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Hyundai Sonata Audio Questions



  • ersatz07ersatz07 Posts: 7
    Mine doesn't either. I don't think it's supposed to. The only way to get it to move is by turning the right knob. This will manually move the text to the left or the right...which is pretty much useless.
  • jimstrenkjimstrenk Posts: 56
    Yes and no. Like the both of you, the display doesn't cycle through the entire "message" on its own.

    While not an expert in this field, I don't think that scrolling is an automatic feature. If I'm not mistaken, scrolling doesn't take place in my girlfriend's 2005 Ford Focus either. :confuse:

    I would hope and expect that the 2007 Sonata will be equipped with more "substantial" radio controls. Having only Volume and Mode controls just doesn't cut the mustard. :(
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    Is there any solution either from Hyundai or aftermarket for installing an auxillary input jack in the 2006-2007 Sonatas?
    When factory XM on 2007 Sonatas becomes available, will you be able to unplug the factory XM module and replace it with a line-in for a portable MP3 player?
  • thecargodthecargod Posts: 1
    Hi Everyone,

    i have a 2006 GLS V6 which has been running fine. I'm looking into perhaps getting an aftermarket radion since i'd like to hook up my Ipod and the Hyundai stereo doesn't have this option. The thing that concerns me is the contoured faceplate. Has anyone gotten an aftermarket radio installed? Has the sonata faceplate been an issue. thanks
  • Head Unit: Virtual Reality Sound Labs Model # VRCD400-SDU from WalMart @ $79.87+tax ... AM/FM-Stereo, CD/MP3 Player, SD Card Slot, USB Port & Audio Input, MP3 & WMA Compatible with ID3 Tag Display, includes wireless remote control and audio cable.

    Installation Kit, Faceplace/Mount, Single/Double DIN (includes pocket for single DIN installation), Metra 99-7320 from @ $31.13 (total)

    Removal of original equipment head unit involves first removing the metal/wood trim above the center a/c vents. Start at the steering wheel with a flat-blade screwdriver into the top edge and pry outward *carefully*. There are two screws in the glovebox which will need to be removed to fully remove the trim piece. There are four screws exposed at the bottom of the radio, emergency flasher switch, and passenger air bag light. *Carefully pry out the emergency flasher switch and passenger air bag light; there are two each plastic clips which hold these two switches in the dash and they can come out easily with the switches or remain in the holes. If they remain in the holes, *carefully* grasp these with needlenose; if you don't do it, 'just right' you risk losing these inside the dash.Once the two switches are removed, there are four more screws holding the radio into the dash. Remove these and remove the head unit from the dash. Pull the head unit out far enough to detach the antenna cable and 24-pin plug. You'll either need to solder or crimp the proper wires to connect the aftermarket unit to the vehicle harness. I have no pinout information as I've not completed the install yet (awaiting faceplace/mount and wiring harness).

    Wiring Harness: Scosche HY05B from, plugs into vehicle harness @ $12.62 (total).
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    You are probably better off getting a wired FM modulator that connects to the antenna port behind the radio. Not fully CD quality, but is good enough for playing MP3s through the stock head unit and speakers.
    Looks better and is safer from theft than any aftermaket replacement head unit.
    That's exactly how aftermarket CD changers were connected to the factory stereos in cars in the 90's, so it's good enough for a portable mp3 player.
  • osaka75osaka75 Posts: 88
    When the 2007 models start using the new steering wheel controls that allow for CD track selection and radio preset changes, does anyone have an opinion on how hard it will be to switch out the 2006 control with the updated 2007 one? And maybe how much the part will cost? I know it's probably early to ask but maybe someone has heard some reliable information??? Thanks.
  • looking into buying the above model, but i want to make it ipod 'compatable'. is there any option besides replacing the head unit? are there any inputs either on the head unit or cd changer?

    it blows my mind that somebody back at hyundai didn't think it would make sense to offer a simple aux in jack on the front of the stereo like just about every other car manufacturer in the uniteds states does. or atleast ad another option on for a link like the accord. i mean how many units of mp3 players have to be sold in this country and worldwide before they catch on?!?! sorry just ranting.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    If you wait a few months for the new stereos with factory XM, it will probably be possible to unplug the XM unit from wherever it plugs into to head unit and replace it with at least an AUX input of not a full iPod connector.
    Since the new Elantra will have aux inputs, it might be possible that the Sonata will also get aux inputs when the new stereos get here or at least by the 2008 models.
  • Does anybody else think that the placement of rear speakers for the Sonata (2007) is a little odd? Instead of being behind the back seats, they are in the rear doors. As a result, the front seat passengers don't get a good range of sound from those speakers. Compare this to the Camry and Accord. When I'm commuting to work, I like my current 98 Camry setup with speakers behind the back seat. This doesn't 'surround' you with sound so I thought based on a test drive. Even the woofer with the premium stereo wasn't enough to compensate.

    Opinions? comments? from current owners. I going to buy a new Camry, Accord, or Sonata but it's down to details like these.
  • just to update everyone, i decided to go ahead and change out the head unit to a pioneer deh-p6800mp. the surprise was that the installer did not have to by-pass the factory amp and sub. he then ran pioneers aux input adapter behind the dash, drilled a hole, and ran in through the small compartment below the heat/ac controls. i'm thinking now the ash tray might have been slightly better, but i'm happy in any event.
  • Hi John,
    How did you make out on this project? Do you have pinout info that you can share? Thanks!
  • Looking for information to wire existing Sonata radio to include an Aux-In jack for MP3 player (not ipod). When speaking with service tech at local auto stereo store, suggestion was for a wired FM modulator to an "aux in" jack. Problem described was that such an installation would greatly reduce AM reception, which I am not too crazy about....Any thoughts on this?
  • at last check, they don't make an aux-in adapter for the sonata yet. you're best bet is to replace the head unit. if you care about the sound quality anyway.
  • Can anyone tell me the manufacturer of the sound system in the 2006 Sonata GLS V6. I can't seem to get that information and its really bugging me. Is it a system by Hyundai directly or some other company?
  • are you sure? I am disappointed if its a Clarion. It is not anything special.
  • please understand that regardless of who made it, it was most likely made by the OEM division of whatever company that is. It may have the clarion (or Infinity for the '07) name stamped on it, but rest assured it is not the same stuff they send out to best buy and the like.
  • If you have the Infinity version, it's NOT a Clarion. It's made by Visteon in Mexico. Just take it out and you'll see it clearly on the head unit. The Infinity version isn't bad at all...sounds good for what it is. Was thinking about changing it out but didn't want to lose the sub and the steering wheel controls.
  • How did he not bypass the external AMP and sub? I looked into this same head unit (great choice my friend) but was concerned about how to wire it up and not lose the sub and steering wheel controls.
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