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GMC Jimmy Starting and Stalling Problems

mcelfreshmcelfresh Posts: 1
i have replaced new dist. roto cap,wires, plugs,tsp sensor can get it to start and shut it down and will not restart don't know what else to look for any help??


  • dustaymmdustaymm Posts: 1
    When replacing the intake manifold gasket, what setting should the torque wrench be set on to tighten the bolts that pull the intake down on the gasket?
  • jimmy94jimmy94 Posts: 6
    TBI models 36 ftlbs
    CPI models initial torque 35 ftlbs
    CPI models final torque can be up to 41 ftlbs

    tbi you tighten one side then the other

    cpi is tightened in a zigzag patern from the midle

    if you are really concerned get a shop manual, they tell you the order to tighten each
  • I have a 1993 Jimmy. It has been having starting issues. We have heard everything from the fuel injectors needs to be cleaned to replacing the water pump. We have replaced the computer twice, the second time the garage replaced it free. But now it does not start but turns over. We have it in a garage now and first they thought it was the distributor, but have tested the sensors and such and can not find anything wrong with the distributor or computer. When we had the computer put in, I guess the first garage did some sloppy wiring and now another garage said some of the wiring from the distributor to the computer was burned and not covered properly and etc. They have tested the computer to the distributor and have found even though poor wiring it tests out fine. So now they think it is from the computer up through the firewall into the dash board. I understand it could be very costly to follow all the wires out the computer into the dash since their are so many wires? I have asked if it would be better to replace the harness and they seemed to be reluctant since they said that would be more work? We had it in three different garages and no body seems to know what they are doing, can someone give me some idea what we should do? Thanks
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,993
    Try looking through the "No Start" Problems discussion too.

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  • repairdogrepairdog Posts: 948
    For 98up Blazers the final lower intake torque is 11 ft lbs reached in 3 steps - any higher will cause other problems. Most shop books give in inch pounds and most of us have ft lb wrenches. Just wanted to document the correct torque for newer Blazers.
  • tashasootashasoo Posts: 1
    Turning the ignition key produces nothing. There is power to all of the dash gauges, but the starter will not engage. This only happens every fourth or fifth time you try to start it. After allowing the car to sit for a while you turn the key and it immediately starts. This is driving me nuts. Any clue what the heck is causing this??
  • I have an identical problem. My 92 S10 Blazer 4.3L V-6 will start initially, but after I shut it off it turns over beautifully but just will not start. The fuel pump runs fine. I see gas in the throttle body. Could it be flooding the TBI that easily and preventing further starts?
  • autopoorautopoor Posts: 1
    I have a 1993 GMC Jimmy with a CPFI. The car has been sitting up for a while and will not start. I replaced a bad fuel fuel pump and relay. I am getting fuel up to the injector. Put starter fluid in air intake. Car starts up breifly but does not continue to run. Is there any way to test the injector? I replaced the injectors two years ago at a cost of $265. Don't want to spend money if it is not the injectors.
  • repairdogrepairdog Posts: 948
    Check the fuel pressure at the rail test port - only way to know.
  • hey i got a 1993 GMC Jimmy V6..and i was stopin at a light and it just boged out Or stalled out. I had now breaks the whole nine yards..and the truck wouldent start then it would start and run for a few seconds and then stall out again. and that was about it..any ideas wat could be work.

