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Dodge Ram Lighting and Electrical Problems



  • i am looking into buying a 2000 ram, and i was wondering if anyone knew of a general electrical problem that may exist in this year truck.
  • I have a 1999 Dodge Ram 1500 pickup. The low beams work fine. The high beam work OK as long as I hold the lever on the dimmer switch close to the steering wheel. As soon as I let go of the lever the high beams go out. If I click the level again the low beams come back on. Do I need to replace the dimmer switch or is something else wrong? Thanks.

  • I have a o6 Ram 2500 that I use to plow. When lifting the plow the alternator gauge drops causing the "check gauge" light to come on. Dealer told ME to buy a gel battery ($180). Anyone else have this problem?
  • 1999 Dodge 1/2 ton reg. cab, short box, gas 5.9L, 112,000 miles.
    Brake, Park, and Hazard Lights work. No turn signals.
    Fuse block under hood looked OK.
    Fuse block by Drivers Door looked OK.
    Original Bosch flasher unit ( 0-332-209-150) under dash by steering column replaced with car Quest Flasher unit (FSH 7127)
    Turn Signals still not working. What is the minimum voltage these flasher units will operate at ? Or do I have, two bad flasher units now ? Thanks - jander
  • I recently purchased an 05 Ram 1500 4x4. Shortly after I bought the vehicle, I went to start it and the battery was dead. I just figured I left the cargo light on and didn't think much more about it until it happened again 3 days ago. My truck does not have pwr locks or windows nor does it have the daytime running lights. I looked out my window a couple of days ago and noticed that the headlights and tail lights were on. I went out to turn them off and even though the lights were on, the light switch was in the off position. Tonight, I have been out 4 times because the headlights were on. When I open the door, the headlights will shut off . The only thing that I can think of between this time and last time is the use of the 4 wheel drive before both of these instancrs but I have no idea how that could cause the headlights to come on without a switch or anything. The truck does not currently have an alarm system installed. Any ideas on how the headlights could be turning on without any kind of switch
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    Well, the interior lights come on when a door is opened. Its possible that you have a very sensitive or defective Door Open switch on one of the doors.

    A component that could cause this is a defective Central Timer Module.

    Best regards,
  • ok, the gist of it is my electrical system.Sometimes no problem, sometimes major problem. This just started. While driving my elec. system will shut down. The lights,stereo,horn(which doesn't make sense since it's a push button mounted to the dash and wired directly to the battery), all lose power. While the truck is parked and I try to start it the engine turns over but the fuel won't ignite. And to top it off, the problem doesn't happen all the time. Any clues before I hafta spend a fortune ??
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    Can you please provide model (4x2, 4x4, etc.) , engine, transmission, and vehicle mileage?

  • 4x4,318, not sure about the tranny, 148,000 miles.
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    I'd start with the Auto Shut Down Relay. They've been known to cause this problem.

  • ramhead1ramhead1 Posts: 15
    Hi... I have a 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 5.2 liter. My High beam indicator is staying on at all times...After I unplugged the daytime running light module years ago, the high beam indicator never came on...I have kept the connector dry by wrapping in plastic, and it is still dry...Also sometimes my speedometer does not work and the check engine light comes on...This all just started today. Has anyone else had this problem? And where would I start to look? Any info would be appreciated...Thanks
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    The speedometer not working is typical of a failed rear differential speed sensor on RAMs.

    I haven't a theory about the high beam indicator. May I assume that the high beams are NOT on?

  • ramhead1ramhead1 Posts: 15
    Thanks for the response... No, the high beams are not on...The indicator stays on even with lights off... As I said in previous post, when you disconnect the daytime running light module, the high beam indicator does not come on at all, though the high beams work...It seems like all these things are related as they all started at the same time... I'm almost thinking the main computer is starting to go... Do you know how I can check engine codes without buying one of those diagnostic things....Thanks
  • lectriklectrik Posts: 4
    Service Engine and ABS lites are on .

    I recently replaced the (VSS) speed sensor at the trans housing rear, it had no ohm reading & now puts out a voltage 2-4 volts depending upon the engine RPM.

    and no voltage is present at the connector going to it. ***

    There's another wiring harness with 3 wires half way down the trans towards the engine , ... I think this is for the neutral \ park switch ???
    and doesn't apply.

    From reading posts the rear end has a sensor that needs to be checked .
    What will that sensor be tested for ?(ie: volt / ohm ) ??

    I've located the PCM ,.. on the fire wall .. it has 3 connectors one being white , .. which one is for the trans & rear end cable to test for an open in the wiring ???
    After that the PCM is beyonnd me.

    Also , there's no fuse for Daytime Running Lights , but was this standard for my truck and something to be concerned about ?
  • Recently my 2002 ram with the 4.7L engine and 45RFE transmission started giving me some very wierd symptoms. Hopefully someone will have an idea. Everytime I am at a complete stop, I put my foot on the brake and my speedometer jumps around. As long as I am moving the speedomoter works fine, but if i am in stop and go traffic, my brake warning light and ABS light comes on. I tried to have the codes checked, but even when the light is on, no codes. Any ideas?
  • ramhead1ramhead1 Posts: 15
    I just replaced the rear differential speed sensor in my 98 Ram 1500 4WD. The speedometer still does not work. I understand there is another speed sensor in the transmission. One is an emitter and one is a receiver.I don't know if its worth replacing this one also, or just take it to someone who can check codes and fix the thing. Is the speedometer all electronically controlled, or is there still a speedometer cable involved? Any help would be appreciated...Thanks
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