get 16,300 for my trade and 16,294 for the Fit. Add on the +++ fees and I was OTD at $1006. I probably got worked a little on the price of the Fit, but I was just happy to get the $$ for my SUV. 2 weeks earlier, I had a dealer in CT offer me $8K for my LC. Most SUV owners are jumping ship like me.. Many dealers not accepting V8, SUV, or P/U trades anymore. First tank average MPG...37 with mixed city and 80 mph highway, more than double my LC!
  • I will let you in on my find, if everyone who reads this promises not to buy up the last sport MT... -get an internet quote from Moss Bros. in Moreno Valley. My quote w/ destination charge = invoice price listed on, etc.. I was amazed! Will be picking mine up soon... I hope I didn't just screw my bargain purchase...
  • kwingkwing Posts: 5
    I recently paid $15,858 plus tax and license for a 2008 Honda Fit Sport with manual transmission. It's black and the $15,858 price included destination charges of $670 and an alarm that I didn't really want but couldn't seem to get out the door without. I financed it through Honda at a rate of 2.9% for 60 months. I bought the Fit at Spreen Honda in Loma Linda, California.
  • I certainly appreciate this message board. My son suggested a Honda Fit to replace my 2000 Suzuki Grand Vitara. In Tulsa, OK I could only find one used one and one new one to drive. Now negotiating comes into the deal. I am bad at it and am finding through these postings that $16,174 which includes tax, title, license is not really a bad deal. It was suggested that the negotiating could include free installations of add-ons, free oil changes, tire rotations, etc. that the dealership has some leeway in providing. Am I thinking right about this???
  • I am in Louisvile KY and looking at the base model with MT and have a couple of questions... I guess I'm looking at around $15,000 to $15,500 but I'm hoping to get feedback from anybody in the same general area on what the OtDP is.
    Are the color and transmission type the only options available on Fits. The salesperson at the dealership I testdrove at said they have only the package deal, no user configurable cars. I would like to get a basic Fit (manual Trans), but am interested in the MP3 cd system that comes with the Sport. The rep said that isn't possible.I might also be interested in the alloy wheels, but the Honda website configurator (which seems to fly in the face of what the rep said) shows they are around $1000 (if I'm gonna do that I might as well get the sport).
    Also, does anybody know if there will be any incentives on the '08s when the '09s roll in? My feeling is no since there is so much demand for Fits right now.The rep said that the 09s should only be a few hundred more than the '08s, but I never like to buy a new model/body style (and their glitches).
    I would really like to buy a used one and knock a bit off the price, but I am seeing the used ones selling for more than new ones. How is this possible (especially with no dealer incentives on Fits)?!? Not many are turning around and selling a Fit with 20k miles on, but still...
    Lastly, what's up with the inconsistent mileage I've read about? I read a couple of earlier posts in this thread about how some people are only getting mid 20s on MPG? We have a diesel Beetle that gets 45 MPG and we'd keep it, but the stroller and carseat for our newborn seem to say otherwise. If this car won't get mid 30s I'm not interested. Are these screwy low MPG Fits the exception or are they common?
  • watsacwatsac Posts: 49
    Hey SD - so many little time :)

    Q. How do you know a sales rep is lying?
    A. Their lips are moving.

    Based on what I've learned, it is better to buy a Fit (base or Sport) and then self-install the accessories you want. This is because of the hype (real or imagined) surrounding high(er) MPG vehicles like the Fit, Civic, Corolla, etc. I recently called 5 dealers in the Baltimore area but only 1 had the vehicle in stock so I drove out and bought it for about $400 below MSRP (a base with AT). The other 4 dealers (who did not have the car) quoted me anywhere from MSRP to MSRP+$1000. Check out this link to a story in the Detroit News which talks about that. . The same hype goes for high MPG used cars in the same price range. Try to find a 3 to 5 year old Civic or Corolla - you can't! I would also stay away from the 09s because of the first year thing not to mention they will be more expensive. And the MPG thing will settle itself down after a few tanks and you get adjusted to using the new car for your typical everyday driving. You know it's gonna be good with a 1.5L 4 cylinder engine - how can it not be? Which probably helps explain why there are no used ones out there!
  • Regarding used high MPG cars... I'm seeing '07 Fits with 20k+ miles listing for more than new '08 Fits. What gives? Is this purely to haggle down to the "real" price?
    Case in point: pa
  • watsacwatsac Posts: 49
    I'm thinking it is simple economics...low supply + high demand = high price.
  • tiff_ctiff_c Posts: 531
    My local dealer whom I have already bought a car from is charging full MSRP on a Fit Sport Automatic (for the wife) $16,700 and then a $400 dealer fee! I told them not a chance I just won't buy a car with no discounts and high dealer fees. The new Fit will be out soon enough, maybe then the insanity of $4 a gallon gas will make people in less of a panic. Until teh car is at invoice price I won't buy it and teh new one looks a lot better. Over $17K OTD for a Fit, that's just nuts!
  • wgewge Posts: 16
    You may have to wait quite awhile. I think there are many other folks ready to buy a Fit at MSRP and with high dealer fees. As was said two posts ago, it is supply and demand that drives the price.
  • watsacwatsac Posts: 49
    Not trying to be this up, but there's a good intro on wikipedia (link title) as to the fundamentals of what happens to the price (P) of a product as the demand (D) increases and the supply (S) remains fixed. If nothing else, look at the graph on the top right and you can see how all of this drives the price up (P1 to P2). Honda could help the situation by increasing production (i.e., Supply) but it is my understanding they will not be doing that.
  • The thing that blows me away is what's going on with diesel cars. We have a TDI (diesel) New Beetle that is not practical for us and our new infant so we are ideally looking to shift to a TDI Golf 4 door. VW discontinued all diesels except Jettas (and then they went completely upscale) and said there was no demand when I called (as did Honda when I called about importing diesel civics from Europe). Yet all of the diesels (which get 40-45MPG!) are selling well above blue book (3-4 thousand in many cases). If there's no demand what's going on? :mad: Car companies are so out of touch.
    If anyone knows of a good deal on a TDI Golf in good shape, let me know! I would prefer to go that route and convert it to run on veggie oil than buy a Fit if at all possible.
  • You're lucky that your dealer only marks up $400. I just came back from a test drive of a Fit Sport Auto with my 19 yr. old son who is going to be buying his first new car. Hagerstown Honda in Hagerstown, MD is the closest Honda dealer and the Fit is on his list of cars. I was appalled to see that Hagerstown Honda has added $1799 "Appearance Packages" to all Fit and Civics. The sales person tried to extol the virtues of the teflon sealant and the scotch guarding. I balked at the add-on and then the salesperson stated that the dealership has added the markup to help offset the "delivery fee" and the depreciation of the gas guzzlers that they have taken in on trade. So a buyer already pays $650 bucks delivery and now Hagerstown Honda is trying to get another $1799 extra as well make a cunsumer pay for their business losses. What they're really doing is bilking the customer that wants to downsize to a smaller, efficient car.

    I was offered a "special deal of $500 off the price if I buy today. I stated that I will pay MSRP but not any of the $1799 bilking. The cars were still in their shipping wrappers with plastic on the seats, so it's not like I was trying to get something for nothing. They wanted to do the 3 hour negotiation tap dance, so I walked out and began the search for another dealer and a different car. My experience with Hagerstown Honda has proved to be very poor and am appalled that Honda Corporate tolerates this price gouging from its dealers.
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