  • Fuel or spark - then possible sensor.
    4.3L engine (not 2.8)
    So, you have to determine that first to begin a fix.
    It turns over/cranks OK so battery is good and starter good.
    1. Do you smell gas in the engine compartment or on the oil dip stick - that could be a leaking CPI and lines (nut kit) under the upper intake so search that.
    2. Test the fuel pressure at the fuel rail as I have posted many times.
    3. Check for a spark at the coil or out of dist - use a plug wire and plug, hold the screw in base on a ground, and turn it over and is there a spark. Wear gloves or some non conducting holder or it will zap you and if you have a weak heart do NOT do this.
    4. Last tuneup with a cap/rotor, plugs, wires, PCV. Caps/rotors do fail and seen some internally arc and impossible to detect so change - cheap insurance you aren't fighting that one - my 99 aftermarket cap did this after 1 year so now I buy Delco caps - drove my crazy testing.
    5. Then on to sensors etc such as crank sensor under the front of the engine ($60), ignition module in the dist ($80) in 95 down (on coil 96up), and MAP on intake - but those can be determined with a scan tool ($400 up) that most shops and all dealers have so you can throw parts at it without a scanner or tow it in and take a rest.
  • ran my 1995 GMC JIMMY out of gas now it wont start what can I do.
  • I've noticed lately that whenever I am waiting at a realy long light, or at a drive thru my car seems to all of the sudden stall. Then it takes a few tries to start back up. Had a very embarassing time at the border with that. But it's like it stalls when i'm waiting for a while. And I notice it gets like a wierd shake before it happens. I've brought it to midas and thy say they can't do anything til it stalls, but I don't live there so it's kinda hard. Any idea what this might be? Oh ya, I brought it in for a tuneup a few months ago.
  • repairdogrepairdog Posts: 948
    Do you hear the pump at key on before start for 2sec pressurize the system? If no noise hope the pump did not fail. First I would change the fuel filter then try again, then if no start test the fuel pressure to see if the pump still works correctly.
  • repairdogrepairdog Posts: 948
    Was the cap and rotor changed and a new fuel filter, air filter and plugs, if not do so. Then test the fuel pressure at the test port (Actron tester is $35) and its a min of 60psi key on engine off (and then it should not drop after key off but a few psi)and then 53 psi running. Then 97 had a lot of strange problems due to the in column ignition switch (really the module in the column not the key but I didn't name it) so thats always possible if random things happen as all power gets switched thru there.
    Then possible coil or sensor so is a SES light on and any code? Lots of options here.
  • Damn. I heard that theres problems with the 97 from a few people...of course only after I bought it. But I am definitely going to look into these. Thanks for the help. I'll let ya know how it goes.
  • I have a 98 jimmy 4x4 4.3 v6 vortec that won't start. My father and I are pretty good at figureing out problems with cars but when it comes to this we are stumped. About 2 months ago i went to a local ihop parked the truck (which was running fine before i got there) shut it off and it sat for maybe 30 to 45 mins. before i came back out to start it and it wanted to start but didn't so i checked for the sound the fuel pump makes when it is working and no sound so i eventually got it started and got home replaced the fuel pump , and fuel filter. well ran good for 2 weeks then died again but now i hear the fuel pump kick on but no start did all the obvious checks and still nothing. No check engine light comes on fuel gauge works fine, although i do remember that when it did run for those 2 weeks it was extremly hard to start like it would crank and turn over but no start for about 15 to 30 secs now i read the messages in here and read the haynes repair manual from front to back and still can't figure it out. thought i would seek help from the web. also could i possibly damaged the starter from attempting to start it so many times?? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
  • guestguest Posts: 774
    Check the fuel pressure #1 - 60 psi to start (53 running) and if you did not use a Delco you may have a few problems with pickup and seals. Next is the the state of the last tuneup - plugs, cap/rotor/wires. More details needed.
  • Hello,I just picked up a "92" Jimmy" 4X4 4.3l w/150k Miles. The truck runs great & looks great.I have not been able to get info I am Comfortable with RE: changing my oil & filter.I would appreciate any advice RE: Cap. 4.5Qt or 5Qt, type of oil, Syn.? Oil & Air filter types etc. For now the truck will be used for mostly short trips(under50m)three to four times a week. I will be supervising my young son and I want to get it right!I do not know the location of the pan plug or if it is LH/RH thread.
  • Pick up a Haynes or Chiltons at the auto store or look online at Autozone or Advance auto sites and all info is listed for you. I personally use Valoline MaxLife 5w-30 but all my Blazers are over 100k now. Seen both 4.5 and 5.0 qts loisted and I put in 4.75 with a filter but all mine are 98up with the remote oil cooler lines to the radiator.
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