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Honda Fit Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • $16,060 is for manual transmission without destination charge. auto transmission with destination charge is $17,580 MSRP. You can find the details at :
  • BUT got beat up a bit by the F&I guy and need to go back tomorrow for round 2:

    Basically I started at $17085 for a Storm Silver Metallic Fit Sport, even threw in the center console and they brought it to a Price of $18677

    OK So I put a combined $3300 down on the car and get a rate of 7.99% and end up with payments of $336 for 72 months....I was hoping for under $300...

    When asked about the Honda Care, I stated "no, thank you, my insurance with Geico offers what you would in your economy plan"...he said I would have to pay for the plan and since they were closing, I signed.

    What I did not realize until this morning over coffee and documents is that the $336 payment offered to me at the very beginning of negotiations already included $1865 for Honda Care....had I paid more attention I probably would have been at that $300 payment I so desired....

    So gang here is my question to those of you experienced (since this is my first new car):

    Can I cancel the Honda Care and redo the payment sheets to reflect a lower financed amount?

    if not what are my options at this point....I don't want to end up paying interest on a product I never wanted to begin with and a product they hid in the numbers to sell to me.

    I am going tomorrow and expect some games/resistance... can you give me any adivce?

    OH and to give a big heads up THE DEALERSHIP was Metro Honda in Jersey City, NJ, Route 440...not sure who the F&I guy was...Salesperson was as good as can be expected....
  • unfortunately, you've been had, but it's your own fault. i used to sell cars and the best advice i can give to consumers is...

    1) know EXACTLY what you want BEFORE you go shopping. this is easy enough to do with sites like edmunds out there.

    2) know EXACTLY what the car should cost BEFORE you go shopping (again, use sites like edmunds to help you)

    3) have a backbone...and don't be talked into anything you don't need or want! the burden is on YOU to make sure you're treated fairly.

    the fact is, most people just aren't comfortable being forceful and direct with car salespeople, so they walk in at a disadvantage. you need to go back and tell them that you never intended to buy any add-ons and that they must make it right and redo the loan. don't be afraid to be forceful...and don't take no for an answer. ask to deal directly with the dealership manager, if necessary. good luck!
  • I feel your pain. My wife hates the car buying process because I do lots of research and don't mind holding my own and even walking out if the terms don't fit MY needs. Couple of weeks ago I paid $644 for a 6 year 100,000 mile Honda Care Extended warranty on a Honda Pilot zero deductable. Night before last I paid $795 for the same plan on a Honda Fit. Both were good deals, but at different dealers.. Research will tell you that these plans are usually a waste of money, esp. on Honda's. (I just like the peace of mind.) I had made up other ground with my over valued trade on the Fit, and held my ground on the Pilot until magically a lower interest rate was available as a favor to me. (A scam, but I played along 'til the paperwork was signed. I have since COMPLAINED to the General Manager about their tactics. (The interest rate was finally down to what I knew I qualified for.) I got a couple of free oil changes out of my complaints.

    I don't know the time limits on undoing contracts, you might could use that. You could certainly cancel the policy and get a refund. (I got nearly $200 from the policy I had on the '05 Civic I traded for the Fit. Civic had 78,000 of the 100,000 mile policy.
  • And the F&I guy went into it with me that:

    1) The cancellation might adversely affect my rate since I am a tier 2 (720 credit score) customer and at his discretion he lowered my rate with the purchase of a 1950 Honda care warranty...

    2) I would not be able to buy this exact same plane further down the road and the coverage would not be as good.

    I was almost swayed but held my ground because times are tough and paying 7.99% on 2k over 5 years for a product I may never use didn't seem right.

    He said fine, I filled out my section of the cancellation request, he said he would put it in for me in the afternoon, told me that if they cancelled the $2k would go against the principal and that it may affect the rate/payment and he would call me to let me know

    is this last part true??? I was expecting the total financed amount to lower (from $19k to 17) and the monthly payment to lower as a result. Also are there any other tricks they may have up their sleeves I should be worried about? :confuse: ....I thank both posts earlier and hope that someone can continue to provide advice.
  • Last I heard, by federal law, you have THREE DAYS to cancel the whole deal.

