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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Transmission Problems



  • I think I have the same problem as you woodman1062. I have a 07 GMC SIERRA 4X4 and I have a bad vibration anywhere between 1000-2000 rpms, but it only occures in the overdrive gear. The other gears work and shift fine other than this vibration in OD gear. I haven't found the problem yet, but when i do I will let you know if you find out let me know. thanks
  • I have a 2000 Z71 will not change into 3rd or 4th gear but 1st and 2nd are fine some people have told me there is a relay for the trans.that might be bad
  • catamcatam Posts: 331
    Unlikely, you probably need a rebuild.
  • My 98 gmc z71 is doing the same thing did you get your fixed and what was the problem
  • My 2000 GMC Sierra 4x4 has been having trouble shifting from 3rd to OD latley since it has been so cold (15-20 deg). It's like the computer is telling it to not shift. But sure enough about 2 miles into the morning commute, running 60 it decides the transmission is fine and shifts just like normal and I dont have problems with it the rest of the day. I have noticed this ocassionally at lower gears also but only when the truck is really cold and sits overnight. The people I had do an inspection when I bought it said the transmission was in perfect shape and the fluids were clean. Any suggestions before I dump money in to get it looked at?

  • catamcatam Posts: 331
    Check your owners manual.
    I know on my 09, that overdrive is locked out by the computer when temps are too cold. My truck behaves just like yours does in cold weather in the morning, I have to drive until engine temp is at least 160 before truck will shift into OD.
  • I have an 07 1500 silverado classic that has a recent issue. As the temp. increases, it gets worse. When leaving a red light, the tranny shifts from 1st to second, but after the shift, there is a jolt. The engine doesn't change rpms or anything. I even think it actually shifts. But the jolt is unusual. Anyone have this problem?
  • My truck has the exact same problem. Jolts when it shifts to second. Doesn't do it everytime. Seems worse when I'm going slow. I don't notice it if I'm really getting on it...I just got on this site today to see if I could get an answer. Someone please help us!

    Mine is a 2007 GMC Sierra 1500. 58,000 miles. It's got the 6.0 liter. Not sure the specifics on the transmission.
  • jimittjimitt Posts: 1
    I also have this problem and have talked with others that have. Check with dealer at one time they say live with it they know of the problem but? I bought this truck hoping to have a smooth shifting truck. 07 GMC Z-71
  • Go over the dealership's head,
    There is a contact us phone number on this link.

    I had 2 Chevy transmissions crap out on me, and the third is a performance trans that I had built. You don't want to spend what I did, especially if you're still under warranty.

    That stealership is being lazy. Get to the Regional GM Rep.
  • I have an 04 silverado that does the same thing.
    it now has 1338000 miles.
    its been doing this since it got it brand new.
    the dealer said there was no problem.
  • donl1donl1 Posts: 109
    1338000... ;) That's alot of miles.
  • My tranny gauge suddenly started reading high (almost max) - had everything cleaned and fluids/filter changed but still reading hot - repair guy believes possibly gauge is wrong or computer because he can't find anything wrong - after couple of days it still reads between 250 and 300 after about 50 miles of driving - no other issues other than a "shudder" when pushing down on throttle but that only happens occasionally - any ideas or anyone else hear of this? It's driving me crazy especially since I have been reading about tranny problems others are having. Any advice appreciated. 80K on truck and I bought it new. Thanx.
  • I have a '91 Silverado with a 30fried. Whilst towing a trailer, I noticed the truck having problems shifting and no power. I found there was no tow kit and tranny fluid was extremely hot. A month later, I have 1st and 2nd but nothing else.
    Before I put out all kinds of money I don't have for diagnostics, I thought I would post here to see if anyone can help.
    I am told it could possibly be a "shift coil". I'm not too mechanically inclined so any info would be greatly appreciated.

  • 88gmc88gmc Posts: 1
    i have an 88 gmc and my tranny is doing the same thing i have first and second gear and thats it i changed the tranny and it is still doing it i am out of ideas if any one has input it would be greatly appreciated

  • need help. 1995 silverado z71. says check gauges and then transmission or clutch feels like its slipping. it shows no light under the PRND321 in any gear. it only happens every now and then and when it doesnt do this it drives and shifts fine. after shutting it off or leeting it sit over time it basically resets itself and will drive fine after this time.
  • Ops i ment 138000.
  • Maybe a solinoied thats getting hot.
  • I have 99K miles, had tranny serviced at 30k intervals, problem started with a shudder while backing uphill towing a trailer. Seemed like clutches were catching and releasing.
    Last night I was backing up, same symptoms but then engine rev'd and no more reverse. Tranny temp got warmer than normal but not in red zone. I hoped it would be better this morning after cooling down overnight. No luck, still no reverse. I talked to an old GM guy at the builder show in Los Wages Nevada last week, he says it is a known issue with the 80 series tranny. Am I in need of a tranny b4 I get my first brake job ? Is the reman tranny from GM that come in a coffin the best bet? If I install it myself is the warranty still valid? I have 3 of these trucks, should I expect them all to have tranny failure at 100k.
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