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Hyundai Azera Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • craigmricraigmri Posts: 243
    Just signed on to a used 2008 Azera Limited with Ultimate package.
    White pearl,
    Beige leather
    42,000 miles
    $17,000 OTD(this figure includes tax, tag transfer etc..)

    I've been a Hyundai owner since 1988 having owned a '88 Excel, '92 Scoupe, '98 Sonata, 2001 Santa Fe, 2007 Santa Fe and my wife currently drives a '08 Hyundai Veracruz Limited that she loves.

    I drive a company car(Grand Caravan) but considering my son is learning to drive and I wanted a sedan, I felt the Azera would make an ideal used vehicle purchase. When you factor in the impressive engineering, features, quality and surprising depreciation of the Azera, it became a screaming bargain!

    Cannot wait to detail this car and make it shinier than new.

  • I have the same exact car except mine is 2009. You will love it!
  • craigmricraigmri Posts: 243
    We've had our '08 Azera since Saturday and we are really impressed with the ride. I'm assuming we have the updated struts as our car has 42,500 miles and rides fantastic!

    Whats so remarkable is we also own a Veracruz with the same 3.8 litre engine and the Azera accelerates and shifts sooooo much better. Hard to believe they're the same engine!

  • Enjoy your car. I love my 2009! I hope to add on mud guards this weekend to keep the paint in great shape. :)
  • cecaldcecald Posts: 2
    After researching Azera's for a week (as well as prices all over Virginia), I finally decided on a used 2008 Azera Limited with what I believe is the ultimate package (telescoping steering wheel, adjustable pedals, etc) with 40K. I called approximately 4 dealerships, and the best price I negotiated was $15,300 OTD through Charles from Hall Automotive in Va Beach.

    Charles was an absolute gentlemen, along with being very easy to talk to and negotiate with. I'm very glad to give him my business.

    The other dealerships include one in VA beach whose internet salesperson (Scott) hung up on me (details: I let him know that I was looking at another Azera which had a price $1500 less than the one he was selling. He tried to justify his markup by saying it was due to the fact that his carried a transferable warranty, and he could ALMOST guarantee that his had better tires and fresher brakes. I then said that I could buy brand new tires and brakes for less than $1500. Then he hung up.) Another dealer in Richmond, VA had two Azeras with the exact same mileage and details, but couldn't get the price even close to the $15,300. Still, they didn't hang up on me.

    Anyways, looking forward to closing the deal on Friday when I can make it down there to pick it up. Also, thanks to everyone for their prior posts as I utilized them for my research.
  • wobbly_earswobbly_ears Posts: 160

    In case you are yet to close the deal, I suggest that you hold out for a better deal. The price seems a little high.

    Try looking through Carmax & see if the Azeras they have on their inventory matches your requirement. Down here in Texas, I have seen a lot of Azeras under 35k miles being listed for under 13-14k on Carmax & other dealers.
  • cecaldcecald Posts: 2
    Thanks for the heads up, unfortunately, I've looked on carmax,, craiglist - and this seems to be the best price I can come to within a decent drive of Richmond, VA. Everyone else has theirs listed for around $17K up here. Maybe next time I'll take a trip to Texas to find one!
  • wobbly_earswobbly_ears Posts: 160
    They might be expensive in VA. But Carmax usually transfers cars from across the country for only few hundred dollars. I remember someone getting a car transferred from OH to TX for 500 from Carmax.

    Just look around. It might even be cheaper to fly to Texas & drive back! (Just looking out for you buddy!)
  • For anyone who has any doubts, my 2008 Azera Limited is doing fabulously, even after a major rear-end accident last year. The 22 year old driver of an Enterprise rental car (whose car was already in the shop from another accident) took out my left rear quarter-panel, tire, chunk off the steel wheel, and spun me around. I was not only uninjured, but managed to pull the car off onto the shoulder on 395-South in DC. The Chevy Malibu she was driving was totaled and she ended up 500 feet up the roadway. Only reason she didn't end up in the slammer was the fact that her boyfriend in the car was a DC cop.

    5k cost to repair my Azzy, but Falls Church Auto Body (Virginia) did such a great job that my mechanic at Alexandria Hyundai said he wouldn't have noticed the work unless I had mentioned it when I asked to have them put it onto the rack so we both could see it. Only minor, millimeter sized, differences from what it should be.

    My bottom car, saved me from whiplash...definitely will drive it until it dies, even if I can afford a fancier car in the meantime. 'Mi-Ok', Korean for 'beautiful pearl' will be my girl for a long time...
  • I've had my 2011 Azera Limited for about a month now and, so far, I've been very pleased! Very uneventful purchase. I paid cash and didn't qualify for any incentives. The finance guy was very efficient and didn't try to sell me a bunch of extras. It was done as fast as I could sign the papers & write the check. The price was $300 below invoice plus they gave me $800 more on my trade in than my CarMax appraisal. I was very pleased because I didn't have a very desirable vehicle for trade. I test drove 7 cars before making my decision. It’s not often you find the least expensive choice to have the highest quality!
  • jamazerajamazera Posts: 149
    check out the difference between dealer invoice and dealer cost and see how well you did
  • Who knows what true dealer cost is, but I think I did pretty well for where I live & the number of dealers to choose from. They matched the lowest price I could get in a 100-mile radius, and then gave me $800 more on my trade than anyone else, plus they didn't charge for the $100 floor mats on the sticker. The $775 transportation fee was in the sticker price. I read on the Internet dealer hold back was $902 on these cars, but couldn’t find any info on factory incentives for the dealer. The only add on, besides sales tax, was a $399 "administrative fee, they refused to negotiate. If I missed something in the process I would like to know, so I can be better armed next time.
  • jamazerajamazera Posts: 149
    check around on the is a good start
  • I would think you probably got more on your trade in because you paid cash for the car. Only question though.....curious as to why when paying cash, you didn't get a 2009 or 2010, and not lose about $7000 when you drove the car off the lot.
  • Because of my past experience two things I will never do again: Buy an American car or buy a used car. Plus I liked the bigger engine in the 2011 and I wanted the full 5 year-60000 mile warranty. Other dealers knew I was paying cash, but didn't want the trade in.
  • I'm confused, how come you wanted the full 5 year-60000 mile warranty on a new Azera?. I thought you get a 10 year-100000 mile warranty on a new Azera. I got the full 5 year-60000 on my used 5000 mile 2008 Azera. :confuse:
  • Let me be the first to welcome you to the AZERA section of Edmunds. Regardless of what kind of deal you got on your Azera - you're going to love the car for years to come.
  • Thanks for the welcome. I'm really impressed with this car, especially after test driving six others. I thought it was the best on almost all counts & the least expensive!
  • mozartmanmozartman Posts: 19
    I bought 2008 Azera Limited with Ultimate package last week from private seller. Car had 12,000 miles on it. Paid $15,000.
  • oskidunker1oskidunker1 Posts: 213
    That sounds like a good deal. Here in the San francisco bay area a dealer is trying to sell a 2006 for 16K and private partied want $1500 for 2007's with 45k on them. way too much.The market can't be that wide for these cars. I imagine you could get a great deal.
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