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Honda Fit Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • I'm curious - when you say you're buying from a dealer you say no destination charge. Can you explain what you mean? :confuse:
  • Correct me if I'm wrong. I thought the destination charge is the cost which you pay the dealer for shipping the car from the factory to the dealership. Since I'll be driving a car they have at the floor, dealers don't need to order a new car from the factory for me.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 48,985
    Destination is included on every car.... it's on the MSRP and the invoice...

    No way to get around it... Doesn't matter if it's ordered or bought off the lot..


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  • You're going to have to pay destination charge of $670 on top of the price of the car.

    Regarding the price of the car itself, the closer you can get to dealer invoice, the better. Just remember you're only looking at about a $600 difference between TMV and invoice. The dealership and the salesman need to make *some* money. It's up to you how much of your money you want to give them. If they have a lot of Fits like yours on the lot, they will be more willing to deal, especially at the end of the month. Good luck.
  • It is $15,281 with Destination but Pre-Tax & Title for an '09 Base with Manual Transmission. Seem reasonable? Madison, WI
  • sounds a little expensive to me. I got my 09 Fit Sport Auto for $15,791 before taxes and fees on 1/28/09. just deal with the internet sales guys and ask them beat each other's prices. and also wait for the last week of the month. that's when a lot of dealers have specials.. good luck
  • OTD was $17250.
  • I too think your price sounds a little high. I paid 15,400 for my 09 sport auto before taxes and fees, similar to the other posting that responded to have to do your homework so do some searching on this site and on the web. Do not tell car dealers about our postings or they will laugh at you though :)
  • You scored quite a deal on your Fit Sport, as I recall you got it for $15,400 plus a $580.00 doc fee. Did that price include the destination charge and was there a trade in involved? What I've seen the invoice is $17,123 so you got it well below invoice, what dealership did you get it from?
  • OK, as instructed...I got some more quotes. The dealerships in Wisconsin (Madison & Milwaukee) are outrageous. However, I'm willing to go to Chicago (~2 hours away). These are the quotes I've gotten

    $13,790 - Base Manual
    $15,493 - Sport Manual

    I'm working on determining if there are any add-ons, etc., to these prices and will update. If I can get a good deal on the Sport, I'd do it if only because I love the Blackberry color.
  • OK, so the $13,790 didn't include destination so that makes it $14,460 and they have my color. That is $800 less than the Madison dealer but then the Madison dealer is throwing in floor mats. Blurg.
  • Thanks for everyone who has shared information on this forum. I found most of the postings to be very helpful.

    I sent pricing requests to 5 dealers in my area yesterday for:

    09 Fit Sport / automatic - color / milano red

    I told them this is a cash deal with no trade-in, no extended warranty, no options, and to give me their best out the door price upfront. I will make the purchase and take delivery on Friday or Saturday. I've received quotes from 4 out of the 5 dealers.....all of these INCLUDE destination, but DO NOT INCLUDE taxes / plates....which should not differ from one dealer to the next. Prices that I've been quoted:


    I would probably just go ahead and purchase for $16,987, but I see a couple people on this forum have recently purchased the same vehicle for $15,400 and $15,791. Did these prices include destination? (I'm guessing those prices did not include destination, but can't be sure) I'm not going to spend a lot of time and energy going back and forth with these guys for a few hundred dollars, but I'd do whatever needs to be done to get the car for $15,400. Thanks in advance for any thoughts or suggestions.
  • my 15400 included destination...there was around 600 doc fee and the rest was tax and plates...
  • Would you mind sharing the name of the dealership that you bought from? That price is a good $1200.00 cheaper than I've seen locally. Thanks
  • Are you in the Atlanta area? As I have posted in earlier postings, I was purchasing a car with cash from a recent Fit Total. I was looking at a used car when I was there. They told me they might have some good prices and I told them I only had 17000 as a total OTD price. It was Dec 22nd. They picked out a car for me and that was the one I was given for this price,. It had 14 miles on it and it was a black 09 Sport Auto on its second month anniversary at the dealership from looking at the sticker. This was was not a pre negotiated deal. I was there at the dealership on a pre negotiated used FIT and the dealer I guess made the decision that they would prefer to move a new unit. I do not like writing much about this deal as I do think it was highly unusual. They still got 600 in doc fees so if you are in a low doc fees state, then you just add the 600 I paid in doc fees and it is more like 16,1000. The funny thing about the deal falling into my lap was that I did try to create this deal in other places and of course I was rejected and then it was given to me but remember I had no real say in the color of the car...I might have but I did not push it as I kind of wanted black this time around even though it gets sooo DIRTY...

