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Dodge Ram Lighting and Electrical Problems



  • indianmanindianman Posts: 1
    check the connection.. where you would hook up trailer,(rear of truck) mine was melted together , where the " Y " is .... take off tape . look good .. inspect line from front of cab to back or cut brakewire from front and run new line to the back ( try once you cut line turn on truck to see if brake lite goes on ) if its on its fuse together . some where from firewall to rear of truck good luck !
  • My 04 ram is doing the same exact thing. No turn signals, except passenger side back. No brake or turn on drivers back. No turn signals on from, either side. One head light on dims on passenger side and one on high beams on driver side. I have all my running lights. Just happened all of a sudden. Checked bulbs and all check well. I would be greatfull for any help......
  • arnie59arnie59 Posts: 2
    Sitting in driveway dogs barking at truck.... seems the entire rear end of the brake light
    system lights up/stays on, for no apparent reason? watched it and in a few seconds it flickered then
    went out by itself. occurs both with trailer attached and by itself.... No electrical problems
    since purchased 22000 miles ago.
  • arnie59arnie59 Posts: 2
    edited July 2011
    truck sitting in the rain today and I watched the third brake light and the
    right rear tail light on the attached trailer come on for no reason at all?
    seems if it were the brake switch all the lights on that circuit would flicker
    at the same time but they don't. 1. I hope the battery doesn't run down,
    2. hopefully the truck won't go up in flames from a short under the dash or
    where ever the problem is?
  • 03ram103ram1 Posts: 1
    i am having the same issue with my truck what did you do to fix it
  • i have the same exact problem that dgegirl84 has with her 2002 dodge if someone knows whats causing this i sure could use the help in fixing this problem
  • did you ever get an answer on the fix for the lights? same year same problem here!
  • Jason,
    I have a 2002 and it is doing the same thing. Did you get your problem fixed and if yes what was it? Ive already replaced fuses, headlight switch and checked everything else but no luck with the problem.
  • I have a lighting issue with my 03 dodge 1500 hemi same thing left side doesn't work bulbs are all fine the turn signal comes on and no head light still. do you have an answer. email as well.
  • jeffl6jeffl6 Posts: 1
    I have a 2009 Ram 1500 with factory tow package. The marker lights on the trailer will go out while driving. Lights will go out after half mile to 30 miles of driving but the trailer brake/turn lights and electric brakes work fine. This does not happen every time though. After you stop and restart the truck, trailer lights will work again. I have replaced trailer 7 pin plug and cable and all trailer lights work. Any help would be great.
  • I have finally figured out my electrical gremlin issue with my 2004 Ram 2500 5.7l HEMI. The light going bright to dim and on occasion the headlights(only) would go ot so I decided to remove the entire dash from the truck and chase every wire. While I was removing the instrument cluster I observed that one of the plugs was partially unplugged. I plugged it in all the way until I heard and felt it lock into place. I then started the vehicle and checked the lights and they were all working perfectly. It has been over a week now and my old problems have not returned at all. I'm sure if this is the solution to all of your problems but it worked for me. The good thing is that it isn't all that difficult to remove the dash and be able to get a good look at all your wires. It is a possibility that anyone that has installed an after market auto start system in their RAMS may have some of these issues. A couple other RAM owners that have talked to with the auto start feature have expierenced similar problems. If I get any other info with this problem I will advise further. Thanks to all that have answered questions here and Thank You to Edmunds for the forum.
  • Same problem. At my wits end. All lighting worked properly when truck was parked;"Lamp Out" illuminated when I started it at the end of the day and all the described problems began. Bulbs have been replaced all around. The suddeness of problem seems to suggest a relay?
  • Just stopped by a local dealer to try and get an answer. General consensus is the TIP module (Totally Integrated Power) also known as the fuse box.
    Apparently, Dodge has a corrosion issue which causes this. Dealer price for module: $830.00 plus 1.5 hrs labor = $1000.00
    Will continue searching, for now.
  • Some model year 2006 Dodge Ram trucks have the bizarre habit of turning on the wrong turn signal, for instance you are making a right turn and you push the stalk up, the left turn signal turns on. This is an intermittent problem and can be hard to track down. If you have a truck with this problem, you will need the multifunction switch (the turn signal/wiper) replaced. There was a bulletin released and the government is involved so they should know about this.
  • flh62flh62 Posts: 1
    same problem as alot of others no directionals, and low beam or rh high on left replaced the fcm still not working. checked all fuses and relays, checked for a signal to fcm i have low beam input on one wire and a high on another hot sure if there should be 2
  • hi
    im having basically the same problem with my 93 cummins did you find any sloution to this ? thannks
  • I have a 03 1500 passanger headlight will not come on..changed bulbs checked fuse....light works whenever it wants.....i turnd my brights on and only driverside works...everyliight works but the front turn signal either ...but if I turn my hazzaeds on both sides work....but passanger side is dim...enyone know a fix?
  • I found that 2002 and on up.With that the Fuse Box on the fender Rots out PC Board rots out in the box and shorts every thing out >>>> need to replace if you see GREEN corrosion coming out of the weep holes on the bottom of box.
    Witch WATER enters the BOTTOM of Box Through the weep holes
  • I found that 2002 and on up.With that the Fuse Box on the fender Rots out PC Board rots out in the box and shorts every thing out >>>> need to replace if you see GREEN corrosion coming out of the weep holes on the bottom of box.
    Witch WATER enters the BOTTOM of Box Through the weep holes
  • I own a 2002 dodge ram pickup 1500, I lost power to my Brake lights, blinkers, horn, windshield wipers and low beams... I checked my fuses and relays which seem fine, Does anyone have any ideas of what may be causing this issue or had the same problem and fixed theirs.. I do have a after market auto start that was installed back in 2003 and never had an issue with that.. I pulled out and checked the auto start to see if there was any loose wires with it and couldn't locate any. Ive noticed several similar complaints on this forum but nothing that anyone has followed up stating they found the point of interest! Please reply
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