    Which is exactly what I would do if I were you. Bring the car back, tell them you want your money back--and they have to take the car and give you your money back..

    Tell them why, too--tell them that it is because they were dishonest. Tell them that you will give Honda a documented letter explaining how disgusted you are with this dealership.

    And then LEAVE and don't ever go back. Try another dealership. Heck, try a different car.

    At this time of year, they WANT to sell, and it should be no trouble in this economy to find a car.
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Sorry to hear about what happened and felt the same kind of pressure 3 weeks ago when buying our daughters 1st car...they pushed us to buy everything in the closing room but we stuck to our guns and declined everything...politely. Felt a change in his attitude after that but hey, I'll never see this F&I guy again. Unless we buy the Elantra for our other daughter.
    When I bought my Civic back in '06, that guy was really high pressure and pushed the extended warranty. He got kinda flustered when I mentioned the supposed quality that Honda's are supposed to have so why buy the warranty. Also in Florida, we can't buy a warranty online so we get hosed on the price. So far, car's been great except for some warranty issues which have been taken care of very professionally.
    Good luck and hope it all works out!

    The Sandman :)
  • There is no 3 day right of recission on car deals..

    But, they can't change your rate based on whether you purchase an extended warranty, or not.. Actually, if they want to change your rate, that would be your opportunity to refuse to sign another contract and return the car.

    Since you just signed the contract yesterday, they should be willing to re-write it, without the warranty. But, if they won't, he is correct, the warranty amount will be sent to the bank, and that will shorten your term, but not change your payment. That's because you financed the warranty.

    You were right to go back and cancel the warranty.. the price was outrageous. You can buy the same warranty on-line for much less, and you have up to 6 months and 6000 miles to do so, before the price goes up.

    Sounds like a sleazy place to do business..

    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • I contacted several local dealers two weeks ago to inquire about pricing on the 09 Fit with Navi. All said they are selling at MSRP and would not go any lower. Two weeks later, four dealers are now willing to sell at invoice price and actually have numerous cars sitting on their lots that are unsold. I live in the Baltimore-Washington area of MD. I assume this is due to the slowdown in car sales. Anyone else buying at invoice price now?
  • The Omaha, NE, area has 3 Honda dealers. The 2008 models all sold out and there was a real shortage for a couple months, when the 2009s arrived. When the 09s first showed up, they were selling at MSRP and the dealers couldn't keep them in stock. Now that the national economic crisies has arrived, sales are way down, inventories on the lots are way up (cars that used to be sold before they rolled off the delivery truck are now sitting for days/weeks), and, I suspect, prices are back down to Invoice, which is about what I paid for my 08 Sport automatics in Dec 2007, Mar 2008, and Jun 2008. If you are a cash buyer (no financing or your own independent financing) with no trade, you are in a very good position to get a new 09 Fit for a great price.
  • the update:

    The F&I guy called late last night to tell me the "good news" that I could cancel the warranty and not affect the rate.

    just like you mentioned , the monthly payment will stay the same, a fact I confirmed with Honda care over the phone.

    However when I called Honda, they had no record of my vin...perhaps it is to soon so I will wait till monday to see.

    The F&I guy did request that I bring in 2 pay stubs and 4 references which makes no sense to me to ask for 2 days after the sale and a signed contract....what is his possible angle here? I will also wait till monday to give this to him so I can run it by you all and others to see if there is some possible harm in giving him this.

    i admit it was a shady place to do business and if i could do it again i would at the dealership my uncle got his 09 live and you learn i guess.

    now I am wondering what to do about the center console.....I ordered it and the price and installation is part of the financed amount....stupid I know, but I really wanted the center console...but its been a few days and I still haven't gotten a call about it....can and should I cancel it, have the amount refunded and order one online?
  • there is no 3 day return guarantee, but your rate CANNOT be changed! whatever rate your credit score qualifies you for is your rate, regardless of price or add-ons. as another poster suggested, if they persist on adjusting your rate up, you can cancel the entire deal...because that is fraud.
    this will work out for you, as long as you hold your own! do your thing!
  • I am just giving my two cents here but it sounds like the guy did not do his job if he did not have your pay stubs prior to closing this deal! Heck, I would go in and tell them you want a refund! I once returned a can be returned. It is not easy and I am not saying it can be done often or easily, but if you focus on something, frequently you can make it happen.

