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Which New Budget Car Better? Fit/Yaris/Versa?



  • My fit is now 5 months old and has about 8000 miles. Gas mileage is constantly between 29 and 32 mpg, which I think is more than adequate. Everything else about this car has exceeded my expectations.

    I own a Toyota 4Runner, Ford Expedition, Ford F150, Nissan Altima, and a Nissan Titan. The Honda Fit is my favorite!
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,997
    You have a lot of cars!
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731

    The Fit is by far the superior car -- compare lifetime costs, not intial purchase price. In addition to being more fuel economical, the Honda holds its value and is more reliable.

    Hey, I'm a Honda driver... nuff said on that subject? :)

    Seriously though, some people (me included) require a car that is larger than the Fit, but can still be purchased for under $16k. The Elantra comes in with midsize interior room at subcompact price. For some, that's all they need to hear. Hyundai's reliability has improved more than many Honda buyers give them credit for, too.

    With a 10year/100,000 mile warranty, repair costs shouldn't be an issue for the average Hyundai buyer.
  • My choice was easy. In Canada, I believe there is nothing on the road like "made in Japan". I would be shocked if anything else produced could match a true Japanese import coming off a well established line in terms of quality and reliability. I can get good milage if I try but, with a M/T DX (it is the lightest therefore the fastest) I'm having a really hard time driving for milage and not for fun. When the new car buzz fades, fun really matters
  • mwqamwqa Posts: 106
    Just wondering: The DX doesn't have the auto door locks that the LX has, so how do you open the hatch in a DX without having to use the keys? Does keyless entry help? :confuse:
  • You can only open the hatch with the key or handle from the rear. I would have loved the keyless remote but the LX was quite a bit more money in Canada for essentially AC, the keyless remote and power mirrors. I wonder if keyless remote could be easily installed. I'm certain I can hear the electric locks activating when I turn my key to the II setting.
  • mwqamwqa Posts: 106
    I'm asking because I test drove the LX and noticed that without the power door locks you must get out of the car to unlock the hatch. With a DX without door locks or keyless entry, I expect that means turning off the engine, which is very inconvenient if you are just dropping someone off. The alternative is what - to always keep the hatch unlocked? :surprise:

    Keyless entry is still listed as an accessory for the DX trim so maybe Honda Canada does sell it. I thought it was also on their 'Build it, Price it', but it's not listed there now.
  • OK , Elantra might be Cheaper than Some Hatch Backs BUT !! my 2006 HYUNDAI ELANTRA is a GAS HOG !! getting Only 21.5 MPG and I Drive Freeways 65% of the time at or Less the Posted speed Limit . :lemon:

    As far as I am concerned I will NEVER get close to the Advertised MPG of 26 to 35 MPG Bull Crap that is posted in All ELANTRA TV Ads .

    Where are the LEMON LAWS that Protect the PUBLIC from those LIES !! ??? :cry:
  • I test drove the Fit and the Versa and prefer the Versa.
    I Fit is indeed roomy in comparison to its size but incomparable to the Versa that should actually be placed in a higher class. When I saw the Versa in pictures I thought it’s ugly, but when I saw in reallity it I really liked it. Has some European style which I like (I am not American). I also liked the interior. More important the ride feels good and safe in contrast to the small fit. I say, if you don’t really need a tiny car (serious parking issues and so on) take a small car instead.
  • You should fell safe and the car is great. I am also a Versa owner and I love it. Great car and hope you have fun in it.
  • I have owned a Fit for one year now. The car is fantastic. So much fun to drive, almost like a high performance go-kart.

    I also test drove the Versa which is a nice economy vehicle too. It was a bit more comfortable than the fit; however, the versatility of the Fit's backseats, the wider hatchback access, Honda's reliability, and the hands down better looks made it a slam-dunk!
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,997
    I also liked the interior space of the Fit, especially behind the 2nd row. Plus for me the Versa's steering was poor compared to the Fits. And I too wanted the added reliability.
  • for this two year long conversation! Can't believe I came across so apropos a thread.

    I've been looking at a Yaris, but thanks to the many informed opinions of the experienced drivers here, there looks to be a lot more choices. Now seriously looking at a Rio5, something I never thought I'd say about a Kia. And I never even knew there was a Nissan in the running.

    I must add, that though the Fit is a very strong contender, the uniformly bad Honda dealers I've encountered over 20 years rule Honda out. Honda is alone in backing its dealers no matter what - it's resulted in some of the oddest attitudes I've ever come across in a commercial enterprise. In my experience, in coast to coast driving, there was no comparison - Toyota won every time and by a mile.

    That still leaves at least three strong contenders and that many weekends test driving. Way to go!

  • Hello all...

    I came across this thread totally by mishap, and I'm glad I did.

    My question is this:
    Does anyone think that ESC will be made available on any or all of these hatchbacks in question sooner than the mandatory date of, I believe, 2010 or thereabouts? I'd go for any of the three if ESC was available, but for now I'm in a holding pattern to purchase until this feature becomes available. I'd even consider a Rio SX5 or Accent SE if they would offer it. Any thoughts or opinions out there?

    Happy Holidays!

    Peace!!<-AladdinSane-<- :shades: -
  • ttaittai Posts: 114
    The Korean cars are trying to go the easy route first by making their interior look
    and feel high quality. Unfortunately, everything else is crap. The small cars still
    have bad crash protection, bad gas mileage, poor braking, and poor acceleration.
    I crack up when I hear people fall for this anti-Toyota quality campaign. It comes
    every time the big 3 gets in trouble. I heard about how the big 3 are now equal or
    better than the Japanese in the 80's, 90's, and today. I fell for it 3 times. Never
    again. The highest rated small cars in terms of quality for 2007 were the Yaris and
    Fit. So where's the Toyota quality lapse. Har har har.
  • well we all know that yaris is the best car and why would you race will you win some money? no u go to jail or hell
  • The Yaris is as ugly as its name!
  • ttaittai Posts: 114
    The Yaris is the best selling subcompact in America. It outsells the Fit by
    a huge margin. Yet I sense no love from the US press for the car. Could it
    be because Toyota is destroying the once mighty GM? The Yaris is my choice
    for sure. It's cute, best gas mileage, quickest of all the subs, and is very comfortable.
    Oh, it's also the most reliable car for 2007. Have you seen how the Malibu is
    heralded as the second coming from the press? I hope people realize the car
    was designed in Europe.
  • kreuzerkreuzer Posts: 113
    Versa's back seats tumbel forward to make a flat loading area as the Suzuki SX4 does? Or does it have the hump from the seats permanantly? Thanks!
  • ttaittai Posts: 114
    They're not flat. It's humped up where the seats are. Bad design for a hatch.
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