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Honda Fit Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • Seeking prices for a 2009 Fit Sport MT. MSRP is $16730 incl dest.

    The best offer I have received is $16,683, inclusive of all fees, but NOT including taxes. I have a small handful of offers within a few hundred $$$ of this price.

    It would appear that a few dealers in my area (Alabama) are willing to accept a couple hundred dollars below MSRP, fees included. Most of the dealers will not go below MSRP plus their fees (~$17,000 or more).

    MT's are hard to come by, too. I have only found one dealer that had an MT Sport in stock. Luckily, it was in my hometown and I was able to test drive it Saturday. I plan to go for best and final offers from the lowest bidders this week and close by Oct. 31st. Out-the-door should be ~$17,300 or less.

    Will update as things progress.
  • Hi, can you tell me which dealer you purchase your Fit Sport Automatic at MSRP price? I plan to purchase the same vehicle and don't want to pay anything above MSRP price.

  • i ordered my 09 fit sport in storm silver metallic from a dealer in northeast ohio. to be clear, i did not "deposit" on a car, i actually special ordered it from the factory just for me. I placed the order on sept 27, 2008, and picked it up exactly one month later with 2 miles on the odo. I also deposited $500 when i placed the order, which is a pretty standard dep amount.
    before i ordered the car, i requested quotes from several area honda stores and told them that i was doing so. since a honda's a honda, i decided that i'd buy from whichever was the cheapest, but i wasn't gonna pay over msrp, as many buyers were doing. the lowest quote was from the furthest dealer. i really wanted to stay closer to home, so i went back to the closest dealer and asked them to meet the lowest price and the did and i ordered the car from them.
    i paid $18100 otd for my sport manual, including armrest and floormats installed, which is about $100 below msrp. personally, i only deal in bottom line out the door prices. so when you're requesting quotes, it's a good idea to ask for an otd price (incl all fees and taxes), so you can compare apples to apples. also, get it in writing and ask how long the quote is good for, so that when you go back to place order, there won't be any surprises.

    hope this helps!

  • paid invoice instead of msrp for 2009 auto fit sport (msrp: $17,580, i paid $16,980) in chicago. :)
  • i think its important for everyone to be sure that they are using their TOTAL price paid when showing prices on here. i think we all know how creative dealers can be with fees to make it seem as though your getting a good deal. so in order for us all to be on the same page, please include ALL fees that you paid as well as the cost of your 2009 fit. taxes are a bit tricky, since every municipality has a different tax rate. the best way to deal with that is probably to list everything itemized. my car was purchased at classic honda in streetsboro, oh. it's a 2009 fit sport manual w/ armrest and flr mats in storm metallic. these are the numbers directly from my invoice...

    09 fit spt manual w/ armrest & flr mats.....16800
    doc fees................................................200
    license plate fee.....................................25
    TOTAL out the door................................18117
  • mappomappo Posts: 12
    Driver's armrest is a standard feature on the Fit Sport, isn't it?
  • there is a larger armrest with storage that's available as an accessory ($240).
  • Hi my name is chris and I live in Chicago and am shopping for a Fit. Could you tell me the dealer you purchased from? I have gotten the same price from three dealers, 16,020 for a fit base with automatic. I have my own financing and no car to trade. Yours sounds like an excellent deal. If I could get the sport with auto for 16,980 I think I would go the extra cash.
  • i got it from mcgrath in the city. i don't think they would normally give you this price, you have to go in at the right time. i went at the end of the month and they are trying to meet their quota so they are more willing to negotiate. also, i was not in a hurry to get a car and my attitude is that i will buy a fit, but only at a price i want to pay. i got quotes from over 10 dealers, so i know when i get a good price.

    to someone who asked about if there are any extra cost. there isn't. it's pretty straight forward, i got it at the invoice price with all the normal taxes and fees.
  • The Honda website says that the armrest accessory can only be had with an automatic transmission. Was your dealer flexible on this?
  • to save $$, i installed it myself, but the dealer was more than willing to install it. in fact, they told me that the installation would be guaranteed if i let them do it, so i wish i'd gone that route. honda's site definitely forbids it, but i'm sure some dealers will do it anyway, to make the money. in any case, the armrest does not interfere with the shifter in any way what-so-ever.

  • I paid MSRP for mine. It took me a while just to find a dealer in Southeast MI that had one on the lot that wasn't spoken for so my wife could give it a test drive. I had to put down a $400 deposit. With taxes, a plate and all other fees it was around $18,800. No dealers I talked to would budge on MSRP price. I feel like I'm getting value so I'm not too bummed.

    We needed a third vehicle for my wife to use for work. She has a home health care job and drives about 400-600 miles a week. I wasn't going to put those miles on our other cars (08 Toyota Highlander Sport and an 07 VW Eos whose lease is up in March of 2010). We wanted a car that was reliable, fuel efficient, had enough room for her equipment and had good resale value. I think we found the right car. We looked at the Civic but she liked the Fit better.

    I talked to my dealer today and they said our Fit should be in early next week. My wife is excited. :D
  • Dear Friends,
    Within a couple of weeks I want to buy a Fit in Phoenix or Yuma, Arizona. Can anyone recommend a decent dealer in either of these areas or other suggestions? (Or warnings about dealers I should stay away from?)

    Thanks all,
  • I am looking to purchase a new Fit this weekend. It will be the Sport model with out the navigation package.
    The dealer (here in Los Angeles, Ca) has the sticker price at 19,800$. I was wondering how low should I go in my negotiating. I will be putting 5000$ down and I have a loan at 5.61% already to go. Also getting quotes from other dealers in the area.
    Any advice would be helpful. Thank you.
  • i think that's way too much. many dealers are just gouging people on this car, plain and simple. i paid $18100 out the door on my '09 fit sport manual, including floor mats and armrest installed...and 6.5% taxes. i assume you're looking at automatic, with no accessories. if this is true, your price should be less than $19000, provided that your tax rate is comparable to mine. anything more and you're being gouged. people must stop paying over msrp for this car!

    see my post from a couple weeks ago showing the COMPLETE breakdown of what i paid for my fit here in ohio.

  • jaxx1jaxx1 Posts: 3
    Hey guys,

    could you please help me out with this deal I did not find a thread were I could put it in.

    I have an 07 Fit Sport (26.000 miles), black. I brought it to a honda dealer to trade it in and they would give me 12.0000 for it. For the new 09 fit sport they want an additional $5000. Is that a good deal?

    Thank you!

  • Yeah, I bought mine at mcgrath in Chicago too. The difference between invoice and MSRP is minimal on the Fit. For my '09 Sport AT, it was around $19,300 out the door, with tax, plates, etc. I did get the all-weather mats thrown in if it matters....
  • bdouglas1

    If you haven't done so already, I'd recommend trying to get a quote via the Honda internet site. This will likely achieve two things. First, it gets you out of the having to deal with the lot sales staff and into dealing with the internet sales staff. Second, I've purchased two Prius' (and '04 and an '05, both brand new) and a '09 Fit Sport MT this way and never paid over MSRP. For whatever reason, the internet staff quotes you a price and then probably knows that if they try to gouge you, you'll shop the quote. By asking for a quote rather than asking them to negotiate, you're telling them that you're willing to shop around.
  • rlh2rlh2 Posts: 11
    PowerHonda in Valencia. MSRP without markups or unwanted extras.
  • No one is getting gouged. Customers can simply pass on the deal.
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