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Toyota RAV4 Accessories



  • jgmswjgmsw Posts: 1
    We just purchased a V6 limited with the 3rd Row seats, and wanted to get a tonneau cover and the cargo net poles as accessories (not included with 3rd row). Any suggestions out there on ordering these for a fair price? They're listed as approximately $300 each as parts for special order.

  • rav1rav1 Posts: 1
    Does anyone one know if the 2006 Smittybuilt Nerf Bars will fit a 2007?
  • Sorry, but I googled cupholders "2006 Rav", but did not find any sites that had an insert. I saw a 2007 Rav at a dealership, and it came with a black rubber insert. Their parts did not know where it came from. I went back to check the insert for clues where it came from, but Rav was sold. I am tired of having coffee spilled on me!!!!! Please be more specific if you can....Thanks
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    All 2007 Rav4s come with the cup holder inserts packed in a bag in the center consoul. They come from Toyota. You can try ordering them through the parts dept. but I have heard they are asking outlandish prices for them. Personally, I got some tapered cup holders are supposed to hang from the window edge and cut off the hanger, wedged them into the cup holders in the car and they work fine. $1.99 each at Target.
  • We love the Garmin Nuvi 350. Sells on for $454. It's fantastic!! Wouldn't leave home without it . . . can't get home without it! :-)
  • Does anyone have informaiton where I can get steering wheel audio controls for my base model RAV4?
  • jimdrewjimdrew Posts: 84
    I scratched my back bumper loading I decided to buy the Toyota brand application to cover it. Wow, it worked great. Much better than I thought. A bit pricy but easy to install and like I said it looks very functional. How much? Around $60.00

    Jimmy Drew
  • We have a third-row seat Limited RAV currently on order.

    We too are interested in a tonneau cover for the back. Since it's not listed as standard equipment for a third row version does anyone know if any modifications are required on the vehicle or if the mounting holes are there?

    It's confusing to us why this is not standard equipment for the more expensive third row Limited RAV, but is standard in the two row editions.
  • That's because that 3rd row IS actually in the cargo space. People in the 3rd fow will be sitting on the floor basically. So, it'll take up most of your space in the back that you won't be able to put tonneau cover because the back of the seat will be higher and further back than the tonneau cover. They have holes in the side plastic and tonneau cover has springs so one side can be compressed and once you place one side in the hole you release the other side and the spring mechanism seats the other side in the hole on that side. Now you need to pull out the cover but your 3rd row seat is between tonneau bar and the door so you can't really stretch it to cover your stuff in the back.
    So, in a few (100) words that's it.
  • Has anyone bought these body moldings in Pacific Blue color? If yes, did the paint match exactly or did it differ? Also, in general, how happy are the buyers of this aftermarket molding as far as installation, appearance, durability, etc.? Thanks.
  • scottcascottca Posts: 12
    Hi: Where can I get a good dog separator to keep the 2 dogs in the cargo area? Subaru sells a great metal protection but can't find anything for Toyota. Thanks
  • I bought a dog separator for my Rav4 at Costco. It works great and cost about $35.00.
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    Be careful what you buy if you have side airbags. Many barriers interfere with the airbag deployment.
  • My dealer says that a tonneau cover may be purchased only for the RAV4 Limited. Is this true? I've searched for an after market tonneau to no avail, so maybe he's right. Anyone had luck purchasing a tonneau cover?
  • Does anyone know where to find compatible HID headlights for an '07 RAV4 Limited V6? And I mean actual HIDs, not those cheap-looking blue-tinted plug-in xenons... Totally obsessed with the real deal... :confuse:
  • I have the tonneau cover for my Limited 07, and I never use it. I do not use the net w/bars, either. I only use the elasticised netting. There should be a place to trade parts like this! The two parts take up too much space, and are hardly used, in my opinion. With the new "trunk" on the '06 and '07, the tonneau cover is an extra not really needed......
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    As far as I could gather on the Toyota site, only the Limited models come with the factory security system. Has anyone purchased the dealer-installed Toyota security system?

    For the dealer-installed system, is the flashing LED installed in the same place as that for the Limited model (on the lower-tier centre console)? And to what extent can the security system be customized or programmed by the dealer? (I think Toyota calls their customizable electronics, the "B.E.S.T." system)

    By programmable, I mean features such as motion or glass-break sensor; passive arming and/or locking; enable or disable audible arming and disarming confirmation beeps, light flash, etc. Actually, does Toyota release a list of all electronic settings that can be reprogrammed by the dealer?
  • Are you interested in selling the tonneau cover? If so, what color is it? I just bought a limited, and because it has third-row seats it didn't come with the cover. My interior is taupe. If yours matches, and you're interested, let me know. MSRP on this part is $140. Thanks!
  • Where did you find the cover for $300? The dealer I bought the car from couldn't even find the part, and I've been having trouble finding it myself anywhere online...
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