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Lexus RX 350



  • denali1denali1 Posts: 21
    I know what you mean when you say "if I ever let my husband drive it". After a week, I still haven't driven my wifes new 350. Maybe this weekend.
    Congratulations on your decision. I bet you will love it regardless of color. It is quiet, beautiful, and comfortable. Such a smooth ride...... :)
  • Is RX350 the only Toyota/Lexus car that has it now?
  • ndende Posts: 1
    I am looking for a very quiet and smooth riding (don't care about sporting version and don't want to feel the bumps) car/suv. Since you have both the cars (Avalon XLE and RX 350)I am considering can you let me know which one fits the bill. Any other suggestions. Thank you.
  • denali1denali1 Posts: 21
    I suppose the Avalon is the quieter and smoothest riding of the two vehicles. That's not to take away anything from the RX 350 though.
    Avalon is roomier,and about a foot longer. I notice a little more road noise with the RX, but that could be the difference in tires too. The RX does let you feel a few more bumps than the Avy, but nothing significant.
    I would say the RX is nicer inside, as you might expect.

    I have the Limited in the Avalon, and it has the Smartkey, which I really like. The RX has the headlights that turn when the car turns, which is nice.The rear hatch door is electronic, which is helpful. I think the JBL sound system is better in the Avalon. Not sure what sound system the Lexus has, but it is not the high end Mark Levinson.
    The RX is built on the 2006 Camry platform I believe, so it does ride more like a car than other Suv's I have been in. If you opt for the navigation system in the RX,which we did not, you get a backup camera and Bluetooth.

    Both quality vehicles, which hopefully will be as reliable as advertised/hyped.
    Big price difference too. I paid $32,800 for the Avalon, and $41,900 for the RX 350. Overall, for the money, the Toyota is probably the better value, though its warranty is 3yrs/36K versus Lexus 4yr/50k.
    If I can get you any other info, let me know.
  • rlc001rlc001 Posts: 9
    I stopped by a dealer in central florida late today to pick up a brochure on the RX350 and ended up going home with an RX350 as well. The dealer had a dozen or so RX350 in stock but only had one in stock with navi and it was a fully loaded one with the rear dvd entertainment and Mark Levinson system. I think the only options not on this car were the laser cruise control, performance package, and the multi panel moonroof. Otherwise, it is fully loaded. List was $48403. I got it for $43000 +T&L. This would be about 88.8% of msrp and is about $900 over invoice. Deal was straight forward. No games and no hard sale on extras by the dealer. I was in and out in less than 2 hours. I thought this was a pretty good deal given the car is a 2007 car just released for sale. The color is crystal white with the ivory interior which is our first choice of color combo. I do like the black exterior as well, especially with the gold package but we already own a black car and it is true that black car is hard to keep clean and will show all dirt. But a clean black car is a real sharp car! We will take our new RX out tomorrow (Easter Sunday) for a drive and I'm sure we will enjoy it. Hope you all have a good deal as well. You can't go wrong with a Lexus!
  • denali1denali1 Posts: 21
    Congratulations on your purchase. Wow, you got a great deal. Ours doesn't have the navi, rear dvd and Levinson, but you paid only $1100 more than us. We paid 95% of msrp, which is about 7% over invoice. Let us know how you like it.
  • Anyone know whether accessories for the 330 also fit in the 350? (Car cover, cargo tray, mudguards, etc. . .)
  • nwtnwt Posts: 10's lease calculator does not have a residual value for the 350. Need that to know what my payments should be. Anyone know what Lexus is using for the residual for this vehicle?
  • Can I ask you guys a dumb question...How do you know how much over invoice the car is? Is it relevant to the % of the MSRP you pay? Is "invoice" standard depending on the features you get? I'm knew to this...sorry! :blush:
  • denali1denali1 Posts: 21
    Not a dumb question at all.
    I review a number of websites for their invoice information, including Edmunds. If you have looked at a specific model at a dealer you can plug the cars features into Edmunds website, and you will get a breakdown on the total invoice. You will also get the MSRP.
    You can get a snapshot of how much over invoice the MSRP is, as that info is posted side by side.
    In negotiating, I start from the invoice and go up if necessary. In other words I might offer $300 over invoice.The dealer will generally want to work downwards from the MSRP.
    If you look at Edmunds, you can also see the dealer holdback, which is really a rebate of some of the invoice back to the dealer, after they sell the car.If you account for these holdback dollars, and add it to your amount you have offered over invoice, you get a pretty true picture of what the dealer will make.
    I've had dealers show me the invoice. It usually has matched up with Edmunds, with one exception. That exception is advertising fees. Some manufacturers, including Lexus/Toyota add this fee into the price they charge the dealers. It is posted right on their invoice.
    Different makes will have different markups over invoice.

