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Ford Freestyle Lots of Problems



  • I have a 2007 freestyle with 50K miles. The car began the lurching issues and after doing some online research the concensus was to have the throttle body replaced. I checked with Ford and my mechanic, the part has a three month back order problem due to a manufacturer change. The cost quoted for replacement was from $650 to $850. I began to do a little more research and found where a mechanic that was trained by Ford had removed the air intake hose (3" black round tube). he then used carberator cleaner to disolve the black deposits when spraying back into the throat of the unit. He replaced the hose and the lurching problem was resolved. I did the same process and sure enough the problem was resolved for less than $5.00.

    He is looking into the problems, But you must contact him ASAP.

  • tnik1tnik1 Posts: 1
    Yesterday my Ford dealer told me that the transmission in my 2007 Freestyle LTD was shot and it would cost approx $7200 (CDN) to install a reconditioned transmission. There are only 104,000 km on this vehicle. Anyone have any suggestions for getting Ford to pay some of the cost?
  • We have a 2005 Freestyle that has recently had an electronics issue.....does anyone have the same or heard of this before and knows what the repair usual Ford has no idea what the problem could be but is will to replace several parts at an initial estimate of $800.00. When driving the digital gages will go to zero and may or may not turn back on. The instrument lights also may or may not go off. The rear backup sensors will indicate a vehicle is too close even while in drive......does anyone have any idea what the issue is. I believe it is a computer chip issue, but need to narrowit down.
  • I recently purchased an 05 Freestyle and have been having electrical issues as well. The gas was 3/4 full but the gauge suddenly dropped to below E and the low light indicator came back on. After driving another 1/4 mile the gauge went back up to where it was. There are also issues when I use the cruise control. The 1st time, the wrench indicator and the traction control indicator came on and so I hurried and turned off the cruise control and the lights on the dash went off. I didn't use cruise again until recently when I was going about 65-70 mph on the highway. The vehicle suddenly acted like it wasn't getting any gas (was sputtering and the tachometer & speedometer were going crazy and the wrench indicator light up), even when I had my foot on the gas pedal it would not stop sputtering or gain speed. I had to coast over to the shoulder and turn the vehicle off and restart it, and then it ran fine the rest of the way. I spoke w/the sales manager and he said it sounds like electrical issues and left it at that. VERY vague...but VERY frustrating!
  • Coleemn and the more recent post,

    Did you hear a clicking sound when your gauges went out? Did they blink, or drop to zero? Was your radio affected?

    If so, I had a similar problem with my Saab 9000 years ago. The dealer kept it for over a month and couldn't figure out what it was. I mentioned this concern to a customer of mine and he suggested replacing the positive battery cable. I told him the cable looked fine. He said just do it. And it worked! Apparently there was wire corrosion covered by the cable covering. I never had any trouble again.

    Just a thought...
  • hier4hier4 Posts: 1
    i had something similar, not as bad, until I changed the battery. Must have had a bad cell. Changed battery, have not had trouble since. Another post recommended battery cable. Sound likely suspect.

    Now if I could figure out how to fine the tail light connectors so I can wire for trail lights.

    Good luck.
  • I have the same issue. When my gauges drop out it usually takes the air conditioner with it. Recently it started taking out the transmission when they dropped out. I've been told that it may be a short in the wiring harness or the control module (brains) is going out. It's in the shop right now being looked at. They are supposed to call me today and let me know what it is. I will post it when I know something more specific. All I know is that I am afraid to go to far from my house with the thing. It has been a reliable vehicle up until now.
  • sowen8sowen8 Posts: 6
    Heard back from the shop on my 05 Freestyle. It's the instrument cluster causing the problem we both are having. It can only be replaced by the dealership. The dealership said that worst case scenario would be a cost of $650. Hope this helps. Tomorrow, I'm off to the dealership to get mine fixed.
  • Consider Class Action Lawsuit. People have won against Saturn for the same transmission. I am also having the same problem now wiyh only 38,000 miles on my 2006 Ford Freestyle. I will be pursuiing this also. My car is actually at the dealership right now.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 3,786
    "Consider Class Action Lawsuit. People have won against Saturn for the same transmission. I am also having the same problem now wiyh only 38,000 miles on my 2006 Ford Freestyle. I will be pursuiing this also. My car is actually at the dealership right now. "

    I don't think the Saturn transmission is the same as the Ford. So far as I know only Ford (and some European models) used the German steel belt for their CVT.

