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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Transmission Problems



  • I don't know about the cooler lines, but I have a 2006 1/2 truck that was shifting hard into 2nd and the check engine light would come on. They had to replace transmission at 28000. This transmission had to be repaired at 17000 also.
    The dealer said that my transmission was full of metal shavings on all of the clutches.
  • Saturday morning when I cranked up my 99 Chevy K1500 it lunged about a foot and half. It was in park but still it lunged forward. Hasn't done that again but it is making a clicking sound like a card in bicycle spokes when its in 1st and 2nd gears. When it shifts out to 3rd and 4th the noise quits. This is a 4 speed auto tranny. Is it dying on me? What could be causing the clicking noise. It's like something laying on the teeth on a gear.
  • I am taking my 06 in Thursday to Tucks in Hudson to take care of the hoses! It was in last week for the problem, butttt they did not have any hoses, they are on back order, because there are too many trucks out there with this problem...

    Whats up with your glow plugs?
  • akmakakmak Posts: 1
    I just had the exact same problem. 08 2500 duramax chevy with 240miles. Truck said shift inhibited, was towed to dealer and the tranny had crumbled inside. I am under the impression they are fully aware of this problem but do not disclose it at purchase. I am considering taking this to the Attorney General with documentation and as many people as I can.
  • my second tranny is is route. they do know about this problem .in jan 06 12 gmc trucks failed due to cold weather. mine took 28 days to repair. just 2 days from notification of LEMON LAW get out will it still has max value . new dealer seems helpful but i mistrust corporate owner ( had a 99 ram) get the picture!! when it rollsit is a great ride. if i can't trust it should have stayed with 1st wife still rolling in my rental POS
  • Yesterday, I was driving out to my lake house and when I stopped at a light. I heard a loud "POP" and then the engine began to race. I thought the tranny slipped out of gear so I put it in Drive and nothing, same for 3rd, 2nd and finally I got some movement out of 1st. I was able to get the truck out on the side of the road and check the fluid level(which was OK) and then I called for a wrecker. After hearing the wrecker would take 2 plus hrs, I decided to try and make it as far as I could in 1st. After about 1/4 mile with the engine racing and the truck going about 8-10 mph, all of a sudden, the engine slowed down(rpm) and the trans caught. From there on everything worked fine. Put the truck in (D) and drove home, about 35 miles. The next day, I took the truck to Chevy dealer, they checked the tranny and told me that they could not find anything wrong, no computer codes or anything. My truck is a 2007 with 21k miles on it. Any ideas as to what the problem was/is??? What do I do if it happens again.??? I like the truck and this is the first time anything has remotely gone wrong. I'm planning on pulling my boat to the Texas coast in the next couple of weeks and right now I'm a little gun shy about doing it.
  • have heard so many having transmission problems after flushing. However, transmission is one of the most negelected maintenance items. Transmissions that have received normal maintenance do fine with flush.

    I agree, if high miles, I would not flush, just drain oil and replace filter, clean any visible material/gunk in pan area.

    replace with gm quality oil. about 6 qts.

    again, in 10k you can pull pan change 6qts and you will have most of the oil in trans changed.

    to change to synthetic oil you need to clean trans, this would require sometype of flush and clean before adding new oil.
  • We just as Maxwell said, It happened again yesterday and I barely got it to the dealer and he finally saw what I had said 2 days earlier. The tech put the diagnostic tool on it and guess what??? codes at all, but there the truck was, engine running and the truck standing still in "D" and then in 3rd. The tech seemed very confused to say the least. I went by today, and they had the trans out of the truck and apart. Something about a 3rd gear failure.. They were to call GM today to get their input as to repair or replace the tranny. I told the service agent I wanted it REPLACED, but we will see. In all my driving of Chevys and GMC, this is the first time I've ever had any tranny problems. If the tranny is repaired, I'm feeling a little uneasy about keeping the one year old truck. Any feelings on whether I should get a new one or keep this one if the tranny is just repaired????
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    I wouldn't settle for a repair job. Back in the early 90's I had a trans failure on a '91 Nissan at 28K miles. They replaced with a new one no questions asked. Course it could've been rebuilt but it lasted till 128K miles when I sold the truck. Worse case I would settle for would be a rebuilt with an extended warranty on the trans.
  • from reading other forums, I believe your transmission thought it had a failure.

    It went into limp mode, transmission goes to 2nd gear and you can limp home.
    guess that's why they call it that.

    Hate to say it: probably will happen again, you may not be so lucky next time, depending on your location.

    since truck is so new, might have transmission flushed, pull pan and look for metal particles in oil or on magnet, change filter.

