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Honda Fit Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • sunrise52sunrise52 Posts: 3
    I recently took delivery of an 08 Fit Sport manual for $15,600 including doc fee of $100, plus taxes, wheel locks for $99 and license/title fees. Drove off the lot for $16,400 and I expect some cash back, possibly $100 or more, on the license/title fees because I bought from a Maryland dealer but registered the car in another state with lower fees where I also have a home. I used Consumer Reports (we're subscribers) and Edmunds as guides in negotiating my price, and that helped.

    The dealer was Criswell Honda in Germanton, Maryland. I started via the Internet and continued with the deal in person and over the phone. When he could not find a car on hand nearby in an acceptable color, the salesman reserved one of the last 08 Sport manual cars his dealership expected from the factory. It took about three and a half weeks for the Milano Red Fit Sport to arrive but I was in no hurry and didn't mind.

    One other dealer was more than a thousand dollars higher and wouldn't budge, larding the price with an $873 destination charge and a $400 doc fee. All I can say is, look out for this sort of thing. The saleswoman was at least up front, admitting her boss simply adjusted the fees up as customers negotiated the price down. "We're not giving away anything on Fits and Civics right now," she said. Other dealers wouldn't come down below $16,200 before fees and taxes. And they were a bit rude to boot. The people at Criswell were polite and fair, even though they knew they had a hot product on their hands. Because of this, they got my business and probably will again.

    I've driven the car 200 miles and am very pleased so far with the construction quality, roadholding, steering, braking, and economy. The ride can be a little choppy on some roads. The shift linkage is fantastic. The Fit is commendably quiet for a small, inexpensive car, and amazingly roomy. The back seat really does accommodate adults -- it's better than the Civic's. I've bought an after-market dead pedal from Zeta but haven't installed it yet. Maybe tomorrow. The gas pedal is a little close and there's nothing to be done about it. I'll need to put a pad on the seat to make the cushion more comfortable for me. That will come from AutoZone, but I'm very slim and have had to tinker with seat padding on nearly all my cars, so no big complaint there. The retaining hooks for the all-weather floor mats were a bit of a pain to install as I'd heard, but not impossible; I just did that this afternoon. I also bought an after-market center armrest with storage compartment for about $50 via eBay and installed it in five minutes flat. It's great.

    Most of the driving so far has been in the city, and even with that, the car appears to be averaging more than 30 miles per gallon on its first tankful. I know it'll do even better on my first highway trip next week.
  • mechosmechos Posts: 2
    Price: $15,663 + $670 (Destination) + NJ Tax + $254 (DMV charges) + $199 (Documentation)

    Total: $17936.81

    Hope it helps someone!
  • I really liked it. I went down to Goudy Honda in Alhambra. The base model was going for 17K+! Can anyone recommend a good dealer in S. CA or a way to go about getting a better price? I know they are in demand right now so I may wait.....
  • amethisteamethiste Posts: 28
    I got the following quote for a 2008 Fit Sport AT in BBP from Norris Honda in Dundalk, Maryland

    $15,870 - vehicle
    $670 - destination
    $99 - processing
    $998.34- taxes **6% PLUS TRADE IN TAX CREDIT!!!!
    $237 - new tags, title, registration
    Total on the road price $17,874.34

    I'm picking it up on Saturday. :D
  • orangebkorangebk Posts: 1
    I took delivery on July 11, 2008, from Pohanka Honda of Fredericksburg, arrived at dealership on July 10, 2008...had 3 miles on the odometer when I drove it very first car (which I still own) was a 1966 Ford Mustang in Candyapple Red purchased new in 1966...finally I've come full circle back to red and I have to say it's a very attractive car...I have another auto in burgundy and it's an elegant color but it's nice to have red again for sure.

    $15,951 Vehicle & Destination
    $0 Processing/Documentation Fee
    $0 Dealer's Business License Tax
    $12 Temporary Tag

    $15,963 Total (This is the amount of the check that I wrote to the dealership)

    The car came with wheel locks installed by the dealer and is included in the above amount...a pleasant surprise I might add...I will take care of all DMV costs myself directly at a DMV office...there was no trade-in...also no extended warranty, no tire-wheel extra warranty, no window etching, and no paint sealant add-ons...I'll take my chances...the entire deal was negotiated by email as the result of my request for dealer quotes thru

    So far the car has exceeded all my hasn't reached 600 miles yet so it's still in "break-in" mode...I like the sport steering (it reminds me of a Mustang GT), the lack of interior noises/rattles, the ride (better than a Jeep Wrangler by a long shot and not quite up to Mercedes standards) and then there's that new car smell...have never owned a 5-speed automatic before & find it shifting up /down on our central Virginia rural roads but if it gets the rated fuel economy I really don't care...I'll experiment with the paddle shifters after the break-in period has past.

