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Hyundai Azera Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • revjrevj Posts: 5
    I have just purchased a 2008 Azera. I love the car except it has the front end shudder/shimmy. It appears around 40 mph and 70 mph. I have had the tires rebalanced. I have increased tire pressure. The shudder/shimmy is subtle, but it is definitely there.

    From what I have read, I am in for several visits with service managers saying it is my imagination and that the car is fine. If anyone has advice to help me avoid regular visits to the dealership (without any resolution) I would greatly appreciate it. I
  • donvickdonvick Posts: 38
    I would think someone may have already addressed this but have the wheels bearings been checked for proper adjustment.
    My question mark key has suddenly quick working.

    Back to bearings. Way back in another lifetime when growing up and learning cars I discovered the wheel bearings need to be properly adjusted to avoid shudders, shakes and shimmies as well as premature failure.
    They cannot be just installed and tightened down.
    I have seen youngsters over tighten and other times just tighten enough to take up the slack and pin it in place.
    They ought to be tighten while rotating the wheel and then backed off to the next available cotter key hole and rechecked for looseness.

    Do you do your own maintenance or know someone who can jack up the front and check the bearings.

    We're over 40,000 miles on our Azera and love it.
    This last week the plastic covering under the drivers side seat under the car, about 12 inches wide by 36 inches long, broke and dealer replaced it in less than an hour after the call to them. No hassle, no charge. The 2 screw holding the leading edge broke away around the holes. That was Groppetti Hyundai in Visalia, Ca.

    We'll buy another Azera when the time comes.

  • snaglepussnaglepus Posts: 160

    There is TSB addressing this problem.

    Insist that your service writer look it up and if he can't be bothered, go
    to the service manager and on up the line until you get satisfaction. ;)

  • ratledgeratledge Posts: 231
    Can you share the TSB number? I have had (very!) limited success accessing and using their web-site. :sick:
  • snaglepussnaglepus Posts: 160

    Glad to help out when I can. :surprise:


    In so many words, thay are telling the dealer to get the wheels balanced properly using the Hunter GSP9700.
    There is no better way to do this as long as the tech knows how to read and
    can follow the simply instructions printed out on that machines' computer. ;)

    Funny, I have been preaching about that machine for years and
    even here before, and all of a sudden, Hyundai issues a TSB? :confuse:

    If you cannot print it out, send me a request on my private email and I will send it to you.


  • boltguyboltguy Posts: 94
    This TSB has been released for the whole line of Hyundai vehicles for at least the last 2 years, so I would be interested to see how seriously the service dept. takes this. If you're within the 12 month, 12,000 mile "adjustment" warranty, I think you'd be good. Otherwise, I think you're on the line for the price of the radial force vibration balancing.
  • snaglepussnaglepus Posts: 160

    The TSB that I am refering to is 08-SS-003

    08-SS-003 MARCH, 2008

    Yes, there was indeed an earlier TSB, but note that this later one supersedes it! :surprise:

    We do know that many service department personel barely know how to read,
    and 'couldn't care less' about what the customer is complaining about. :cry:

    When he goes to his dealer and quotes that TSB, he will most likely get some results.
    If he should not get favorable results, he can and I hope will complain to the Hyundai at the corporate level.

  • boltguyboltguy Posts: 94
    My point is still very valid. The "new" TSB 08-SS-003, has been issued for every 2008 Hyundai model. The point is that Hyundai doesn't think there is a specific issue with the '08 Azera. Interpret it as you will, but it's the truth.
  • snaglepussnaglepus Posts: 160

    No! What you are saying is contradictory.

    You are saying that you do not think that Hyundai believes that there is a specific issue with
    this problem that many, not only Azera owners are experiencing, but other models as well.

    I ask you: Why would Hyundai have issued the TSB and even help with the pricing
    of the Hunter GSP9700 if they did not want the dealers to fix the problem?

    Does that make sense? :confuse:
    I know of at least one person who had been back to his dealer many times with
    this same problem and the dealer had done everything but use the GSP9700.
    The dealer changed wheels, tires and rebalanced different wheels and tire combinations
    but the problem continued. As soon as the owner brought in that TSB and the
    dealer followed the instructions to the letter, no more problems. :surprise:

  • revjrevj Posts: 5
    I called the dealer today with the TSB #. After an eternity on hold, the service manager explained they would need to do a Hunter balancing and would have to take it to the local Chevy dealership that has the machine. I am supposed to take it tomorrow.

    Thanks for the TSB info. I'l let you know how it turns out.
  • snaglepussnaglepus Posts: 160

    Who will take your car to the Chevy dealership, you or your Hyundai dealer?

