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Volkswagen Passat Sludge Issues



  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    So Amsoil sludged in the 1.8T engine with 3,000 mile OCI? Not exactly a ringing endorsement, is it?

    On the other hand, Amsoil doesn't appear on any VW/Audi list of approved oils meeting their 502.00 or 503.01 specifications, while Mobil 1's 0w-40 is on those lists.

    I'd say your son was pretty lucky in getting coverage under the extended sludge warranty. Given the current economy and VW's propensity to look for a loophole, I'd only reommend using a listed 502/00/503.01 spec oil, with a maximum of a 5,000 mile OCI in the B5 / B5.5 generation engine. And I'd document the oil changes as if you had $4,000 riding on it. Personally, I treat my oil change documents like a sacred text.
  • drotsedrotse Posts: 23
    The Amsoil was not the problem ! I have a friend that has a 2000 and got him started at 24,000 miles, he now has 160,000 on it and looking in the oil filler opening the engine is clean and on the dipstick it look real good. End of story.

    This engine was dirty to start with. The Amsoil, in cleaning out and or loosening up the trash in the engine plugged the pickup screen. So be careful!

    Yes, my son is very lucky to have listen to his father and keep his records. After all the Passat is not cheap. And the maintenance records stand good. By the way for you who are wondering the dealer looked at the records and said without any hesitation the oil we used was fine. Just think of it, as you have said, VW covered the clean out and only because of the good oil and records.

    For those that do have problems with VW , there is a class action suit against VW. It has been filed in Massachutches.
    The link
  • drotsedrotse Posts: 23
    Look at this link and tell me that this oil does or does not meet/or exceed 502.00.
  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    Re-read your original post...missed the point that the car was bought used.

    [non-permissible content removed] for me where it's on the list.... - 023.File.pdf

    Whatever. It's all been hashed out here before. I'm done.
  • drotsedrotse Posts: 23
    Look I am not making this something personal. If you read the link that is on your last post it says, "..that are generally available." - - 023.File.pdf

    The problem with the retort that you gave was that most uniformed individuals that read your response, would believe that that is proof, and not even venture out to find something better than that.

    Public please become more aware ! Take alittle time and expand your accountability. Go to your dealer ( or a good reputable mechanic) with this info and ack them if or if not it is superior.
  • krzysskrzyss Posts: 843
    "better is enemy of good"

    If I am not mistaken Amsoil is not certified but self certified. They claim that they meet specs but governing body for each standard may have different take.
    It saves Amsoil money but they charge not only arm and leg but one kidney and part of liver too.

  • drotsedrotse Posts: 23
    They charge an arm and a leg for it. Get real !!!
    When you compare the price per mile it is actually less expensive, not to mention the fuel mileage increase and protection to the car !!

    How long did you use it ?
  • I'm new on this site, so be gentle! I just got my Passat back from the VW dealer after dropping about $2,000. I was the idiot, well not me but my daughter, when it came to this car.

    My daughter purchased the car from a second hand car dealer who was selling the car on consignment. We were told that the previous owner was a VW mechanic at the local dealer. My daughter was sold on the car immediately.

    She remained away at college with her car while I returned home. I'm a big stickler on oil changes. They are cheap, quickly done, and keep the engine in excellent shape. I insisted she take the car for an oil change every 3000 miles. At this time no one, nor anything in the idiot manual indicated the need for synthetic oil.

    Like Dad told her, she took the car for an oil change at one of the local "retard" quick change places. The moron there ask here if she would like her engine flushed. She called home and I told her emphatically to refuse the offer. I said use their best oil and then leave. My daughter later told me "the guy was cute, and kept recommending the flush". She lost all brain power, or what little she had, and let the jerk flush the engine. He told her that I was behind the times and it was best to be done. Besides, Dad will never know!

    She drove it maybe another 2000 miles before the stop engine light came on. Not knowing what was causing it, she pulled over and called me. At first I thought maybe they forgot to add the oil back. Don't laugh, another oil place did that to me. The engine actually blew up less than 5 miles later! After seeing it had oil I had the passat taken to the dealer.

    The service writer told me what was wrong without even looking. Then off the top of his head he quoted a repair cost. That seemed weird to me, so I ask how he knew what the cost was? He stated because they had done so many of those cars.

    Great.....I figured the engine flush knocked all of the crap loose, it got caught in the oil pickup, and starved the engine of oil, thus killing it. Well I was partially right....the motor was oil starved from a bad design of the oil pan. I had no choice in the repair as she was upside down in the loan. I must admit that her Passat impressed me. I can see why she bought it.

    Being she nor I have ever owned a turbo, I had no idea what to expect. Even after all of this no one at the dealer has even bothered to tell me to use synthetic oil! Very poor communication between VW, and the consumer. I know it is not totally VW's fault, but if someone had advised us, or published it in the manual, I would have seen that the oil was changed at a 2500 mile interval.

    Now I have a car that I know had to suffer some major internal engine damage, My intentions are to wash and wax it, make it pretty, and try and dump it on some unknowing fool............Not really. Although that's what I feel was done to my daughter. Too bad for the problems....what a car it must have been!!!!
  • Go to your dealer ( or a good reputable mechanic) with this info and ack them if or if not it is superior.

    Here's the bottom line - It doesn't matter if you, I, or Amsoil says that their oil is certified for the 502.00 or 503.01 specification - VW has the final say. And using oil that is not on the 502.00 or 503.01 Specification list gives VW justification for rejecting a sludge warranty claim.

    So people can go back and forth on this one until the cows come home - but in this case VW calls the shots whether we like it nor not...

