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Honda Fit Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,682
    Lucky VINs? I know that people of Chinese heritage don't care for 4s in their house addresses. So maybe if someone plans to live in the car...
  • Hi all. I am new to this lunacy that is car buying....
    So I will probably be bugging you with some pretty simple questions. I hope you don't mind too much.

    First up. The term "Out the door". I am assuming that means the total out of pocket expense including everything but insurance. For instance it includes tax, tag title and any fees. Am I correct in assuming all that?
  • you are right. the OTD price is the TOTAL amount that you will pay to the car dealer.
  • Yep Out-The-Door (OTD) is the final price you pay after all state, local and dealer fee's.

    Since taxes and fee's differ from state to state, it best to post like this:

    2009 Honda Fit Sport
    $1748.00 Selling Price includes the destination charge
    +$1200.00 Sales tax
    +$350 Plates and reg
    +$100.00 Dealer Doc fee/processing fee
    =$19130.00 OTD

    By listing the itemizing your selling price and fee a guy half a country away can compair his selling price to your. He may have lower or no sales tax but a $599.00 dealer doc fee. So the real number to focus on is the SELLING price. :)
  • lausylausy Posts: 14
    As someone that works (I am assuming here) at a Honda dealer and should have been around many of them, can you honestly say there is no difference between a Japan built vs US built Accord? When you close the doors of both cars, the Japan built one just feels more solid. It's things like that that makes people prefer J cars vs 1 or 2 cars.
    I agree that 35 miles is nothing on a new car, but how that first 35 miles is put on can make a difference. Why would Honda put a break-in period section in their owner's manuals if it didn't matter? If that improper break-in is what leads to a possible future engine failure, I am the one that has to pay for the repairs, the salespeople in here that say it doesn't matter will never see a dime of repair costs because they mainly drive demos. I am not saying all people that test drive cars abuse them, but the ones that do are the ones I worry about are that put those initial miles on the car!
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,610
    This may have been true 40 years ago but with modern cars, there isn't much you can do to really hurt them. And, no, I don't have a demo.

    I have never been able to tell the slightest difference between US built, Canadian built or Japan built Hondas. It is a placebo effect yet I have run into a couple of people who swear the Japan built cars are somehow better.

    They are all the same, totally. I can't speak for the ones built in Mexico because we don't get any of these.
  • Just got a quote from a dealer in Wisconsin for a 2009 Fit Sport AT for $16,625 including destination in any color. Should I try to go lower ot take it.

    I'm trading in a CRV.

    Need advice, please help.

  • i got mine a week ago for $15790. you can try to get at least $16,000.

    and also why dont you sell your CRV privately? dealer will pay wholesale value which should at least $2000 less than private value.
  • Dear vagabondchef,
    was that 15790 OTD pricing?
  • I was offered a price for an 09 fit at 15,673 is this a good deal? I seem to think it is but my roomate thinks i should be asking for a lower price.

    Thanks in advance
  • klsh0303,

    Was that OTD? And what kind of 09? Sport, man? Sport, auto? Also what dealership?

    Was thinking Honda would be going lower given the numbers that have been coming out lately.
  • it was an automatic fit, not a sport addition
  • klsh0303

    Still you have not said if it is the price before the taxes and fees or the total out the door price. Nobody can give an opinion without that information but if it is BEFORE taxes and fees, I do not think it is a very good price...You should shoot for a sport if you can IMHO
  • yeah it is before tax and registration i will try to shoot for a lower one then
  • Hello I just left the dealer ship here with a firm price of !7,000 for a 09 Fit Sport with a couple of extra things plus $299 fee. I decided to walk away as I did not like the running back and forth to "the manager". I had thought I gave them the impression that I was no funny business type of customer (I myself am a sales person) but they pulled it anyway. After talking it over with my spouse during on of the many times of being left alone, I decided it was not a good price. I am so glad I found this site that tells me just what I suspect. Any advise out there for me?
  • Just so I understand; I am assuming that the Fit Spot A/T you looked at has an MSRP of $17780.00 and an invoice price of $17171.00. There is a $299.00 dealer fee which in my opinion is excessive, but not compaired to the selling price. And, you passed on the deal because you said it was not a "good" price?

    Can you help fill in the blanks? Am I missing something? From what I can tell you were offered a Fit below invoice, which up until two months was only available by order and in many cases was offered at MSRP or higher only.
  • Welp, after much research. I've brought my RED honda fit sports auto with navi for the price of 18,088 plus extra fees and 8.375% tax and what not. The out of door price is little over $20,500 with 3 free oil change and free wheel locks. Then I went online to buy the cargo cover in the back for about 140 buck.
    I got my loan via my bank for 4.94% Honda didn't even bother doing paperworks to try for their loan cause they said they wouldn't be able to match it anyway.
    Done it via internet mostly, went to the dealership 2 times, first time was a bust, went there and they dont wanna budge, so I left. They email me back couple of times and asked for better offers. Then went there second time with the better offers and got the car.
  • Hey Sharpiee,

    congratulations on your new FIT. The most important thing is that you are happy with your purchase! What I will say is that if you ever have money, put black wheels on the car...they look outstanding on the RED FIT...I had that combo till the car was totaled and it makes it an all new car. I know you cannot do that right now but just keep it in mind just in case b/c it REALLY finishes off the look of the car in the most amazing way! :) :)
  • I previously posted that I ordered a black 09 Fit Sport 5MT for MSRP + destination, $16,930.

    I decided I really wanted silver, so I asked the dealer (Meyer Honda, O'Fallon, IL) to see if he could find one. I also saw Huey's Honda in St Louis had a silver Sport MT in stock, so I asked them for a price. Huey's quoted $16,730. Meyer found a silver build, matched Huey's price, and is having the silver MT delivered via truck to their dealer. Great service from Meyer Honda, and I appreciated Huey's dealings, too. Everything was done on the internet as I'm overseas & moving to Illinois soon.
  • I want to purchase a Honda Fit Sport 2009
    I found on TMV that the MSRP of the car is $17,110 and the Invoice is $16,501. I will be buying the car at the dealer so, no destination charge. What's the best OTD price I should haggle for the car? Thanks.
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