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Dodge Dakota 4x4 Problems



  • Replace the Electric Shift Motor. Beware if you go DIY.
  • I recently bought an 87 dakota 4x4 and there is no label on the engage shifter how many positions and in what order is it 2wl Hi 4 low 4 ???
  • rwbohnrwbohn Posts: 1
    i have a 95 dodge dakota that im having problems fiquring why it wont work in four wheel drive,there is no vacuum switch on the transfer,just the 4x4 lighting swich for inside the cab wich does work,when locked into four wheel drive the shaft going to the front axel does turn,ive looked the whole axel over to find what other people have been talking about as far as the acculater but the only vacuum line comming off the axel is a breather that mounts on the passenger frame,is it possable this axel is a full time and only is suppost to engage is when you pull the lever on the floor to engage the transfer case?,if thats the case im thinking i might have damage inside the pumpkin.
  • hey guys i cant get mine to lock front tires in tran locks in just fine but wont lock front in any ideas
  • Hi All, I have a 2001 4x4 Dakota 4door. I took the front drive shaft off to replace the CV joint on the transfer case end. I also have to replace the Left CV shaft. Shouldn't I be able to drive the truck out of shop and turn around using the rear drive? My Dakota is an automatic AWD/w 4hi 4lo. It won't move with the front shaft off in any position on mode switch AWD 4hi or lo. I assume I have been pulling the truck with the front diff. for a while. Thanks for any help, Superflash
  • Hey Gang, I cured it myself. Evidently the transfercase motor was stuck or ? Anyway I wiggled the wires and tapped on the motor and walla it worked and I could move the truck with the front drive shaft off. Worked as I thought it should. Superflash
  • alizardalizard Posts: 1
    Just got done driving my Dakota in fairly deep it won't shift out of 4lo...can the shifting mechanism freeze?
  • jbuhlmanjbuhlman Posts: 1
    musicbyd for your 87 Dak all the way forward is 2 wheel, straight back about 2-3 inches (just pull 'till it wants to stop) is 4 Hi. From there move to the right (towards passenger) and then pull back, 1st stop is Neutral, all the way back is 4 Lo.

    I have an '88 and they should be identical.
  • I have issues shifting from 4wheel back to 2 wheel . I needede 4wheel so I locked in and couldn't really get it to engage into 4 but it sounded like it was grinding from the front diff , so I disengaged and now the dam thing grinds in 2 wheel not really grinds but is more like a ZzzzzzZzzZz of non engagement of axle into the hub but I haven't pinpionted if its the cv engagement or what . I.m almost certain its in the front end . Anybody have similar problem ? Its been good lil buggy till now, just made my last payment , go figure . If anyone can help sure appreciate it , thanks
  • I have a 92 Dakota 4x4 that wont go into 4 wheel drive . Since it was new it was used maybe a dozen times. I replaced vacuum lines and the light on the floor stays on all the time but its not in 4 wheel. When you put it in 4 wheel the light goes out but its not in 4 wheel .I really need to get fixed before winter.Anyone have any ideas what I could do next. Just wish I had a book on this. Thank you.
  • My 2005 Dodge Dakota 4x4 V6 also started shifting in and out of 4wd by itself and doing it when even the engine is off. My shop said the Front Control Module "probably" needs to be replaced. It costs about $600. Has anyone replaced that part to solve this problem? If so, any recommendations on where to buy this part on-line cheaper? I only plan on keeping truck for another year so I would buy a used one. Any idea the part number?
  • I am having the exact problem with the same year/make Dakota. Did the Front Control Module fix the issue? The dealer has replaced that part and one other control module, and we are still experiencing the problem of it shifting to 4wd by itself.
  • Replacing the FCM (Front Control Module) did not fix it. They had to also replace the Encoder Motor. Once that was replaced, the issue was fixed. However, I am still unsure if the FCM ever needed to be replaced. The encoder motor cost around $350 for the part.
