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Honda Fit Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • if you are looking at buying 2009 sport model auto, then MSRP is $17,580 without optional items thrown in. $19,800 sounds really high even if they throw all optionals in. you can check out the honda website for MSRP price.
  • the difference between MSRP and invoice is about $600. you can get all-weather mats for honda fit on line for under $100. i didn't really care if i have mats with honda fit embossed since it's just mats, so i bought generic all weather mats from an auto shop for $24. also, if you want to buy honda fit accessories, buy them online, a lot cheaper than from the dealership!
  • right here in this forum are plenty of examples of people paying over msrp. call it whatever you want, but many people are paying dealer marked up prices on '09 fits...and that's bad for all consumers!
  • i agree 100%!
    i've purchased my last 4 cars this way, including my most recent, an '09 honda fit sport 5-spd manual. seeking quotes online simplifies the process and gets you the best price, without a doubt. also keep in mind that you can request quotes from multiple dealers too.
  • honda plans to export 80,000 fits to north american for the'09 model year. i don't know how many north american dealers they have, but i am certain that it's significantly less than 40,000!

    not only did this salesman lie, but your friend should be ashamed for blindly believing a car salesman. i've never met a car salesman that i trusted...period!
  • If party A sells for whatever over MSRP and party B agrees to the terms, how is that bad? There is no force involved. Does someone HAVE to buy a Fit?

    Remember, MSRP stand for Manufactures SUGGESTED retail price. I dont see dealers complaining that they got ripped off when someone bought a car under MSRP.

    My dealership has never added markup's or unwanted accessories to any Fit. However, if a dealer does mark it up and people continue to buy them, the dealers will continue to mark them up. If no one buys them at inflated prices, dealer wont add mark up's. The market will always set price. Econ 101. :)
  • Point he was trying to make is that consumers have a choice pay the price or just walk away. As long as people are willing to pay that price dealers will sell it for that price.
  • yeah i get it, but lets face it, mots buyers don't do their homework, so many times they're not even aware that they're paying too much. they actually trust their sales person.

    my point is that it would be nice if dealers would not be greedy and simply sell these cars for what the manufacturer says they're worth. each time someone pays over msrp, it becomes harder for the rest of us to get a good deal. that's all i'm saying.
  • look, all i'm saying is that anyone who pays over msrp is a fool. it is my belief that this makes it harder for others to walk into a dealer and simply buy a car at msrp or less.
  • I thoroughly researched vehicles over the summer and concluded that for me the '09 Honda Fit Sport AT was the best bang for the buck. On, I was told that to get this car at invoice at that time was a good deal. After more research, I agreed and bought my Fit at MSRP (with the all-season mats). I am happy beyond words with this purchase. Those of you quibbling over a couple hundred dollars may want to reconsider the Honda reliability factor. Years ago, instead of buying a CRV, I opted for a cheaper replicant. Ouch: thousands of dollars later, to this day, I regret this decision. When I bought the Fit, gas was double what it is now; thus, some currently argue that they can get a more substantial vehicle instead of scaling down to such an econobox. OK, do this. I project that after the election the price of gas will soar. Regardless, I actually look forward to driving my Fit daily; it remains one of my best "investments."
  • tiff_ctiff_c Posts: 531
    Yes it finally arrived today. Cost to me was $0 as I traded in my 2008 Honda Civic Si in for it. So it was a wash. The dealer gave me an even swap. My Si had 11,700 miles on it.
    No Floor mats, nothing extra but a 2009 Fit Sport Auto, so overall I'm pleased. :D
  • I'm in socal and I've been shopping for a fit for a couple of days and I was wondering what you guys from Socal thought about this offer for a new 09 fit sport manual. I've got him down to this. I'm in SD. I've heard I can get better deals in OC or LA or riverside county at Penske Honda but it is a major pain getting up there for me. This is my best offer from a SD dealer. Yea or Nay??

    Selling Price 16,318.00
    Documentation fee 55.00
    CA License fee 182.00
    CA Tire fee 8.75
    CA Electronic filing fee 28.00
    CA Sales Tax (7.75%) 1268.91
    Total OTD Price $17,860.66
  • My wife and I picked up the Fit yesterday. We did pay MSRP but the dealer gave us the floor mats and 3 free oil changes. The bottom line is this is the best vehicle for us and the price was reasonable to me ($18,900 O.T.D).

    We put about 70 miles on it yesterday. We both took turns driving it as we did our errands. I thought it did very well in city traffic. It didn't feel underpowered at all to me. It was smooth and a pleasure to drive. It has a really comfortable driving position. We took advantage of the magic seats while shopping and we thought they were sweet. We look forward to having our Fit for years to come.

    Good times..... :)
  • i think this is an excellent price on a '09 fit sport manual. this is the same model i purchased, but with armrest and floor mats for $18100 OTD. good deal!
  • been shopping and have a quote for 15682 plus 120 doc fees plus tax for this model, includes 3 oil changes and free washes. New, less than 10 miles, tidewater blue. Could I do better?
  • That sounds pretty good. What part of the country are you in?
  • Erie PA dealership. Went ahead and purchased it yesterday- they said they had never sold one for this low a price, but did it because of end of month volume and having some manuals in stock and to get us as customers, We were going to buy another Scion -have a 2005 XB- and used that as leverage in dealing.
  • Shenor,

    My 07 Fit is going to be totaled this week. can you tell me how much they gave you for it?

    One person posted on fit freaks that he got a check for more than 19,000!!! I am praying to get enough to cover a new FIT so I am eager to hear about your experience,

  • I am trying to catch up with the 09 Fit Sport MSRP and I found a couple of places that noted the MSRP to be 16,060 and with dest. charge 16730 but everyone seems to be saying MSRP is 17500...I am a bit confused about all this and I am wondering why I am finding this type of discrepancy....

    Both prices are for the automatic sport...

    my fit might be totaled this week it is an 07....

    thanks! :confuse:
  • I also live in SoCal, to be specific I live in SD. I purchased my vehicle from dch honda of lemon grove, I felt very happy with the deal I got, seeing as its my first car purchase from a dealer. This is a 2009 Honda Fit base model (Manual Transmission)

    Selling Price: 15083.05
    Documentation Fee: 55.00
    Sales Tax :1173.20
    License Fee: 98.00
    Registration/transfer/titling fee: 82.00
    CA Tire Fees: 8.75
    Total OTD Price: 16500

    Dont Give up and keep negotiating.

    P.S. The lowest estimate I recieved was at Pacific Honda in Clairemont for 16300.00 OTD. Strangley enough they didnt have my car they had "sold it just last night" ;)
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