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Honda Fit Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • wgewge Posts: 16
    We bought our first Fit three months ago. It is a Tidewater Blue base 5-speed manual. We paid, excluding taxes, title, etc., $14,385, $200 below MSRP. It included mud guards in the price. My wife and I just purchased a second Fit, a Milano Red base 5-speed manual with no accessories from a different dealership for $14,585 which was MSRP at the time we put down a deposit a month ago. The dealership where we got our first Fit wanted $14,850 for another so we shopped around. We dealt with the internet sales staff for this second purchase and they did a great job in communication, keeping me informed as to VIN and progress in the car's travel from Japan to Tennessee. I see now that Edmund's lists MSRP for this car at $14,620 which is the TMV price and which appears to be due to an increase in destination charges from the previous $635 to $670 with the base price of $13,950. So, perhaps I got the second car for a little below MSRP as well. So far my experiences with both Honda dealerships have been very positive and I think I have paid fair market prices for the two Fits.
  • klisselklissel Posts: 10
    Just wondering how much the 2009 fits will go up in price. I am guessing 2 - 3%. Does anyone know, generally speaking, what percent it will increase? :confuse:
  • fitdrivrfitdrivr Posts: 1
    I did a ton of research before buying my 08 Fit Sport (just tonight!) and was told the 09's would increase by 2% and should begin shipping in August. I decided not to wait because I didn't like the design changes in the 09.
  • Has anyone actually purchased a Fit with Costco pricing? I tried to sign up on the Costco website for this program and got a message saying that Costco doesn't do pricing for the Honda Fit. It looks like others have gotten pricing though. I'm confused.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,593
    Some cars that are in short supply can be excluded.

    With the tiny margin in a Fit, the dealers don't have much to give.
  • Recently bought an '08 Fit Sport a/t for $15,700 plus tax/tags/title/doc from Autosport Honda, Bridgewater NJ. Very pleasant, low-pressure shopping experience, from email quote to purchase. Would recommend this shop to anyone in central NJ (though they don't seem to have too many Fits coming in). Seems some below-MSRP deals are still out there to be had despite the constrained supply of Fits.
  • Thanks! Just found out that Sam's Club also has an auto buying program and will get a quote through them instead.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,593 paid 422.00 below invoice on a car we can't keep in stock!

    "they don't seem to have too many"

    I would think not when they are willing to lose money on them!
  • Sorry, should have noted that price excluded the $635 destination as well. Not so ridiculously low, but still a decent deal.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,593
    Well, that makes a little more sense.

    I just have to wonder why they would feel the need to do that?

    Did you have a trade in?
  • No trade, cash purchase. This was an email quote from earlier in the month, and then I waited for them to get one in the right color. It seems to me like Fits have been a little easier to come by in NY/NJ recently than some other parts of the country. Perhaps this just beat the current rush of gas-price-driven demand, but it doesn't seem too far out of line with earlier reports here.
  • bizybeebizybee Posts: 1
    I bought the Storm Silver AT Fit (basic) on Memorial Day weekend. Paid a smidge below msrp. Hated the dealership. I gave them bad ratings. My sales guy who wasn't even there for the whole transaction (he went off to meet other customers) begged me to give him a 5 star rating. He even called me 3 days later and begged again. He said he'd get a bonus. NO WAY!!! Anyway, I started to think that I made a mistake on getting the Basic instead of the Sport. But I think I'm okay now. I just bought new 14" rims ($300).. new window tint ($100)... set of 4 floor mats ($20 from pepboys) and am going to buy a keyless remote... ($100 installed).

    So I feel better now and my car looks sporty!!! :-D And it's only $520 out of pocket. I could live without fog lights. (not much fog in so. calif.)... the rear spoiler... and cruise control. So all and all... I feel like I'm ahead. Plus I got the 2.9% rate from honda for 5 years. YAY!!

