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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Transmission Problems



  • sfmennasfmenna Posts: 2
    2003 Chevrolet 2500 6 liter- Same Problem! Exccept that this truck does it just whenever. Any advice would be helpful!


  • Do you have stock size tires? Mine does it when coasting from 70 km/h+, and it's even worse if I brake and slow down quicker. I'm getting it checked out at the Chev dealer on Tuesday, I'll let you know what they find.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    is to place the truck in neutral as you slow down. If the vibration still exists then it isn't the trans.

    If it starts when you start to brake then it most likely is warped rotors.

    Just something to think about.
  • tdscrinertdscriner Posts: 7
    When we bought our 98 sierra it had one 16" & one 15" tire on the back, we was told that may have been why the tranny went out. We r now changing trannies, so that is something to think about. We have Reverse, 1st, & 2nd.
  • Just got back from the dealership...turns out it was a seized U-joint in the rear driveshaft. Dealer says U-joints can cause some odd symptoms. Replaced under warranty and all is well again.
  • i am new at this this is my first time on here. i have a 96 chevy silverado 1500 V8/305. i've been having troubles with my automatic transmission. it shifts in 1st and 2nd gear but slips out of gear in 3rd and Drive 4th gear. it's in gear when you first accelerate then when you it about 30 mph it slips and doesn't go back in gear. i checked trans fluid and it's good and full not burnt it's bright red. i need to know if it is the transmission clutch gone bad gears worn out or could it be the electronic shifter?? need advice
  • My 2004 GMC Sierra 2500HD 4 x 4 loses power when my transmission temp gets between 180-200 degrees. It only gets hot on the hot summer days or when I tow my boat. There is an unusual noise(higher RPM?) in the transmission when I take off after sitting a controlled intersection. I get my vehicle serviced on a regular basis. I have yet to take it into a dealer..any ideas?
  • tdscrinertdscriner Posts: 7
    Did u get any replies b-cause that is similar to what or 1998 Sierra is doing
  • No replies as of yet. I was thinking about a tranny cooler. But isn't tha a tranny cooler on the face of my radiator? I would love to tow my boat to Big Bear, but I think I the tranny would fail. Not too sure about the diesel, has no balls
  • jsbrandtjsbrandt Posts: 1
    When I first start out in the morning the trans make a clunking sound while shifting from 2nd to 3rd. Most times it makes the sound 1-2 times. After that it shifts hard and jerks from 2-3. Ive had it back at the dealer 3 times already and it only has 2400 miles. The 1st time they replaced a torque solonoid valve- didnt help. Since then they said they can't find a problem. Does anyone have a similar issue or suggestion? That's what I get for leaving Ford.
  • mdsxs4mdsxs4 Posts: 9
    I have a 2007 crew cab that the transmission has been out twice in the first 28000 miles. the last problem was that it would shift real hard after it warmed up. The shop said that it was full of metal shavings. If this transmission goes out again then gm will get it back and I will go to Toyota or something else.
  • kylec65kylec65 Posts: 2
    Has anyone else had any problems with a 2005 silverado transmission?? Mine went out yesterday at 44K miles and just over 2.5 years old. Just my luck that it happens after the 36K warranty has expired. Has anyone had any experience with GM's Goodwill policy \ Secret Warranty program? I'm hoping they will give me some sort of assistance in fixing this as I have owned 3 other silverados, all of which were driven to at least 130K without any major problems aside from routine repairs. Thoughts or recomendations for proceding with GM???
  • skytop1skytop1 Posts: 106
    I have the new 6 speed transmission in my new Denali. I specifically stepped up to the GMC from Chevy to get this transmission. I have seriously regretted this choice and purchase.

    This 6 speed has been the WORST example of a half baked, defect laden, miserable shifting, banging, clanking, confused shifting transmission I have ever had the misfortune and mistake of owning. It is actually an adaptive learning transmission that is almost entirely computer controlled. If it were any other company, that would not be a problem. However, GM clearly had not the ability or brains to design working software/firmware for this complex machine. They acknowledged to me they are stumped by it and hope to eventually figure out how to rewrite the software. Lovely. They offered me a hope and a prayer for cold comfort. And what do I do today?

    Any low speed shift is accompanied by a banging in the rear. Hi speed downshift tries many different gears before the computer finally selects one gear to use. What a mess!!!!! Additionally, you never know which gear it will select and how jolting or punishing the shift will be. PLUS....when coming to a stop, the computer gets confused and then speeds up the engine for a moment generating way extra torque which causes the downshift into first gear to shoot your forward as if you were just bumped in the rear by another vehicle. This is NO exaggeration....straight objective fact. GM has NO CLUE or technical ability to correct this major problem. They are hopeless and helpless to produce or service this transmission. Dealers I have gone to are totally stymied and confused by these problems which are all routinely reproduceable.

    This is but one area of problems I am experiencing with this TROUBLE TRUCK. It is worse than a lemon. It is a production GMC truck which has proven to be a miserable excuse for a truck that has caused me nothing but headaches, weeks of lost service and a serious distrust for the treachery and failures of GM in taking proper care of a customer. GM is a promise broken and a commitment never honored.
  • I am considering a 2007 Sierra 1500 SLE2 Crew (5.3L 8cyl 4A)

    Does anyone have this truck? Does it have transmission problems?

    mlemoine - what other trucks did you consider and why did you make the choice you did?
  • bumperdudebumperdude Posts: 19
    i got the tranny fixed in my 07 silverado(warrnty) and it is way different and great. 6.0 w/heavy duty tranny, vortec/max package, LTZ pkg.
  • mdsxs4mdsxs4 Posts: 9
    I have a 2007 crew cab with the 5.3 the tranny has been out 2 times in 28000. I will probably not buy anither chevy. i had a 2005 crew cab that the 4x4 system was always showing service 4x4.
  • hey gmctruck - if GM actually REDESIGNED their "redesigned" trucks then maybe they wouldn't have the same problems that they had 5, 10, 15, or 20 years ago. Instead, they are being only further put into the stone age by the developments that Ford and Toyota have made on their trucks, which is making GM the laughingstock of trucks. Although Toyota has a good engine/tranny combo if it wasn't for the camshaft failures, the design of the F150 is still 5 years above every other truck on the road. I wasn't very partial - as a matter of fact, I was a chevy man - until my 2002 Silverado caught fire on the freeway at less than 10,000 miles. My buddy's 1999 Sierra had 120,000 miles on it, but he's easily put $10K into that truck (transmission TWICE, alternator twice, maybe three times, fuel pump). I laugh when I see new Silverados out there that STILL have piston slap!!!! I put 140,000 miles on a 2002 4.2L V6 F150 with no service other than factory scheduled maintenance. I kept denying my grandfather's desire to buy only E350's and F150's and F350's for his construction business. He would buy them, run them to 300,000 miles and trade them in on new ones. Very rarely did he ever have a problem with any of those trucks or vans. Strangely it seems the people who have "long lasting" GM vehicles NOWDAYS are the people who drive them only on the weekends for less than 50 miles each way. I just got through purchasing a Fusion and this car is worlds above the Camry or Accord. See, Ford is using Mazda's marriage to their advantage as well as DEVELOPING their new line of vehicles. I haven't seen anything truly NEW from Chevy in a LONG, LONG time.
  • 1offroader1offroader Posts: 208

    What was the problem with your tranny? I also have the 6.0L w/super duty trans. No problems w/mine, but just in case, what was the problem with your tranny? How did they fix it?

  • 12ozcurls12ozcurls Posts: 65
    yeah i don't know what is happening with car companies these days. The new Tundra 6 speeds are having similar problems...
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