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Chevy S10 - GMC S15 and Sonoma Engine and Underhood Problems



  • We recently did a motor swap on a 97 GMC Sonoma 2.2L 4cyl. In the process we got the firing order confused. We are trying to find the firing order for the vehicle... does anyone have any suggestions? We were also told that it is possible that number one is closer to the firewall can anyone shine some light? :sick:
  • Firing order is 1,3,4,2 number 1 is in the front of the engine. Your coil pack is numbered 4,1,3,2 or 2,3,1,4 depending how you look at it. Number 2 on your coil pack is the post closest to the engine block.

    Engine 4 3 2 1 front
    Coil pack . 2
  • kunesjskunesjs Posts: 1
    Hey did you get this resolved? I have the same issue!!! Do you have any advice?
  • dontom13dontom13 Posts: 3
    i had problems with my heater and 4 wheel drive, i did't have any problem with loss of power, but if you have problem with your heater or 4 wheel drive i can probably help let me know
  • drizztdrizzt Posts: 1
    I just swapped a 4.3l from a 2000 S10 to a 1996 S10, it runs but has a miss and low power. Do I need to swap anything like control modules and what not over with the engine?
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 871
    Well I think the PCM software would be different.
  • I bought my 2000 chevy s10 4.3 4x4 a year ago with 49000 miles. It ran like a dream until about a month ago. I now have 58000 miles and recently have been experiencing a drop in power when accelerating. In March I had a magnaflow muffler installed and it increased the juice, but now im losing that juice. It will speed up gradually until about 3rd gear, then it loses power at about 2500 or 3000 rpms at 50mph and needs to kick into passing gear to make it to 60mph. Could this be an engine problem or tranny?
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 871
    Have your catalytic converter checked for plugging.
  • zengetsizengetsi Posts: 2
    edited June 2010
    Hello Forum. i have a problem thats concerning me. when i drive my truck to work in the morning (its usually a 30 minute drive to and from) after 15 mins of driving i stop at a red light and when it turns green i give it some gas its seem like the gas doesnt go to the injector and starts to make a "boom boom boom" sound.. so i put the car in neutral and turn off then on the car and its works. same thing happens coming home from work. does anyone have a solution? thank you in advance.

    Friends tell me to check the gas filter. could that be the problem?
  • troyce2troyce2 Posts: 2
    I have a 98 with a 2.2L bottom end rebuild and new head installed. I bought the truck not running guy thought it had bad set of rings. I find when i took it apart that had a hole in the head next to valve guide seat. New coils,plugs,wires. It still has misfire on #3 I have moved the injector on #3 to #1 no change. replaced all o-rings on injectors. Fuel pressure is where it should be did compression check had 175 LBS on all four cylinders. Did leak down compression check and they where 12% to 14% on all cylinders. Moved coils around and had no change. I have checked continuity on all injector wire back to pcm. checked voltage to module to coils have 12 volts. I have pressure checked intake manifold to 30 psi. Still can not find the problem. PLEASE HELP!!!! I'm running out of ideas.
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 871
    Put a noid light on #3 and see if the PCM is commanding the injector on.
  • troyce2troyce2 Posts: 2
    edited July 2010
    I did that and it was flashing. On a scanner that a friend has he can tell the injector is firing a 4.3 milliseconds the same as the rest.
  • 00mickx00mickx Posts: 3
    My guess is the TPS (throttle position sensor) - good luck!!!
  • mode1mode1 Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 S-10 4cyl. and had the same problem especially when it rained and was damp out.... it was very frustrating. It went on for several months. Finally, I found a mechanic who knew what it was. Coils! Replaced both of them had NO problems since!
    Six cylinders have 3 coils
  • ricky16ricky16 Posts: 10
    i have a 96 s10 2.2 5 speed stop at a stop sign and went to take off and would not rev up over 2 grand it idles good and starts good but just will not rev up i have checked every thing i know of all sensors converter. put on scanner all it showed was bad map sensor put 1 on no change could use some help from someone please. checked compression 110 on every cylinder checked fire it is good if you might be some help i would like to hear from you help please !!!!!!!!!!!
  • gonogogonogo Posts: 871
    Did you change fuel filter?
  • ricky16ricky16 Posts: 10
    yes changed filter checked fuel pressure 65 pounds ran compression check it was good but thanks for the help if you might know any thing let me know i am at wits end
  • I just bought an 82 S10, 2.8 V6, no idea how many miles on it since the odometer doesn't work. There were some rattling noises when I bought it, the owner said it was the exhaust manifold, needed a new gasket. Well, the noise has gotten worse, and I'm not sure it's the exhaust. The noise is a steady, LOUD, metal clacking noise, doesn't seem to change in intensity or speed regardless of whether I'm idling or accelerating. It seems to be coming from driver's side lower engine. I have almost no mechanical experience or knowledge, and I realize I probably bought a major headache, but does anyone have any ideas?
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