    I just got on kbb to price out my Fit on KBB. It has 1200 miles on it so far. Checked Used Car retail value... and it's at $18,105!!!! For a Basic AT!!!! OMG!! So that really says something. Because you all know it's MSRP is aroung $14K - $15K for Basic model. COOL!!!! :-P
  • 2008 sport with auto, vivid blue.

    Paid msrp+ freight = 16705.

    plus 160$ processing fee and tax/tags.

    Was able to work it out over the phone.

    I GOT THE LAST SPORT AUTO (and it was vivid blue!) WITHIN 4 DEALERS, in central Va.

    Rule Honda Staution Va.

    It was getting to the point where you have to order an 2009.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,593
    "It was Vivid Blue"

    So, what color is it now? ;)
  • Purchased a Fit Sport in late April 08 for $16200, including delivery/transportation charge (they do add a $250 documentation fee - which they are up front on), from Honda East in Cincinnatti. I negotiated via the internet with several dealerships (first time doing it that way) and found it to be very easy and way less stressful than negotiating with sales people at the dealership. After agreeing to the price with Honda East I just went to the dealership and with absolutely no hassle whatsoever I was out of there in a couple hours. I would buy from these guys again...though, would still compete their price with other dealerships. I did talk to a Honda East rep yesterday (3 July) and the demand is such that they aren't selling below MSRP at this time.
  • watsacwatsac Posts: 49
    6 things you should never say to a car salesman

    Phil Reed, consumer advice editor at - e
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Great article there. Just sent it to my daughter so she can read it before we get serious with her new car purchase. She also wants to lease her 1st car, which for her might be a good choice as she only wants the econoboxes we've been looking at for a few years. She thinks that once she gets a full time job, she'll want a nicer car and since she'll be fitting the bill for that one, told her to go for it. The 1st one's on us and we have a $15k budget to work with. She really wants a Mini Cooper, but I'm not springing for's a nicer car than me and the wife drive!

    The Sandman :)
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,733
    Actually, her instincts are pretty correct here. A base model Mini, because it is small, frugal(gas crunch and all), and limited production - already maxed out at the ONE factory that makes them - they depreciate an actual $1K per year if you decide to sell it later privately.

    Eg: 18K for a new base Mini - manual transmission(she can learn - tons of pluses here as well, plus it's nearly impossible to do distracting things like put on makeup and eat while driving stick) - It depreciates about $1K the first year(technically 2K since you are also paying tax and first time registration, much like a motorcycle has various fees new that aren't there used)

    35+ mpg, cute, and holds its value well. Obviously you don't lease this car. I'd say if she can cough up the $3K for the difference, she can get a base model with maybe 1-2 small options.

    Or go cheap - get her a two year old Pontiac Grand Prix for $9500 or so. It's big, safe, and gets about 25mpg combined(29-30 highway). GM vehicles are the best models used right now as they mechanically are decent but they depreciate like a rock. Let some other person eat the initial 40% depreciation. Two months is the optimal time here as the 2009 models come out and that means that the 2007 models will be two years old. 2007 was the start of GM's 100K drivetrain warranty)
  • Hey Sandman,

    I am no expert and have no interest in one name plate or another, I am just a teacher...But, I will say that whatever reliability ratings I found when I was looking around last year for a car were unfavorable for the Mini Cooper. This was very upsetting to me. I would like to believe it is not true but I found enough to get me away from this very adorable car. So then, please dig deep in your research to cover your bases. I cannot remember where I looked but probably I wound up on a number of sites like discussion boards, perhaps I might have looked at consumer affairs, consumer complaints..I wish I could remember but you know when you are looking around for info you just keep searching and get lost in cyber space!

    As a teacher, The Fit works for me due to being able to put all sorts of stuff in the car easily to transport and people seem to envy me but I would love more plush seats and map lights....But I do like driving a small car.

    Anyhow, I will agree with your daughter for wanting a mini b/c there is nothing cuter!

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,822
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