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Honda Fit vs. Scion xA vs. Toyota Matrix



  • I test drove FIT, CRV, Scion XB, RAV4, Matrix, Rabbit,Civic.

    Best interior -Rabbit. Mileage is low for a small car.
    Best Interior and mileage---Civic. No flexibilty in Cargo.

    CRV, RAV4 --Not bad It falls more on size and less on mileage. CRV is less than Invloce and RAV4 is MSRP of $25K which is beyond my range.

    Fit- May be more inches in Cargo compared to Matrix but that did not factor me. I am not heavy cargo person. When I need it I got to have the option thats it. But the Feel and look inside drove us away from Fit. It is CHEAP man! Sit in Matrix and Fit and u decide. The mileage is 5 miles less than Fit. But my commute to work is not that much to factor 5 miles plus it is my primary car.

    The reason for me to go for 35 miles per gallon on high way is purely MORAL.

    Where can u get fully loaded (sunroof, 6 cd changer, airbags, alloy wheels, power locks, cargo flexibility, 35 miles per gallon, reliability) for 18K?

  • barsonbarson Posts: 34
    Comparison of a 5-speed Versa with an automatic xA:

    - the Versa had better acceleration than the xA; the larger engine (1.8L vs. 1.5L) and 5-speed more than compensated for the Versa's extra 340 pounds.

    - despite the center mounted gauges, I thought the xA's dash was more stylish and functional than the Versa's. All the xA's knobs and buttons were easy to identify and reach,and the wheel mounted stereo controls were very useful.

    - both vehicles felt roomy on the inside, but I seemed to sit higher and have better visibility in the xA.

    - rear seats do fold down flush with the rear cargo floor on the xA (with the driver's seat pushed all the way back and with the headrests on the back seats -- I had the salesperson demonstrate it); on the Versa the rear seats are not flush with the cargo area when folded down, making stowing large boxes, etc., a little awkward.

    Yeah, I know the title of this discussion says Honda Fit not Nissan Versa, and I'm going to post this in a Versa discussion, but I still have not been able to locate Honda dealer with a Fit that I can test drive. I did see one pass me on the road -- to me it looked like an Aveo.
  • crimsonacrimsona Posts: 153
    The Versa SL trim has steering wheel mounted controls, it's part of the Canadian technology package (includes AUX jack, subwoofer, bluetooth, wheel controls)

    In the US I believe it's the Conven. package.
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,708
    Why not just get the Vibe if the Matrix is so expensive? GM practically gives them away by comparison at the end of the model-year. Other than the front Grille and a bit of bodywork, they are identical, much like how the Geo Prism was.

    Better yet, get one 1-2 year old for the price of a stripped-down base Aveo or Rio.

    As for the discussion, this should have been titled "Fit and Other Alternatives"
  • I totally disagree with you on the Fit's interior. It is not cheap at all. I think it is very nice, almost Acura like. I found the "silver overdose" on the matrix to look cheap. My brother just had his 2006 Toyota Yaris S delivered last Monday. Compared to the Fit, I prefer the Fit. Don't like the center speedometer, seat color, less back seat room, cup holders etc. GO FIT!
  • I have now recently tested both the FIT and the XA, and i must say that while the FIT had extra pep, & some amazing design features that are really impressive, COST is the big difference in my book. Let me put it this way... the fit MSRP is listed with the sport model around $16,500, however the SEATTLE dealership i saw the fit at had it marked at $18,000 and a five month waiting list because of the line up of people ready to pay that price. That is crazy. I really liked the little XA vibe, and it is easily a better value at $14,120 for the base automatic model i want. Thats the direction i will be heading. Also the backseat crash tests are better in the SCION XA... with my 11 year old daughter back there, that helped seal the deal.
  • Hold on a minute...backseat crash tests? Where can I find those test results?

    Are you talking about side crash ratings for the rear passengers or a test that determines the results of a rear-end collision?
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    A brand new Scion xA pulled up next to me on the way to work this morning, and I realized why I bought one of the first ones that came out (long gone, due to my "frequent trade-in" disease). To me it looks much better than the Fit - the lines and way things are put together are better looking. On the Fits I have seen on the road, the ground effects and spoiler look add-on and roughly integrated with the body.