    You just need to find the the angle of what the injustice was and stay on it until you feel like you cannot fight anymore...I am now wondering if they had some computer program showing fake credit scores! I would look into this angle. I know credit scores can vary from the three agencies but still, did they tell you which agency they used? You could check with that agency (just pay for the report, it will be worth it) and find out what your score was that day. Who knows? You could crack open a huge case of them misleading the public with artificially deflated credit scores...there are so many games that can be tried out by a dishonest dealership. I do not believe most are dishonest, but the few dirty ones can be very dirty.

    This whole deal smells funny. It's not the price you paid that's the problem b/c we all learn from our is everything...the credit score discrepency, the throwing in of the warranty in a deceptive manner, etc etc..And you can cancel the armrest since they have not called you...Years ago I did that with's nuts, they take your money and it takes months to get the stuff!! Unreal!

    People say I am a bulldog b/c when someone wrongs me, I sacrafice a lot of my time, energy, and sanity to seek justice either by phone calls, letter writing, or small claims court. I have been known to sit in law libraries for days...This transaction is weighing on you and I think you need to look closely at each issue and work on it...The more you uncover, the better your case will be for returning the car but if you find that they lied about your credit, you would have them big time!

    Well, good luck and just remember that at the end of the day, the extra money you spent over the amount you would have liked to spend is not earth changing or life changing and it is valuable experience for the next deal. I am soooo much different now than I was years ago on my first car. It's very hard to find your voice in a dealership, which is why it is best to find a dealership who will agree to terms before you walk in....they want to sell cars, they can at least firm up a deal before you come...something that everyone can live with. This approach works but not with every dealership but you find one that it works with and you promise yourself you will walk right out if they try and change the terms...

    Anyway, take care, good luck, and seek justice if you have been wronged in any way. :mad:
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,349
    This old rumor keeps coming up.

    As the others have said there is no 3 day right of recession on cars.

    This applies to solicited sales such a door to door vacuum cleaner sales or a time share. Not cars,
  • I never said that there WAS a three day right of rescission on cars. I am saying that I have indeed returned a car in the past! People can choose to attempt to assert themselves and try to seek justice where there is injustice.

    And, in some states, you cannot even buy a car on the spot because there is a waiting period to allow people to change their minds so things to vary from state to state but that is really not the point here, I am just mentioning it.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,623
    And there are some dealers that have a stated return policy, e.g. one dealer group in my area has a five-day, 500 miles, no-questions-asked, 100% return policy on their cars. I think as the car market tightens further, we might see more of that kind of thing as dealers try to differentiate themselves.
  • Well, either the law has changed since 2007, or the 3-day thing is only the law in PA.

    When we bought our Kia last year, we were told by the dealer that the law was that we would be allowed to change our minds with in 3 days (72 hours). I assumed it was federal law, but I guess it was either state or city?
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,349
    It wasn't you that said that. It was taximom.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,349
    backy, are you sure it isn't an EXCHANGE program?

    Otherwise that program would be ripe for abuse!
  • Here in Atlanta there is a dealership that has a return policy like backy helps you buy with confidence...I do not think most people would return their cars b/c they probably fall in love with them. As for Honda, usually prices stay fairly high so it's not like someone can go from one Honda place with a return guarantee and find a cheaper deal somewhere else...In 07 when I shopped Team Nissan in Lithia Springs GA had that deal about returning and the Team Honda place might have had it too but I just cannot remember...

    Anyway, returning a car definitely varies from state to state and dealership to dealership....
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