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Volkswagen Passat Oil Changes & Issues



  • palnpaln Posts: 12

    thanks for the response. i drove 750 miles and oil was about 1cm below the max line on the dipstick. how much is consumed?
    there are no visible leaks per mechanic.

  • lservelserve Posts: 50
    It sounds like your getting at least 12-1500 mi / quart. I was told by VW service that with these engines, anything better than 1K Mi / quart was "considered" normal. As you are seeing here best defense is check the oil regularly. I set my reset my trip meter after adding oil and check every 1K. No issues.
  • palnpaln Posts: 12
    I am looking to get work done by myself for the oil burning issue with my car. I was suggested to replace the PCV system.

    I have spent some time and could not narrow down the parts that fall under this system. Anyone who has had a overhaul of PCV system, i am looking to get the necessary parts so I can order them? where to order would be helpful as well.

    thanks in advance...
  • palnpaln Posts: 12
    after much research and calling dealers i found the following related parts for 2006 passat 2.0T.
    Can shipo/any one confirm if these are the parts they are referring to as a possible solution for oil burning issue?

    thx a lot.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    That item looks and sounds like what I was referring to, unfortunately I've been out of the loop on the early 2.0T oil consumption issues for several years now and don't remember for sure.
  • mahaffeymahaffey Posts: 5
    I just bought a 99 passat 108, miles .What oil should i use ? Its my sons first car.I see oil drops on the passenger side on my garage floor on that side of engine. is it the sludge. I have read scary things about the sludge. I just had a oil change and the man put in 5w30 syn oil .should i put mobile 1 0-40 in my 99 Its a 1.8 t
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    edited July 2011
    A few points:

    1) Sludge is on the inside of the engine; the engine can be completely caked in grease, grime and unspeakable crud, and still be pristine and sludge free inside.

    2) Leaking oil is normal for a car of that age with 108 (thousand?) miles on it.

    3) The virtually all of the 5W-30 synthetic oils out there are NOT certified to be VW 502.00 compliant; the question here is which 5W-30 did you have put in the car? Said another way, the oil in the car is most likely not appropriate for this application.

    4) Mobil 1 0W-40 is a very good oil for this application (and the oil which I use in many of my cars), but not the only one.

    5) Here is a link to the eighth post in this thread which I made over five years ago; most of what I wrote is still valid today (you can pretty much ignore any references to VW 503.01 oils and 507.00 oils aren't even mentioned):

    6) Here is a link to the latest list of approved VW/Audi oils: - - 023.File.pdf
  • mahaffeymahaffey Posts: 5
    the oil was brad 10w30 syn blend. what should i put in it the mobile 0/40 or cast 5/40?.I have no owners manual.the car is in great condition. no service records.only one bad thing bad radio . replaced it with alpine still bad radio. What problems should ilook for. The trany oil is dirty do you recommend changing it or just let it go.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    edited July 2011
    Mobil 1 0W-40 is the most commonly available in my part of the country and may well be the easiest for you to get your hands on too. Failing that, Castrol Syntec 0W-30 or 5W-40 will hold up under the demands placed upon it by the hot running 1.8T.