    Install a good quality synthetic oil

    worth a try!!
  • Was just talking to my brother in law in Falher in Northern Alberta and said there were a few 2500 HD's that burned out their allison trannies and torque converters a couple of weeks ago when it was below -40. They would start and while just sitting idling for 10 minutes or so would not get oil and fry the trans and converters. I've been dealing on a new 07 GMC Sierra Duramax withthe allison and am very concerned by this. GM is replacing these transmissions on warranty but what is to stop this from happening the next time the temp dips.
    The word was that one oilfield company up there had 80 of these units and over 30 of them had this happen that week!

  • the only thing i know that might work would be to let it idle 24/7 till it warms up. this is the norm at deadhorse ak. and at my frozen abode in fbks ak. i was told there was a nationwide backorder on allison trannies. i' on my second. i have a 06. 25k miles. my advice is buy the gas it's cheaper anyway. you can laugh at them at the pumps.
  • tedp1tedp1 Posts: 2
    A friend has a 1999 1500 ext cab. Between 40 and 50 mph, the thing stutters. Tach is steady, so engine is not stuttering, but trans is. Anyone had this situation, or have any idea why? No codes show up on the electronic diagnostic device. Runs smoothly below 40 and above 50.

    Thanks in advance,
  • rhtransrhtrans Posts: 84
    Stutters or shudders? Most of the gm trannies will allow the clutch in the torque converter to slip anywhere between 30 and a 150 rpm at lower speeds depending on throttle position and load. it's called pulse width modulating through a solenoid to a the converter clutch. when at higher speeds, typically around 60 the computer ramps the modulation to around 100% fully engaging the clutch in the converter with no very little slip. If you are actually feeling a shudder, which is not not very common with a gm product by the way, most likely you have low fluid level or damage in the tcc circuit or converter the its self. i'd try changing the fluid and possibly adding some shudder fix(slip additive) to see if it would help the clutch slip smoothly. There is a modification that can be done to the valve body to allow 100% clutch engagement at all times...but help if there is another underlying internal problem. hope that helped.
  • Twice now my 2008 1500 has gone into a partial limp mode. first time i lost cruise gear range indicater and trans shifted like it had a bad a$$ shift found nothing. Second time i lost gear range indicater and afm, had cruise and shifted smooth minor loss in power, just before this second the truck seemed more peppy than usual. any one else have same issues and what your dealer say bout it.
  • i've had several friends that rebuild trannies tell me to put trans in neutral if u let it sit and idle for extended periods, 1 so that the fluid can circulate threw the trans and not starve any vital parts and 2 it warms up slightly faster too. the problem for the allisons cld be fluid starvation, try puttin them in neutral, i don't let my truck idle in part for more than 3 minutes, if its really cold i go out and start in and put it in neutral right away.
  • I have an '01 Siverado that has a shifting issue. When going down the road at light throttle it seems to shift up through fine. When throttle is applied, trans goes right to second gear and stays, even at WOT it wont shift up. When going 45 -50 mph and let off the gas, the trans upshifts (can drop the shifter to 3rd and feel it so i know it is up in OD). As soon as throttle is applied, the trans goes to second and stays until i let off.
    Any suggestions? I've read about a throttle position sensor, is this on the tranny or under the hood? Would this cause this? The shop i use did a filter and fluid change 2 days ago and recommended a new trans. If the thing shifts up with no load, could it be some sensor? They also said they didn't get any codes, seems not uncommon for this trans. 460le i think.

    Thnaks in advance,

    Maine Chevy owner
  • slewrateslewrate Posts: 3
    Anybody use/own a HP Tunner / code scanner and/or MPVI Pro feature! Anyone recommend a scanner for my 2005 5.3L Silverado? Help me here, I'm looking to buy some software or handheld unit to troubleshoot my truck! Thanks
  • ericg3ericg3 Posts: 1
    Hello, I have a 2005 1500 4x4 with a automatic transmission issue. After driving, I come to a stop and when I go to accelerate I notice that the tach revs up and the truck seems like it is in neutral. The shifter still is in drive. I have to press the four wheel drive button and then I can move forward. This is intermitent and sometimes happens when I am going in reverse. I took the truck back to the dealer and they said that they could not duplicate the problem. This is driving me crazy. Anyone have any ideas?
  • I have a 2001 GMC Sierra HD Auto 110,000. When im in drive it starts out smooth until i hit 10MPH and acts like im in neutral then kicks back in. I took it into a shop and was informed that the tranny fluid was black but on the bright side did not have any metal shaving in it! He told me that i need either a new tranny or a Torque Converter. I believe that it does not need a new tranny for the following. When i shift from P-R you could feel the change and acts just fine in R. But when shifting from P-D321 its so smooth you can even tell which is weird. This neutral feeling also happens when in cruise going up a hill and kicks down which will give me that neutral feeling! What is wrong is it some kind of sensor or torque converter? Note i have had the service engine light come on alot lately but was told something else.
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