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Honda Fit Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • patl4patl4 Posts: 5
    I've left pricing comments in 1-2 other categories here about my Nov. purchase of a 2015 Fit EX. Using the AAA/TrueCar discount program I had one dealership offer OTD price of $20,197 knocking off the add-ons prices that could reach $1078. Dealer #2 offered to help find my Blue color and gave me $20,000 OTD. And that did include most of the add-on items. I'm in Florida with 7% tax...The Blue color was nearly impossible to find in the EX model. Any on order were weeks behind the delivery schedule. Dealer #2 got a call from another dealer needing one of their cars and that dealer had the Blue EX that I had waited weeks to locate.
    It's now the end of April '15 and its running great, getting excellent gas mileage (35+mpg, my #'s) (36+mpg on the dash), with many trips hitting well into the 40's and some at 50mpg.
    My only complaint may be with the brakes. When at a complete stop, it seems that the slightest release of pressure off of the brake pedal, the car moves forward. I have never had that happen before in 40 yrs of driving.
    Besides that, I love the sunroof and the modern electronics, some I may never get to use. Cargo room is excellent. My medium size drum-set fit with room to spare. And nearly double mpg from my 1997 CR-V, that's now owned by my next door neighbor. Finally, I bought the 8 yr Honda warranty (on top of $20K) which ended up a little cheaper than AAA's, where my last extended warranty came from.
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