    The xA is definitely worth the money.
  • gotta agree with you---I'm impressed with the Fit but the rear deck is very awkward-looking and spoils the car entirely.
  • I totally agree with your thoughts on the XA versus the Fit. I test drove the Fit and Versa last week, and the Matrix tonight. The styling of the Fit does look like the 06 Aveo, but with much less backseat room. The rear looks like Honda cut off the tail of the Aveo 5 door and welded onto a mundane front end. The backseat of the Fit is tiny and might be ok for a couple of small kids but definitely not for adults and teens over 5'6". My wife is 5'6" and felt cramped back there. I'm 6'2" and had my knees under my chin back there. We own an 05 XB and are pleased with the enormous amount of room in the vehicle. The Matrix did not have the space of the XB but it's well equipped with auto and sunroof for less than the Fit. My wife liked the Matrix because of the styling. She likes the lines and interior. The XA is also on our short list but seems to lack the amount of space that we've grown accustomed to in our XB. We will buy one of these by the end of the month.
  • What did you think of the Versa by the way, compared say to a Matrix? I liked the idea of the more powerful engine--1.8 liter I think, than offered in the xA or the Fit.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,630
    The Fit's back seat sits bigger than it looks, because it is so high. I found no problem sitting "behind myself" in the back seat (I am 5'10"). The seatback reclines a bit also, and in the process raises the bottom up a little, providing even more room. So I have to disagree that the Fit's back seat is not for people over 5'6", unless maybe the driver's seat is all the way back. The xB is much roomier of course, but I didn't see a bit difference in rear seat room between the Fit and xA. One big problem for me with the xA is the lack of storage space with the rear seat up. The Fit and Matrix are much better there. The Fit also has a much roomier storage space with the rear seat folded than does the xA.
  • plektoplekto Posts: 3,708
    The backseat of the Fit is tiny and might be ok for a couple of small kids but definitely not for adults and teens over 5'6".

    That has to be the worst assessement ever. Seriously. The Fit has the biggest rear seat area with the seat moved back that I've ever seen in a car outside of a Buick.

    It's huge. Only the new RAV-4 is better, and it's not a tiny little econobox. I mean- SMALL CAR - it's not a damn minivan. The Yaris, for instance, is so tiny my head hit the ceiling in the rear, and I'm 5'7". It was horrendously small. Okay, not as bad as the rear seat in a 911, but really close.

    Push the seat back - the rear, especially the one behind the passenger seat - it has way more room. Unless you are a Sasquatch, you'll be able fit easily.
  • I completely agree. The back seat area is incredibly spacious and comfortable for a B-segment. I have fit 3 adults (none of them small) in the back seat and all remarked on how much larger it was than expected. To say that it is only suitable for a children is a joke.

    ...and not only is it comfortably large enough for 2 adults, you can also haul a good bit of luggage behind the seats.
  • The way to deal with the xA's lack of storage behind the rear seats is to use the split seat system, which is 60/40. I fold down the left rear seat only (behind the driver) and this gives a nice small platform that you can load from the tailgate or from the left rear door--and you can still have one person in the back of course, with decent leg room. You can actually stuff an enormous amount of stuff into an xA, relative to its size.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,630
    Sure, assuming you are OK with carrying no more than three people in the car--two, if the other person is a child. I frequently have to carry more than that.
  • Well a four person family with young children shouldn't even BE in an xA---not the car for them. They should be in at least a Matrix size vehicle or a conventional wagon.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,630
    I have three kids, although one is going to college next year. What's wrong with having a small, economical car that is used by one person much of the time but by more than one person also? I don't like buying a car that is any larger than I need. The Fit is plenty roomy for my needs, for example. I have a MPV when we need room for the entire family.
  • I was talking about a one-car family with small children. That doesn't seem to be you, so my opinion wouldn't apply.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,630
    How many one-car families with small children make do with cars the size of the Fit and xA in Europe and Asia? Quite a few I'll bet.

    When I was growing up, my dad owned one car until I was in my teens. I am the youngest of three kids. Some of these cars didn't have as much usable room in them as a Fit. We managed just fine. My kids are spoiled by being able to ride in captains chairs in a minivan, watching movies on long trips. Progress I guess.
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