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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Transmission Problems



  • Thanks--finally getting it to a tranni guy tomorrow (not GM, an independent guy highly recommended)--it's my bread and butter so going a day without my BIG BLACK [non-permissible content removed] TRIXIE is hard. I'm HOPING that it is going to be that simple--I don't know when or if the fluid/filter was ever changed--I bought it with 84000 KMs and now has 91000 kms. I also read somewhere about some Lubegard (?) stuff that is supposed to work wonders on the shifting valves. I have not been able to find this stuff in PEI (Canada). Either way, I guess I'll just wait to hear what the guy says tomorrow.
  • I have a 93 2wd 5.7.
    When driving on the interstate at 60 to 70mph, when I hit a bump in the road trans downshifts from OD and most of the time will shift back to OD but not always. And sometimes just keeps going back and forth in and out of OD. Any Thoughts, Thanks
  • 2000 model 1500, Has no problems going thru the gears, but when it gets thru Overdrive and between 40-55mph tacking 1500rpm or so it will constantly change rpm by 200 up and down like the torque converter hits the final stage then changes its mind back and forth . Once you get above 55 it doesn't do it and runs fine.
    Does the truck have a locking torque converter? Can you adjust it?
  • hardwaregirl - It is upsetting when a new vehicle has a problem but consider this...GM sells 800,000 to 1,000,000 trucks a year. Even if only 1% have a problem right away, that's still 8,000-10,000 trucks with an immediate problem. Consider also that the truck has 1,000s of parts. Chevy will fix it under warranty. Hey, $&*# happens. I have a 2007 also, it went back in the first few days with a loose wire inside a rear door, power window wouldn't work. 20 minutes later it was done, I got 11,000 miles on it now and love it, no other problems. You have a 5 year, 100,000 mile warranty. Enjoy your new truck, relax, you and husband are going to love it too. The Silverado is a fine truck.

  • You haven't driven enough miles yet. My 07 Silverado lost the transmission for the first time at 17000 miles and for the second time at 28000. and at 36200 the normal steering shaft vibration that they won't fix because that is covered only up to 36000. But they agree that they never actually fixed this problem. They know there are problems with their trucks but they don't fix them. I had a 2005 Silverado that the 4x4 system was always showing service 4wd and putting itself in 4x4 when you start the truck. I kept replacing parts but the problem kept returning. I got rid of it and get a new one and now transmission problems. One more breakdown and I'm going to Toyota.
  • mdsxs4

    Time will tell, and if that happens to me I'll post. I'm not loyal to any car maker, esp. Toyota after numerous problems, service, & recalls I've had with them.

    The term "lost the transmission" sounds sort of vague. What does that mean? What was the problem?

    BTW, the 07 has been out less than a year and you have in excess of 36K miles??? Do you ever get out of your truck? Sounds suspicious to me.

    Tundra is having trans problems too, in addition to other problems. Read the posts. Out of the frying pan, into the fire...

  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    Torque converter locks at 39 mph and no there is no adjustment. Seven years later if it disturbs you drive in "3" until you exceed 45 mph
  • When you are refering to your 2007 please let the readers know if it is a 2007 classic or the 2007(new body style).
    My tranny problem was at 7k miles on my 07.
  • Suggestion - from now on, the 2007 "classic" should be referred to as a 2006-1/2. That way there is no confusion between it and the 2007 NBS.

  • mdsxs4mdsxs4 Posts: 9
    It is a 07 classic or 2006 1/2
  • my 2000 old style chevy pickup will shift out of OD on a slight hill then not shift back into OD. When this happens it will shift hard or jerk from 1-2-3.

    What I did was add a qt. of Lucus transmission oil to help clean sticky valves. it did help, but it still does it every couple of months.

    Just stop turn it off let it sit awhile and works ok.
    ????????????? who knows.
  • tansmission keeps popping out of gear as soon as it is shifted into gear shift light starts blinking and thats all it will do. Dealer spent 17 hrs labor and still couldn't diagnosis problem replaced tcm and shift solenoid. I have also had to replace neutral saftey switch twice truck has only 60,000 miles on it I would appericiate any feed back or similar problems solved.
  • jimm58jimm58 Posts: 1
    My 1997 C1500 trans has been slipping a bit for quite a while. I am trying to determine if it needs the VCM jumper kit to resolve the 4L60e slip problem. My VCM service number is 16229684, the service number of the fixed VCM is supposedly 16244210. Does this mean that I need to install the jumper kit (part # 12167310)? My transmission is exhibiting the symptoms of the TSB (00-07-30-026) that fixed the bad ground problem. Thanks, Jim
  • I have the 2007 1500 6.0 vortex max.
    bought the truck july 5th was great for 3 or 4 weeks then
    it started bucking or jerking going up grade, sometime at a stop light it would feel like someone hit me from the rear.
    dealer says they can't find anything wrong.
    also mpg dropped from 20 mpg to 16 mpg.
    did your drop before your fix? and did your warrenty cover the fix?
  • Dude,
    thats the same truck i got.
    What kind of problems were
    you having.
    Mine does the jecking thing
    going uphill and feels like someone hit
    me at lights
  • Yes,
    i bought my truck 4 door 1500 vortex max on july 5th
    notice the leak a week later and they also said it
    was the front trans pump seal from a nick on the torque converter shaft. do you have any other trouble with your truck jerking or bucking going up hill?
  • GM did replace the tranny of my VORTEC MAX at 7,000 miles, mine never jerked it just felt like it went into a "freewheel mode". the tranny temp went way up.
  • mdsxs4mdsxs4 Posts: 9
    It is actually a 2006 1/2. It is the old body style 2007. The first time the transmission lost all but 1st and reverse. the second time the transmission would shift so hard that the rear end would bang. I was afraid that it would ruin the rear end. When the dealer took it apart they said that it was full of metal shavings. I drive the truck for work on the highway a average of 50,000 to 60,000 miles a year but they are all highway miles and I don't pull a trailer.
  • All you folks with these 2007 1500 tranny problems..tell me a liitle more about what you have. Are they 4x4's, what size motors, what kind of driving are you doing, what were the remedies, did you follow break in procedures correctly? The reason I ask is I just purchased a 2007 with the new body style, it has the 5.3, LT2 package, 4x2, HD towing. I have only owned mine for 2 days now but I must say..I LOVE MY NEW TRUCK!!! To me this new Chevy is the best thing since sliced bread. The ride is far better than ANY truck I drove to include all manufacturers except Nissan. The interior in the LT2 with Leather is far nicer to anyone else and the 5.3 has plenty of power and better fuel economy than the smaller 4.8. So please tell me a little more about your rigs and how you drive em and the reasons for the failures. Thanks
  • My truck is the new body 07. 6.0 vortec max 1500 (HD tranny tow package) (4x4 not Z71, just 4x4) A/T tranny, 20" factory street wheels, LTZ 4door, w/all the bells. The tranny always had a slight fluid pump type noise(only slight) and started screwing up and went out over a weekend. It seemed to free wheel and the tranny temp was much higher than normal. Dealer said to went to pieces when they opened it. they thought something must have got left out in assy. The new one seems fine and no more fluid whine noise. 14,000 miles now and all is well.
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