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Honda Fit Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    Here they run about $500.00 more the last time I checked so price doesn't sound too bad.
  • Hmm...ok, backy, I guess it is a state to state thing...Are they saying DOC fees are part of the registration purpose? Or are dealers up front in saying that they are a profit "cushion"? But gevans has the right attitude. It's a free market. Capitalism works two ways. The Buyer and the Seller have to come to an agreement. It ain't all about the Seller. But some dealers like to think so. In California, they try to do the DOC thing and they sometimes try to do the "advertising fee" thing. It's laughable. Just remember three things: purchase price, sales tax and registration.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,628
    There is some "documentation" work to do on a new car. But some dealers charge more than is necessary to cover their costs for the work, if it is allowed by law (see below). So then it adds to their profits.

    I consider advertising fees part of the cost of doing business. If a dealer wants to add on a special fee for "advertising", that's fine with me, but it all goes into the mill for calculating their bottom-line price.

    And that is what it's all about for me. What is the dealer's best price, before license/title fees (which will be the same in a given state for a given car, no matter who the seller is) and sales tax (which is a set percentage for a given area, but will vary with sales price)? I really don't care how they go about figuring out what their best price is. They can toss in big documentation fees or advertising fees or whatever they want into it. But that's the number I'll compare to other offers from other dealers.

    P.S. I don't have to play the documentation fee game where I live, in MN, because it's a set fee, built into new car contract documents. The last time I bought a new car, four years ago, the doc fee was $50.
  • vbnsmanvbnsman Posts: 15
    I mostly agree with backy. Before I bought a 2008 Fit Sport AT, I had several sales offers from different Honda dealers. My experience was, if they choose, dealers can adjust the car price and fees in order to meet the final price (drive off) offer. I saw this several times when they would write up a contract at a higher price, tear it up and come back with a contract to meet a lower offer.
  • lozroycelozroyce Posts: 4
    my wife & I are trying to get a new fit, and just found out about the voucher how long does the process take and how difficult is it to recieve the voucher for air texas..thanks any information would be very helpful
  • lozroycelozroyce Posts: 4
    i did go to it and have filled out the application. But was wanting to talk to someone that has gone through the process..I need to get a new car asap..
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 440
    I just purchased my 08 Fit Sport (Milano Red)....what a pleasant expirience it was....I am in NJ....the price I got from DCH Paramus Honda was unbeatable...other said it could be done but DCH did...
    Honda Fit Sport 5AT sticker was $16,705 (including dest of $635). This is the price of the car alone...I got it for $16,000.00...(including $635 destination). Nobody around could or would do that number.

    Then I got taxes (in NJ 7%) plus in NJ you pay $1.50 x 4 for tire disposal..I know the car is new but that is how the state makes more doc fee was $199.00 (reasonable considering others want up to $400) and then registration for $ years $232.00 ( another NJ trick to get their hands on more money quickly).
    I am getting Honda's mats and cargo cover over the internet for almost 50% off the dealer's price.
    All in all I am satified with the selling process,which was done over emails..
  • scotty99scotty99 Posts: 9
    I did a bit better than that. Black on black 5AT Sport for $15,623, including destination. The full order:

    Price (incl. dest): $15,623
    Tax: $1093
    Tire fee: $7.50
    Registration: $234
    Doc: $289