    But CASH is KING right now, that's for sure!!!
    If you are in Atlanta you can post your email address and I can send you the name of the dealer but you know they only do what they think they have to do at that particular moment in time so deals are not readily replicated :(
  • Actually I live in San Antonio and am amazed that you were able to purchase it at that price. Yes, Texas does have lower doc fees ($50.00) but even with the higher doc fees there your price is well below what they are going for here. Now I've seen great deals on other models where the dealer was willing to move their stock but not so much on the Fit. Saw a posting on FitFreak for a used sport with Navi that is close to your deal. As for my email address it's on my profile.
  • Any New Yorkers who bought fit this past month. How much did you pay. I cant believe some of the prices listed on this site. I was offered 16,799.00 in Miami for 09 fit sport at. I thought it was a good price (included dest) I admit dont know anything about doc fees. They seem to be made up.

  • Just got My 2009 Fit Sport with Navigation in Blackberry Pearl with 3 Miles on it in maryland .

    OTD price $20212.75 with all weather mats and wheel locks .

    Base Price $ 18760 ( this was Under Invoice including freight )
    Fees $100.00
    Title Tags $250.00
    6% MD Tax $1102.75

    is that a good price ?
  • Just bought my 2007 Honda Fit Sport Manual Transmission on Feb 22, 2009. I am mostly pleased with it, and I am very pleased in how it got me out of a sticky situation!

    I bought it from Carmax, which isn't always my first choice when looking to buy a car, but they had the right car for the right price at the right time. Can't complain there!

    I had to get out of my 2005 Nissan Xterra lease, in which I was 20,000 miles over my contract. Time was ticking, as my lease ended in May 2009. I started to really sweat whenever I thought about it! But I had been "shopping" around for about a year, and looked at various smaller cars that didn't compromise cargo area. I was comparing the Toyota Matrix, Pontiac Vibe, Nissan Versa, and the Honda Fit. At first, the only one I wanted was the Matrix. I just liked the exterior style. To me, the Honda Fit looks like a soccer mom minivan that was shrunk down proportionately by 50%. I liked the reliability of the foreign-made cars from Toyota, Nissan, and Honda, so the Pontiac would be a last ditch option. I read on Consumer Reports that the Nissan Versa did not come standard with ABS brakes!! I was shocked by this! I did searches for a Versa with ABS, and couldn't find one to save my life. So, I figured that might be out of the question.

    Well, I happened to browse Carmax's website one night, and noticed this great looking 2007 Honda Fit Sport. I really wanted a manual transmission (not necessarily for the mpg, but more for the driving fun). And it was black... very sporty looking! Although the mileage was kinda high for a 2 year old car (55,000), I reassured myself that it's a HONDA... that's just breaking it in!! So, I used the "email a sales person" option and "scheduled a test drive". I'm glad I did this, because people were ALL OVER this car when I got there (it had a reserved sign on it with MY name : :) ) So, I test-drove it. It handled really well, and although the rpm was a little high, I felt like it was a good deal if I could get them to take my Xterra.

    Long story short, I got a good deal on the trade-in for my Xterra, the sticker price for the Fit was $11,599 which I thought was very reasonable, and I got great financing with a TON of negative equity!! yay!! So, thanks to Carmax and Honda for helping me to get out of an icky situation with my lease, and into a car that will save me money and that is fun to drive!!

    The only negatives I have to report are that the leg-room for a 5'10" female who is mostly legs :blush: is a little lacking. But it wasn't a deal-breaker for me. I've had the car for a week now, and the lack of leg room hasn't been an issue. The only thing that is driving me crazy is the lack of a "map light" to light up the front drivers & passenger side area. This is really something that should have been included from the start, and Honda apparently learned their lesson because the 2009 model in the showroom has the light! I'm a little bitter about this, but I'm working on a solution... probably a sticky light added to the top of the windshield or something. And the final negative thing I have is that the rpm's are sooo high on the highway!! I cruise at 3k-4k rpm when I'm at 65-75 mph, and I know that's got to be killing my mpg! I am a fairly speedy driver (you have to be when you're driving this little car, dodging all the soccer moms in their SUV's and bankers in their BMW's who live in Charlotte!) so I expected my mpg to be lower than the expected rate for this car. But at least when I'm cruising on the interstate, I had hoped that part wouldn't take a notch on my mpg. Oh well. Something I'll have to get used to. I just filled up my first tank, and I got 30 mpg. That's MUCH better than the 16-19 mpg I got on my Xterra!