    So if anyone wants to use Amsoil in the VW/Audi 1.8T - knock yourself out. It's your money, and if anyone can afford the thousands of dollars it will cost for an engine replacement, more power to them...

    ...or to put it another way (in the words of my parents):

    "Those who won't hear, must feel..."
  • drotsedrotse Posts: 23
    I absolutely agree !!! Amsoil must be acceptable. From the records my son gave them namely Amsoil 5W/40 European Oil @ 3000OCI and they sprung for the bill.
  • Just a thought if you are going to sell the car... look for an electric car club, they are always looking for a car with a broken motor to convert to electric operation.

  • krzysskrzyss Posts: 843
    "They charge an arm and a leg for it. Get real !!!
    When you compare the price per mile it is actually less expensive, not to mention the fuel mileage increase and protection to the car !! "

    What are you talking about? Amsoil is more expensive than Mobil 1 0W40 that I use. I change oil each 5K miles. Do you suggest I keep Amsoil longer in 1.8T than maximum recommended by VW for oils that meet VW 502.00, 503.01?


    PS My car has 95K miles.
  • drotsedrotse Posts: 23
    OK here is the skinny on AMsoil. Just letting you know my personnal experience.

    Look up the Amsoil web site Oh here is the link , read and become informed. I am not going to tell you to extend past the manufaturer interval but I owned three Nissan pickups (not turbo). I drove them 3800 to 4000 miles a week as a courier. I changed the oil at 25,000 to 30,000 miles. I ran one 670,000 the other two about 375,000 a piece. NEVER ANY ENGINE WEAR PROBLEMS ! AS a matter of fact I blew a head gasket on the 670 truck at 310,000. THe cylinders had no score marks, the timing cain was in good enough shape that the sprockets still had their hone marks on both sides of the teeth. I was using the amsoil 1mc. filters(important!).

    I have a 2003 freightliner Sprinter with the turbo diesel 117,000. I use the Amsoil 15W-40 diesel in it and change it at 20,000 weither I have to or not.

    Now here is the thing. When I went from oem oil to Amsoil at 10,000 in the Sprinter I gained right at 10% MPG. In the nissans I experienced the same increase over using a Castrol GTX with a Teflon treatment added.

    Now going from Moble 1 to Amsoil might not give you that much of a boost but Ithink that if you relly want to learn more I would get in touch with the folks at Amsoil and Check it out.

    One thing you must also do is use the fine 1mc. fiters,remember that normal oil filters are usually 10mc. That makes a big difference.

    I don't know if Moble1 can be used with 1mc. filters. If it can then do it and get great protection. I have a friend that has a 2000 Passat. I flushed hie engine, put in the Amsoil with the 1mc. filter and he now has 160,000 on it NO TROUBLES( the change was at 23,000 miles).

    Now ironically reding alot of these threads on this forum it seems people are haveing more troubles with this engine after they switch oil. The reason is the new oil is cleaning andloosen up crap and the pickup screen is close to the pan. DO A GOOOOD FLUSH.

    The dealer in Wisconsin that has done the work on my son's car was gracious enough to email me the protocol that VW has for this problem hopefully they followed it to the letter.
  • drotsedrotse Posts: 23
    I just called to the Mobil1 tech support line and they said the Mobil1 can not be filtered any finer than the standard 10mc. filters. So Amsoil can go down to 1mc. so it will remove a whole lot more stuff from the oil so when comparing the two oils take that into account when comparing protection and price.
  • drotsedrotse Posts: 23
    More on filters. Amsoil can be filtered down to .1mc.. At that point the by-pass filter will keep the oil so clean that with regular testing, to determine the quality of protection, you might not even have to change the oil for 100,000.

    And that is typical of over the road diesel truckers experience.

    Now who wants to scream at me when I say that Amsoil is superior to Mobil1.
  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    ...but this is getting off the track of Passat sludging. You can't run a VW Passat 1.8T 20 or 30,000 miles with an oil change. Not without jeopardizing the warranty and jeopardizing the longevity of the engine.

    I wouldn't compare low-revving over the road diesel engines with sumps that hold gallons of oil to a forced induction gasoline engine that barely hold 1 gallon.

    Look. We get it. You love Amsoil. Maybe you're even a dealer to get a price on the stuff in their pyramid scheme. But you're doing a diservice to other readers here by hinting at extended oils changes being appropriate for a very hot running, small sumped, gasoline forced induction engine.

    Anyone who does is making a leap of faith. Your son's case of doing 3,000 mile oil changes and getting warranty coverage on a sludged engine is one thing. But it's another to lead people on, some of whom aren't familiar enough with this car to consider the consequences.

    I can tell you this...the web is full of stories of people who couldn't get their sludged engines covered because they couldn't supply full documentation of all oil changes within a 5,000 mile interval.
  • drotsedrotse Posts: 23
    And your point is ?

    You can if you do the above. I have a freind that has and at 160,000 miles he has no
    problems. Now there you are.

    You are talking about sludge problems. Why? If you do your oil changes and use good oil you will have no problems.
    Yes the engine has a propencity to sludge up but if you do it right(oil) there is no reason to predisposition yourself to have to cry.
  • krzysskrzyss Posts: 843
    Well in case of VW it is oil meeting VW spec, not claiming to meet.


    PS Go to your amsoil data and check what they have to say about Subaru turbocharged engines. If I am not mistaken they recommend 3750 miles OCI just like Subaru does.
  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    You are talking about sludge problems. Why?

    Because that is the topic of this thread!
  • drotsedrotse Posts: 23
    So your point is?
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