    Total: $17,247

    Planet Honda in Union, NJ. If you're going to shop there, PM me, I'll share the referral cash with you.
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 440
    Thanks for the offer but I just got mine (red) Thrsday....and you DID much better than I...(don't be shy about mine was $16000 including destination of $635...and yours was $15623...that is over $300 less...congrats you did great....Honda dealers have the habit of quoting prices without including the dest fee ($635)..and I found that invoice price on the Sport (including dest fee) is $15448..when I was quoted at all 3 Bergen county delaers they quoted a price without the dest fee which one has to add to that figure..all the cars that I previously bought through the years (Fords, Toyotas etc) the price and the negotiations as well, always included the dest fee...(after all that is how the MSRP sticker reads with a total at the end and the price that one negotiates on),so you actually got the car for about $175 above their invoice (full price including dest)...and I actually paid about $475 above invoice.(also including dest) did really in Bergen county none of the 2 other dealers would come even close to my figures at DCH HOnda in Paramus and to be honest I did not feel like traveling out of the county,so all in all I did fairly well and lets not forget that the FIT is still a hot selling car and only a few dealers have decent selections and quatities...and you did VERY well!!!.
  • vbnsmanvbnsman Posts: 15
    I paid $17240 OTD on a 5AT Sport in SW Hou TX. About $40 more for the vehicle than svofan2. But I did get Lifetime oil changes as long as I own the car. :P
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 440 did well also... I guess the next time I buy a Honfda I will have to go to the great state of are the second person that did this well...good luck...I guess after driving this little beast for 2 days we got a hot number in our hands for the money that we are paying,specially when you compare the Fit to the competition...
  • cargo1cargo1 Posts: 9
    Anybody here has bought the Fit through a dealer in Costco car buying program and can share the price and experience? Thanks.
  • wgewge Posts: 16
    After giving up on trying to buy a Prius, I got a base FIT with the manual transmission for $14,325 including destination charges. Final out the door was $15,186 with a trade on a '90 Caravan with 150 k miles which was valued at about $635. The FIT was over $10,000 less than what I could have gotten a Prius for and I calculated the price differential would take about 35 years to make up based on our annual mileage and the Prius vs. FIT fuel mileage. Interior room and utility is much better with the FIT and it is certainly much more fun to drive than the Prius. First tank of gas yielded about 39 mpg. The folks at the Toyota place were not straightforward; the Honda folks were direct and honest. Plus, I think I'll be able to work on this thing whereas it would have been a question with the Prius.
  • scotty99scotty99 Posts: 9
    So, some additional developments:

    The offer I had originally for a Fit Sport 5AT (15,623 including dest, excl. taxes/fees) was for a vehicle still in transit - not yet at the dealer. I sold my old car faster than I thought, and brought my buy order to another dealer who had a purple sport 5AT on the lot. Over the phone, they said they could match person, the manager couldn't...said his price paid, including holdback, was 15,800 and showed me the actual invoice showing costs and holdback. He offered 3 free oil changes (worth about $120). That was close enough for me, plus that dealer has loaner cars and the original dealer did not.

    So, I purchased the car and drove it home. Total cash price, including taxes and fees, was $17,176.07. wouldn't budge on doc fee of $269 (lower than $289 at first dealer)...and I really liked the purple...
  • I tried the Costco program, but the Honda dealer is quoting MSRP. This is in Frisco, TX. Out-the-door is 17,900 for a Fit Sport with Auto. Apparently they can only sell with an add-on called EPP or something that retails for 599 which he is giving for "free". After reading through the prices people are paying here, I'm going to decline his generous *sarcasm* offer.
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 440 are right...I believe that the CSCO thing is a gimmick...besides others in TX have much better...good luck...
  • vbnsman what dealer in Houston?
  • fitisgofitisgo Posts: 40
    I have bought 2 new 08 Fit Sport 5AT cars in last 4 months. Both time I tried both the Costco & Sam's Club car buying programs (online) and got the response that there was not a Honda dealer in the Omaha, NE area that participates (there are 3 Honda dealers in this area). So depending on where you live, it seems there may or may not be participating dealers. I did not let this deter me. On a vehicle with an MSRP incl freight of $16,705, I paid $16,323 ($200 over invoice) for the first one at Williamson Honda in Lincoln, NE (50 miles away) and $16,167 ($43 over invoice) on the second at O'Daniel Honda in Omaha.
  • fitisgo-
    I am currently researching the purchase of a 2008 Fit Automatic base model. I have sent emails out to five dealers in Nebraska. Not sure if I missed any. Here is where I've sent them:
    Williamson Honda in Lincoln
    O'Daniel Honda in Omaha
    Superior Honda in Omaha
    Cornhusker Toyota & Honda in Grand Island
    Bellevue Honda

    Any other info you can give me about their prices/fees would be extremely helpful for comparison/bargaining purposes.
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