    So, overall, I highly recommend this car as a fun-to-drive subcompact that is easy on the wallet and on the eye. Consider buying a newer model for the interior and exterior feature upgrades.
  • Hey Sylvia,

    I think it's great that you now have piece of mind. We were all very happy with our 07's and equally frustrated with the missing map light. Some of us have 09's now but I would still have my 07 had it not gotten totaled. I know you will be happy with the 07 and I know what you mean about the RPM's but just make the radio loud and do not worry about the gas mileage...unless the road is flat the MPG's will be affected. I now understand how the mpgs work since the new model has a meter in it and so i see how I lose mpgs every time there is a slight incline on the highway. I never would have said there were inclines in the greater metro atlanta area but to my surprise it is not flat like I thought. I think I must not have noticed or else it is because my old Protege ES had a very powerful engine and so it just never registered!

    Anyway, enjoy the car, enjoy your piece of mind, get the sticky lights and then one day you will sell this car to someone who needs help with their situation. I think you got a fair deal from what I can tell on the list prices of 07 models with miles and also Carmax probably gave you some sort of Warranty? Anyway it's funny how we never think we will shop somewhere and then we do! I would take off any Carmax advertising or dealer license plate frames.

    Have fun! Best wishes for health and happiness! :)
  • maximommaximom Posts: 2
    I just bought a 2009 base automatic south of Boston for $15,300 including destination charge, plus $299 registration/doc plus 5% Mass. sales tax $765 = $16,364.00. This is my first NEW new car (I've always bought used) and I'm worried about what I paid. I did my homework, but bargaining doesn't come easy to me. I'd appreciate feedback about the price I paid. Thanks.
  • Dear Maximom

    Congratulations that you got your first new car. This car will last forever. To me your OTD price of 16.364 sounds fair. I do not have all the prices memorized like you probably do but this is a great car that will keep its value and will be very reliable. It is never really a good idea to seek out opinions after you pay for a car though. The most important thing is that in 8 or more years when you want a new car, you will have more confidence because now you know what to expect from car buying. While the economy is sluggish, Honda does not normally give its cars away so it's not like there was a huge deal to be had that you might have missed. Any variation on pricing that you might have been able to achieve is minimal over the life of the car. The main thing is that you are happy with your car. Your sales tax is fairly low so that helped out a little as well...

    Just enjoy your car!!!!!!
    sue :)
  • maximommaximom Posts: 2
    Dear Sue:

    Thanks for the good wishes and wisdom -- just what I needed to calm the post-purchase jitters.

  • Hey Debra,

    Sure thing! I know you are going to be very happy with your great new car!! BTW what color did you get? I cannot remember if you said....

    sue :)
  • jay2009jay2009 Posts: 3
    Just got My 2009 Fit Sport with Navigation in Blackberry Pearl with 3 Miles on it in maryland .

    OTD price $20212.75 with all weather mats and wheel locks .

    Base Price $ 18760 ( this was Under Invoice including freight )
    Fees $100.00
    Title Tags $250.00
    6% MD Tax $1102.75

    is that a good price ?
  • zman28zman28 Posts: 3
    My mom and I are in the process of buying an 09 Honda Fit Sport. We've decided on the automatic with navigation, and I called 15 or 20 dealerships in the Boston area for competitive bidding. Currently, the best price we've been quoted is $19,303, including all taxes and fees (the "drive off the lot" price). A number of the dealerships have offered to match this (or whatever price I get, in the case of Boch Honda). Is this a good price? How much lower can I expect the dealerships to go during the second round of calls? Any other tips?


  • needafitneedafit Posts: 1
    Maximom and other in the northeast,

    Please tell me the dealership you bought from. I'm in central NY, and the best quote I have so far is ~$15,700 including destination (no tax/title/registration) for an automatic base fit. Some of you seem to have bought at 15,300 or less, and I'm willing to travel for such savings.

  • carsick1carsick1 Posts: 1
    This probably won't help, but I'm in Rochester & I feel your pain. I got a quote of : $17,926.77 for base automatic, bottom line, no options. If you have any luck, please post. I'm sick of this ridiculous game.
  • zman28zman28 Posts: 3
    This is my first time buying a new car. I'm only confident about it because I've been following the instructions from this video:

    Watch the video, do competitive bidding. It makes a ton of sense.

    Hope this helps.
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