  • bigelmobigelmo Posts: 1
    I just bought an Fit Sport AT model for $18000 OTD at Goudy Honda.
    Also, West Covina Honda in California gave me $15999 quote for the same car.
    Hope it helps
  • kagomekagome Posts: 1
    The forums here were so helpful when I was doing my car research that I really feel obligated to come back and share my final purchase price.

    I bought a new 2008 Honda Fit, AT, base model on July 26, 2008. I live in New Jersey, and I shopped around the area Honda dealerships before ultimately buying from DCH Paramus Honda. I would recommend the dealership to anyone looking to buy a car, and not just for the pricing. Anyway, I paid:

    $15,000 (vehicle + destination) + $1,050 (NJ sales tax) + $7.50 (tire tax) + $433 (registration, documentation, + dealer fees) = $16,490 OTD

    I hope someone finds this information helpful.

    Good luck and happy car hunting. =]
  • fit4life1fit4life1 Posts: 14
    I bought mine from a dealer and was forced to pay sticker price. I have bought cars before and was usually able to get them down 1000.00 or so. But this guy wouldn't budge. And based on the fact that 6 fits (their entire inventory) was sitting by the detail bay to be cleaned before their new owners picked them up, he would've just let me walk away cause someone else would've bought it.
  • igloomasterigloomaster Posts: 249
    Is it possible to still obtain a 2008 Fit, or are they most likely sold-out, only to be replenished with the 2009 model?
  • Inventory varies by area...they have them in stock in the Atlanta area. You can usually search the dealerhip's inventory online. I would rather wait for the 09 but that's just me. Honda has that little guy on TV saying it is time to make a deal now so in Atlanta, they might give a little off sticker, just depends on how the dealership is doing at the time you want to buy a car...
  • igloomasterigloomaster Posts: 249
    well, just got back from the dealer. bought an '08 base Fit, manual. they don't have a single one left on the lot, so they are 'locating' one for me. should know more by tomorrow. paid under msrp, and they gave me a great deal on my trade-in. very happy so far.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,355
    You weren't "forced". You didn't have to buy it.

    There is about 500.00 profit in those when sold at MSRP so getting 1000.00 off would be pretty unlikely.

    At this point, I think we have maybe six Fits left, four of these are the lease desirable base models with five speeds.

    There are none in the pipeline so it'll be two months before we see any more and they will be 2009's.

    Your part of the country may vary...this is very frustrating to say the least.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,355
    I wish you well on that locate.

    Unless they happen to have a Sport Automatic to trade, it's pretty unlikely another store will give one up.

    Good Luck!
  • fit4life1fit4life1 Posts: 14
    I actually didn't want the sport anyway. I put on my own aftermarket spoiler, fog lights, wheels, exhaust system, and sound system. Soon, I'll be throwing on a body kit. So, basically, a sport would've been a waste of money for me. I think what irritated me was that the 08 sport was only a couple hundred more than the 07 base which is what I bought. granted, It only had 2800 miles on it.
  • igloomasterigloomaster Posts: 249
    You're right, it's highly unlikely that another dealer is willing to give one up. I'm getting mine new off the boat, likely the last '08 vase sitting at the port, waiting to be trucked to the dealer. ETA next week.
  • madams1madams1 Posts: 101
    My wife just got her 2008 Blaze Orange automatic fit. We too had to wait on a shipment and paid MSRP. I did insist that they not add on anything, scotchgard, mats, etc. Plan to add the armrest, either the JDM whole console or the one from an Italian company(Woods company) that also is adjustable. Waiting for a quote from them or a location here in the States. It has to be adjustable since my wife has the seat really close to the steering wheel.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,355
    Looks good and not expensive either.

    Maybe Honda will add these in the 2009's ?
  • Personally, I don't need an arm rest. It's anybody that rides with me that complains about it. But, since it is inexpensive, i will get it.
  • madams1madams1 Posts: 101
    I looked at that one along with several others. It is adjustable up and down, but the top of the armrest on that one does not move forward. For someone that has the seat almost all of the way to the front you would not have enough of the armrest exposed to put your arm on. This is the armrest that I am considering if they will reply to my email.
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