  • va165va165 Posts: 3
    Rich28, have a 2001 5sp man Quad 4x4 as well. Dealer giving the run around. Wife having issues when turning corners-t-case doing it's own thing-partial enguagement-makes a horible noise-vehicle shakes/binds up. Owned truck since new-found a recall online-has been posted since 2001????never got mail from dealer stating this 'safety issue' once called-had to give dealer info I researched myself, including recall campaign number-which is 01VO77000, 975. number of vehicles listed is 170800. apperantly-CD has a engeneering issue with this 'new-shift-dial in the dash electromechanical upgrade' not new anymore since 2001. hopefully they put this design in the tank-stinks. NV233 tcase another issue-not a syncromesh-goof design as well-CD's explanation is its better design- if you dont mind the cluncking/clashing noises under your drivetrain-they claim this is normal-dont know what they are selling-typical car salesman/dealer svc dept-commissions involved-doesnt matter. Iv'e been to the dealer twice on this recall-they allegedaly reprogramed my transfer case control module-no go. dealer wont go any further without me spending $ on a witch hunt.funny thing is one salesman asked me if I felt like trading up to a newer model-answer was sure....around the corner at the GMC dealership-wont buy another dodge truck ever-warranty/safety recalls/bulletins are just words on a page to this company-would have tanked recently if ol'e Obama didnt bail their butts out. va165 good luck-iv'e temporarily disconnected my 4x4 feeds/power sources-running in 2wd only-rarely use 4x4-lock up problem isnt fun going around corners-better safe than sorry.
  • va165va165 Posts: 3
    My fellow Dakota brotheren-w/ 2001 in dash 4x4 shift in dash. Mine is a 5 sp man. doesn't matter-auto trans the same. I have 4.7 V-8 V-6 same as well. What the dealer will not come to the plate on is simple: the 'new design' for this year and a few subsequent was a mess in research/fab/development department! plain and simple. I have owned MANY 4 wheel drives over the years-they are NOT, I repeat, NOT supposed to enguage on their own! bottom line!!!!!!
    My 1976 power wagon 4x4 works just fine-378,000 miles-never had a 4x4 'enguage' on its own-then have some dealer or 1-800# tell me that their responsibility is none!! must see dealer for diagnostic/fix-of coarse on my dime. B.....S...... enough said
    Dealer will 'try' to reprogram the 4x4 module-want to sell you a new one! Then they will attempt to sell you an encoder motor...more$ So after they throw all these new parts at it at your expense-more than likely the problem will become a fart in the wind-gone. However, not one person I have spoken with on this matter that is of any substence, Ex: Qualified tech , can nail this issue down to any one component! All in agreement are singing to the same sheet of music-DESIGN FLAW!!!! Components weren't 'dialed in together' ohms,frequency,compatibility, etc.....I have offered the local dealership service manager my keys for the weekend-see what takers-they know whats up! enough smak... dont let them pull wool over your eyes!! if there are enough of us-we can make a bigger splash in the pool vs. just one! all have a great holidays-gonna take the F150 out tonight-It's snowing-figured the boy scout prepared-cuz the Dakato ain't hangin.VA165.
  • :lemon: I stopped following Chrysler products around 1999, I was sick of everyone laughing at me for being a "dodge boy", well, not so much that. I finally saw what everyone meant after I owned a couple...
    I read all sorts of negative things about the Dakota and it's v6, I just didn't realize how unreliable Dodge's still are, I just went through the Dodge forums, my God, what a mess. Deep down I think I still have something for Dodge, It must be lingering from when I was a kid...but wow, I could never own one again....I feel bad that they never could get it to gether...and why stick around and play if you can't play nice...? I guess that's a whole other story...
  • va165va165 Posts: 3
    Correct, TCCM is the deal-dealer will 'reprogram' according to my post/bulletin#97 on this site for free of charge. However, the unit doesnt need reprograming-needs to be thrown in the nearest garbage can and replaced-of coarse at the owners expense-manufacturer pleads the 5th. maybe the new one will be made stateside like original 'American' vehicles were produced-dont be surprised if it says on new part: Bangledash, ethiopia, china etc..... good luck! Va165
  • nburkmannburkman Posts: 2
    My 05 did this as well to fix it they put a new t-case shift motor in the truck it ran $648.00 after instal but it has not shifted on its own anymore mine was so bad it did it with the key out of the truck while sitting parked
  • nburkmannburkman Posts: 2
    I am looking to put a new exahust system on my 05 Dakota 4x4 I would like a deep throaty sound what is the best way to get that deep sound out of my truck
  • geobcongeobcon Posts: 11
    The pilot shaft end bearing failed and damaged the end of the shaft where it enters the clutch assembly. Also the ID of the throwout brg sleeve is scored about 1 1/2 " back into the sleeve. Are there replacement parts for the pilot shaft and throwout brg sleeve? I can send you pictures of the components as well as part numbers found on the bell housing to give you a pictoral view of the parts if required. Looking forward to your early response in that my wife doesn't like to lend her car
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