    Instruct whoever that you insist that the tech who is the system operator
    list the "Road Force' number readings for each individual wheel.
    This is the key to whether or not your problem will be corrected.
    These road force reading must be below a certain number of pounds, the
    lower the better.
    I have read that this reading must be 15 pounds or less.

    I wish you would take the time to read up on the Hunter site as to
    what happens or needs to happen when this system is used.
    Again, those road force readings must be below a certain number
    of pounds
    or the point of the whole proceedure is for nothing.
    When they find the bad wheel or wheels, what did the tech
    do to correct the problem, and above all else, was it fixed?
    In many cases, it has been reported that no matter what the tech tried, there was
    no way to correct the problem without those bad Michelins being replaced.
    Yes, bad tires, and Michelin does know about this and Michelin
    is replacing those tires that were evidently from a bad batch. :surprise:

    Good luck.

  • jack_spratjack_sprat Posts: 29
    Could people post what they are paying for 2009 Azera models

    Model - 3.3 or 3.8

    Price before TTL and trade in.
  • snaglepussnaglepus Posts: 160

    So did you in fact keep your appointment and take it in to the Cheby dealer and
    did they, using their Hunter GSP9700 balancing system, correct your problem? :confuse:

  • revjrevj Posts: 5
    Hey, thanks for asking. They did the road force balanceat the Chevy dealership. I wish I could say it fixed it, but there are still a couple of speeds where the car feels "jittery". I wish I could explain it better.

    For contrast, I drove my 2002 Stratus R/T (not known for a smooth ride) and our 2001 Town and Country Van. The Azera is smoother, except for a couple of speeds where it just seems to be uneasy. It seems I read somewhere that it might be an issue where the Tranny bolts to the engine. Whatever it is, it is still there.

    I have no idea as to what to do next. Any advice would be appreciated.
  • begovich1begovich1 Posts: 4
    Just purchased a 2008 azera limited with the ultimate nav pkg. Have read a lot of info about front end problems. My azera was built on 12/21/07. This appears to have some significance as to the struts, and also ride characteristics. Just purchased rubber mats in a beautiful gray (weathertech) and had the windows tinted for the HOT FLORIDA sun. It looks great. I only have 300 miles on it. Great ride so far. Would appreciate any tips on what problems , if any, that I should beware of. Thanks in advance for any info.
  • snaglepussnaglepus Posts: 160


    Since your new 2008 Azera is what I would call a late 2008, you have got the latest shocks,
    front part number 54611-3L640 which evidently were installed beginning 10/20/07.

    No one I know of has been 5K miles yet on these newest shocks,
    so it will be interesting to see if these newest shocks hold up.

    You will know even before 5K miles as yours may (I hope not!) go South as all but the original early
    2006 MYs have done. Evidently Azeras built prior to Dec. 05, 2005 had good shocks and did
    not experience any problems like the cars built from Dec. 05, 2005 to Oct. 20, 2007.

    Please let us know how your late 2008 Azera holds up in this department. :confuse:

    I cannot wait until someone gets 5K miles or more on these latest shocks and reports no porposing
    as many have experienced with cars built from Dec. 05, 2005 through Oct. 20, 2007.

    I expect that you will not have any problems with your new late Azera.

  • jack_spratjack_sprat Posts: 29
    how much did you pay before TTL and trade in.
  • begovich1begovich1 Posts: 4
    I just purchased a 2008 azera limited from coconut creek hyundai in florida. It is pearl gray mettalis ( 2009 color ) It has the ultimate pkg. including the NAV. and floor mats. Out the door including prep, sales tax. tags and d.c. fee was $27,500. The car rides beautiful. I only have 300 miles on it. So far, none of the dredded front end problems. Apparently the production date has a lot to do with the suspension componets. My azera was built on 12/21/07. Let me know how your's is. Thanks
  • begovich1begovich1 Posts: 4
    No trade in. Paid 27,500 including sales tax, doc fee , dealer prep, and tags. My azera is a limited , with the ultimate nav. pkg, anfr floor mats. Coconut creek hyundai in FLA.
  • snaglepussnaglepus Posts: 160
    "Apparently the production date has a lot to do with the suspension components.
    My Azera was built on 12/21/07."


    And therein lies the secret! ;)

    Azeras built 10/20/07 and later have the latest supposely improved shocks, part
    number 54611-3L640 for the fronts and 55311-3L640 for the rear shocks.

    I am a committee of one who is trying to determine if indeed these newest parts,
    especially the fronts, are going to stand up for more than 5K miles. :confuse:

    Please keep me posted with the good news that yours do hold up!

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