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GMC Jimmy Starting and Stalling Problems



  • I too face a similar situation with my jimmy 95 model. After a few miles ride, the rpm goes high during idle. Par year I changed the fuel pump and hence I face this issue. Appreciate any suggestions.

  • vvauxhendvvauxhend Posts: 1
    I have a 92 jimmy that was running(being driven and died). We replaced the fuel pump. Now it tries to start or sometimes starts and runs for about a minute then dies. Can someone help with suggestions? Thanks for the help.
  • My 1996 GMC Jimmy 4wd 4.3 SLS has had a consistent issue with starting and stalling. It will start, run for a few seconds then die. Then start back up (I wait til I can hear the relay in the glove box click) and usually run perfectly fine until shut off again. Sometimes it will stall 2-3 times but in the end runs just fine. Once going it has zero issues, Can put it to the floor and go with no hesitation or shudder. Can drive for hours again with zero issues, however if driven for any amount of time, then shut off for more than a few minuets you get the same problem with the starting and stalling. I've replaced a bunch of sensors and the Fuel filter. Cam, Crank sensors, PCV, Mass Airflow, distributor cap and rotor and spark plugs have all been replaced. No codes are being thrown and the only engine "problem" is a emissions code thrown from a vent valve in the gas tank. Wondering what else is left at this point. Alternator is next on the list (lights noticeably flicker at night until it's been running for a while) So maybe a voltage thing. Anyways any insight would be great as I'm out of ideas. Fuel pump kicks on every time as well. No vacuum leaks, and when it stalls it sounds like a puff of air coming out of the engine (though that could be the fan slowing down for all I know)
  • My girl friend was driving the jimmy home and said it the engine just died at a stop sign but the truck still had power, then when she went to restart it it turns over but wont start.
    Went and looked at it there is spark when you go to staret it and it seems like the fuel pump is working.
  • I can drive the Jimmy about 75-100 miles without any problems and then it loses power and I cannot get it over 20mph. If I let it set for 5-10 minutes along the side of the rode, it starts up fine and I am back at regular cruising speed. I can usually tell when it is going to happen as the rpm's are running high around 3000-3500 for driving around 65-75 mph (speed limit is 75), when it is usually around 2500 rpm's. I did replace the fuel filter and a hose with a slight leak, but it happened again this last weekend.
  • Did you find a solution to this issue? I have the same exact issue with my 2001 jimmy all the way to the flicker of the lights and the emissions code. I even brought it to a gm dealer and they couldn't fix it. The only additional thing is that there is a faint whistling noise when it's happening. The noise is not heard under the hood only when driving and the whistle will stay in tune with the gas pedal.
  • Nope, still doing what it does. Took Alternator in for testing, it's perfectly fine (just a loose connection) My next move is getting the fuel pressure tested, if that turns out to be nominal then I was told it's possibly the fuel spider. So either way it's going to be around 200-300 dollars for parts then the labor involved if either the pump or spider is bad. Still been driving for months with these issues and nothing has really changed. Drives me crazy.
  • I have a very similar issue. I was driving my 98 Jimmy and it just died. It turns over but does not start. I have spark. I have 65 PSI for fuel pressure. I have put gas into the throttle body and it still does not start or even fire a couple of times. I am at a loss where to go next. Did you have any success?
  • I have same problems got fire an fuel but wont start ofter it sits over night sometimes an seems worse if it rains. has new fuel pump, filter, cap ,rotor,ect. but when it runs doesnt miss at all an whats even more strange if I unhook mass air runs even better ?????????????
  • mdzurismdzuris Posts: 1

    I found my problem with my 1996 GMC Jimmy, After troubleshooting and exhausting all other possibilities my search finally came down to a bad fuel pressure regulator. It allowed the engine to run (albeit badly) and fine at normal RPM but it would randomly stall. This was because excess fuel was being dumped into the back two cylinders and causing all kinds of havoc. Won't throw a code unless you get a lucky "misfire" code thanks to the excess fuel causing the engine to fight itself. So if your Jimmy or Blazer is starting then stalling several times while still somehow running fine once it got going, check your regulator. it's easy to tell if it's bad thanks to it's overflow valve washing out the back two cylinder intakes. Good luck and hope it helps.

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