    Good luck in any case.
  • snomamasnomama Posts: 1
    Did you get you instrument cluster replaced? and the big question is did it solve the problem. My 05 freestyle justed started the same thing. I live in a town with 3 mechanic shops none of whom I trust including my Ford dealership. I would take my car So before I drive to the next city to have work done I want to do my research.
  • sowen8sowen8 Posts: 6
    It did fix the problem....haven't had so much as a hiccup out of the old girl. Be in for sticker shock cost me $819 to get it fixed.
  • emmaureremmaurer Posts: 7
    I am currently having the same problem. I had my car in the shop at $66,000 miles and told them I was having transmission problems, at the same time I found out I also had a throttle body problem....The dealership is trying to say it's one in the same. My RPM's fluctuate greatly and when I try to quickly pickup speed (like to merge with highway traffic) the RPM's go way up and then don't drop down until you let of the gas a little...almost like a manual transmission. I live in Texas so I am not sure if I would have to file class action here or not...this needs to be addressed, most 2005-2006 have this problem, and mid way through 06 I think they figured it out because in 07 they stopped using this transmission. That should tell you something.
  • I had the exact same problem, had my 2006 Freestyle in and had the entire transmission replaced because I was told there were metal shavings in it and not even 2 miles down the road the transmission powered down again... I had the throttle body assembly replaced and haven't had a bit of problems out of it since!!! My husband is NOT a mechanic but replaced the part in something like 5 minutes, and we bought the part online for half the price the dealership wanted for it. My car was in the Ford dealership THREE TIMES without a proper diagnosis. Talk about frustrating. Thanks FORD for selling a car that your mechanics can't work on, and not helping when you have massive repetetive problems in all of the Freestyles. Pathetic.
  • akcallakcall Posts: 6
    Yes , my passenger seat middle row is stuck! They dealer ship even took a crow bar to it and it will not come up. They said that they will have to take the entire seat out....
  • emmaureremmaurer Posts: 7
    Don't let them take the seat out...if you go to you can find service bulletins on our vehicle...atleast 17 of them, the bulletins are put out by ford and they tell about problems with the can find one on the seat and take it to the dealer and tell them that is what the problem is a warrantee covered item so if your still under the warranty you can get it done. Not sure how much it costs otherwise. Just an fyi...their is a class action lawsuit that has been filed against Ford for the throttle body problems hoping they get the tranny one filed too. Good luck!!
  • emmaureremmaurer Posts: 7
    It's mostly the 2005-2007 that have so many problems...glad yours works great...wish mine didn't leave me abandoned 150 miles from the nearest dealership and in the was like a scene from a movie and I certainly wasn't laughing. I hope your Freestyle continues to be reliable. Good Luck!!
  • chsmrhchsmrh Posts: 1
    I traded my 2007 Freestyle in today! I bought the car new and within six months the passenger leather seat came apart at the seams and had to be replaced. At least it was covered by warranty. At 2 1/2 years ( and 2000 miles over warranty) The air conditioner compressor and the air conditioning clutch went out-because of metal shavings. That was a $2000.00 repair. I also had to get new tires and new brakes. The car started lunging this spring when I put it in reverse or in drive without my feet being on the gas ( danger, danger). Last week the transmission starting acting up. The car would power down and just chug along. I noticed from these posts that the next thing to happen would probably be that the car would cut off while driving. I decided to get out while I could, otherwise a $25,000 car would end up costing $50,000 with all the repair costs! What was Ford thinking?
  • tim156tim156 Posts: 308
    edited July 2011
    What was Ford thinking? They needed to fill the gap until the re-designed Explorer came out with the faulty and sales starved Freestyle and attempt to save face Taurus X, another sales flop.
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