    For instance, a 2006 Toyota Avalon that I bought had less markup over invoice than the 07 RX 350 we bought this month. The dealer sold me the Avalon at 4.5 % over invoice. But the RX cost me 7% over invoice. The Avalon was $2900 under MSRP when I closed the deal.This was about 92% of the MSRP).
    The RX was only $2000 under sticker(about 95% of the MSRP). It all depends on what margin they want to hit, and how bad they want/ or need to sell the vehicle.
    Hope this helps.
  • Thanks for the info! One last you usually say right up front that you think invoice is X...or do you let them say what price they'd give? I'm not too good at this :)
  • denali1denali1 Posts: 21
    I always e mail asking for their best price closest to invoice. I tell them I am contacting other dealers, and will buy from the one closest to invoice.
    The dealer will usually come back with a price that is slightly discounted from MSRP.
    At that point I offer an amount, which I tell them is over invoice by $XXX. I let them know that the offer is allowing them X% over invoice. I let them know that I am aware of their holdback, and that my offer over invoice added to the holdback will be a nice profit and an easy deal for them.
    Dealer will usually counteroffer, and will get closer to my offer, etc.
    On occasion they will do the math and say I am off a bit on invoice (it is usually the advertising fee). I tell them my sources all quote invoice as $XXXXX. Sometimes they will e mail me their invoice to prove the advertising fees are left out of the website invoice information.
  • Thanks so much!
  • Wondering if I've got a good deal on the table...2007 RX 350 Prem Plus Package (no Nav or DVD) for $500 over invoice (think it's 90% of Total MSRP). Any feedback would be welcome...thank you.
  • denali1denali1 Posts: 21
    Sounds like a good deal to me. We paid about 95% of MSRP, which was 7% over invoice. Without knowing your other options beond the Premium Plus Pkg (such as 18 inch wheels, towing pkg, etc), it is hard to say what percent over invoice you would be at. I am guessing its less than 2 % over invoice, which is really good. Considering it is an 07, I think you are good!
  • ddasher8ddasher8 Posts: 2

    I also just purchased a 2007 RX-350 for $500 over invoice. The MSRP was $42,373 of which I paid $38,153 + T&L. The car consists of:

    - FWD
    - Premium Plus Package
    - 18" Aluminum Alloy wheels with all season tires
    - Multi-stage Heated front seats w/ rain-sensor wipers & headlamp washers
    - Cargo mat
    - Wheel locks
    - Bamboo Pearl exterior with ivory interior

    It's for my wife and she loves it... :shades:
  • jonnyboy7jonnyboy7 Posts: 24
    I spoke to a dealer today who told me that the 2007s no longer can be purchased without the Premium Plus package. In other words, the "base" model is a fairly loaded model with sunroof, leather, heated seats, HID headlamps, etc. This seems inconsistent with the pricing information on Edmunds and other sites. I asked whether she was saying that their dealership was only ordering loaded models. She said no, there are no non-Premium Plus models anywhere in the U.S.

    What's the truth?
  • pschiffepschiffe Posts: 373
    I just special-ordered an RX350. This is a FWD (2WD) model with Premium Plus Package, Breakwater Blue with Ivory interior. Negoiated this pricing:
    Invoice 33,099
    Prem. Plus Inv. 2,368
    Freight 695
    Advertising 485
    Profit 1,350
    Total $37,997 plus tax + title

    MSRP is $42,890 thus I received a "discount" of $4,893. This will replace my superb 99 RX300 with 100K miles, delivery expected in 90 days or less. From an out-of-town dealer, local Lexus store let me "walk" same as in 1999!

    Pete :D
  • suzqsuzq Posts: 2
    That's interesting. My local dealer is only selling Premium models (I sat in one this week, so I know they exist!), plus the fully loaded model with Nav/DVD/Performance version. I want a Premium Plus car and can't find one! My salesman refuted every bit of information that I had collected from Edmunds - said "that's the trouble with those web sites, they often have incorrect information." He even denied things that I told him were in the Lexus book. Does anyone know how to cut through to get the truth?
  • suzqsuzq Posts: 2
    What was your secret in negotiating this deal? I tried to buy a 2007 RX 350 Prem Package, and got the runaround, the old "I'll have to check with my boss" trick. I thought that sales technique died out 5-10 years ago. He would only offer me a $1,000 discout off the MSRP - said that would be the best he could do. When I pressed him, he volunteered another $600 discount if I bought 1 of 2 Bamboo color vehicles he had in stock that night. I turned him down. After 2 days, he called and left a message to see if I was ready to buy. I'm not sure what to do next.
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