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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Noise and Vibration



  • I just recently bought a 2008 Z71 4x4 regular cab and has the same problem on idle like yours. I went to the dealer and they calibrated the spark plugs and told me that if it continues, which it did, that it is normal. So I went again and they said that its normal and theres nothing they could do to it and that supposely all the trucks do the same thing. Don't know if I should take it to another dealer. I just don't know what to do. The truck just has 800 miles on it right now. If you find a solution, please let me know. I feel bad because it is a new truck and I'm already having this problem.
  • I know two more people at work that own 2007 silverado trucks, one of them has a 6.0L V8, and they both have the same vibration when the truck idles. I use mobil 1 5W30 fully synthetic oil in my truck and it seems to make a slight difference. From what I gathered changing the spark plug wires with an 8mm more performant set will supposatly take care of the problem. Some mechanics seem to believe that it will help and some say that it will not make a difference, and I haven't done the change yet so I do not know.
    Let me know if you hear anything else or if you change you spark plug wire set. Thanks.
  • A friend was the maintenance supervisor for Northern Natural Gas and recommended that I dump a quart of lacquer thinner in the gas tank when filling up the tank. Ran much better after that and no noise. Better gas mileage too. Oh I researched his recommendation and since the lacquer thinner is made from toluene, (is a known cancer causing agent so don't spill it on your skin, duh) basically it is a detergent for your engine. cleans the heck out of it without harming anything. since it is oil based just like your fuel.
  • Mine did the same thing, I had it replaced with a new one from a qualified mechanic...had to drop the tank to do it. That solved the problem, no more sound from it.
  • Hi! guys

    I'm from Quebec Canada, and have a mix of steering/vibration/wheel problems with 2005 sierra 4x4.
    have been hearing clunky sound from left front wheel and rough ride since 20,000miles
    Dealer couldn't or wouldn't identify the problem.
    Then had the lube job done, then some sort of column repair and still not up to par.
    Then went to an independent shop where they found that the bushing for the left side torsion bar was totally finished. Last night started to get a serious grinding noise from the same area, perhaps a bearing or CV joint, but I suspect it is all related. Some serious flaws going on here.
    Has anyone else checked /and or had torsion bar problems?
    Also, limited slip doesn't always work
    Frustrated and pissed off
  • I have this same problem. GM dealer di not find anything, but another independent mechanic found that the torsion bar bushing was finished, i seen this myself. That was 2 months ago and now seems like I'm having a wheel bearing or CV joint problem or brake caliper, as last night something was starting to grind and smell behind the same driver side wheel It just never ends, am thinking it is all related somehow.
  • jmech1jmech1 Posts: 1
    The truck is a 2006 5.3L single cab Z71 with 60,000 miles on it. About 2 months ago I noticed a rattling/tinging metallic sound coming from the front left wheel area while driving at low speeds. 2 weeks ago I was driving at 50mph and a loud rubbing/grinding noise started coming from the same area. Almost sounded like the tire was rubbing the fender. The noise comes and goes. It will drive fine for a couple of days and then the noise comes again. It sometimes sounds worse than others. It does it at all speeds. I have carried it to the dealer 2 times and the truck wasnt making the noise when I got there. They say they can't work on it if it isn't doing something major. Applying brakes does not affect the noise. Sometimes it sounds like the whole front drivetrain is about to lock up. The noise sounds like it is in sync with 1/2 of a wheel rotation. I am not comfortable with driving the truck when it does this. My first thought would be a wheel bearing, but wouldnt a bad bearing cause the noise to happen all the time? Any help is appreciated.

    Same truck (2003 4X4), same problem...Has anyone found a solution to this mysterious noise?
    I believe you will find the problem to be worn-out wheel bearings. I have an '06 Z71, only has 24,677 miles on it and it started that very scenario today. I stopped at a service station, they put it on the hoist, and my right front wheel bearings are shot! Jack your vehicle up to remove the weight from the front wheel in question. Grap it at the 9 and 3 positions and rock back and forth; then the 12 and 6 positions. If the wheel rocks back and forth as you do this and is not solid, then your bearings are shot. I have heard this is a problem with GMC and Chevys, now I am seeing it for real. My truck is parked at a GMC Dealership 60 miles from my house as I type, waiting for them to work on it. It is still on warranty. This should not happen at 24 or 60,000 miles! If the problem gets bad enough, your wheel can fly off!
  • I have the same noise , can you tell me how they relocated the dipstick. Thanks
  • I have a 04 silverado, when you hit a bump in the road at night the dash lights will get very bright then they will go back to dim were i have them set can anyone help me with this. I also have a rattling noise at low rpms around 30mph and can't figure out what it is. I read were some said they relocated the dipstick I am going to look in to that .
  • Did you ever find out what the noise was i have the same thing on my 2003 4x4 howie10
  • I recently bought an 08 GMC Sierra. I have noticed that it has a vibration and roaring noise coming from the rear of the vehicle when I put it into gear before moving and also when I am accelerating or decelerating at varying speeds. I have read several other posts regarding similar issues, but am unsure as to what to try to explain to the dealer's repair shop when I take it in for this problem. Could someone please give me some real insight into this problem?
  • wade13wade13 Posts: 2
    I seem to have a shimmy/vibration when reaching 50miles per hour. Just had the u-joint at the driveshaft replaced. Any suggestions on what this might be?
    Thanks in advance.
  • When you accelerate or decelerate and the truck reaches about 1300-1500 RPM the rear end makes a grinding/vibrating sound (low pitched). It also seems to make when driving steady speeds on the highway. I took the truck in to the dealer's shop and they told me that it was the heat shield on the muffler. The fix was to install a strap over the heat shield to hold it down. They installed it. I drove out of the parking lot with the truck making the same noise, maybe even worse than before. I called them back to let them know that it was doing the same thing. The reply....just bring it in again. I am getting pretty tired of this on a $20,000 truck.
    Has anyone else had this type of problem?
  • A while back I posted that I was getting a squealing/chirping noise on my '02 1500 4x4. I figured it was the brake pad squealer as I just bought the truck in December. Took all the wheels off today finally, and all the pads are worn evenly and still have about 3/8" left. So the pads aren't worn down. The chirping is speed dependent and never turns into a continous squeal up to about 45 mph, which is where I can't hear it anymore. If I'm going 25-30mph and it's chirping, if I put on the brakes lightly it seems to go away (although it's replaced by brake squeal). I tried shooting brake cleaner on all the pads/rotors today and this made no difference but to quiet the brake squeal down some. My Dad rodei n the back and hung over the rear wheels and said it sounded the same from both sides. The front wheels seemed tight, there was a little play in the rear wheels, but you had to really hoss on the wheel to feel it. Any suggestions onwhere to look next?
  • Had to take the truck out of state for several days and on the drive back the squeaking got worse. Took it to a shop this morning and they said the rear axle is slightly bent causing the hub to wobble and the brake pads to hit and squeak. Great.....$540 + tax.
  • 1truck1truck Posts: 8
    I have a 2000 GMC Sierra Z71, Ext cab, 4wd, 5.3, 174k with front end vibration from 45-65 mph. It feels like a broken belt in the tire. Tires have been rotated to all 4 corners with no change. There is some side to side play in the left front but none up and down. The lower ball joint has a little movement as well. The right side is tight, no problems. Could it be a wheel bearing? Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    When rotating the tires, were they balanced?
  • 1truck1truck Posts: 8
    They were balanced when they were new 3 months ago and again last week. When they did them last week, they were still ok, didn't need any changes to the weights.
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