    As for the transmission, does the car have an automatic transmission or a manual? If a manual, leave it alone, if an automatic, then have the fluid drained and the filter replaced; do not under any circumstances let someone talk you into a transmission flush (just extra money to the "service provider", and potentially very damaging for the transmission).
  • mahaffeymahaffey Posts: 5
    Hi, I think i have a automatic.I have no clutch,I do have a little area with a + - i have no idea what that is. I found mobile 1 0-40 at walmart. what filter should i use? I am a dumb hick fromOhio thanks
  • jbeaver2jbeaver2 Posts: 4
    Get the large can oil filter and mobile1 0W-40 at auto parts store. Change oil every 10k miles checking the oil every week to make sure you don't run low. If your low oil pressure light ever comes on shut off the engine ASAP, let the engine cool and take to garage. Engine probably has sludge in it and the oil pump screen is blocked. You then will need to get the engine cleaned, a process that will cost around $1,000. Transmission is sealed however I was told to have the fluid changed and filter replaced at 100k miles.
    Also change the timing belt and water pump every 80-90K miles to prevent engine damage.
  • mahaffeymahaffey Posts: 5
    How can you tell if the timing belt has been changed? My passat came from a auction
  • vwdawgvwdawg Posts: 162
    mahaffey: To add an exclamation point to shipo's overview: NO, NO, NOT put anything other than VW 502.00 spec synthetic in your rig. Mobil 1 0W-40 would meet that spec, and would be a good choice. There are a few 5W-30 brands that meet the spec, but I'm guessing that Mr. Oil Change Dude screwed it up. I would go back and ask for verification, and if it's NOT a 502.00, would demand that they remove the incorrect oil and put in the good stuff. I don't trust any of the quickie oil change outlets, as they generally have no idea what the hell they are doing when it comes to VW and Audi specs, so I change my own. If you're not a DIY guy, then bring in your own 502.00 and pay for them to change it. There are a lot of 1.8Ts and 2.0Ts out there running with the wrong oil, and sadly, many of them are slowly sludging up. vwdawg
  • vwdawgvwdawg Posts: 162
    All great points, except with VW sludge problems, I would not change the oil at more than 5,000 between changes. Some concerned owners do it every 3,000...much cheaper than replacing the engine (or taking the car to the salvage yard!). vwdawg
  • Hi, I had my oil changed to mobile 1 0-w40 , I feel relieved. tomorrow i have a very good he mechanic looking to see if the timing belt has been changed. The nuts do not look like they have been touched. thanks to all
  • Well at least I'm not alone. I bought my 2006 VW Passat 2.0T in October of 2011. It had 25k miles on it and was out of warranty due to the age, but I bought it from a car dealer I've bought several cars from and didn't anticipate anything like what has happened.

    The car now has 31,000 miles on it. I had oil changed with correct weight synthetic oil at 30,000 miles. Since Monday, May 21, 2011, it has been sitting at Coastal Volkswagen in Hanover, MA. It's sitting there because they are telling me there is no oil pressure in engine and that the entire engine needs to be replaced. This is surreal. I haven't had the car long enough to do any damage to it. It had been making a noise and it sounded like a diesel and i took it to 2 different mechanics (not VW personnel) and they couldn't find out what was wrong with it. So to VW I go on Monday.

    They play dumb, the oil pressure/sludge/engine failure was with the 1.8 not the 2.0 and that I better take it up with VW Customer CARE. Ha ha. I've supplied them with the bill of sale, the copy of the oil change, and I'm still waiting for a regional case manager to contact me. This is ridiculous. Obviously, this is a problem VW is familiar with and they should pay to fix the entire engine. So I'm renting a car, waiting to hear from them. Are there class action lawsuits out there for this? I'm new to this forum, but I tell you, I want them to fix/replace engine.

    I don't even want this car anymore. But I'm stuck with it. Any suggestions are most appreciated.

    Stuck with Passat
  • i meant since monday, may 21, 2012. haven't even had car seven months. I did love this car. I have fallen out of love with it. VW should stand by their products. While my car aged out of warranty protection. I have maintained it properly and there is such a thing as an implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose, e.g. a car with 25,000 miles on it, shouldn't need a whole new engine at 31,000 miles on it. Clearly there is a defect in design. I'm just looking for some positive feedback from anyone with similar problems who got VW to play ball.
  • lservelserve Posts: 50
    Sorry, your situation sounds bad. Regardless of what they have told you, there have been issues with the earlier versions of the 2.0 engines. When I purchased my '07 I did my homework and was told the issues with the 1.8 were in the past. Although I haven't seen as much on these boards regarding sludge problems in the 2.0 there have been numerous complaints regarding excessive oil burning. After a deteriorating situation my dealer ran a consumption test and performed a ring job @50k. This did not appear to be a new situation to them. Even when consumption is not extreme, oil needs to be checked on this engine every 1k miles.
  • Best thing to do is to check with the guys at Jiffy Lube regarding the specs. You can also call up VW Customer Service and speak to them. The dealership will probably tell you that you should only get the oil changed there since they want your business. But VW Customer Svc should actually give you a pretty unbiased opinion.

    I used to work for a VW dealership so it''s based on personal experience.

    good luck,

    Internet researcher and contributor through article writers
  • Kirstie@EdmundsKirstie@Edmunds Posts: 10,676
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